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Being Single Always Beats Fighting For The Wrong Relationship

Being Single Always Beats Fighting For The Wrong Relationship

Are you afraid to start over? Do you think that it is pointless to look for someone else, when all the men out there are just like your ex?

Has he made you emotionally dependent on him? Has he managed to brainwash and manipulate you into thinking you can’t survive without his presence in your life?

Or is it your history together? Do you feel sad about the time and the effort you put into this story?

Do you still hold on to this charade of a relationship because of the years you invested in it?

Because you’ll see it as a waste of time the moment you admit that your romance has failed?

Is it because you can’t stand losing? Do you consider the breakdown of your relationship to be a personal defeat?

Or are you scared of what people might say? Are you afraid that you’ll be seen as an outcast just because you don’t have your plus one?

Are you still in this relationship because it’s become your comfort zone? Because you’re terrified to step out of it, even though you’re anything but happy.

What scares you so much about single life? Why exactly do you think that you can’t make it without a man by your side?

Don’t you see yourself as whole? Do you think you need an emotional partner to complete you and to give your life meaning?

At the end of the day, the answers to these questions aren’t important. What matters is that either way, you’re fighting a battle you know you’ll lose.

Sooner or later, you’ll have to admit that it’s time for you and this guy to part ways.

One of these days, you’ll have to accept that the relationship isn’t right for you and that it’s time to say your final goodbye.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. In fact, it can be the best period of your life if you decide to live it the right way.

I won’t lie to you – getting used to a new scenario in your life won’t be easy at first. There will be times when you’ll feel alone, abandoned, and heartbroken.

Times when you’ll regret your choice and moments when you’ll feel like giving everything you have just to become a part of a couple once more.

However, these crises will pass. And once they do, you’ll be more than happy for making the best decision of your life.

When it happens, you’ll realize that you’re much better off single than you were in the wrong relationship.

You’ll see that you’re way happier laying in a cold, empty bed than spending the entire night looking at your boyfriend’s back and wondering where things went wrong.

That it’s much better spending a Valentine’s Day alone than falling asleep all dressed up, expecting him to show up, as you agreed.

After the initial trauma fades away, you’ll realize it’s much better having your phone silent all the time than spending the entire day arguing over a text, or desperately waiting for a phone call that should but will not come.

That you’re way happier without anyone waiting for you to come home than you were with a possessive jealous psycho who tried to follow your every move.

Most importantly – you’ll understand that fighting for your own future beats fighting for something that is doomed to fail.

That it is way better to invest your time and energy in your own life than waste it on pointless battles.

Things will be tough at first, but as time goes by, you will come to realize: not having love at all beats having to beg for it and being lonely beats feeling alone in a relationship any day.

When you least expect it, you’ll realize that it’s way better to give yourself a chance to be happy on your own than to settle for being unhappy with to the wrong person.