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Do Men Like Flowers As Gifts? 15 Kinds Of Flowers He’ll Love

Do Men Like Flowers As Gifts? 15 Kinds Of Flowers He’ll Love

Do men like flowers? Yes. Should you give a guy flowers as a gift? Absolutely.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move to the crux of the matter: that this question even needs to be asked. Isn’t it heartbreaking that we’re not sure if it’s okay to give a man flowers?

When a woman receives flowers from someone, she’s happy. No doubt about it. So it’s to be expected that a man would be happy too. The only thing stopping you from brightening his day with a bouquet of roses are the archaic social norms trying to convince you that men don’t need affection.

To that, I say, “Yeah, right.” I’ll tell you how I witnessed firsthand that giving a guy flowers is one of the sweetest things you could do for him.

I also have tips on choosing what to give him, so keep reading!

Why Do Men Like Flowers?

So why do men like flowers? Let me tell you a true story about something that happened to me that I’ll never forget.

I once knew a guy; let’s call him N. I had just met him a couple of months earlier, and we were still getting to know each other. It was September, and I learned that his birthday was coming up. I knew I’d see him that day, so I thought it would be a good idea to get him something.

Since I didn’t know him that well, I had no clue what he’d like that wasn’t generic and uninteresting, so I thought, “Flowers? Flowers are pretty and smell nice, so everyone likes them, right?”

So I went to a florist and picked a beautiful arrangement. It was pretty but kind of cheap because, as you remember, he was just an acquaintance at the time, so I couldn’t really go over my budget for him. I couldn’t tell you right now what kind of flowers they were because I can’t recall them at all.

At a loss for words

Anyway, I show up with a bouquet and hand it to him. He hesitates as he takes it from me, looking unsure.

N is a tall, buff guy, mind you, who’s normally confident and full of good humor. He looks at me in silence, and tears start running down his face. Those big, shiny tears you see in the movies. And he’s a pretty crier, too, so it was quite a sight.

I was shook, of course. Out of all possible reactions, glittery tears of manly sorrow were not what I expected. 

“What’s wrong,” I asked. “Are you okay?” He wiped his eyes, nodded, gave me the sweetest dimpled smile, and said, “Thank you.”

At that point, I was as touched as he was. Later on, he told me that he was overwhelmed because that was the first time he had ever received flowers. (For me, this was the first time in my adult life that I made a guy cry.)

It would be a cool story if I told you that N is now my husband, and that was the moment that got the ball rolling, but that’s not true. N was a new friend of mine at the time; these days, he’s one of my best friends. I gave him a bonsai tree the following year for his birthday, and he still has it.

It’s about feeling special

Why was N so touched?

Like everybody else, he likes to feel cared for. He likes to feel cherished and appreciated. And as a guy, he rarely gets to feel like that.

So when I gave him flowers – pretty and fragrant and with the sole purpose of making him feel special and happy – he broke down. All his yearning for soft and gentle affection that’s been building up came crashing at that moment, and he broke down.

Ever since, I’ve been giving men flowers as a gift, and not once were they received with anything less than joy and enthusiasm.

Most men never get to experience the feeling of being special without having to prove themselves. They’re discouraged from expressing vulnerability, but they’ll be happy and grateful when you let them know it’s okay to feel.

So cherish the guys in your life.

Compliment your co-worker‘s sharp suit. Pamper your boyfriend with breakfast in bed. Hug your best friend and kiss him on the cheek. Make a Father’s day card to tell your dad how much you love him. Give your husband flowers just because he exists.

Show the men in your life kindness and affection with small gestures and gentle words to heal their tender hearts.

Types Of Flowers To Gift To Men

I hope I managed to convince you that a bouquet of flowers is exactly what your men need.

Even though flowers have meanings and your choice can send a message, most people don’t know and don’t care about what a flower is supposed to say.

The best flowers are those you like, so if you think something is pretty, but it means something that you didn’t intend to say, include it in your beautiful bouquet anyway. He’ll never know what it means unless you tell him.

If you’re ready to send flowers to your hubby or your favorite guy friend, here are some ideas.

1. Red roses

Meaning: True love

Even though I just said that most people aren’t familiar with the language of flowers, everyone knows that red roses symbolize love. A bouquet of red roses is the ultimate romantic gesture, so it’s best to only give them to a guy you love.

They’re perfect for special occasions and make a great anniversary or Valentine’s day gift. But also, if you give your man a single rose just because, watch him closely to see a smile bloom on his face, not unlike the rose he’s holding in his hand.

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2. White roses

Meaning: Loyalty, purity, reverence

White roses are often used in bridal bouquets because of what they symbolize, but they’re a great choice when you want to show commitment. They can be a romantic gift or express loyalty to a friend.

Image source

3. Yellow roses

Meaning: Friendship, joy, apology

Yellow roses are a great gift for friends, especially when you’re looking to cheer them up. Their vibrant color can make any room brighter and bring sunshine into a dreary day.

If a friend is feeling down, giving him yellow roses is a nice gesture that symbolizes your desire to make him feel better.

Image source

4. Gerbera daisies

Meaning: Loyalty, faith, cheer

Gerbera daisies come in a variety of bright colors that look amazing separately or combined. Their cheerfulness makes them a great choice of flowers for the first date. Give a guy a bunch of these lovely flowers and watch his surprise and delight.

Most men will be shocked by flowers on the first date, but in a good way. If he reacts negatively, it’s a good sign that he believes in toxic gender stereotypes. Knowing this early on will save you from a lot of hassle.

Image source

5. Tulips

Meaning: Hope, caring, good wishes

Tulips are a great choice for a gift for your father to show him your love and care and a perfect gift for a co-worker on a special occasion. They come in several bright colors to choose from.

Cut tulips stay fresh for a long time if they’re taken care of: keep them in a cool location and change the water in the vase every couple of days.

Image source

6. Anthurium

Meaning: Hospitality, abundance

Anthurium – also known as the flamingo flower – is an excellent gift for a guy who likes taking care of things. It symbolizes hospitality, so it’s a great gift when visiting someone’s home.

It’s a low-maintenance houseplant that can bloom year-round. Fun fact: anthurium‘s magnificent red heart-shaped flowers are actually leaves that protect its tiny blooms.

Image source

7. Carnations

Meaning: Fascination, distinction, love

Carnations have a mild scent and come in multiple bright colors. They symbolize love and are the perfect multi-purpose gift.

When you want to show someone you care for them – a friend, a family member or a lover – you can’t go wrong with carnations.

Image source

8. Bird of paradise

Meaning: Liberty, magnificence, joy

Bird of paradise is a good choice when you want to commemorate an occasion or when you’re looking to lift someone’s spirits.

It’s a resilient houseplant appropriate even for someone who’s never had to care for a plant before. With its exotic, eye-catching appearance, the bird of paradise can enrich any space.

Image source

9. Sunflowers

Meaning: Adoration, positivity, loyalty

Happiness in the form of a flower!

A bouquet of sunflowers will cheer up your loved ones and it works for any occasion. Sunflowers will brighten a room and brighten a day, so go ahead and pick them you’re not sure what to choose.

Image source

10. Chrysanthemums

Meaning: Fidelity, optimism, long life

Chrysanthemums are a great birthday gift. They symbolize friendship, longevity and good wishes and come in various colors to choose from.

However, be careful when giving them to someone from Europe or China – in certain countries, they’re used for funerals, so make sure you check beforehand.

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11. Irises

Meaning: Eloquence, good news

Iris flowers come in white, yellow and shades of violet, each color more stunning than the next. They’re appropriate for any occasion, and they’re sure to impress everyone.

Cut irises last 5-7 days if taken care of. Let him know that he should change the water and rinse the stems regularly to make them last longer.

Image source

12. Orchid

Meaning: Respect, uniqueness, elegance

Orchids are exquisite and unique. Given as a gift, they bring good luck and create a more beautiful environment.

Taking care of an orchid is easier than you might think and their beauty is worth the effort. They blossom many times and last for a long time.

Image source

13. Lilies

Meaning: Affection, admiration

Lilies are only second to roses in popularity. They’re often used as a basis for arrangements and bouquets, so they can be combined with many other kinds of flowers.

They represent happy feelings, so they can be given as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions or just because.

Image source

14. Azaleas

Meaning: Take care, gratitude

Azaleas can be given as a gift cut or potted. They’re a classic gift for winter holidays. A symbol of abundance, they bring good wishes and good luck or you can give them to say thanks to someone who’s done something for you. 

Potted azaleas bloom in spring and keeping them in a cool place prolongs their blooming period.

Image source

15. African violet

Meaning: Devotion, faithfulness

African violet is one of the world’s most popular blooming houseplants, so if you want to give him a gift that’s going to last, this is the perfect choice.

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, buy him potted violets. They bloom almost year-round and they’re easy to care for.

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The Perfect Gift

Why do men like flowers? Because they make them feel special and appreciated. Organize a flower delivery to make a guy’s day or give him a bouquet in person and watch his joy and surprise. He’ll be moved, happy and unable to keep a smile off his face.

Please let all your female friends know what I told you, so that they too can experience the sense of well-being that comes from making someone feel good about themselves