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White Rose Meaning In A Relationship: Whispers Of Flowers

White Rose Meaning In A Relationship: Whispers Of Flowers

No matter what their color is, pink roses, yellow roses, white roses, purple roses, or red roses, we adore them! The love between women and flowers is definitely love at first sight.

They are a symbol of beauty. There’s something indescribable about the relationship between women and these beautiful flowers, and we know that it’s timeless.

Just like diamonds (if we’re lucky enough to own them, lol), women go crazy for flowers. You don’t have to be a perfect feminine girl to love flowers, roses especially.

You will still enjoy the smell, the gesture of receiving flowers, and yes, girl, buying some roses for yourself because why not, Aphrodite! Before loving anyone else, we should love ourselves.

It is important to know the different meanings these flowers carry so you can always choose the proper flowers for each occasion. You don’t want blue roses or purple roses at a funeral nor peach roses or black roses for Valentine’s Day.

There are so many colors of roses and so many different meanings for roses, but today, we’re curious about the white rose meaning in a relationship. If you’re asking yourself, what does a white rose mean in a relationship? you’ve come to the right place.

White Rose Meaning In A Relationship

Before digging deeper and discussing what exactly the white rose meaning in a relationship is, we have to say, you lucky gal! Not every guy is a “hopeless romantic,” and receiving roses from your loved one is just a perfect gift you will adore.

He sees you as a gentle lady. Men usually look for ladies who are gentle, kind, and “innocent.” If your man buys you a white rose, he definitely thinks that you’re his sweet, gentle muse.

Deep love. In Christianity, a white rose is associated with Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary represents purity and glory. If you receive white roses from your partner, he’s looking for deep love in your relationship, and it might even bode the marriage bells.

He won’t give up on your love. White roses represent a kind of love you will never ever give up on! Your partner will always work on your relationship with you.

Friendship. It doesn’t mean that your partner sees you as just a friend. It means before being his lover, you were his best friend, and that is something very important in a relationship that makes it stronger.

He’s fully committed to you. If you receive twelve white roses from your partner, it means that he is completely committed to you and your relationship. It can also symbolize a life-long union.

What Does It Mean When A Guy sends You White Roses? 5 Secret Meanings

Why would he send you white roses, you wonder? White roses might mean he likes you, that he perhaps wants to brighten up your day, and what else? Well, continue to read on to find out.

1. It’s a neutral message and his comfort zone

If you’re not dating yet or just started dating, by sending you a white rose, your loved one is showing you interest, affection, and attention, but with one leg on safe ground.

New beginnings always carry a lot of questions and insecurities along with them. This way, he’s in his comfort zone.

Ladies usually go crazy (sorry, facts) when they receive red roses as a gift, and with a nice white rose, he’s telling you that he likes you but also, “let’s take it slowly.”

2. He thinks that a white rose suits you

Oh, relax, it’s not like it’s Valentine’s Day. He’s bought you lovely white roses, what’s there not to like? When he gives you a white rose, that white rose meaning is clear: he sees you that way.

White is a color of purity, innocent love, and often elegance, just like pink roses (in case you get those and start wondering).

3. He likes you

No man would ever buy you flowers if he didn’t want to be your man. Men buy flowers for their true love, not just any girl.

This isn’t a rule for white roses only. This applies to different colors of roses: pink roses, yellow roses, green roses, and lavender roses.

A single yellow rose’s meaning and a single red rose also apply for a man who’s into you. Where there are flowers, that’s where romantic love is.

The point is clear: the thoughtfulness that comes with flowers is very high, and he’s thinking about you big time! And don’t worry, sometimes, white roses come in a package with an “I love you” note as well.

4. He wants to make your day better

Men don’t buy flowers just on anniversaries. No matter what flowers he’s bought, light pink roses, red and white roses, some other white flowers, violets, or carnations, your sweet man has bought them because he simply wants to make your day better.

The different types of flowers and the usual rose color meanings don’t mean anything in this case.

In this scenario, flowers are just a perfect way to fix your loved one’s day if she’s feeling under the weather, and that is what men use flowers for as well.

5. He’s wishing you good luck

Many relationships face crises. The reasons vary: it could be youthfulness or, sometimes, life just happens.

Young couples often have long-distance relationships because of college, or sometimes, people move away for work.

If he brings you white roses on moving day, it means he’s wishing you good luck. Also, white roses, in that case, mean a new beginning, a fresh start for you with lots of changes.

White Rose (Back In The Old Days)

Just as it is today, a white rose symbolized innocence and purity in the past as well. White roses have had a special meaning all the way back to the Victorian era.

The white rose was the sign of the Duke of York. After facing the red rose of the Lancaster family for the English throne, the War of the Roses got its name.

The scents of roses were (and still are) used for perfumes. It’s known through history as well that roses have a wonderful intoxicating smell.

In Ancient Greece, flower colors had meaning as well. A bouquet of white roses meant that you were seen as a goddess. Goddess Aphrodite, who we all know, took the white rose as her symbol.

There’s a famous myth about roses from that period. Aphrodite pricked her foot on a thorn, and while walking, she dropped her blood on all the white roses, turning them into red roses.

A single white rose presents hope, respect, and love, which is something that hasn’t changed from Ancient Greece until today.

Later on, the meaning of white roses changed once again when Queen Victoria used white roses in her bridal bouquet. It is more than obvious that she rocked the idea, and now, women use white roses for their bouquets all around the globe.

If you didn’t know any of this before, congrats! You’re officially a florist now and know the language of flowers very well.

What Rose Do You Give Someone To Show Them Love?

Of course, you know which. I know none of us had to read anywhere that the red rose symbolizes love – it is just logical. Red roses represent love, passion, desire, and true love. Red roses are now the symbol of Valentine’s Day.

A single red rose for your better half is always the perfect way to show them you care about them.
Let’s discuss this a bit more. You’ll give someone you love passionately a red rose but definitely not to a family member, lol.

Another rose that symbolizes love is the blue rose. But unlike the red rose, which represents passion and true love, the blue rose is more for a love that is impossible and hard to achieve.

A blue rose says, “miracles can happen,” while the red rose says, well, “I love you.”

When it comes to a yellow rose, people think that it symbolizes friendship, which is correct. But friendship is based on love.

If you want to say “thank you” and “I love you” at the same time to a friend or family member, give them a nice yellow rose.

A bouquet of orange roses says that you’re ready for something bigger. They mean that your relationship is ready for the next level. I think that counts as love, too, right?

If you receive orange roses, it means your partner is ready for new adventures with you, and the words “I love you” might follow this gesture.

But to be fair and square, let’s think about this: If your better half likes black roses or blue roses, remembering that and giving them that exact rose also means you love them.

Each rose has a different meaning, and they symbolize different things. But only someone who cares for you will give you one.

Epilogue Of A White Rose

And just like that, we’ve come to the end of our walk in the rose garden.

Sending flowers was never easier than it is today. You can literally do it with one click on your smartphone. TA-DA, flowers on someone’s doorstep!

But before you send any, learn the language of flowers, see what the colors of roses mean just to be sure which one to send.

A white rose’s meaning in a relationship has been through some small changes throughout the years. Today, officially, it is a symbol of pure and innocent young love. A white rose’s meaning has changed a lot, but one thing has always stayed the same.

Just as it did before, a white rose given to us by a loved one still takes our breath away.

In summary, it’s best to describe a rose with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s quote:

“All other things, our powers, our desires, our food, are all really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But the rose is an extra. Its smell and its color are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers”.