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Does He Love Me? 22 Ways To Know He Has Eyes For You Only

Does He Love Me? 22 Ways To Know He Has Eyes For You Only

– How to know does he love me or not? If he is sincere about his feelings, how much does he love me?

– Does he love me back the same way I love him? Am I the one who loves more?

– Does he love me or the idea of me? Does he love me or he is just lonely?

– Does he love me or is he using me? Does he love me for real or is he just faking it?

– Does he love me really or is he just trying to get into my pants? 

– Does he love me or lust me? Does he see me as the love of his life or is he just sexually attracted to me?

Be honest—how many times have these questions run through your head?

How many sleepless nights have you spent racking your brain and overanalyzing your partner’s every word and move, trying to figure him out completely?

This type of relationship anxiety starts to kick in right after the first date. Things still aren’t serious between you two but despite that, you wonder if this guy will love you in the future.

Even when you end things with your ex, you ask yourself 

•  Does he still love me after breakup or did he forget about me all of a sudden?

•  Does he love me anymore? Does he love me still or has he found someone to replace me?

Well, I have some good news—you’re not crazy (even if you’re one click away from searching “does he love me tarot”) and you’re definitely not alone.

Since the beginning of time, all women around the world want to know the answers to the same questions.

Whether we like to admit it or not, us women are always a little bit worried about if the object of our affection has strong feelings for us. We wonder if he loves us the way we love him. 

Even when we’re certain about our significant other’s emotions, we want to dissect them completely and we often ask ourselves why does he love me so much and will he forever love me the way he does now?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the song “He loves me“- Jill Scott. If you haven’t, I’ll tell you that “He loves me“ by Jill Scott is one of the most romantic songs of all time. In her “He loves me“ lyrics, Jill Scott describes exactly how a man should act when he is in love.

“He loves me“- Jill Scott goes like this, “…  by your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence.” It is more than obvious that a man who loves never fails to court you and does it with his entire being.

However, you being here and reading this article means that you’re probably not 100% certain of your partner’s feelings and it means that you can’t guarantee that his love for you is real. And that doubt is not easy to handle.

If you’ve ever read some does he love me quotes, I’m positive you’ve run into this one:  

“Does he love me,” hurts more than, “He doesn’t love me”.

And this is the truth—doubting someone’s feelings and not being sure about them overwhelms you more than having to accept the painful reality.  

Well, that is exactly why we’re here—to clear all of your suspicions away and to answer all of your questions.

Here are 22 sure he loves me signs to help you get to the bottom of his feelings.

22 Ways To Know He Has Eyes For You Only

1. He doesn’t have any trouble committing

Be honest—how many times have you heard a woman saying, “He loves me but doesn’t want a relationship?” Well, let me tell you the bitter truth: this is impossible.

The truth is that guys are not much different from girls when they’re head over heels for someone. They also want to have their loved one all for themselves, when the feelings are real.

Remember one thing: if a guy loves you, he won’t run away from commitment and he’ll move out his phobias and fears of love.

He won’t have any trouble giving his entire self to you. Everything else is bullshit!

2. He pays attention to what you say  

If a guy really listens to all that you have to say, it is one of the sure signs of his deep love for you.

He will listen to what you have to say, no matter how girly that topic might be, without forgetting everything you told him the next day.

He will listen to your personal stories and even ask you some questions about things that happened to you.

He will want to know all about you because it simply fascinates him the way you talk about everyday experiences.

He won’t be bored when he is with you and the time he spends with you will be the best spent time.

He will enjoy talking to you and he won’t be able to wait to see you again.

Also, if he calls you often, it is a good sign that he wants to know more about you and that he is happy the moment he hears your voice. This is something you can’t fake, so rest assured this man is crazy about you.

3. He protects you

If your guy makes an effort to protect you from anything bad that can happen to you, it means that he wants you out of harm’s way.

It is a sign of love and it means that he would do anything to make you feel good and safe.

He knows that there are some things you can handle alone but also things you would appreciate a little help with.

That is when he shows up. He will be there to let you know that you can always count on him and that he will always try to help you, without asking for you to return the favor the next day. 

And even if he can’t help you with something, he will be a shoulder you can lean on so you know you are not alone.

You must admit that we all handle some things better just by knowing that someone is thinking about us and that someone cares about how we feel.

So, if your guy always makes you feel safe and secure, you can be positive that he has strong feelings for you.

4. He calls you often

In modern dating, texting and phone calls are good indicators of if someone is thinking about you and can be seen as a sign of love.

Therefore, if a man doesn’t call you often and doesn’t call you or text you simply because he wants to know how you’ve spent your day, it’s time to reconsider your relationship.

On the other hand, if this guy uses every free moment he has just to hear from you, there is probably nothing he wouldn’t do for you and your happiness is much more important than his own.

He wants to make a long-term relationship with you or even meet your family because you are the most important part of his life.

A man like this knows that you are the one and he would do anything to make you happy.

5. He puts you first

All the relationship advice you hear will tell you that it is a really big thing when a man puts you first.

It means putting your own well-being and happiness in front of his. It means choosing you every single day and being okay with it.

When a guy puts you first, it means that he loves you and only you and that he doesn’t even look at other women.

A guy who puts you first is sure about his feelings and he doesn’t have any problems showing them to the rest of the world.

So, if you have someone like this in your life, there is no need to worry that he doesn’t love you because the truth is the total opposite—he is truly, madly and deeply in love with you.

6. He worries about you

When a man is in love with a woman, he will worry about her problems like they are his own.

If you tell him that you have problems at work or that you are stressed out, he will try to comfort you by talking to you. 

He will always let you know that he is available for you and that he will be there no matter what happens.

He won’t feel good until your problems are solved. If it hurts you, it hurts him too because of his deep feelings for you. 

Just know that a guy like this is rare and if you have someone like him in your life, make sure to be good to him because he really is a keeper.

7. He is your best friend 

If you have a guy who is your best friend you can talk to whenever you feel bad, just know that he is the real deal.

A guy like this is hard to find but once he comes into your life, you will never have to worry about not getting enough love again.

He will give you more love than he has ever given anyone and he will never make you think that you aren’t enough for him.

A guy like this is someone you can tell all your problems. Know that he won’t blab about them to anyone but that he will keep your secret.

Even if guys like this are hard to find nowadays, I am sure one of them is waiting for you right now.

Friendship is the basis of a healthy relationship and if you feel like your boyfriend is more than your lover, it is one of the clear signs that you two have a future.

All relationship advice will tell you exactly this—to look for someone who will be your life companion, a friend and a lover—all in one.

8. He would rather spend time with you than with his friends

If your man wants to spend more time with you than with his long-term friends, it is another clear sign of real love.

Just think about it—his friends have been a part of his life longer than you have and no matter what kind of fun history he has with them, he would rather spend time with you.

That means you are a special person in his life and that he wants to get to know you better.

And he surely doesn’t mind spending the whole night talking about his life and listening to you talking about yours.

Every word that comes out of your mouth is like the most beautiful poetry to him and he could listen to you forever.

Trust me, someone who acts like this is really in love with you and you don’t have to worry that he has someone else. In fact, he has eyes for you only.

9. He has strong eye contact

If he has strong eye contact, you don’t have to ask yourself, “Does he love me?” because it is obvious he does.

If he looks at you while you are talking and if nobody can take his attention away from you, worry no more because you just won the man of your dreams.

He listens to you because he likes the way you talk and move. He wants to capture every move that you make, even if it is just the moment you stop talking to take a sip of water. 

He sometimes looks at you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable because it looks like he is eating you up with his eyes.

He simply can’t get enough of you and it looks like you hypnotized him.

If he feels this way, I just hope that you like him too and that you can reciprocate his feelings.

10. He enjoys kissing and hugging you

You will easily know that he loves you if he tends to kiss and hug you all the time.

A man in love will want to be close to his loved one all the time and show her how much he loves her by touching, kissing or hugging her. 

If you have all of these, you are very lucky because your man is madly in love with you.

Trust me, no man would ever shower you with kisses and hugs if he didn’t have strong feelings for you.

But the one who does it all is in love with you and he would do anything to make you feel special.

Btw, men like this are scarce, so make sure that you also show him how much you love him.

There won’t be a happier man than him if you show him that you feel the same way.

11. He trusts you

Trust in a relationship is a huge thing. It is hard to gain but it is so easy to lose. 

Couples who have gone through trust issues know it very well. Nevertheless, if you have a partner who trusts you and to whom you don’t have to explain everything you do, you should consider yourself lucky.

Having a partner who supports you and who believes in you is very important in every relationship.

It means that he loves you and that he wants you to have your life, your friends and your freedom. 

He doesn’t want to forbid you to do things that make you happy. If you want to go on a road trip with a friend, he won’t have anything against that because he trusts you and he knows that you won’t do anything that will harm your relationship. 

12. He opens up to you

If you still worry about whether or not he loves you, just think about the things the two of you talk about.

If he tells you his darkest secrets, personal stories and opens up totally, it is a good sign that he is in love with you.

He sees you as a confidant he can tell all his problems and he feels good when you listen to him.

Maybe you are the only person he opens up to, since guys are known to be pretty closed about their feelings.

If your partner acts like this, you can be positive that he sees you and you only and that he has no intention of spending time with other women.

This guy loves you—he has found his happiness, his true soulmate and he is happy with the fact that he will spend the rest of his life with you. And that is exactly what a healthy relationship should look like.

Besides, this guy will even show you his insecurities and move out of his comfort zone just to show you his true self.

He isn’t possessively jealous but he is definitely afraid of losing you and isn’t ashamed of letting you know that.

So, the next time you catch yourself wondering why does he ask do you love me, know that he has the need to be sure about your feelings as well. I guess you’re not the only one with doubts!

13.  He often surprises you with small things

If a guy always treats you with love and respect, gives you gifts, surprises you and makes you feel special, it can mean just one thing—he is constantly thinking about you and he must be in love.

This man remembers your first date, never forgets your birthday and pays attention to every little thing about you.

The best part is that he makes you happy without any special occasion.

All of a sudden, he buys you flowers or reads you a love poem. Only a man in love will do all of these small things for a woman.

Guys don’t normally act so romantically unless they are head over heels in love with someone.

So, if you have a partner who surprises you and who does everything in his power to make you the happiest woman alive, keep him because he is the type of man who knows what a woman needs.

14. He makes sacrifices for you

If a guy makes a sacrifice for you, it means that you are a special person in his life.

He won’t do something like this if he doesn’t have strong feelings for you, that is for sure.

But if he does something nice for you and doesn’t ask for anything in return, he is the one.

Only a special man, the one who loves you with all of his heart, will do something unselfishly, and he won’t even tell you he did it.

He does it with real love and he feels good about it because he does it for the right person.

15. He makes you laugh

If a guy tries to make you laugh every time you are with him, it means that he wants you to have a good time when you are together and it is one of the sure signs he cares for you. 

He wants you to feel comfortable and enjoy every second that you spend with him.

Maybe he will make a fool out of himself so you will laugh or he will tell you some jokes that you might find hilarious. 

The thing is that he puts in an enormous effort to make you like him even more.

He is aware of the fact that he is falling in love and he doesn’t want to let you go, so he is ready to do everything in his power to make your moments together fun and interesting.

16. Body Language

If you’re wondering “does he love me?”, body language is the thing you should pay attention to.

Even if a guy is trying to hide his feelings or isn’t good at saying them out loud, there doesn’t exist a man who can control the non-verbal signals he’s sending to the object of his affection.

Does he stare at you while you talk, not even blinking? Does he lean forward and whisper things in your ear? 

Does he touch you? If all of these are answered with a yes, it is just a sign of how much he is interested in you.

Maybe he wouldn’t like you to know immediately that he is in love with you but he simply can’t hide it. His non-verbal language reveals all.

It is so cute to see him blushing when he is trying to say something romantic to you.

If you just look deeper in his eyes, you will see that he is madly in love with you. 

Trust me, there is no better feeling than sensing a man’s true love and knowing you’re the only woman he is interested in.

That is something that makes every one of us feel so special and desirable. And nothing can ever compare with that.

17. He chases you even if you are already his  

Do you know how couples get stuck in a routine in long-term relationships?

The old spark is gone and they don’t have time for each other anymore.

On the other hand, there are guys who never stop giving their attention to their partner because they want to make them feel special.

If your guy is like that, you should be happy because he is one of the rare guys who chase their partner even if she is already his. 

If you are in a long-term relationship but your guy still steals kisses from you while nobody is watching, if he tells you how hot you are in that new dress or if he makes love to you the whole night, just know that you have a very special man in your life. He is truly a keeper and you shouldn’t let him go.

18. He respects you

Let’s face it—what does it mean when he says I love you, if he doesn’t show it? What does it mean when he calls you love one minute and then insults you the very next?

Remember: true love doesn’t exist without respect and appreciation. Having a guy who respects you is a huge thing in every love relationship.

There are so many relationships where couples stop respecting each other over time.

Some of them take their partner for granted, thinking that they will stick around, no matter what.

Some of them believe they have been together for too long and that it is normal to lose some respect.

But trust me, respect should be present at the beginning, during and until the end of a relationship. 

By ‘end’, I am referring to until death do us part’. I always love to say that respect is what stays after love slowly vanishes.

You can’t be in love with your partner on the first day but you will feel respect and mature love that never fades away.

Having a guy who still cares and respects your wishes is like you have won the jackpot. It is so rare and only a few people get to experience the beauty of it.

19. Your opinion really matters

Does your guy always listen to what you have to say? Does he ask for your opinion when he is faced with a tough decision? 

If your answer is yes, then he really loves you. In fact, you are the most important person in his life and he is not afraid to admit it.

He will listen to what others have to say about something but with you, he will solve all his problems.

He believes that you are the only one who wishes him the best and that you will always go the extra mile to help him, no matter what happens in his life. 

Also, if he asks for your opinion, he thinks you are smart and that you will be able to solve any problems that occur. And yes, in that way he is actually complimenting you.

20. He always keeps his promises

A guy who keeps his promises is a guy who is serious about you. It is a proven sign that he cares about you and that he wants to develop a meaningful relationship with you.

He doesn’t want you to feel bad because he didn’t show up on time, even if he said he would.

He doesn’t want to say anything that could hurt you. He doesn’t want to neglect you or make you feel like you are not good enough

Instead, a guy like this will be someone who will give you wings so you could fly to wherever you want.

He will be your biggest support, your human diary and your lover all in one. He will be the one who always stays and never leaves.

21. He compliments you

If you are wondering if he loves you and you see him complimenting you, there is no need to bother your pretty little head about it anymore.

He does and he shows it with so many compliments about the way you look or think.

Only a man in love would give compliments many years after you started dating each other.

The reason he treats you like a queen is simple—he simply adores you.

He loves everything about you and he wants to shout it from the rooftops.

I am not saying he won’t think that other women are attractive as well but he already knows that you are the whole package and he is so damn lucky to have you in his life.

On the other hand, if you get all surprised and wonder “why does he call me love or honey” when you hear him sweet talking you, you have a problem!

It is obvious that this kind of communication is not something you’re used to hearing from your partner and that is not acceptable, even if you two have been together for ages.

22. He says you bring joy into his life

Is there any better proof that a man is in love with you? I don’t think so!

If he always tells you how lucky he is to have you and that is the reason for his happiness, you can be sure that he loves you.

In fact, without you, his life wouldn’t be as good as it is when you are with him.

Btw, men are very difficult at expressing their emotions, so when a guy opens up like this, it must be love.

He just wants you to know that he appreciates all the little things you do for him and that you are an important person in his life.

It is obvious that you bring happiness whenever you show up in front of him.

You don’t have to say anything, you can just sit next to him and he will still be the happiest man alive.

Your presence makes his heartbeat slow down and he feels so peaceful when he is with you.

That is something you can just feel with the person who means the world to you.

So, FYI, you are the one. The one and only he wants to be with. And don’t you ever forget that.  

Does He Love Me Quizzes 

The next time you think to yourself he doesn’t love me anymore, do some of these does he love me quizzes you’re about to read.

Just answer all the questions in each of these does he love me tests as honestly as possible and see the result for yourself.

Every quiz has five questions. If the answer to more than two questions in each quiz is negative, the bitter truth is that your partner (or your ex) doesn’t love you enough.

1. Does he love me really quiz 

Looking for a does he love me truly quiz? You’ve come to the right place because you’re about to find out whether your partner is faking his emotions or he is being sincere about them.

1. Do you feel like his priority?

2. Does he show you enough respect?

3. Did he introduce you to his friends and family?

4. Does he want to commit?

5. Does he say, “I love you” often?

2. Does he love me still quiz 

If you want to know more about your ex’s feelings for you, this does he love me anymore quiz is just for you.

Has he forgotten all about you? Or does he still miss you? Read on and find out!

1. Did he contact you after the break-up?

2. Does he still stalk your social media accounts?

3. Did he ask your friends about you?

4. Does he keep showing up at the places he knows he could encounter you?

5. Has he remained single?

3. Does he love me quiz – Adults

This does he love me quiz for adults is different from anything you’ve read so far. Answer these kinky questions and find out if the spark in your relationship has died out.

1. Do you two have sex more than twice a week?

2. Does he initiate sex and cuddling?

3. Is he up for trying new things?

4. Is he trying to satisfy you in the bedroom as well?

5. Does he compliment your bedroom skills?

4. How much does he love me quiz 

So, you’re certain that your significant other’s emotions are real. However, you can’t tell if you’re the one who cares more.

It means that this test is the one you are looking for. Answer the following questions and find out if you’re settling for half-assed love.

1. Is he often the first one to call when you two argue?

2. Does he show you that he is scared of losing you?

3. Does he take responsibility for his mistakes?

4. Does he go after you when you want to leave?

5. Does he put the same amount of effort in as you do in the relationship?

5. Does he really love me quiz – long distance relationship 

Not doubting your partner’s feelings is even more difficult when you’re not by his side all the time.

Nevertheless, there is a way of getting all the answers you need, even when you two are in a long-distance relationship.

1. Does he use every free moment to see you?

2. Does he involve you in his everyday life?

3. Does he call and text you every day?

4. Does he make plans for the two of you being physically together in the future?

5. Does he act on those plans?