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60 Funny & Freaky Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text

60 Funny & Freaky Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text

Needless to say, romantic and flirty texts from your boyfriend can make your day and put a smile on your face. But sometimes, when you’re not in the mood for romance, you don’t want cute, sexy and lovely.

Sometimes, all you want is to cause chaos.

And what better way to do it than to pull a prank on your boyfriend. If you’re all out of prank ideas, you’re in the right place. You found the best pranks and practical jokes using text messages for April fools’ day or any other day when you need a good laugh.

Keep reading for a huge list of pranks to pull on your boyfriend over text that will make him laugh, freak out or maybe even get a little mad at you, depending on what you pick.

60 Funny Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text

When you’re deciding on the pranks to pull on your boyfriend over text, don’t forget the consequences.

If your boyfriend is sensitive or his feelings are easily hurt, then have mercy on him. Choose cute pranks and funny photos instead of something that might really upset him. You want your prank to be something the two of you can laugh about together.

But if your boyfriend is the kind of person who can shrug things off with no hard feelings or if he’s a lover of a good prank, then you can choose the more serious ones, like fake breakups and pregnancies.

Here’s a list of 60 pranks for boyfriends to use when you want to spice up your text conversations.

1. The makeover prank

Text your boyfriend and tell him that you made a big change to the way you look. Hair is the best choice because it will be the most believable and convincing, but you can pick anything that he might fall for.

For example, tell you that you’ve dyed your hair in an outrageous color or that you shaved your head. You can also tell him that you got a tattoo or an unexpected piercing. Or if you’re feeling particularly naughty, tell him you had more than one thing done.

Your prank will be even more successful if you can send him a pic, which shouldn’t be too difficult to create if you find the right editing apps.

2. The couple’s tattoo prank

Text your boyfriend and tell him that you made an appointment for the two of you to get a couple’s tattoo. The other option is to draw something on yourself or get a temporary tattoo, send him a pic and ask him to get the same thing done.

This prank is especially fun if you pull it on someone you’ve just started dating. He’ll rightfully freak out if you suggest getting a couples tattoo after a few first dates. The risky thing about this prank is – he might accept!

3. The new pet prank

Make it seem like you brought a pet home if you live together. Find a pic of the pet you want to use and send it to him, asking if you can keep it. A baby goat, a huge snake or a wolf which you call a cute dog – the more outrageous the pet, the better.

If he dislikes an animal, then pick that one. Find a pic of a cat to send him if he’s allergic, or suggest a huge spider if they gross him out. Tell him you saw the animal and just couldn’t resist, it was so cute and needed a home. 🙄️

4. The dismissal prank

Text him during your day at work and tell him you got in trouble. Update him a few times about the escalating situation, then end it all with a text telling him you got fired. You’ll make him worry and comfort you for no reason, but he’ll be happy when he finds out it’s not true.

And if you’re feeling a little mean, make him think that he got fired. This is easy to pull off if you know his boss who can be your accomplice, but even if you don’t, it’s nothing a little creative texting can’t do.

5. The social media post prank

Check his social media so that you’re up-to-date with his posts, then send him a text saying something like, “Why on earth would you post that?” Don’t tell him what you’re referring to, just pretend that you’re completely outraged.

Ask him why he’d post something so private or why he posted something with that in the background. This is especially effective if he’s just posted – he’ll keep checking his post to see what he missed.

6. The good luck prank

Wish him good luck for an event that you’ve made up to make him scratch his head. This is the most effective if he could have such an event ahead in theory, but it doesn’t really exist.

For example, if he’s a student, text him something like, Good luck on your exam today!” or if he talked about looking for a new job, send a “You’ll nail your interview, I believe in you!”

He’ll be utterly confused!

7. The urgent trip prank

Make him think that something came up and that you have to leave immediately. Text him, “Off to the airport, tty when I land” even though you’re lounging in your living room. Turn off your phone immediately because you’re using airplane mode, of course.

An alternative is to wish him a safe trip when he’s not traveling and when he tells you he’s not going anywhere, to keep trying to convince him that yes, he is, he told you a ton of times he’ll be flying today.

8. The new outfit prank

Send him a picture of a crazy outfit and tell him, Babe, this would look awesome on you.” If he replies with “lol” or another sign that he thinks you’re joking, keep up the pretense. Continue sending him texts trying to convince him that you’d love to see him in it.

He might show up wearing it if you manage to make him think you really like it, though, so be careful what you send him unless you’re prepared to see it on him.

9. The disclosure prank

To really freak him out, send him a text saying, “There’s something you need to know” or “I haven’t been fully honest with you.” After he sees the message, stop responding. Watch him blow up your phone but don’t text him back. If he calls you, don’t pick up.

This will scare him and make him think of a million different scenarios, so when you eventually tell him it was a prank, he’ll be relieved.

10. The unknown number prank

Wait for him to text you then ask, “Who’s this?” pretending you don’t recognize his number. This is a tried-and-true prank that always works and results in frustration and giggles. There are a few ways to play this.

One option is to tell him that someone changed all the contact names in your phone, so you have no idea who you’re texting. Ask him to prove his identity by telling you things only the two of you would know.

Another way to do this prank is to pretend to be someone else and convince him that he texted the wrong number. Pretend a stranger received his text and invent someone weird. The sillier questions you ask him, the funnier it will be.

But beware – if he’s easily annoyed he might block you instead of playing your game.

11. The “I know” prank

Text him, “I know what you’ve been up to,” and ghost him. He’ll go crazy trying to figure out what you were talking about, pulling his hair out because you’re unavailable and he can’t reach you.

To get even messier, turn your phone on after some time, text him “Now I’ve heard the whole story,” and turn it off again. All that’s left is to hope that he hasn’t actually been up to anything.

12. The auto-correct prank

This isn’t a texting prank, but the fun you can have with auto-correct is endless. Before you attempt it, check if he has an iPhone or an Android phone and which keyboard he uses. Knowing where everything is beforehand will make it easier to quickly accomplish your mission.

Change his auto-correct settings in the silliest way possible to make him rage and throw his phone. Turn common words like a, the, when, why, etc. to something funny, silly, nonsensical or obscene.

You can also change all the common words in his phone to the same word and change “no” to “yes”. Anticipate how he’ll react when the words he’s sending aren’t the words he’s typing, and change those as well!

13. The upside-down text prank

Do you know how to type ǝʞᴉl sᴉɥʇ? Texting him upside-down words will make him confused for a moment, wondering what on earth he’s seeing, but he’ll probably catch on quick. You can quickly convert any text using a generator and keep it going as long as it’s funny!

14. The not for you prank

Text your boyfriend something that sounds concerning, then immediately text him “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to text you.” Send something that makes it seem like you’re involved in something suspicious or possibly illegal.

For example, text something about bringing money to a location or hiding something for someone, then follow up with a “oops, ignore this last text.” Or wait for him to see it and then delete it. It will make him freak out for sure.

15. The emergency prank

Send him a text about something that will make him think you have an emergency, then when he responds, stop answering his texts.

You can pick something that sounds like a possible emergency to scare him, like asking him how to use the fire extinguisher or about getting arrested. Or you can ask him something wild to confuse him, like asking him what happens if you wake up in a foreign country or if a wild animal is inside your house.

16. The ex prank

Text him saying that his ex contacted you and that she’s coming over to tell you something. Make your text sound cold and suspicious. Don’t use pet names or emojis – just a simple sentence with punctuation.

He’ll be freaking out thinking what on earth she’s about to tell you. Hopefully there isn’t really anything he doesn’t want you to know…

17. The lying prank

Send him a text telling him that you just found out he lied to you and that you’re hurt and feeling let down. When he asks you what you mean, reply with, “You know what I’m talking about.” Try to sound as disappointed as possible.

He’ll probably try to convince you that he never lied to you even if he has no clue what you’re talking about.

18. The … prank

You: hey

I know this might change everything but I really can’t hold it in anymore

I really have to get it off my chest

Him: um

what’s going on?


Him: what are you writing so much

call me or something


But the answer never comes. Or at least not the answer he’s expecting, because you don’t really have anything to tell him and you’re not typing a wall of text.

The whole purpose of this prank is to freak him out and make him think you’re about to drop a bomb, then send him a GIF of the texting dots. Take a peek at his phone beforehand to make sure which kind of dots he sees when someone is typing so he won’t see through you.

19. The something under the couch prank

While you’re home alone, make your boyfriend think you’re terrified of something moving under your couch to alarm him a little bit.

This prank requires setup, but it’s not complicated. Find a shoestring or rolled-up socks and place your item under the couch so that a small part of it is peeking.

Take a pic, but make sure the lights are dim so that it’s hard to identify what’s in it. Send the picture to your boyfriend and include a scared message about how there’s something under the couch! It’s moving!

You can even call him after you text him the picture and try to sound as scared as possible.

20. The fake pregnancy test prank

You: “Hey

I guess I should tell you

I’m pregnant


Depending on where your relationship is at the moment, this might be good news or a reason to panic. Tell him that you’re happy or devastated, but make sure it’s the opposite reaction of the one you know he’ll have. You can spice it up even more by telling him that the baby is not his.

Whichever fake pregnancy text you choose, be kind and don’t let him stew for too long.

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21. The home screen prank

Even though this isn’t a text prank, it still involves his phone, so it’s included. One of the most frustrating things you can do to his phone is to mess with his home screen.

Take a screenshot of his home screen as it is, move all his apps to the second page, then set the screenshot as his wallpaper. He’ll think everything is as normal and keep tapping, trying to open his apps in vain. Nothing will happen because he’s just touching a picture on an empty screen.

Another prank you can do is to download an image of a fake cracked screen and make that his wallpaper. He’ll see through this as soon as he touches the screen, but the fright you’ll give him for that one moment is worth it.

22. The parent’s number prank

While you’re with a friend whose number he doesn’t know, send him a text claiming it’s your mom or dad. Try to seem unfriendly and judgmental – make him think “your mom” or “your dad” disapprove of him and that they know what you’ve been up to.

Ask him when you can meet him, what his intentions with you are and watch him fumble and stutter.

Another version of this prank is to change your contact name to Mom or however he has her in his phone, then have fun texting him stuff he’d never expect from his mom.

23. The automated message prank

When he texts you something, reply pretending you’re a customer service chat bot. Pick a random chain or service and when he sends you a text reply with, “Welcome to [store]! Thank you for contacting our customer service. Please let us know how we may help you.”

Send the same text over and over, and no matter how he replies, stay true to your programming.

24. The lyrics prank

Text him the first line of a song, then after he replies, text him the next line. Whatever he says, keep responding using the lyrics of a song. You have the option of picking something he knows well, he knows just a little or doesn’t know at all.

If you choose something that he doesn’t know well, but that he might be vaguely familiar with, he’ll know that something is wrong but won’t know for sure what it is. Or you might pick something he doesn’t know and that doesn’t even sound like lyrics to confuse him completely.

And, of course, if you want a lighthearted prank that he’ll pick up on immediately, go for the lyrics of a song he knows. This is a good choice if you want to send him a message along with the prank.

25. The alarm clock prank

Not quite a text prank, but a phone prank: take his phone and set his alarm for 3 in the morning, then wait for him to tell you all about it tomorrow. If you’re feeling especially nasty, set multiple alarms to really shake him up.

Of course, if you’re sleeping in the same room, the alarm will wake you up too, so this prank is best used if you don’t live together.

26. The GIF and memes prank

If you’re proficient in the language of GIFs and memes, what better way to communicate than to text him without using words at all. There’s nothing a good GIF can’t express, so whatever you want to tell him, look for the perfect one and text him in only GIFs and memes.

Turn this prank evil by picking only old memes that no one uses anymore to make him cringe.

27. The fake past prank

Tell him something about your past that isn’t true and wait for his reaction. You don’t have to invent anything outrageous, only something that he’d never expect from you. For example, tell him you used to be an athlete if you’re not very sporty or that you haven’t read a book until you were twenty if you normally love to read.

28. The new boyfriend prank

This one is risky, but it could be worth it if you and your boyfriend love to mess with each other. Upload a picture of you with another guy to your social media, tag him as your boyfriend and wait for your real boyfriend to see it.

Do you know how he’d react? Do you want to know?

29. The apology prank

Make him apologize for something he didn’t do by being really insistent that he has to apologize or you’re going to cry! You don’t even have to tell him what he’s apologizing for, just let him know that he really, really has to.

This works best if your boyfriend is really soft when it comes to you.

30. The best friend prank

Change your best friend’s number to an unknown man’s name and make sure he sees you texting. A lot. All the time. When he asks you what’s going on, you can tell him the truth, but try to seem shifty so he’ll suspect that you’re lying.

He’ll feel silly when he finds out that you’ve been telling the truth the whole time.

31. The same text prank

Pretend like something is wrong with your phone and send him the same text over and over again. Whatever he texts, reply with the same message. This is an easy and silly prank but it will surely annoy him.

32. The big purchase prank

Tell him you bought a car, a house or another big item. Make up a ridiculously high price that’s completely out of your budget. Send him a text where you sound completely delighted about your purchase, and pretend like spending all this money you don’t have won’t affect your future plans.

33. The back with the ex prank

If you really want to make an impact, text your boyfriend that you got back together with your ex. Tell him your ex called you, apologized and asked you to get back together. You accepted because he’s the one who got away and you couldn’t go against your own heart.

Don’t be too cruel and keep this going for too long, though, because this might really hurt him.

34. The something important prank

Text him claiming you have something important to tell him, then leave him hanging. You can tell him that you have huge news or tell him that you have information about something he’s wanted to know for a while.

When he replies, ignore him or go offline then wait for him to blow up your phone.

35. The catfish prank

Create a fake account or use a different number to send him ridiculous catfish texts. Pretend to be someone who’s interested in him. Make it interesting by creating an over-the-top character that he won’t have a choice but to respond to because the texts you send will be so outrageous.

Don’t try to catfish him for real, though, because trying to get your boyfriend to show interest in a fake person is not a healthy thing to do.

36. The bail prank

Send him a text saying, “I’m in trouble, I need you to bail me out.” When he asks what’s going on, invent something crazy and dramatic, such as owing money to a dangerous person or being stuck somewhere. He’ll run to help you in no time.

37. The new emoji prank

Keep adding an emoji to your texts that’s completely out of sync with whatever you’re talking about. When he asks you about it, make up the meaning of that emoji that he supposedly doesn’t know but that everyone is using these days.

Your prank is a success if he starts using it that way.

38. The countdown prank

Start a countdown to nothing to make him go nuts trying to figure out what’s going on. Decide how long you want to stretch it – you can count down from 100 or from 10, but keep in mind that if it goes on too long, he might lose interest.

When you reach 0, tell him something like, “I love you.” or send him a kissy face emoji or similar.

39. The missed appointment prank

Pretend you missed an appointment he should have reminded you of and tell him how disappointed you are. You were really relying on him to remind you of something so important, now everything is ruined. How could he? 😧️

40. The old problem prank

Bring up an issue you had that you settled a long time ago and make him think you’re starting a fight over it. This will confuse him and make him break out in a cold sweat, especially if it was something that was his fault. You can also imply that he’s been doing it again, whatever it is that your fight was about.

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41. The secret girlfriend prank

Tell him that his secret girlfriend messaged you and that you know all about their relationship now. Make it seem like you’re devastated and that you’re done with him. Refuse to listen to his denial and tell him you know it’s all excuses.

42. The ruined shirt prank

Text him to admit that you ruined his favorite shirt or something else he’s really attached to. It can be his gaming device or his pillow – as long as it’s something he always uses and loves. Imagine his happiness when he finds out that it was all a prank.

43. The arrest prank

Using a different number, call him to let him know you’ve been arrested, then hang up. Turn off your phone for a few hours and when you turn it on, you’ll be flooded by his texts and missed calls.

44. The in love with your best friend prank

Confess to your boyfriend that you’re in love with his best friend and that you think he loves you too. Your boyfriend might get really mad when you tell him this, so keep that in mind.

45. The jealousy prank

Let him know that you don’t want him hanging out with his close friends, that he should always let you know where he is and whatever else you can think of that will make you seem overly jealous. Depending on his reaction, you can really escalate this prank.

46. The baby picture prank

Tell him that someone sent you a picture of his baby. Pretend to be heartbroken that he had a baby with someone else while he’s with you. Send him the fake pic and tell him that his baby isn’t even that cute.

47. The accusation prank

Accuse him of something he never did and insist on being right, no matter how much he denies it. You’ll know you won if he apologizes for doing it even though he hasn’t. But don’t forget that this can also cause him to retaliate with a prank of his own, or, worse, to get mad at you.

48. The at your door prank

Text him, “Where are you, I’m waiting outside,” or tell him you’re at his door when you’re not. This is a harmless prank, but it will surely make him tense for a moment when he thinks that he forgot about you.

49. The birthday prank

If his birthday is coming up, tell him you can’t make it because you have something else. Make sure that whatever you’re standing him up for is something unimportant and that you really don’t actually have to do. He’ll be shocked when he learns what it is you’re prioritizing over him.

50. The witness prank

Tell your boyfriend that you were out today and that you saw him with another girl. He’ll go out of his way to make you understand that you made a mistake and that he was never out with another woman. Ignore his denial and explanations for as long as you can.

51. The already left prank

Text him an hour before your date and say you left since he didn’t make it on time. Tell him you’re really hurt and that he should give you some space. If he insists that he wasn’t late and that it was you who came early, accuse him of shifting the blame on you.

52. The schedule prank

Look at his calendar and pick something he has coming up in the future and pretend that he has it today. You can even change it in his calendar if you want to be really convincing. Text him something about his vacation starting today when it’s not in two months or ask him if he wants to see the dress you’re wearing for his cousin’s wedding this weekend.

53. The amnesia prank

Pretend you lost your memory and treat him like a stranger. When he texts you, tell him that you have no idea who he is. If he says that he’s your boyfriend, tell him that there’s no way and that you’d know if you had one.

Try making up something that happened that might have made you lose your memory, but keep insisting that he’s the only person you don’t remember.

54. The big mistake prank

Text him “I made a big mistake, please don’t be mad.” He might immediately call you, so have something that isn’t a big deal at all to confess. For example, you ate his snack or you threw out an old piece of paper he doodled on.

55. The suspense prank

Text him, “We need to talk.” and ignore your phone for a while. Keep him in suspense. He’ll be busy anticipating uncomfortable questions, but when you decide to reply to him, talk about something minor that didn’t need such an ominous introduction. 

For example, tell him you’re out of milk and that you want him to pick up some.

56. The car dent prank

Tell him that you dented his car by mistake and that you’re very sorry. It was an accident and you’re so upset because of what you’ve done. This prank is the most effective on guys who love their cars an excessive amount.

57. The misunderstanding prank

When he texts you, pretend you don’t understand what he’s saying. This is very effective if you want to make him feel frustrated. You can pretend like you literally don’t understand and say so or you can pretend like you don’t get what he means. The best thing to text him is “???” as a response to each of his messages.

58. The family visit prank

Family visits can be stressful and he needs to prepare, doesn’t he? Text him to let him know that your parents are coming in an hour and are looking forward to meeting him. Keep up with the pretense for as long as he keeps freaking out.

Another version of this prank is to tell him you’ve invited his family over when you didn’t.

59. The fake news prank

Use the breaking news generator to send him some fake news to shock him. It’s best if it’s something that involves you or him that will make him freak out. It’s the funniest if it has a grain of truth in it, but make it overblown and out of context.

60. The rickroll

You might think that rickrolling has been over for a long time, but that’s what makes it so effective. It never really goes out of style if it’s used correctly. It will have the most impact if you really build the suspense and make him think that you’re about to send him something he needs to see, then, bam! Rick-rolled.

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To Wrap Up

There you have it, the most hilarious and shocking everyday or April fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend over text. As long as you choose a prank that your boyfriend can bounce from, you’ll both have a good laugh and enjoy the fun.

Some of these pranks can be pulled on close friends and family members, so if you like pranks, refer to it often. But whoever you decide to prank, beware: this might start a prank war!