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21 Things To Believe In If You Want To Find True Happiness

21 Things To Believe In If You Want To Find True Happiness

Do you believe in true love? Or honest friendship? Do you believe that by giving to others, your life becomes more fulfilled? Do you reckon there’s such a thing as new beginnings? 

These are only a few of the things to believe in, because things like this can really improve our lives and make us so happy. 

So, if you want to enjoy a more fulfilling life, here are some things you should have faith in. And if you don’t yet, now’s a good time to start believing because you’ll see how it’ll change your life.

God has a plan for all of us

Destiny. God created a plan – a destiny for every human being. It is truly so powerful and no one can greatly affect it.   

Some things are meant to happen to you and they will sooner or later. Some other things will never happen, no matter how much you want it and fight for it. 

Sometimes, there will be some difficult periods in your life and you’ll feel desperate because you can do nothing about it.

In those situations, all you can do is to thank God for everything and ask Him for His blessing in those dark periods. 

Rest assured, He’ll never give you more than you can handle. Trust God and put all your hopes in Him. He is the only one who can help you. 

The power of prayer

If you’re experiencing something bad and painful, if you’re going through a rough patch, the only way you can help yourself is by praying to God. He’ll never let you down. 

You have to believe in the power of prayer because it’s truly the strongest weapon against pain and evil. That’s your protection. 

Also, don’t only pray to God when you have problems or are hurt. Pray to Him every night before you go to bed and thank Him every morning you wake up. 

Thank God for all the good things in your life, but also for the other, not-so-good things. Don’t feel angry or disappointed if He doesn’t answer your prayer immediately – or ever. 

He knows what’s best for you. Sometimes we aren’t aware of that which is bad for us, so we ask for them. God won’t give that to us because He always knows best. 


Always believe in yourself. In your inner strength. In your beauty. In your intelligence. Your inner voice. Your gut instinct. 

That’s the only way you can truly enjoy your life. Look in the mirror and tell it that you like every single piece of what you see. 

Always put yourself first. No matter how much you love or care for someone, never allow anyone to make a fool out of you. 

Don’t lose yourself when you’re in a relationship. Don’t lose your identity – who you are. Never allow anyone to control you. You are your own boss and only you can control your life. 

Be aware of your own worth. You have to know how much you deserve and never settle for anything less

It all starts by working on your self-esteem. You have to tell yourself that you are brave enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, and that you can do whatever you put your mind to. 

You should also believe that self-love and relationship with yourself set the tone for every other relationship in your life. If you aren’t happy and pleased with who you are, no one else will be. 

Family love is forever

There are different kinds of love, but only one is definitely forever. It’s the love between family members. 

It’s the kind of love that moves the world. That’s undoubtedly the most perfect form of love. That strong bond between family members is a beautiful thing

You don’t get to choose your family. God chose them for you – probably why family love is so perfect and important. 

Family members support each other in everything they do. They face so many problems and challenges together. 

This is the only love that is meant to last forever. People can come and go from your life, but your family is always there. That’s why you should never put anyone ahead of your siblings. 

True friends are a precious and rare gift

If you have a real friend, one person you know for sure will always be there for you, you’re a lucky human being. Believe me, true friends can’t be found so easily nowadays. 

There are a lot of fake people out there. There are a lot of people who only pretend they are your friends because they want to use you or want something from you. 

A true friend will never hurt you intentionally because they care for you and your well-being. They’re always honest with you, no matter what the situation is. 

They believe in you and everything you do. They are always there to help you rise when life knocks you down. That’s why friends are there. 

If you have at least one honest friend, appreciate them and show them that you also believe in them and in your friendship. Show them often how much your friendship means to you. 

There are still good people out there

You’ve probably been disappointed many times in your life. I’m sure many people have betrayed and failed you. 

Such awful betrayals from people you thought truly care for you can make you think that there are no good people anymore. Don’t think like that. It’ll only make you bitter and unhappy. It’ll make your life toxic. 

Even though people have hurt me so many times, I do believe that there are still good people in this world. And so should you. 

You’ll see that God will send someone in your life one day that will prove it. Someone that will make you forget about those terrible past experiences. 

One day, you’ll meet someone who’ll be so good to you, they’ll immediately restore your faith in humanity. Just wait and don’t give up on people. 

Good things will come…

…to those who wait. And truly, this I believe with all my heart. I know that sometimes life hits you so hard and you just think that there is no way out. 

But there is and there will always be. Just wait. Wait and pray to God for His blessings and mercy. 

Nothing is permanent in this life. Everything can change in just one moment. Those dark moments will pass and better things will come. I promise, just be patient. 

Love at first sight

Many people say that they don’t believe in love at first sight. How can you not believe in it when there are so many people who fall in love with someone at first sight? 

It’s just when you see that one person for the first time, you feel like your whole body is vibrating. 

You instantly get butterflies in your stomach instantly. Your pupils dilate. Those beautiful sparks of love appear in your eyes. 

You can’t stop thinking about that person for days and fixate on when you’ll see them again. They become your main focus.   

I am also one of those people who believe in love at first sight – that’s exactly how I fell in love with my husband.

I’m telling you from my own experience that it is possible. It’s such a special and unique feeling, and I hope you will be lucky enough to feel it one day.


Don’t start thinking that love doesn’t exist only because it hasn’t found you yet. We all have our soulmates; it’s just a matter of time before yours will find you. 

The person who’ll support and accept you for who you are will come. Believe me, when you meet them, you’ll know. They will be everything you ever wished and hoped for. 

They’ll be that one person who’ll stay by your side when everyone else leaves. They will love you unconditionally and endlessly. 

You’ll always feel nice and warm around them. Watching sunsets and talking about the future with them will be your favorite pastimes.

I hope you’ve already found your soulmate, but if you haven’t, don’t lose hope – you’ll meet them sooner than you think. 

Love is the only thing worth fighting for

Love is something that moves us all. If you love someone – and I mean TRULY LOVE someone – you fight for them.

If you have someone to love and if someone loves you, then everything makes sense. Then life gets its true value. 

Nothing in this world is more important than love. You only have to believe in true love, then once you find the right person, don’t ever let them go. 

Forgiveness can make your life much better

If someone hurts you or does something bad to you, forgive them. You’ll see how it will greatly improve your life. 

I agree that some people don’t deserve to be forgiven, but for your own well-being, do it anyway and let it go. 

Never hold grudges. It won’t do you any good. That bitterness and anger will make you frustrated and harm you in so many other ways. 

Forgiveness will make you a better person. Letting go of so many negative feelings will make you calmer and more at peace. 

Second chances

We are all human beings. We are all weak. That’s why we make mistakes. We hurt others or ourselves, sometimes even unintentionally. 

That’s why we all deserve a second chance. Forgive everyone and give them a second chance to prove themselves. 

Sometimes, it will be worth it, as the person who was given that chance will often appreciate it and try not to betray your trust ever again.

However, some people will only waste it (though you shouldn’t worry about it – it’s their loss, not yours). 

If you ever get so lucky as to get a second chance from someone, don’t be a fool to waste it. Show the person who gave the new chance to you that they were right for believing in you. 

New beginnings

If you aren’t happy or pleased with your life, you can always start over. If someone’s hurt you so bad and you feel like you don’t have the strength to move on, you can always start from scratch. 

Actually, there is so much beauty in new beginnings. Most people are afraid of it, but they aren’t aware of how positively it can affect their lives. 

A new beginning means a new chance of finding true love and happiness. You’ll explore everything again. You’ll give new meanings to things. You’ll see how amazing it’ll make you feel. 

Small and random acts of kindness

There are still people who stand up from bus seats so elderly people can sit. There are still those who help their elderly neighbors out with the shopping or housework. 

There are still so many good people who like helping others – not because they expect something from them, but because helping others makes them happy. 

Those people are so rare nowadays, but they do exist. They make me believe in humanity. 

Whenever you can help someone or do something nice for someone, do it.

Say “hello” when you see someone you know and ask them about their day. Smile to the cashier. Be patient and understand if the waiter doesn’t immediately serve you. 

You’ll see how these small acts of kindness will change your mood. If we all would behave like that, the world would be a much happier and better place.

Give without expecting anything in return

If you want to give or do something nice for someone, you should only do so if you’ve decided honestly, from your heart, to do it. Don’t have some hidden motives behind that act. 

Giving with expecting something in return is so hypocritical. You won’t feel good about it and if you do, it would only mean that you’re actually a phony. 

Knowledge is power

I know we all have our dreams and goals for the future – things that we’ve dreamed about ever since we were little kids. 

The fact is that you can do nothing without knowledge. Whatever you want to do in the future, you first must learn how to do it. 

Read. Use social media and the internet to learn about some new and interesting things. Learn a new language. You never know when you might need it, but I’m sure it will come in handy one day. 

Hard work always pays off

Successful people didn’t become successful overnight. They dreamed about it and worked hard to achieve it. 

If you want to make something out of your life, you have to work hard for it. The road to success is difficult, but trust me, in the end, it always pays off. 

You want to know how to make money and enjoy your job at the same time? Find something you are good at and dedicate yourself to that job.  

Think positive and good things will happen

Always be optimistic. Radiate only positive energy. Make other people smile. Be that person who is always smiling and makes others feel comfortable around you. 

If something bad happens to you or your loved one, don’t make things worse with negative thoughts. Eliminate it. 

Don’t bother with the little things. Don’t let other people’s moods affect you. Positive thinking will improve your mental health, but it also has many benefits on your physical health. 

Equality for everyone

All people are the same. God created us all equally. Never judge someone by their physical appearance or their beliefs. 

Everyone should have the same rights. After all, we have more similarities than differences. That’s the only way we can all prosper in life. 

We all have the same feelings. If you’ve ever judged someone based on their differences (even if you’ve only ever thought it), think about how you would feel if someone did the same to you. 

Music can fix your tired soul

Music. The best way to relax and heal your tired soul. We all need to rest sometimes and our souls get tired the most. 

Believe me. Put some music on right this moment. A song you really like… Do you feel it already? Your body is relaxed and your mind is cleared.

At this moment, you feel like you’re the only person on earth, right? Music is truly therapy. 

Chocolate is the best medicine

What is the antidote to a broken heart? Chocolate. What is the cure when someone close to you hurt you or betrays you? Chocolate. And this really can go on. 

The conclusion? Chocolate is the best cure for everything. (Wait, I have to add ice cream too, of course!) 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should eat your sadness away – that’s definitely not healthy. But, a little chocolate doesn’t hurt.

There are truly some beautiful things to believe in that can make our lives fulfilled and happier. Don’t underestimate the power of every single thing on this list.