Most men don’t want to date an emotionally unstable woman. What they think is that they will never be happy with such a woman and all they have to do when they meet someone like that is to run away as fast as they can.

For them, this kind of a woman is nothing more than a crazy bitch who doesn’t know what she wants from her life.

Well, guys, sorry to burst your bubble but a woman like that is the best thing that can happen to you.

If you just give such a woman an opportunity to show you her love, you would be amazed how much love and affection can be stored in that small heart of hers.

A woman like this has been through hell and back and she went through so much shit that you even can’t imagine.

It is true that she is a little bit broken but for the right one she can be totally fixed.

You just need to give her a chance to show how much she can actually love. If you decide to start dating an emotionally unavailable woman there are some things that you need to pay attention to. So stay tuned!

She can avoid you for no reason

Sad thoughtful girl sit alone on sill looking through window

You never know what your status is with a woman like this. She can just disappear from your life for a week and come back with a huge smile on her face, pretending like nothing happened.

She does that because she gets scared and she needs some time to rearrange her thoughts.

She needs some time alone to pick herself up and to think what her next step will be. So, don’t be too harsh on her because this is the only way she knows how to function.

She says one thing and does another

couple kissing against the wall

A woman like this can tell you that she loves you and then cheat on you.

But the catch is that she isn’t cheating on you because she doesn’t love you, she’s cheating on you because she does love you.

She just sees that you don’t treat her right and now she wants revenge on you. And the best way to do that is to give herself to another man.

You need to understand that her emotions are what leads her the most in life and that she is extremely sensitive regarding love and commitment.

That’s why there is always complexity in her mind and just because of that she changes her mind so easily.

She was abused

Upset young woman sitting at home next to his husband

Why do you think she became an emotionally unavailable woman? What such fucking awful thing happened to her to leave such deep scars on her heart?

I will tell you – she probably met an asshole who destroyed her life and broke her heart into pieces.

That’s why she is so fucked up and that’s why she is trying to get her shit together. The truth is that she wants to be loved but sometimes she doesn’t show that.

She has a defense mechanism that can turn people off. But don’t let that deceive you.

Underneath that facade, there is a fragile and emotional girl with a soft heart and if you just give her a little more attention and love, she can make you the happiest man in the world.

She is a man hater

worried girl refuse to talk with her boyfriend at home

I am not saying that she hates men generally but only those who remind her of her ex.

She thinks that men like that are nothing more than losers who just live to make good girls’ lives hell. And for a guy like that she has a special treatment.

She ignores him to get his attention and then she strikes. She leads him on using all the mind games her narcissistic ex did to her.

That is her way of finally letting things go and making herself satisfied and blessed.

She is jealous

Young couple are fighting in the cafeteria

She is jealous because that is the only way she knows when dealing with a romantic relationship.

Her toxic ex showed her only the bad things regarding a relationship so she will be jealous of every woman who comes near you.

What you need to do is talk to her and tell her that she is the only one in your life.

Bear in mind that good communication is key to every successful relationship.

So, there are some things every emotionally unstable woman can recognize herself in. Even if they don’t look nice, you should know that a woman like this has so much to give.

And if you just give her a chance she could be the one who will give you everything that you have been looking for in all those women you have been dating.

Give it a shot. There is nothing to lose, right?

This Is What It Feels Like To Be An Emotionally Unstable Woman