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God Never Takes Away Something From Your Life Without Replacing It With Something Better

God Never Takes Away Something From Your Life Without Replacing It With Something Better

When you break up with someone, when you lose your job, or when you’re going through different hardships, all you can think of is: “Why me?”

When something bad happens to us, it’s hard to think of anything else but the reason why it happened to us and what we did wrong to deserve it.

As you’re sitting alone in the corner of your room thinking that God has abandoned you and that nothing will ever be the same, know that God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better!

God never sends pain to destroy you, but to make you stronger!

If we didn’t fall apart, we’d never be able to reconstruct again.

We’d never be able to start a new, better life that God has planned for us.

Whenever you feel sad and abandoned by everyone, know that your tears are a gift from God and a promise that you will become stronger than ever once you go through the healing stage.

Remember that God would never take away something from your life or break you apart for no reason.

Every time something bad happens, it doesn’t happen because you deserve it, but because God has a better plan for us and he wants to end or prevent our sufferings.

Every time you’re convinced that your life was perfect and now everything is destroyed by one painful event, know that God is thinking of everything.

Your tears, your heartache, and your pain are all meant to make you stronger and turn you into the woman or a man that you’re out to become.

All of these are necessary steps that help you transform, learn a valuable lesson, and prevent more severe pain.

Remember that there are no perfect relationships and no perfect lives, and no matter how convinced you are that what you have now or what you had was the real deal, God sees better than us.

God’s eyes are everywhere and He notices those little things we’re not capable of seeing. God sees when your soul is suffering and He’s making things happen for you!

Even when you can’t see it and can’t feel it, God is working on your prayers, hopes, and dreams, and He wants the best for you!

So, when you’re convinced that God has abandoned you and left you in your misery, He’s still there.

He’s watching you and sitting beside you, even when you can’t see or feel Him. He’s holding your hands and telling you that you’re strong, that everything will pass.

He’s encouraging you to cry everything out, He’s promising you that he will be there when you’re ready, and He’ll explain to you that he took something away from you for your own good, not to punish you.

God has a perfect plan for you. You are where God wants you to be at this very moment and every hardship, every tear, every smile, every experience is part of his divine plan for you!

So, as you’re reading this, sitting alone in your room or doing something else, you’re doing it because it’s a part of his divine plan for you.

Every word you read, everything you see, and everything you experience is shaping you into the man or woman you’re meant to be.

Every good and bad thing that happens to you, happens for a reason. In order to learn to appreciate the great days, we must have tough days.

In order to learn to appreciate happiness, we must deal with the hardships.

“In order to see the rainbow, you must first endure the storm!”

In order to become stronger, you must first fall apart. In order to receive something better, you must first get rid of the bad!

Everything is connected and perfectly linked with God’s divine plan for you.

So, whenever you think that God has forsaken you, that God has abandoned you and you’re on your own, remember that He’s right there next you, holding your hand, and encouraging you to fight just a little bit longer until the rainbow appears.

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