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Going Back To What Broke You Won’t Fix You

Going Back To What Broke You Won’t Fix You

Please, have some respect for yourself. Don’t go back to the person who ran away from your love.

Don’t go back to the person who turned his back on you, leaving you all alone and vulnerable, while you were begging him to stay. Don’t go back to the one who broke all of his promises.

You are deserving of someone who would never even consider leaving you alone and confused. You deserve love that you feel secure in.

Love that can protect you from heartbreak and pain.

You are deserving of someone who could never bring tears to your eyes. Someone who could never stand watching you shed tears over something he did to you.

I get it. It’s easy to take him back when he’s telling you everything you want to hear. When he’s promising you that this time, it WILL be different.

This time, he has changed. And it’s easy to believe what you want him to tell you. It’s way too easy loving someone you shouldn’t love anymore.

But hear me out. When he’s on his knees begging you to take him back, and saying that things are really going to be different this time, he will be telling you that because he knows that’s what you need to hear from him.

He knows that you need reassurance if you’re going to go back into the hole that he had dug for you, so please, don’t believe him.

He already showed his true colors the first time he left you. He already showed you how little he cares for you when he left you so easily, without turning back.

Don’t be crazy to think he actually changed.

I know that you desperately want to feel loved, just like the rest of us. I know that you want to feel adored and be without a care in the world when you’re with him.

But the person who left you once, will do it again. The person who left you is never going to be the person who will fix you.

So, don’t go running back the minute he realizes what he has lost and wants you back. Don’t be the one to fill the emptiness he now feels.

See, he knows that you love him. He knows that you are patiently waiting for his call and that you will come back the minute he wants you back.

Don’t give him the satisfaction. Don’t do this to yourself. He broke you once, and he will do it again.

The only reason he wants you to come back is because he can’t be alone. Don’t run back to him simply because it is convenient for him.

He will find a reason to break you again. And then, it’s going to be twice as hard to heal from it.

Love yourself first. Put yourself first for once. Run in the other direction if he knocks on your door.

Just like he did when you needed him to stay. Always remember that.

You are in love. That is completely natural, I understand.

But don’t you want someone who will appreciate you, value you and ultimately adore you, the way you feel for him now?

The kind of love he is willing to offer is not the kind of love you deserve. If you go back to him, you will never stop wondering. You will always know what he is capable of doing.

After all, you experienced it firsthand. That alone will never give you peace of mind. Is that what you want for yourself?

Don’t do it. Protect you heart and say, ‘No.’ Remember that he broke you once already and still has the guts to appear at your door again.

Please, don’t go back to false hope again. Don’t go back to fake promises, lies and tears.

Don’t go back to his games and tricks. You deserve so much more than him.

I know it’s scary to hear this now because you feel like you are at a crossroads. I know you are afraid of being alone if you don’t take him back.

You might even believe him when he tells you he’s a changed man and that leaving you the first time was the biggest mistake of his life.

But please be brave, and consider your own feelings and happiness.

After some time, you will realize that saying, ‘No’ to him was the best decision of your life.