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If You Ever Fall In Love With An Anxious Girl, Read This

If You Ever Fall In Love With An Anxious Girl, Read This

You have to know that anxiety consumes her. It takes every fiber of her being and it rules it. It can decide what she does and doesn’t have to do. It rules over her.

Her anxiety is a constant fear that has complete control over her. You have to know this; otherwise, let her go.

It’s not easy to love an anxious girl. You have to be ready to be there for her every second of the hour, every day.

You have to know she has a hard time trusting people , even you. She could love you the most but her anxiety won’t let her show you.

Even if you say and show that you love her, she might not say it back, even if she does. She is scared and she builds huge walls around her, not letting anyone in.

She never lets her guard down because she never knows when her anxiety is going to strike next.

worried woman in deep thoughts

She can’t sit and enjoy the sun because she never knows when the raging storm is going to come, bringing those dark, stormy clouds above her.

You have to understand that she loves differently. She is not like everybody else. After some time she will grow to trust you and when that happens, she will never let go of you.

She will love you like no one ever did.

You have to know that…

She needs to feel safe

You have to know that she will run away if she sees even the smallest sign that you’re making her do something she is uncomfortable doing.

It’s hard for her to love you in a way that you expect to be loved, as she doesn’t know how to do that.

unhappy couple sitting on the bed

She would also like it but her anxiety won’t let her. It dictates her life and her feelings. You have to know that she fights it but she can’t win every time.

You have to know that she needs to feel safe in your arms and she will love you but in her kind of way.

It takes more time for her to fall in love

She is too cautious. She blows on the fire even if the flame has already been extinguished.

She doesn’t want to relive her anxiety attacking her because she opened up to someone, trusted him and he betrayed her.

She always has a safety net, something to rely on, just in case because she has been burned too many times. You have to know that she doesn’t fall in love very easily.

You will have to work twice as hard to get her to trust you and relax but once she does, you won’t regret even one minute spent trying to win her over.

She has trust issues

worried woman looking up

Her anxiety makes her open her eyes wide to look for potential threats everywhere.

She constantly overthinks things because she is scared of what kinds of scenarios can happen and she knows she can’t affect any of them.

She doesn’t trust anyone because she has been betrayed too many times and each time, her anxiety came knocking on her door, taking her into situations and states which she could not control.

She is scared of this happening again.

She loves with all of her heart

You should know that when she loves, she goes all in. When she finally opens up to you and lets you into her heart, you’re going to be there forever.

But it won’t be easy. Her mood will constantly change and she will need someone to be by her side and help her get through it.

young man hugging sad woman

She’ll need someone who’ll help her fight that anxiety away from her.

You just have to be patient and understanding and she will pay you back with her unconditional love.

She is scared of confrontation

She can’t always fight. Her anxiety often doesn’t allow her to because she knows that she’ll lose each argument she gets involved in.

She can’t stand someone yelling at her. Every harsh word buries her deeper in the ground, every nasty look makes her want to cry.

Every confrontation evokes a horrible episode of anxiety. You have to have patience because that is the key to her heart.

If you love her, know that she is a beautiful person inside who is scared to come out.

man hugging woman by the sea

She is scared of this cruel and cold world, she is scared she is going to be judged, she is scared people are going to look at her differently.

Continue to be her light at the end of a tunnel because you are doing one hell of a job. Find the strength to continue helping her to win the fight of her life.

And in the end, she’ll see that you never wanted to hurt her and she’ll turn into a happy and smiling girl, the girl she is deep inside.

Whenever she’s around you, she’ll kick her anxiety to the ground because you will give her the strength to do so.

If You Ever Fall In Love With An Anxious Girl, Read This