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Should You Date A Virgin? (10 Pros And Cons + Tips)

Should You Date A Virgin? (10 Pros And Cons + Tips)

We all have our must-have relationship standards; some are more unique than others. One of the integral parts of every relationship is sex, which is why it’s very often on the list of those must-have standards.

Can I really date a virgin? Should I date them? What things should I consider in this situation?

These are all questions you might ask yourself. Sometimes we don’t even know if we’re ready for something until we try it, but the fear and disappointment that we might experience afterward usually turns us away from that person in the first place.

So, what are the pros and cons of dating a virgin? Keep scrolling to find out!

5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Virgin

When you hear that someone is dating a virgin, you instantly think: ‘‘Oh, I feel so sorry for them. They are probably struggling with a lot of things.’’

Truth be told, dating a virgin comes with a lot of advantages. What are those advantages? Let’s find out!

1. Something new might be good for you

If you haven’t had the chance to date someone with no sexual experience, and it’s your first time going out with a virgin, you’d be surprised how fresh and good it can be.

If you’re used to dating non-virgin people, dating a virgin can be pretty different. Yes, there is no sex, but that’s exactly what can be beneficial.

Without sex in the relationship, you can focus more on everything else, and what’s everything else? Your emotional connection.

There are a lot of ways you can be intimate with your partner. Emotional and psychological intimacy can sometimes be more sensual than any other.

Being a virgin doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy any other form of intimacy – intimacy goes beyond sex. Building intimacy the hard way encourages mutual care and compassion for each other.

2. They won’t cheat on you

Although not a rule, people with no sex life are less likely to cheat on you. Cheating usually comes from passion and desire, which is triggered when someone sexually attracts you.

Of course, they are sexually attracted to people, but the fact that they are waiting till marriage can serve as a strong reason why cheating will never happen, at least not sexual cheating.

A virgin will probably do everything in her power to let you know you’re the only one for them, especially if you already agreed on a relationship without sex.

You won’t catch them on different online dating sites. You won’t question if they have fake accounts on social media (Snapchat, Facebook) or why they are late after a night out with friends.

So, would you date a virgin considering this?

3. You have a strong spiritual bond

Although many people believe that sex is an essential part of a relationship and helps build trust and intimacy, some think that having no sex can help you form a better spiritual bond.

As their potential sexual partner, you send the message that you are okay with their decision and love them for everything else – that sex is not a big deal for you.

Spiritual connection is the basis of a healthy, long-term relationship. It allows you and your partner authentic interaction, mutual respect, and open communication.

4. They are a great role model

Moral standards are nowadays pretty personalized, and yes, every standard is okay if you don’t hurt or discriminate against anyone.

If you prefer that your future partner has never had meaningless sex and hookups, that they are a person you want your first time with – that’s completely okay.

Not only will you find someone who meets your standards, but they will also be a great role model for your kids.

They say kids always mimic their parent’s behavior, so if your virgin partner meets the standards you also stand for, you won’t have to worry about your kids!

5. They won’t compare you with others

Another, at first glance, silly reason why dating a virgin is not a bad decision is that you won’t have to worry if the best sex they ever had is with you or with someone else.

Many people are quite insecure about their sex life, especially if they know that their partner has had good-looking partners in the past.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Virgin

Even though there are several advantages to dating virgins, some people aren’t happy hearing the “So, I’m a virgin’’ sentence.

You might wonder why. Well, there are several reasons for this.

1. Chastity is a state of mind

When someone tells you on the first date that they are a virgin, you might actually be happy.

But what if you soon realize that even though they are a virgin, they still lack the necessary chastity?

Your partner being a virgin doesn’t guarantee they will have the moral standards you stand for. It might happen on the third date that you realize some red flags you find impossible to ignore given the circumstances.

In fact, many men think that virginity comes along with other moral principles – when in reality, chastity is a state of mind.

2. You need to be extra careful with her

Being with a virgin comes with a lot of advantages, but there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, virgins are more likely to be easily offended.

Although not a rule, virgins tend to be more demanding. Maybe you could keep up with that at the beginning of your relationship, but if you’ve found yourself in a long-term relationship with them, it might become annoying and frustrating.

3. Virginity can be a barrier to intimacy

Even though saving sex for marriage seems beneficial in developing better intimacy, it might also decrease it.

Some people don’t know how to behave around people who are virgins, and they are constantly under pressure not to say or do something wrong. Sex is a beautiful act of love that tells the other person how much you love and appreciate them.

Many people can’t function normally without sex – sex reduces stress between you two, and couples without sex suffer from infidelity more than others.

4. Sex is important to you

If you prefer sex in a relationship, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Sex in a relationship is not only about the drive to fulfill your sexual desires – it’s a way to build trust and reach a higher level of intimacy.

So from this perspective, dating someone who’s not a virgin is better than dating someone who is.

5. Your marriage might fail

Many virgin girls think of first-time sex as something special and eagerly await that moment. However, when the time finally comes, you both might be disappointed.

When you are a virgin, you assume what things you’ll like and what you will not. However, to assume is one thing, but the practice is quite another.

Sexual compatibility matters a lot, especially if you are married to someone. When sex is bad, there is no intimacy, and when there is no intimacy, there is no real passion, and passion is a crucial part of a romantic relationship.


Should you tell a guy you’re a virgin?

Yes, you definitely should tell a guy that you’re a virgin. Preferably on the first date.

First, being a virgin isn’t something you should be embarrassed by. Guys with a high school mindset might underestimate you, but that says a lot about them and nothing about you.

Secondly, if you tell him this information, and he decides to stay – you win! And lastly, sex is a big deal to some people, and if you’re going for a serious relationship, it would be disrespectful not to tell him such important information.

I know that this might shrink your dating pool, but it will be for the best if you do it this way!

What are some ways people can have sex without penetration?

When you date a virgin, it’s obvious you won’t have sex like you did with your past partner. That’s why it’s necessary to come up with a different approach.

Here are some ways you can spice things up:

• Share sensual messages

• Take a shower together

• Oral sex

• Phone sex

• And a lot of kisses!

To Sum Up

What happens if you discover your potential partner is a virgin on your second date? Will there be a third date?

These pros and cons can help you decide whether you’re for it or not. So, now that you’ve read this article, are you ready to date a virgin?

If your partner wants to wait till marriage but meets every relationship standard you have, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to work things out and find an alternative. However, if sex is something important to you in a relationship, both of you shouldn’t start anything!There are many online podcasts regarding this topic, so feel free to check out a few of them; it might help you in your decision!