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Don’t Go Back To The Guy Who Let You Get Away

Don’t Go Back To The Guy Who Let You Get Away

Once upon a time, I was in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way about me. I had a dream one night that I met someone new and it was going really well… then all of a sudden the guy who previously had no interest in me declared his undying love. It was so real in the way that dreams are. I could feel how happy I was, to finally hear what I had been waiting to hear for so long.

And then the painful realization that I had to choose between the man that I had loved for so long, and this new love who had only just come into my life. I woke up with a resolution. An answer to a question that I had never been asked, but should I ever, I wanted to be prepared. Because my dreams have a funny way of coming true.

Don’t go back to the guy who let you get away to go and find the next one. That was his stupidity, his mistake. He had his chance. You were right there, the whole entire time that you loved him. The whole time that it took for you to move on from him, while you still secretly wanted him. Don’t let a new opportunity to be loved in the way you deserve pass you by because someone who didn’t see your worth can now see it through someone else’s eyes.

That’s a lot of power to give to a person that you already had to get over. That you have already quit and moved on from. Sometimes it’s hard to break free of unrequited love. It’s like an addiction and every bit of attention you receive feeds it.

You find ways to convince yourself that with patience and time your love will come around and be all the things you imagine it to be. Until one day reality comes crashing down on you. And you decide to let go of the hope. The hope that this man will be more to you than just a fantasy. You decide to push your feelings down until you don’t feel them anymore. And you don’t feel them anymore.

Then when something new, exciting and wonderful comes along, it takes you by surprise how easy it is. How great it feels when you don’t have to hold back parts of yourself. You start to feel the joy that comes from falling in love… and that is when he will start to notice you. He will notice how beautiful you look when you’re happy. He will notice that nobody has ever understood him the way that you did. He will notice all the things that were so fucking obvious to you… before you had to let it go. Before you had to stop loving him like that.

He will remind you of all the dreams you let dance around in your head. He will try to convince you it’s not too late. But it is. He’s not seeing you now any more than he did then. He’s seeing a spark in you that he let someone else ignite. He’s wishing he was the man who made you suddenly look so damn good all the time. Too bad for him he’s not.

Never let a good thing go for someone who let you get away.

by Tia Grace