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By Ignoring Her, You Teach Her How To Live Without You

By Ignoring Her, You Teach Her How To Live Without You

Due to that silly, outdated myth that playing hard to get will get you the attention you so badly crave, men lose women more often than ever.

By having this false narrative in their head that if they ignore the woman they have their eye on, she will be more drawn to them, they give out the exact opposite impression of the one they actually want.

Some men go so far as to think that if they treat her badly and make her feel bad about herself, she will come crawling to them, needing their approval and validation.

They think that their manipulative ways will get them far, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

See, what they keep forgetting is one very important thing. That heinous treatment only works on inexperienced women, if that. Real women never fall for that shit. And that is how you lose them.

A real woman know what she wants and how to get it. If you treat her badly, she won’t have time for your games. This woman has a very fulfilling life without you.

She has a lot on her plate, and she won’t give you attention if you make her beg for it.

She doesn’t stoop that low. If you treat her right, with love, kindness and understanding, she will reciprocate it and make you feel like the luckiest man on Earth.

But when you teach her that she deserves your attention only when you deem it appropriate, she’ll leave, and you’ll lose her for good.

When you are dishonest and manipulative, you push her away. When you act as if your time is more valuable than hers, she won’t tolerate it.

When you treat her like a booty call and don’t bother making plans in advance, you crush her spirit by making her feel inadequate.

See, she knows that when you love someone, you can’t hide it, and you don’t deny it. When you love your partner, you shower her with affection and prove your love in multiple ways.

You don’t give her that shitty treatment that makes her feel horrible about herself and shake her confidence like that.

Real love is commitment. It’s honesty, transparency, and respecting each other’s precious time. It’s knowing that she has a full plate today, so you send her a quick text to tell her how much you love her and can’t wait to see her.

It’s not going off radar for a few days because you want to make her miss you. No.

She will miss you while she’s at work anyway. She’ll miss you when she’s on a night out with her girls, and your song comes on.

She’ll miss you when she’s asleep, and you’re not by her side. And she’ll miss you when she’s having a shitty day, and you’re not there to comfort her.

Don’t you see? You already have her full attention and affection. Don’t make her regret giving it to you. She might put up with it for a short while because she loves you so much. But when she’s had enough, you’ll never feel her warmth again.

The basis of any real, meaningful and long-term relationship is honesty. If you withhold your feelings, how can you possibly expect her to be yours?

She is an open book. She tells you she loves you. She gives you attention, and she is there when you need somebody to vent to. And she loves it. That’s what a commitment is!

If you don’t reciprocate it, you’re teaching her that she can live without you.

The thing about women is this. We are perfectly capable of being on our own. We don’t need a knight in shining armor to come sweep us of our feet.

We don’t need a man to help us make a living because we are successful and able all on our own. We don’t need you to rescue us and make us feel like we owe you something.

All we want is to be in a committed partnership where our men treat us with the same amount of love and respect that we treat them.

If you love her, tell her! If you’re missing her, text her and make her eyes water with happiness! If you need her to come be your shoulder to cry on, call her, and she’ll be there!

Ignoring will get you nowhere. It doesn’t win you any points. All it does is make her see what a douche you are.

Give her your time, attention, and honesty. Don’t disappear when things get real, and prove to her that not all men are the same.

Be her man in good times and bad, and she’ll be yours for life.