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15 Crucial Things To Know About Twin Flame Separation

15 Crucial Things To Know About Twin Flame Separation

A twin flame separation happens when you and your karmic and divine counterpart are not together in physical reality, even though your souls are connected. 

Unlike with other breakups, twin flame separation is never final. In fact, it’s just a part of your twin flame journey

During this time, you and your twin soul have to go through life on your own until you both reach spiritual awakening, despite being bonded on a soul level. 

Here is exactly why it happens and all the signs that your union is approaching. 

Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

It’s a part of the journey

It would be awesome if you and your twin flame love just ended up together, without much inconvenience.

Boy meets girl, they immediately fall in love with each other, they realize they’re meant to be together, and they really do live together for the rest of their lives, without any trouble.

Sounds like perfection, right? That is exactly what you must ask the following: why do there have to be so many bumps in the road when you were born to be together? What’s the point of this separation phase?

Well, sadly (or happily), things don’t go this smoothly – even in the fairytales. Before their love story reaches a happy ending, the Prince and the Princess have to fight some witches and monsters.

It’s actually a pretty similar story for you and your twin flame. Whether you like it or not, you have to overcome obstacles to have your happily ever after. 

However, in your love story, there is a twin flame runner and a chaser. In most cases, this means that one party is fleeing the other who is chasing them, unaware of their karmic bond.

There is also a possibility that you will switch roles at some point. Suddenly, the twin flame runner starts chasing the chaser and the chaser becomes the one who wants to escape. 

Either way, what I’m trying to say is that this stage is a part of your journey. It’s not something you or your other half did.

This is nobody’s fault, so there is absolutely no point in playing the blame game. Your separation had to happen one way or another.

It doesn’t always last the same length of time but all twin flames go through this phase. In fact, most couples go through cycles of separation and reuniting until they finally end up together.

Therefore, instead of seeing the time you spend apart as the end of the world, look at things from a brighter perspective. See it as a sign that you two really are meant to be together

The Universe is just testing you. It gives you a chance to appreciate your divine twin flame connection and to understand that it’s the real deal. 

Mismatched vibrations

In order for you and your other half to be united, you have to be on the same wavelength. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be compatible in the traditional sense of the word, though.

Yes, you should want the same or at least similar things from life. You should have the same points of view and opinions regarding some important stuff.

However, when I talk about wavelengths, I’m more concerned about your shared values and belief system. You have to be in the same place in your lives. 

You both need to grow to a certain extent and reach the same level of consciousness. You need to reach the same height in order to bond forever. 

It’s impossible to reach your twin flame union if you’ve come to the peak of your soul journey while your other half is just starting theirs, or the other way around.

If this is the case, you won’t be compatible and things just won’t work.

In fact, this is what’s probably happening to you right now. That’s why you’ve separated – at the moment, your vibrations don’t match.

Your minds, souls, and energies are not synchronized just yet. One of you has evolved while the other still has a long way to go. 

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not talking about your career, finances, or looks here. I’m talking about your spirituality, maturity, and ability to love others and yourself. 

I’m talking about your inner peace, about your own healing process, emotional baggage, faith, self-esteem, and the ability to accept your true self. 

Simply put, one of the main reasons why this stage of separation even happened in the first place is because one person achieved enlightenment, while the other is still living in the darkness.

Usually, the enlightened party is the chaser while the runner is the one who still hasn’t found the right path. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t find it, as well. 

Nevertheless, until that happens, you can’t be together. To be precise, you can’t stay together until you reach the same level of self-consciousness. 

Low emotional intelligence/emotional immaturity

The next reason why twin flames separate is due to low emotional intelligence. At first, you might find this absurd.

After all, you’re convinced that you know what true love is all about. No matter what has happened in the past, both you and your other half have the ability to care for other people, including each other.

Well, it’s time to think again. If this were true, you would be together now – so it must be a problem you’re not even aware of.

You are not united so it must mean that you have to work on your emotional intelligence in order for that to happen.

First of all, you have to perfect your ability to be in touch with your own as well as other people’s feelings. When I talk about emotional intelligence, I’m not just talking about your twin flame relationship.

In fact, it’s crucial to improve your relationships with all the other people in your life in order to reach the peak of your emotional intelligence.

The first relationship you have to work on is the one you have with yourself.

First and foremost, it’s possible that you or your twin flame have a habit of repressing your emotions, which is a sign of your emotional immaturity.

Maybe you are not honest with yourself regarding all of your feelings.

Well, emotionally intelligent people don’t do that. Instead, they accept each one of their feelings, including the ones they don’t like, since they know it’s the only way to process them healthily. 

For these people, running away from sadness, anger, or resentment and trying to bury them is not an option.

They don’t expect their uncomfortable emotions to magically go away by pretending they don’t exist.

Instead, emotionally intelligent people look at each one of their feelings,. confront them, express them the right way, and embrace them.

Also, there is a problem with empathy in most couples who experience separation. You have to work on reasoning other people’s feelings, accepting and acknowledging them, even if you don’t like them. 

Wrong timing

Every twin flame is meant to end together – there is no doubt about that.

In fact, they’re not only two halves of one twin soul in this lifetime – they’re actually perfect matches from a past life that lasts throughout eternity. 

However, the trick is that you both have to be ready for your final reunion and you have to become the best versions of your inner selves before it happens. 

What is even worse is that in most cases, people don’t have a clue whether they’re ready for this glorious event or not.

Well, I’m here to tell you a little secret: if you were ready for each other, you would be together. The mere fact that you are separated is a sign that your readiness hasn’t reached its final form. 

How many times have you heard couples say that their relationship didn’t succeed because of the wrong timing?

As much as this might sound like an empty phrase people use to justify their lack of effort and devotion, it’s actually the truth. 

Yes, you and your divine counterpart are meant to be together – just not yet. Therefore, even if your reunion happens before you’re fully ready, separation will happen again.

It may be that you two get romantically involved during this stage or even try reviving your twin flame relationship. Nevertheless, that will only be temporary. 

Your journey won’t come to its end until you both reach your full potential. Trust me: this is the only way for you to remain together until the end of time. 

I know that you would love it if destiny could follow your schedule. However, whether you want to admit it or not, you two are meant to reunite at an exact moment.

For you, the worst part is that this doesn’t only depend on you. At one point, you will be certain that you’re ready to reunite. 

However, if your true twin flame still isn’t fully ready to welcome you into their life – the timing is wrong for both of you.  

Despite the fact that divine timing is a matter for the Universe, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any impact on it at all, though.

It actually depends on you and your other half as you’re the ones who can speed up or slow down the process. 

You see, this exact moment mentioned above is not a time frame. It’s more the soul level of spiritual inner growth you both have to reach in order to be together – the moment in which you both wake up.

Therefore, your divine timing can’t be for example “in a year from now”. In fact, it’s determined by the progress you both make. 

Discovering your higher self

At first glance, you assume that being in a twin flame relationship is all about loving the other person. It’s about accepting them with all of their flaws and imperfections and not trying to change them.

Well, even though this is true, there is also one aspect of this journey that seemingly has nothing to do with your romantic interest – the relationship you have with yourself.

You see, many couples go through the separation stage because they failed to meet their true selves and to discover more about their personalities. 

They expect to understand the other person without understanding themselves first, which is utterly impossible.

So instead of seeing this time you’re spending apart from your significant other as a curse, be aware that it’s actually a gift the Universe is sending you.

No, this is not a punishment – it’s a unique chance to discover your true higher self. 

One of the reasons you are separated from your other half might be the fact that you’ve lost the person you actually are. 

You’ve tried so hard to fit into a box and be more likable to others that you didn’t allow your match made in heaven to get to know the real you.

In fact, to be honest, even you don’t know the real you. You can’t figure out what parts of your personality are impacted by others, what are false pretenses, and what is the core of your being. 

You’ve been so concerned with materialistic goods, with irrelevant temporary issues, and with things that will pass by that you forgot to cherish your soul in the process.

You forgot to work on your spiritual self and you neglected it.

Basically, you’ve become so obsessed with the person you want to become that you’ve forgotten who you really are along the way. 

You’ve been living such a busy life that you’ve stopped analyzing yourself. There is no more self-introspection, no more asking the tough questions, and no more digging underneath the surface. 

Well, this is the Universe giving you an opportunity to change that. A chance to uncover all the layers of your personality and get to the deepest parts of your true self. 

Tough but valuable life lessons

The last but certainly not the least significant reason for separation from your other half is the life lesson this process teaches you. You see, inner growth is tough but it brings you many more gifts than difficulties.

This is one of those situations. The twin flame separation is a difficult process but it is also a journey that helps you learn a lot.

You need to know that the purpose of twin flame separation is learning these lessons. 

First and foremost, it teaches you everything you need to know about yourself.

It doesn’t only give you a chance to find your true personality – it is also an opportunity to get to know yourself in a whole new light. 

It is a path to spiritual awakening. A path that shows you the way, a path that helps you heal, and a path that brings you closer to the person you are meant to be.

This is a journey that helps you see your true strengths and abilities. It shows you that you’re much more powerful than you ever considered yourself to be.

It shows you that you can take whatever life throws at you. It gives you confidence and helps you see yourself as a phoenix who rises from the ashes. 

Not only that: this stage is also a unique chance to really get to the bottom of your twin flame. An opportunity to fall in love with all parts of them – including each one of their flaws and dark sides.

It helps you both get spiritually naked in front of each other, without deception and false pretenses. 

As hard as it might be, the separation actually makes your love much stronger in the long run. The truth is that you won’t appreciate your reunion the way you will if it weren’t for this period of time.

Most importantly: this phase of separation gives you a valuable lesson about life. It shows you that not everything goes as smoothly as you expected it to.

It teaches you patience and it makes you realize that you can’t get everything and everyone you want whenever and however you wish for it.

In fact, in order to get what is meant to be yours, you have to live in perfect balance with the Universe – not only with your selfish desires. 

9 Signs The Twin Flame Separation Phase Is Almost Over

Unconditional love and harmony

The first sign that your twin flame union is approaching is the unconditional love you feel towards your soulmate. You might wonder what is different now as you’ve loved this person from your first meeting.

Well, now your love is stronger than ever. In the past, there have been times when you thought that you were over this person. 

For days, weeks, or even months, you were convinced that they’d stopped living in your heart and brain. You thought you were over them, after all those attempts to forget them. 

However, even though nothing new has happened, all of a sudden, you feel a new unexplainable wave of emotions overflowing your entire being. You love this person more than ever. 

Also, for the first time ever, your love has ceased to be selfish and you have feelings for them, regardless of whether they’re with you or not.

You care for this person, no matter what and your physical separation doesn’t impact the intensity of your emotions.

You’re very well aware that you’ve loved them all along and you don’t deny your feelings nor do you run away from them.

Not only that: you also know that you will continue to love them until the end of time and even in your other lives. 

You don’t exclude the possibility of being with someone else if you don’t happen to end up with your twin flame.

However, you know that what you experience with them cannot be measured or repeated ever again. 

You love this person, no matter what. You don’t care what others think about it and the life circumstances surrounding you are of no concern. 

You love them the same at their best and at their worst. You love their flaws and their appealing characteristics, their negative and positive sides equally. 

You stopped idealizing this person a while ago – you love and accept them for who they really are. Nothing and nobody can change that. 

The best part is that you’ve reached harmony with your emotions. You no longer suppress them, you’ve stopped pretending they’re not there and you don’t try to kill them. 

The fact that you love someone who is not physically present doesn’t disturb you anymore.

You know that your emotions are more important than your ego and stubbornness and you’ve learned that there is no point in trying to suffocate them.  

Infinite patience

In fact, you’ve stopped being obsessed about whether your match made in heaven will ever return to you.

You’ve accepted the fact that they will forever live inside of you, no matter what happens between the two of you in this life. 

In your previous separation stages, you were always overwhelmed by your partner’s return. You worried whether the two of you would unite once more or if your breakup was final.

This entire situation stressed you out to the maximum. You were engaged in some serious overthinking, which ended up ruining your mental and emotional health. 

Actually, your entire life was put on hold because of your unsuccessful relationship.

Even if everything in your family, friendships, and career was going great, you were miserable if your perfect match wasn’t around.

Your only goal was to bring this person back into your life, at all costs. Even when you said that you didn’t want to reconcile with them, you were actually lying.

They were the first and the last thing you thought about every single day. Different questions and doubts kept running through your head. 

You questioned your entire relationship from before the separation. You wondered whether they ever loved you and if any of it was real.

You wanted proof of their emotions right away. You’d had enough excuses and empty phrases and you wanted them entirely for yourself in any given moment.

Once all of this changes, you’ll know that you’re approaching the reuniting phase. Suddenly, you’ll become incredibly patient

You’ll no longer expect them to come knocking on your door, you won’t check for likes on your social media photos, you won’t search for their name among your Instagram story viewers, you won’t ask your best friends about their whereabouts.

At first sight, someone might assume that you’re over them, which would, of course, mean that they were never your twin flame love, to begin with.

However, the truth is actually very different and not many will figure it out immediately. The fact is that you’ve reached the point in your twin flame journey where you’ve managed to build infinite patience.  

Even though you’re no longer obsessed with your twin flame’s return, deep down, you know it will happen sooner or later. You don’t want to rush things and for the first time ever, you let time work its magic. 

You allow things to follow their own course and you don’t anticipate them anymore. You’re more relaxed and calmer than you’ve ever been before. 

Inner peace

Consequently, you’ve reached a certain level of inner peace, regardless of your twin flame. Yes, you’ve stopped stressing out about them as well but you’ve adopted a different approach towards life in general.

First and foremost, you’ve started running away from all unnecessary drama. You avoid fights and arguments and all costs since you know that every disagreement impacts your mental health.

You sleep better, you are not as nervous as you used to be, and you have a good eating schedule. It seems that you’ve finally gotten your life in order.

However, the most important thing is that this doesn’t only appear to be true. In fact, your mind, heart, and soul are in order.

It’s like this entire chaos caused by your rocky love situation has magically disappeared. You’re at ease with yourself and you’ve finally found the balance you needed in your life. 

The best part is that you’ve become immune to all possible exterior stress.

After all this time, you’ve realized that even though you can’t impact everything going on around you, you can control your reaction to all these events. 

The same goes for your love life. Your match made in heaven will come to you if it’s meant to be and there is absolutely no point in losing your nerves about it.

Once you figured this out, you reached your spiritual calm. You’ve got your peace of mind that nobody can take away from you. 

Finally, you’ve realized what’s important in life so you’ve started nurturing your soul. You are determined to clean up your inner chaos and you’re slowly achieving your goal. 

Now you know that you can survive everything life throws at you, as long as you have this inner peace.

Moreover, you know that the same way nobody can take this state away from you, nobody can give it to you either. 

So you’ve stopped expecting others to make your soul calmer. You stopped expecting your loved one to wave a magic wand and resolve all of your dilemmas and inner conflicts. 

Instead, you’ve taken responsibility for your own state and for your own life. Luckily, you’ve got amazing results. 

Letting go

No matter what you’ve been through in life so far, as an adult, it’s normal to have loads of emotional baggage. You might have childhood traumas or negative experiences from your past relationships. 

Either way, whatever you’re struggling with, it has been weighing you down for years.

You might not even be fully aware of it but all of this baggage is one of the reasons you’ve never reached your soul’s full potential.

It’s been holding you back and preventing you from progressing on your twin flame journey. Therefore, it is also one of the reasons why you weren’t ready to reunite with your soulmate.

Well, now, all of that has come to an end. After all this time, you’ve realized the importance of letting go

You’ve realized that you can never heal and prosper until you let go of everything that’s been bothering you and causing you emotional pain.

Naturally, this didn’t happen overnight. It was a long and tough process but you’re on your way to completing it.

First and foremost, you’ve let go of all the negativity that was eating you alive from the inside. You haven’t forgotten about certain things but you’ve learned how to forgive.

You’ve let go of resentment and desire for revenge. Now you know that these things can’t bring you anything good. 

You know that they don’t harm the ones who did you harm. In fact, by being vengeful and holding grudges, you’re actually hurting yourself. 

You’ve learned to accept even the apologies you never got. You figured out it was the only way to liberate yourself from all of your bad experiences from the past. 

Among all those people you’ve forgiven is also your twin soul. After all this time, you’ve forgiven them for all of their wrongdoings.

You’ve realized that they never intended to hurt you. They just didn’t know better at the time and weren’t aware of the consequences of their actions. 

Eventually, you found the strength to forgive yourself as well.

You’ve forgiven yourself for all of your wrong choices, for all the times you should have been wiser and smarter, and for all the times you broke your own heart. 

Emotional maturity

Another crucial thing you’ve changed about yourself which will bring the end of your twin flame separation is your emotional maturity.

This is a significant aspect of your reunion and it is a sign that your journey is coming to its end.

First and foremost, you’ve mastered the art of controlling your emotions. No, this doesn’t mean that you don’t follow your heart’s lead anymore. 

However, you don’t allow your feelings to take over you completely either. You know how to identify, process, and handle each one of your emotions, which makes you a real adult in every sense of that word.

Your feelings don’t overwhelm you anymore. They don’t rule you and they work as a team with your brain.

On the other hand, you’ve stopped seeing vulnerability as a weakness.

You’ve accepted the fact that you’re a human being made out of flesh and blood and that your emotions don’t make you any less mature or strong. 

Consequently, you’ve started understanding other people’s feelings better. Now, you don’t look at things from your perspective only and you do your best to observe life from someone else’s point of view as well.

It means that you’ve improved your empathy skills. You’ve learned how to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and you show genuine concern for other people’s needs, feelings, and problems. 

Selfishness, stubbornness, and egocentrism are out of the picture. Naturally, you still have your dignity but you’ve managed to differentiate between pride, dignity, and ego. 

Luckily for you, you no longer allow your ego to control any aspects of your life. You’ve gotten to know yourself so you can tell when your ego wants something and when your heart is talking.

Above everything else, emotional maturity is tightly connected to this, as well. An emotionally mature person will never put their ego before their heart nor will they allow it to control them. 

All this means you’ve learned to take responsibility for your own actions. You’ve taught yourself how to say sorry and how to back out in the heat of an argument.

When you were emotionally immature, the most important thing for you was who is right or wrong.

Now, you have other priorities and you want to find the best solution in every situation instead of proving your point. 

Unwavering faith

The next clear sign that your separation stage is coming to its end is the faith that is growing inside of you.

I’m not talking about any specific religion here – I’m talking about unwavering faith that no matter what, God will make things right for you.

It’s not that you think that your life is out of your hands or that you don’t have free will. You’re not just sitting patiently, waiting for a miracle to happen to resolve all of your problems. 

However, you’re now at peace because you know that God will give you the right thing, one way or another.

You know that He thinks of you even when you don’t think of yourself and that you’re safe as long as you believe in him.

For the first time ever, you don’t see all of your miseries as curses. Instead, you’ve started observing them as blessings in disguise.

Now you know that everything God sent your way happened for a reason. Even the bad things you wanted to avoid were all a part of your destiny and had a deeper meaning you sometimes failed to comprehend. 

Every step of the way was preparation for what’s coming next. You had to learn each one of the tough lessons in order to become the person you are today. 

More than ever, you believe that God has a plan for you. A plan which is bigger than you understand. 

Now you know that God has perfect timing. You’re aware that everything in your life will fall in its place the moment He chooses. 

He won’t fail to give you everything and everyone you’re meant to have.

On the other hand, when it comes to people and things that are not meant to be yours – there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep them by your side, as much as you try. 

At this point, nobody can shake your faith. You have unwavering trust in God and you know that He is the one who knows what’s best for you. 


When you’re emotionally immature and you fall in love, that person becomes the center of your Universe.

You feel like you can’t breathe without their presence and are convinced that you would die if they left you.

Naturally, you think that this is what true love should look like. After all, you care for this person more than you care for yourself and you put their needs before your own.

Well, after all this time, you’ve finally learned the truth. You’ve figured out that this is an obsession and emotional codependency that doesn’t equal love. 

Most importantly: you’ve realized that you can never love another person with your full capacity until you see the importance of self-love. No, this is not just an empty phrase – it’s the truth. 

The best part is that you’re now perfectly aware of it. After all those years of self-doubt, you’ve realized that you’re the most important person in your life. 

After all this time questioning your self-worth, you have it all figured out: you’re valuable and nobody can take that realization away from you.

There is no more wondering if you’re enough and whether others will accept the real you. No more diminishing yourself for the sake of others and no more putting yourself last. 

In fact, you’ve learned that all relationships in your life, including romantic ones, are completely pointless if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself.

You’ve learned that putting yourself at the top of your priority list is not selfish. In fact, it’s how things should roll. 

You’ve engaged in a lot of self-care. You’re not spoiled but you do know how to pamper yourself, without expecting someone else to do it. 

You see the importance of self-improvement and you do everything in your power to become the best version of yourself. 

Moreover: as much as you love your partner, you no longer need them. They might be your other half but the love you feel for yourself is enough to get you through life. 

Signs from the Universe

You don’t have to believe me on this one but I assure you that all of us live in perfect harmony with the Universe. You’re an individual but you’re also a part of something bigger.

Therefore, the Universe will send you some surefire signs that your twin flame union is approaching.

First and foremost, wherever you look around, you’ll see angelic numbers. These are recurring sequences of one number. If you see numbers 111 or 222 during twin flame separation, it’s an amazing sign.

Seeing 1111 during twin flame separation is also a sign that this period is approaching its end – you’ll see this number everywhere.

For example, you’ll look at your watch and see it’s 11:11 or 22:22 almost every day. Or you’ll be number 33 in the line at the bank.

Either way, the point is that this is not the mere coincidence a lot of people might try to convince you of. It’s actually a subtle message from the Universe. 

In this way, your angels are telling you that you’re on the right track. This is the manifestation of your desires turning into reality. 

By sending you these signs, the angels are giving you their endless support. Your prayers have been noted and will be answered.

Also, the Universe will send you different hints that serve to show you whether you’re on the right track.

For example, you might imagine your perfect person, or at least what they should look like or how they should behave. Soon enough, you’ll meet someone exactly like this.

However, the moment you get what you thought you wanted, you’ll realize that this is not what you need. You’ll realize that the person you were praying for is not your right choice.

At first, you’ll probably be disappointed. You’ll wonder why it never works out with anyone.

Still, after a while, you’ll realize that the Universe is actually saving you from your own wishes.

Your angels have granted your prayers, just to show you that they’re wrong for you and that you should return to the right track. 

Another signal you’ll get from the Universe are messages conveyed through your dreams. Sometimes, the manifestations of your desires don’t show up in real life. 

Instead, your subconscious gives you hints through your dreams. However, you won’t find a straightforward solution this way. 

What you will be given are a set of symbols and subtle messages. It’s your job to decode them and to take the advice your angels are giving you. 

Sense of knowing

Every twin flame couple that has experienced a twin flame reunion has one thing in common: they simply knew the time had come. 

You can’t explain this to anyone, including yourself, but there is this tiny, voice deep inside of you, telling you that your match made in heaven is coming to you. The best part is that they won’t leave ever again.

At first, you might suspect that you’re imagining things. You have doubts that make you assume that you’re just projecting your desires. 

You’ll think you’re seeing things which are not there just because you want them to exist. Your reason will tell you not to get your hopes up because you might end up disappointed. 

However, as time goes by, the part of your mind that keeps on sending you all of these doubts becomes quieter and quieter. At the same time, the voice of your intuition becomes louder and louder.

Simply put, you get this sense of knowing. You become certain that your true twin flame is closer to you than ever. 

Well, let me tell you that you’re completely right and that your gut feeling isn’t fooling you. You might call this your sixth sense or your ability to predict the future. 

Whatever it is, this claircognizance is a gift from the Universe and a sign that you’ve identified with your parallel self. 

To sum up, it’s very clear that going through the stage of twin flame separation sickness is not easy. However, now you know that this is something you simply have to experience. 

Besides, once it’s over, you’ll see that it was worth all of your trouble. Just be patient for a little longer and don’t lose your faith.