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160+ Interesting Dares Over Text To Spice Up Your Conversation

160+ Interesting Dares Over Text To Spice Up Your Conversation

Maintaining an interesting text conversation is sometimes difficult, but playing dares over text is a great way to ignite a little spark in the conversation.

Even though many people think Truth or Dare is a party game, it can also be played via texting. You can play it in a group chat, or you can do it one-on-one with your crush, friend, or partner.

Not only will a dare game help you liven up your texting conversation, but it’ll also help you to get to know the other player a little bit better, or it may even help you to get your crush to like you.

A good and fun conversation always leads to a better connection. If you don’t want to bore the other person to death, you must contribute to a more interesting conversation.

The rules for playing Truth or Dare over text are still the same, but you should make sure that the other person records or takes pictures of themselves while they’re performing your dare so they can send you proof they actually did it.

Check out our collection of the most interesting, challenging, fun, and flirty dares over text below, so you can always have a fun dare ready for the next round.

Good dares over text

1. I dare you to order me $10 worth of food for delivery.

2. Jump up and down as high as you can for a full minute.

3. Text me a list of all your ex-girlfriends alphabetically.

4. Record yourself shaving your arms and send me a pic.

5. Post an old selfie on your Instagram story.

6. Sit on your hands for one minute.

7. Put as many cheese puffs as you can in your mouth at once.

8. Take a coin out of your wallet and lick It.

9. Get a large garbage bag and cut the bottom open. Put it on like a skirt and knot the ties around your waist. Act like you are modeling haute couture on the catwalk.

10. Tell me the most childish thing you still do, even today, even if it’s a little embarrassing.

11. Eat a piece of dog or cat food.

12. Post a YouTube video of you singing a currently popular song into a hairbrush.

13. Record yourself dabbing to your parents without any explanation and send me the video.

14. Send a screenshot of your search history from the past two days to your parents.

15. Record yourself singing an opera and post it on your YouTube channel.

16. Explain your worst bathroom experience.

17. Make a sandwich blindfolded.

18. Go on Facebook and change your relationship status every hour, for the entire day.

19. Update your status on social media using only words that start with the letter “T.”

20. Drop your toothbrush in the toilet, then reach in to get it and brush your teeth with it.

21. Apply shampoo to your dry hair and don’t rinse it for a whole hour.

22. Screenshot your browser history, send it to one of your co-workers, and send me a screenshot of their answer.

23. Open the dial pad on your phone and type a random number. If they pick up, you have to have a meaningless conversation with that person.

24. Eat a handful of dry noodles.

25. Send a selfie to someone you haven’t talked to in at least a year on Facebook or Instagram. Take a screenshot of their reply and send it to me.

26. Do 30 sit-ups, record yourself, and send me the video.

27. You have to rub your armpit and lick the hand you used to rub it.

28. Take a screenshot of the most recent text that your mother sent you and send it to me.

29. Take a selfie blindfolded and post it on your Facebook timeline.

30. Try to lick your own foot.

31. Wrap yourself in toilet paper.

32. Text your crush and ask them out on a date.

33. Try to stand on your toes for at least 30 seconds.

34. Prank call a restaurant.

35. Call a pizza place and order ten sardine pizzas.

36. Open your fridge and taste each and every item you find inside.

37. Text the first person in your phonebook a really bad joke.

38. Go outside. Stop the first person you see on the road and say to them, “I Love You.”

39. Cut a piece of your hair.

40. Blindfold yourself and then select one mobile number from your contacts. Send them a romantic message and screenshot their reply so you can send it to me.

41. Brush your teeth with peanut butter for five minutes and send me a picture or video.

42. Shave your eyebrows and send a selfie.

43. Call me on FaceApp and go outside. Walk around your block and talk to yourself constantly, even when other people are around.

44. Screenshot and send me your internet history.

45. Take a spoon. Put a little bit of your bath soap on it and try it.

46. Blindfold yourself and then reach into your fridge. The dare is that you have to eat the first thing you touch.

47. Screenshot your Facebook search history and send it to me.

48. Everything you type for the rest of our dare game has to rhyme.

49. Call your best friend’s parents. Give them a few reasons why you love their child so much, then hang up immediately, without giving them a chance to reply or ask anything.

50. Get some ice cream and smother it on your face.

51. Send a strange text message to a family member and send me the screenshot.

52. Send me a screenshot of your current Facebook or Instagram inbox.

53. Record yourself singing the alphabet backward.

54. Reveal your deepest secret.

55. Rub your face with chocolate cream and keep it on for 20 minutes without rinsing.

56. Open your selfies gallery, don’t delete anything, take a screenshot of it and immediately send it to me.

57. Do 20 pushups and mention my last name in each one.

58. Go outside and do the cowboy dance.

59. Try to do the splits.

60. Perform the Macarena for two minutes and post it on your social media.

61. Like every post of a random person’s Instagram page.

62. Send a selfie to a random person on social media.

63. Give a play-by-play of the last time you went into the bathroom, covering every detail.

64. Turn your pants inside out and wear them.

65. Send a photo of you and your partner kissing to your parents.

66. Put and keep an ice cube in your mouth.

67. Put a pair of your socks in the freezer for an hour and then wear them for at least five minutes.

68. Eat an entire spoonful of chili or another hot sauce.

69. Open Facebook and like the first post, whether you agree or not.

70. Spin around for two minutes and then try to walk straight.

71. Whisk a raw egg and eat it.

72. Clean your sink using your toothbrush.

73. Mix a variety of sauces from the kitchen and eat the concoction.

74. Sniff your own armpits.

75. List three embarrassing things within three feet of you right now.

76. Create a short, awful make-up tutorial and post it to your YouTube channel.

77. Eat a raw piece of garlic.

78. Update your status on Facebook praising me.

79. Take a pickle, put some chocolate syrup on it, and then eat it just like that.

80. Take your socks off and put them on your hands, like they’re gloves. Wear them like that for five minutes.

81. Like all the Facebook posts in the last year from a person you don’t talk to anymore.

82. Do an Instagram live of you dancing.

83. Scatter several Legos on the floor and try to walk over them with your bare feet. Put a camera on the floor, so you can record it and then send me the video.

84. Walk to the nearest store and ask the cashier to give you change for a dollar.

85. Stick your hand in the toilet.

86. Eat a handful of uncooked rice.

87. Write a really long, really detailed Facebook post about the process of buying your last pair of shoes.

88. Change your Facebook status to “Feeling lonely.”

89. Leave the zip of your pants open for the rest of the day.

90. Send me a screenshot of your Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp chat list immediately.

91. Close your eyes and pick a random person from your contact list. Call them and sing them a song.

92. Draw a face around your belly button, take a pic, and send it to me.

93. Draw a unibrow on your face and take a selfie.

94. Describe the strangest dream you can remember. Did you like it, and do you want it to come true?

95. Call a Chinese restaurant and order 10 pizzas.

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Funny dares over text

1. Fill up the bath. Record yourself getting in with your current outfit still on. Send me the video.

2. Drink a glass of water while upside down.

3. Take an ugly selfie and post it on Facebook.

4. Record yourself while writing your name on the floor with your tongue and send me the video.

5. Facetime me and do a pole dance.

6. Make a headdress out of toilet paper and post a photo online.

7. Grab the broom and perform the tango with it.

8. Imagine you’re a rat and act out how you would escape from a cat.

9. Run around the room, imitating a monkey.

10. Put ice cubes down your pants. You can’t take them out with your hands. You can only try to shake them out.

11. What is a silly fact about you? Whatever it is, post it on Facebook.

12. Fill your mouth completely with water and say your name.

13. Send the funniest picture of you on your phone.

14. Squirt shaving cream all over your hair and take a selfie.

15. Mix honey and flour in a bowl. Then put it on your nose and leave it there for 10 minutes.

16. First of all, you need to stand on one leg. Bark for three minutes, all the while flapping your arms like a chicken.

17. Go to your neighbor and ask them if you can borrow fifty cents.

18. Do the worm, record it, and send the video to me.

19. Do four cartwheels in a row.

20. Call the first person on your contact list and sing them happy birthday.

21. Put your face in a bowl of flour.

22. Take a really unflattering picture of yourself or choose one from your gallery and make it your profile picture for one full day.

23. Break three eggs on your head.

24. Dance in a funny way and post it on your TikTok.

25. Imagine you’re kissing someone for the first time on your first date. Record how it would look and send me the video.

26. Try and fit as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can, record yourself and send me the video.

27. For five minutes, you have to pretend that you’re really a cat.

28. Post on social media saying you’re going to leave your job to become a professional clown.

29. Record yourself licking the floor and send it to me.

30. Slap yourself, record it, and send the video.

31. Put on clothes of the opposite gender and take a video of yourself trying to act like a guy/girl.

32. Record yourself dancing with no music for two minutes.

33. Try to open a bag of snacks or candy using only your mouth; hands and feet aren’t allowed.

34. Record yourself while you’re performing a crazy dance, and then send it to me.

35. If you have a dog, bark at it, and if you don’t, wait until a dog walks by and bark at it.

36. Make a funny face and send a picture of it.

37. Draw a mustache on your face and send me a selfie.

38. Drag your butt on the carpet or the floor, like a dog, from one end of the room to the other.

39. Peel a potato/banana using only your teeth.

40. Try to lick your elbow.

41. Take off your shirt using only your teeth.

42. Record yourself singing the entire alphabet, but you shouldn’t open your mouth more than a crack.

43. Howl like a dog for one minute.

44. Spin an imaginary hula hoop around your waist for 30 seconds, record it, and send the video.

45. Drink a glass of wine in less than ten seconds.

46. Using only your elbows, type out a Facebook status update and post it.

47. Cover your face with tomato sauce and send me a pic.

48. Try to fit your fist in your mouth.

49. Wear a “Kiss me…It’s my Birthday” board over your neck and go outside.

50. Fill your mouth with water and act as a fountain.

51. Tag a random friend in an Instagram post.

52. Put as many grapes in your mouth as you can.

53. Take a picture of you picking your nose and post it on social media.

54. Grab a broom and try to impersonate a flying witch. Take a picture and send it to me.

55. Record yourself kissing your pillow for two straight minutes.

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Flirty dares over text

1. Write my name on your body and then send me a pic.

2. Describe what you would do if I were there with you.

3. Do a belly dance and send me a video.

4. Put lipstick on in the sexiest way possible.

5. Send nudes to me on Snapchat or Facebook.

6. I dare you to search for the naughtiest thing that you can think of.

7. Tell me your deepest, dirtiest, naughtiest fantasy in a sexy message.

8. I’ll give you 10 minutes to write a short, very romantic love poem.

9. Make a video of yourself dancing a sexy dance and send it over.

10. Text me about what you like about me for the next two minutes.

11. Write my name on your chest and send me the picture.

12. Pick out lingerie for me online.

13. You have one minute to change into the hottest outfit you have.

14. Take the most seductive selfie you can take and send it to me.

15. Using lipstick or a pen, write my name across your favorite body part and send a picture.

16. Send me the flirtiest text you can come up with.

17. Voice record yourself singing your favorite love song and send it to me.

To wrap up

Every time you see your texting conversation is dying, you should suggest playing a game of dares over text to the other person. It will definitely keep the conversation going and spice up things a little bit.

Of course, it can also be a Truth or Dare questions game, or Never have I ever game but let’s admit it, a dare game is way more fun than playing a truth questions game.

You can use flirty truth questions and dares and secretly flirt with your crush, or you can simply find out a few things you’ve always wanted to know about your partner.

It’ll be fun, and it can liven up your texting. Just remember to tell them to record and take pictures while they’re doing the dare and then send it to you so you’ll have proof they did it and also, so you can have a good laugh at it.