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Be Strong Enough To Let Go Of Whatever Makes You Unhappy

Be Strong Enough To Let Go Of Whatever Makes You Unhappy

Although different people have different ambitions and aspirations in life, one thing is certain—we all share the common goal of happiness.

Whatever we do in life and whomever we meet, we do it with the hope of reaching our ultimate goal and that is to be truly happy.

Happiness cannot be defined because it doesn’t represent the same thing to everyone.

But I think we all strive to find the inner peace that we all connect with the term happiness.

And while we may think we work hard to achieve that happiness, what most of us don’t know is that we are actually the ones keeping ourselves from being happy.

We are the ones giving too much of our lives to people and things that don’t deserve it.

The one thing you always need to remember is that you are in complete control of your life.

No, you can’t affect every little thing that is going on around you and you can’t impact on everyone in your life but what you can choose is your reaction to all of these people and things.

What you can choose is who you allow to be a part of your life. You can choose who and what to let in and who and what to let go of.

I am not going to lie to you—letting go is never easy. Sometimes we subconsciously hold on to things and people that actually make us miserable.

We do it because we are too scared to step out of our comfort zone and because we feel comfortable with something that is familiar to us, even when that something makes us unhappy.

Letting go is a challenging but life-changing experience.

And most of all, it is something you’ll have to do at one point in your life. And instead of starting right now, you keep postponing it.

You have different excuses for living in your comfort zone of unhappiness; you think there will come a time when it will be easier for you to let go, you justify yourself as being too busy to think about the things that are bothering you and you justify the people in your life and their place in it.

Either way, the harsh truth is that you haven’t moved from one spot for years.

And although you keep promising yourself you are about to make some huge changes in your life, in practice, you are actually doing nothing.

And I am here to tell you there is no better time to start with those changes than right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not Monday, not next spring but exactly this moment.

I am here to tell you to let go of the past! The past is there for a reason.

The people who didn’t make it to your present and who won’t make it to your future were clearly not worthy of your time and energy.

The first thing you need to realize while letting go of the past is the fact that you can’t change it.

We all have some regrets and we all wish there were some things we did differently. But you can’t change how people treated you and how you treated people.

So instead of wasting your energy thinking how things could have turned out to be different, let go of all the grudges and resentment for others and most importantly, for yourself.

If you were the one who treated someone badly in the past and that is eating you up, the only thing you can do is ask for forgiveness from that person and from yourself.

When you do that, leave the past in the past and focus on improving your present and your future.

I am here to tell you to let go of negativity because it will get you nowhere. Yes, I know we all live stressed lives and that negative things are all around us.

You feel like you are bombed out with negative news and negative people and you just can’t help yourself from becoming the same.

With time, you feel like you are surrounded by pessimism and most importantly, you start to follow these negative patterns.

And although you can never change your surroundings completely, what you can always change is your perspective on things.

What you can do is try to find something positive in everything and everybody you encounter. What you can do is reprogram yourself to be optimistic.

And most of all, I am here to tell you to let go of toxic people! Sadly, sometimes the people closest to us are the ones who make us unhappy.

And when you come to think about it, it makes perfect sense—those are the people who you care about the most so consequently, they are the people with the strongest impact on you.

And although it is natural for you to feel a little bit hurt from time to time by some words and actions of the people around you, if this is becoming a behavior pattern of theirs, maybe it’s time you rethink your relationships.

And I am not talking about your romantic relationship only here, I am talking about your friendships and even your family relations.

As much as it hurts, you need to let go of whoever makes you feel unworthy and not enough.

You need to let go of whoever makes you feel unhappy, despite all the history you may have with these people and despite everything you’ve been through with them.

I know this is something you can’t even think of doing and I am not going to tell you it will be easy, but trust me—it will be worth it.