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Why You Should Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve In Life

Why You Should Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve In Life

Is there a better reason to never settle for less in life than the fact that we all have one life? I don’t think so either.

It’s a one-time offer a game that doesn’t come with a replay button. We only get to play it once. However, it is perfectly enough if you play it the right way.

You’re the only master of your life and the only creator of your happiness… the one and only person who is meant and able to control it. And, your life will be whatever you make out of it.

In the end, your life is the result of all the choices you make. So, it’s all up to you…You’ll settle for the comfort zone and be semi-happy because of it, or you’ll take life by the horns and make the best version out of it, which will open the doors of unlimited happiness for you.

What Does It Mean To Never Settle For Less?

Settling for less than we deserve is something we’ve all been guilty of, and something I’m sure that is familiar to most of us. However, the indisputable fact is that it’s beyond a bad thing. It is something that holds us back from enjoying and living our lives to the fullest.

Settling for less means that you’re agreeing to be an accomplice in your own disappointment or upsetment.

By allowing yourself to settle for less than you truly desire, you’re putting yourself in a negative place where you aren’t getting what you want or need. Instead, you should put your own life into your hands, follow your heart, and do something that will impact you positively.

On the flip side, refusing to settle for less means that you’re aware of your self-worth. You’re aware of your insecurities and imperfections, but you don’t allow them to define you or what you want/deserve from life.

Of course, we all struggle with the fear of failure, and we all get overwhelmed by constant (and completely unnecessary) ‘what ifs‘ sometimes. That’s perfectly natural, and those are probably weaknesses that all human beings share.

Now, the real point is how you choose to deal with them. Do you allow those weaknesses to control you or do you get your ‘defense mode’ on and defeat them?

Why Should You Never Settle For Less? 7 Strong Reasons

This might seem stupidly obvious, and I know I have already said it, but it’s something that we simply can’t stress enough — you only have one life.

You might be thinking ‘well obviously’, but you wouldn’t believe how many people seem to forget this and don’t live their lives to the fullest; choosing to accept less than they deserve.

By taking life for granted and choosing to settle for their comfort zone because they’re afraid of taking risks, they accept themselves as they are right now without even trying to create that person they truly want to be.

They lock their potential and neglect their heart’s true desires. That leads to many dissatisfactions, which block their way to true happiness indeed.

So, let’s see why you should never settle for less in life. You’ll realize how much better your life will be when you stop settling for less than you deserve.

1. Settling means compromising your own happiness

We all have that friend who has been in our life for so long that we can’t quite imagine them not being there, though if you crossed paths for the first time today, you wouldn’t necessarily click into place as companions.

When you start settling down in a friendship (or any other aspect of life) that brings you down, you’re compromising your own well-being, self-esteem, and happiness.

Being around someone who drains you or doesn’t lift you up can quickly become dangerous territory.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, encourage you to strive for your dreams, and help you to have fun—not those who question you, bring unnecessary drama into your life, and make you miserable.

Settling for less in a friendship creates a toxic environment for you and could leave you seriously unhappy— so don’t do it!

2. It also prevents you from opening your eyes to the truth

With friendships, so often will we settle into relationships that don’t add anything to our lives.

Relationships and falling in love can be some of the most heartwarming and rewarding aspects of life—so why on earth would you ever settle for less?

Time and time again, we see amazing people with partners who absolutely don’t deserve them.

Either they’re negligent, have cheated, or simply don’t care about them the way they deserve, yet these gorgeous and incredible peeps go back time after time.

If you’re with someone who doesn’t make you happy, someone who impacts your self-esteem, or someone who doesn’t give you everything that you personally need in a relationship, then we’re sorry to tell you, but you’re settling.

Settling in a relationship not only creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and misery for you but also stops you from moving on, opening your eyes and actually being with someone who will tick all of the boxes.

Settling for less in love will make you incredibly unhappy and you’ll always wonder what if — so don’t do it!

3. Settling for less robs you of what you really deserve

The art of compromise is very powerful and such an important part of life when building healthy relationships — but how often do we settle for less when we don’t really need to?

​​​​We only do it to keep the person we love or care about in our life. We do it without clear proof that the other side feels the same about us.

And, then we get stuck in the beyond hurtful one-sided relationship and contribute to our own heartbreak. We end up being hurt because we were trying to keep the ‘unkeepable’.

When we settle for less, we’re robbing ourselves of what we really deserve. When all is said and done, the most important person that we can ever look out for is ourselves.

You should know that for every incompatible partner you waste your time with, there’s a Mr./Mrs. Right waiting in the wings to sweep you off your feet. There is a person who truly deserves you and will be able to reciprocate all the love you give to them.

4. Because it makes you doubt your own self-worth

If you constantly settle for less than you deserve, you’ll end up killing your own self-esteem. The truth is, the person who knows their value will never accept something they know is beneath them.

Start loving yourself. Know what you want, know what you need, and know what you deserve.

Going out and getting what’s yours doesn’t make you a bitch—it makes you a strong woman who is in complete control of her own destiny.

When you begin to make decisions in your life that reflect what you truly want, this is when you will start to feel confident in yourself, and your life will consequently mirror what you’d hoped for.

The better you feel in your own skin, the easier it will be to reject situations in which you are settling and focus on getting what you really want.

5. …and fills your life with toxicity

Settling down in any aspect of life can quickly become uninspiring, unfulfilling, and unrewarding. It’s like you take small seeds of toxicity and spread them all over your life.

Settling for a job title that is beneath your experience and capability or settling for a role where you’re unappreciated can have a seriously detrimental effect on your mental health, wellbeing and general enthusiasm for work.

When work is such a large part of our day-to-day lives, it’s vital to have a job that fulfills us intellectually and inspires and encourages us to achieve our goals.

Settling for less in the workplace could leave you in a dangerous cycle of frustration— so don’t do it!

6. You end up sacrificing yourself for others

We regularly make sacrifices in all aspects of life for various reasons.

When we sacrifice for someone else and put their needs or feelings before ours, we sacrifice either because we aren’t confident enough in ourselves or because we just genuinely want to help others…

In the end, the fact is that all too often, we cast aside what our hearts truly desire.

I agree that making sacrifices is a regular part of life. The result of making ourselves or a person dear to us happy is always worth it.

However, the problem arises when we surrender to those sacrifices… when we accept and settle down for chronic self-sacrificing just to make someone else pleased or happy.

That’s how we create the patterns of codependency, which never end up well. The most unfair thing you can do to yourself is constantly sacrifice true happiness for someone else.

7. Losing yourself is the worst side effect of settling for less!

Don’t settle for less because it’ll only cause you to lose your true self! You’ll get used to it to the point where you won’t be able to recognize yourself anymore.

You won’t even be able to determine what your genuine desires are anymore. You’ll silence your heart and, at some point, it’ll surrender, too.

It’ll also start settling to your ‘settles’, and just like that… Kaboom, you become a whole new person… unfortunately, a more frustrated and awfully bitter one.

In the end, we are the ones coming face-to-face with us every day in the mirror. We are the ones in charge of our own decisions, and ultimately—we are the ones who have the power to not settle.

Never Settle For Less Quotes

I hope my persuasive skills managed to convince you that you should never settle for any less than you deserve in life. If it didn’t, I have another ace up my sleeve; a list of motivational quotes.

These deep and inspirational quotes below will motivate you to unlock your full potential by never stopping or settling for less.

1. “Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And, don’t settle for less.” – Tony Gaskins

2. “The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” – Thomas Merton

3. “The idea of never settling for less surely doesn’t suggest not acknowledging and celebrating every accomplished step that leads to where you desire to be in the future.” – Edmond Mbiaka

4. “If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives.” – Vince Lombardi

5. “Relationships: If you put up with it, you’re going to end up with it. Set the standard you want and don’t settle for less.” – Steve Maraboli

6. “Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. It’s not pride, it’s self-respect.” – Chanakya

7. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And, the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

8. “Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.” – Mandy Hale

9. “Never settle for less than you desire or deserve because when you accept crumbs, people will assume that you will be happy with scraps.” – Stacye Branche

10. “Don’t settle even if you have to remain alone for a lifetime. You deserve someone who will appreciate you both for your beauty and your bruises.” – A.R.Lucas

11. “Once you realize how good you really are, you never settle for playing less than your best.” – Reggie Jackson

12. “When you learn how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts.” – Helen Keller

13. “To my fellow women: “Please don’t settle. Not in a job you hate, not in a town where you don’t feel at home, not with friendships that aren’t real, and especially, especially not with love.” – Marisa Donnelly

14. “Dust settles, I don’t. Life is not meant to settle down; life is meant to struggle, to explore, to wander. To love, to lose, to learn, to unlearn, to fail, to rebel, to live.” – Siddika

15. “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

16. “Don’t settle for less; know your value and always tell yourself you deserve better.” – Pertrice St Pierre

17. “When you accept the fact that your true identity includes being an overcomer, you will never settle for less than a miracle.” – Craig Groeschel

18. “There is a monumental difference between being alive and living. You should never settle for the first.” – Matt Corby

19. “Never settle for less than your dreams… somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you’ll find them.” – Danielle Steel

20. “Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that’s in us.” – Angela Bassett

? If you need a small booster just to remind yourself of how truly beautiful life is and to motivate you to keep moving forward, continue to these incredibly inspirational life quotes.

In A Nutshell

Strong people never settle for less than they deserve in life. They strive to be the best they can be, and they expect life will treat them the same.

They build themselves up with other people who empower them. They enrich their lives with fulfilling careers that push them to achieve their goals every day.

They share their lives with partners who love, support, and respect them in every way.

Those kinds of people NEVER settle — and neither should you. Prove to yourself and the rest of the world that you’re way stronger than you look or think you are.

If you want to be in control of your own destiny, stop settling for less than you deserve. Let go of whatever makes you unhappy.

Know your worth, shoot for the stars, work your ass off, and go and get what you deserve.