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12 Things To Keep In Mind When Dating A Nurse

12 Things To Keep In Mind When Dating A Nurse

Has a nurse caught your attention? From the very first moment you saw them in their scrubs, were you unable to stop thinking about them? I totally get you because there is something about healthcare professionals and their uniforms.

However, before you make your approach or invite them out, you should know all the perks and benefits of dating a nurse. No matter whether they’re a male or female nurse, I’ll walk you through being in a relationship with a nurse.

Nurses and all the other caregivers are our heroes, and you should really be proud if your significant other is a healthcare professional. Consider yourself lucky for dating a true hero and be proud of them and everything they do, no matter what.

Dating A Nurse: 13 Things To Know

Here are all the perks and blessings of dating a nurse, so if you’re falling for one, you should check them out ASAP.

1. Their job is difficult, stressful, and full of responsibilities

This is the first thing you need to know about dating a nurse. They face many challenges at work every day, and they also need to deal with many stressful situations.

Of course, all of that affects them and their mental health. Unfortunately, they can’t separate their jobs from their personal lives because you aren’t only a nurse when you’re at the hospital – you’re a nurse 24/7 because you can’t stop caring about your patients as soon as you leave your workplace.

2. Their work life represents a huge part of their life

If you really want to date a nurse, you need to come to terms with the fact that their job means a lot to them. It’s one of their main priorities in life.

They’re fully committed to it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to commit to you. They will, but they’ll first need to check whether you’ve truly accepted their profession and all the responsibilities that come with their job.

They don’t want to engage in a serious relationship with you just for you to tell them after a while that you can’t cope with their love and commitment to the job they do.

3. It’s a bit hard to keep up with them

This is also something you need to accept. They have a pretty fast tempo in life because it’s something their job has taught them.

When they have a day off, they will want to catch up when it comes to their private life. They’ll want to engage in self-care, hang out with friends, go shopping, and do things they can’t normally do.

4. You’ll need to arm yourself with patience

Those long hours at work, night shifts, stressful situations… It’s not easy to deal with it all. It’s not easy for the nurses, and it’s definitely not easy for their partners.

Also, it won’t be easy to make long-term plans because they don’t have a stable work schedule. And you’ll definitely need to get used to not being able to see them whenever you want – you probably won’t even be able to see them every day.

You’ll really need to be understanding and patient if you want to make a relationship with a nurse work. Otherwise, you’ll need to come to terms with the fact that they aren’t the right person for you and move on.

5. Caring is in their nature

Your well-being will be their priority because they’re used to taking care of other people. They’ll be the first to come running when you’re sick, and they’ll take care of you until they’re sure you feel better.

They’ll also try to connect with you on an emotional level and discover your emotional needs. They’ll respect them and try to fulfill them, all to make you feel genuinely happy and loved.

6. They have kind and empathetic characters

They need to have this because otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to work in a hospital and take care of sick people. Even if they don’t have an empathetic nature, they’ll develop one because of the job they do.

You may have your disagreements and quarrels, but they won’t raise their voice at you or disrespect you. They might be nervous sometimes and ask you to leave them alone, but you need to understand it’s probably due to the stressful situations they deal with at their job.

7. Their hardworking nature may affect your relationship

The 12-hour shifts, night shifts, serious responsibilities they have at work, and their hardworking nature may slowly become an obstacle in your relationship. And my advice to you is, if you think you won’t be able to accept it, don’t even think about dating a nurse.

A nurse rarely has a day off because, even when they’re on vacation, they always have their patients on their minds. In other words, even if they take a few days off physically, they’ll be on their job mentally.

8. They’re amazing friends above anything else

Their co-workers, family members, and close friends know them best, and they know what amazing human beings they are. They’re always there for the ones they love, and nothing is too big or difficult for the people they care about.

Besides being your significant other, they’ll be your friend first and foremost. You’ll see, they’ll gain your trust before you know it, and you’ll start opening up to them without even being aware of it.

Even if you decide to end your relationship, your secrets will remain safe with them forever. No matter the circumstances of your split, they’ll never talk trash about you, and you’ll feel like you have a true friend in them no matter what.

9. There is no such thing as betrayal in their vocabulary

You can trust them deeply from the very first day because they don’t cheat. Their heart is faithful to those they love, and they would never hurt another person because they deal with pain every single day.

Once they fall for someone, they commit to them fully and stay committed to them no matter what. On the other hand, they’ll also expect loyalty from the other person because betrayal is one thing they hate the most.

10. They have an amazing sense of humor, despite the difficult jobs they do

They deal with many stressful situations on a daily basis, and to keep their sanity, they need to have a good sense of humor. They need to save their days with humor and by laughing at good puns or jokes.

Your relationship will never be boring because they really know how to spark conversation with a bit of humor.

11. They appreciate the little things the most

My best friend is a registered nurse, and I have known her ever since she was in nursing school. Over the years, I noticed how much her job influenced her life and changed her in so many ways.

When she was just a nursing student, she was still into the material world, superficial things, and expensive, shallow gifts. However, the only thing that can amaze her now is a small gesture, a little act of kindness.

Being surrounded by pain, grief, and hope every day, nurses learn the true meaning of life, and that’s why they rejoice and appreciate the little things the most. So, if you want to win over a nurse, sweep them off their feet with the little things.

12. They always give too much and don’t expect anything in return

It’s just the nurse life. They’re used to it, used to giving their maximum without expecting anything in return.

When they see they have managed to lure a smile to someone’s face, it means the world to them. And no matter how much they help you, they’ll never expect you to give them anything in return.

Even if you aren’t dating a nurse, but all of these amazing things above have made you think about it, you should think about signing up to a nurse dating site. There are several famous online dating sites where you can find some amazing relationship material and single nurses.

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Why Should You Date Nurses?

Truth be told, there are a million reasons you should date a nurse. The first and most important reason is because of the heroic job they do and all the sacrifices they make every single day.

The second benefit of nurse dating is their empathetic side. Their job teaches them to be understanding and patient toward other people’s needs.

A nurse won’t betray your trust or cheat on you because, in their world, those words don’t even exist in their vocabulary. They’re taught to stay by their patients (and their loved ones) no matter what happens.

Also, you can expect nothing but honesty from a nurse. Besides all of these amazing qualities, nurses are great listeners, too, and their partners never lack emotional support.

What It’s Like Being Married To A Nurse

I definitely can’t tell you that it’s the nicest or the easiest thing in the world because it has its perks. However, it’s absolutely worth the effort you’ll need to put into making your marriage work because nurses are the most caring, hardworking, and supportive human beings.

They’re deeply empathetic and are good listeners too. You’ll have a spouse who will always be there for you and who will try to be there when you need them, even when they have the busiest work schedule.

They are used to helping those in need, and you’ll be able to count on them always and forever.

Because of the work they do, they’ll definitely want to have personal space and spend some time alone, but that will also give you enough time to be alone with your own thoughts.

They’ll also set strong boundaries and ask you to respect them. On the other hand, being aware of the importance of boundaries, they’ll also always accept and respect yours.

Final Words

In the end, to be completely honest with you, dating a nurse isn’t easy at all. However, when you look at it, dating and relationships, in general, aren’t easy.

The night shifts, the long hours, the stressful situations they go through almost every day… You need to be prepared for all the things that affect their emotional and mental health, and even though they try really hard to avoid it, it also affects different aspects of their lives, including their love lives.

The important thing is that it’s worth it. Having such a caring, gentle, emotional person by your side is worth everything.

You know how people say, the luckiest woman/men end up marrying a nurse. Trust me, once you fall in love with a nurse, it’ll be for the rest of your life.