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10 Clear Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out

10 Clear Signs He Is Getting Ready To Ask You Out

“He likes me. He likes me not. He’s going to ask me out, or is he?” 

One of the most frustrating things about dating is figuring out what a guy wants.

Will he ever make a move and does he like you as a romantic interest? And that’s how you end up looking for signs he is getting ready to ask you out, right? 

Apart from being flirty and constantly texting , there are many other telltale signs he’s preparing to make the first move and today we’ll cover the most obvious and the most important ones!

The easiest way to figure out whether a guy wants you to be more than just a friend (and more than just a hookup or a booty call) is by paying attention to his body language, actions, and words. 

If a guy behaves in the following ways, then you know it’s a clear sign he is getting ready to ask you out:

1. He’s curious about your schedule and time

Does he send you text messages or ask you in person about your plans for the weekend or your schedule in general? If yes, then you know he’s doing it for a reason!

I mean, no one is curious about someone else’s time if they don’t have something in mind (wow, it almost rhymes).

So, when a guy shows an interest in your activities or how you are spending your free time, it’s a good sign that he’s probably checking out when the right time will be to ask you out. 

The thing is, men don’t like to be rejected (I mean, no-one does)

And that’s why asking you first about your schedule and time will help him figure out whether you’re an extremely busy woman or if you’re flexible.

He wants to make sure that when he asks you out, you will accept the invitation and not make an excuse about being too busy. 

Sometimes, he might even ask mutual friends about your plans and schedule, so pay attention while you’re waiting for him to make a plan to meet up!

2. He wants to know more about you


There are two ways to tell if a guy wants to know more about you: virtual and face-to-face conversations. 

Does he keep liking  pictures on social media that you posted a long time ago (and that you had literally forgotten about)?

Does he ask you about your childhood, your habits, your job, and your friends? And does he ask you lots of sub-questions as well?  

If yes, then you know he likes you A LOT and he’s totally interested in you! Him wanting to know more about you is definitely one of the biggest signs he is getting ready to ask you out.

You see, when we’re totally mesmerized by someone, we subconsciously want to know absolutely everything about that person.

We want to know everything from what kind of food they prefer to what their favorite TV shows are. 

And everything we learn about them is stored in a special compartment in our brain that we update day by day.

So, if he wants to know more about you, you can be sure this is a great sign he truly likes you and he’s thinking about asking you out soon.

3. He makes prolonged eye contact


They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul and I couldn’t agree more. Prolonged eye contact has always been one of the first indicators of someone’s affection!

And best of all is that you can’t hide it no matter how hard you try. If he’s making prolonged eye contact, he’s doing it on a subconscious level, which means he doesn’t realize he’s doing it.

He’s doing it because his body and mind are smitten by both your appearance and personality.

By looking deeply into your eyes, he’s trying to connect with the essence of your being – the real you.

He’s doing it because getting lost in your eyes feels soothing and exciting.

He’s doing it because he wants to make sure that he won’t miss a thing and that he will memorize your every word and facial expression.

He’s doing it because he’s thinking about asking you out and when he finally does, he wants it to be perfect.

4. He compliments you on your personality

Multiple times my close friends and I have experienced guys telling us that we look hot, beautiful, you name it. I’m not trying to say that this is a negative thing, but it is rather limited. 

We all know that guys are visual creatures and that’s why they spend the majority of their time staring at beautiful women,

Contemplating them (if you catch my drift), and complimenting them in the hope they will get positive feedback.

In 99% of cases, when a guy only compliments your looks, it means he’s only interested in one thing – jumping into your pants!

But, when a guy compliments you on your personality, it means he’s genuinely interested in you and getting to know you better.

It means he’s interested in asking you out and dating you and not only meeting you when it’s convenient.

So, if he compliments your sense of humor or the fact that you are a kid at heart, for example, you know he’s the right guy and his heart is in the right place!

5. He makes you his priority

One of the best bits of dating advice I’ve ever received is the following: A man who is genuinely interested in you will never make excuses, but instead he will make an effort!

Not making an effort is always a red flag, whereas making an effort is the number one positive sign and it means he’s making you his priority. 

You know that a man is making you his priority if he’s always there for you when you need help with something, if he sometimes refuses to hang out with his guy friends (only to see you),

If he always texts you back (instead of letting you wait for days), or if he apologizes when he does something wrong.

By doing all that, he’s letting you know that he cares about your feelings and he’s ready to do anything to make you happy.

That’s how you know he’s not a player who will cause you heartbreak and that’s how you know that he will ask you out very soon!

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6. He’s curious about your love life

When it comes to one’s love life, curiosity has always been our best friend. You can tell for sure if a guy is romantically interested in you by how curious he is about you – and your love life especially! 

When a guy is not really sure whether you’re single, taken, or seeing someone, they will try to find out by asking lots of direct or indirect questions about your current love life situation.

He might ask you about your previous relationships (to see if you’re in one at the moment),

He might ask you about what type of men you’re attracted to, or he might ask you a straight-up question: “Are you seeing someone?”

There are also billions of sub-questions and all you need to do is listen carefully.

All this might seem like he’s only interested as a friend, but trust me, not a single guy on the planet will ask you so many questions about your love life unless they have something more serious in mind. 

7.  He listens to you carefully and pays attention to details

Another great sign he is getting ready to ask you out is him listening to you carefully, remembering everything you say, and paying close attention to details.

We know that guys are not really detail-oriented, but when they fall for someone, things change drastically!

When they really like you, they pay attention to your every word, action, and every possible detail. 

They do that because they’re interested in you, they want to know what’s going on in your head, and they want to know your personality type – and the only way to know all that is by observing you. 

The other night when I was out for a drink with a guy I’ve known for some time,

He told me that he’s never seen anyone drinking tea like me  (I have some weird moves regarding putting a filter bag in a cup and he noticed all of it while I had no idea that he was observing me).

I almost felt offended and then he added that it’s a good thing. 

My point is, when a guy is totally into you, he will even observe your ways of drinking, eating, and talking.

And if he hasn’t asked you out yet, then you can be sure he’ll do it soon!

8. He likes to tease and flirt with you

I’m sure this one is universally acknowledged. Guys tease and flirt with girls they totally DIG! 

This stems from their boyhood when they would tease every girl they liked in their class because to a child, that’s the only way to get closer to someone you like.

Teasing and flirting is a universal language used by men to show their affection. 

This includes jokes about dating you, jokes about getting married to you and having kids, and any type of joke that oozes with playful vibes!

By joking about these things, he’s actually trying to see your reaction.

He’s testing the waters in order to see whether you’re also interested in him as well because he wants to avoid potential refusal.

And sometimes (speaking from experience), they tend to overdo the whole teasing thing to the extent you may lose your mind and even punch their arms (lightly). 

Every time you feel like that, just keep in mind that he’s doing it because he’s totally smitten with you and he can’t help but act like a child when he’s around you.

He can’t help but subtly try to let you know that he wants to ask you out and all he needs is a little bit of encouragement (or a few punches).

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9. He sends you “good morning” and “good night” texts

When a guy sends you a good night or good morning text, this can only mean one thing: You’re on his mind when he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t strictly mean him sending you a good morning or good night text of roman length or a few romantic paragraphs.

If he did that, you probably wouldn’t mind but it would be a little too much and a bit weird, right?

Him simply wishing you good morning or good night with two words (or a few more)

And an emoji or a couple of emojis is enough for you to realize that he’s falling for you hard and that he’s definitely thinking about asking you out! 

Now, I feel the need to elaborate a little bit on emojis thing (perhaps it will be helpful to you).

You see, men don’t really like texting the way women do, and what they like even less is sending emojis.

But, this is not a strict rule. 

When a guy is smitten by a girl, he will send emojis like his ass is on fire (you can trust me on that one).

Joking aside, he will text you with a few smileys here and there because he wants you to feel relaxed and comfortable and for you to know that he also feels at ease while texting with you.

10. He tries to reach out

Recently I bought a hoodie with the inscription: Where there is a will, there is a way.

I personally believe that our strong desire and will to achieve something is the biggest motivator when it comes to realization. 

We can implement this in our love life as well!

When a guy is totally determined to reach out to you, he will make excuses to see you, he will pretend that he needs your help just so he can get your phone number,

He will do his best to be there for you at the right time, be it tomorrow, the next day, always. 

He might also start stalking you if he’s familiar with all your activities. He won’t do it to creep you out, but only to see you and to ask you out if the timing is right. 

So, if you see that a guy is genuinely trying to reach out, you can be sure that he cares a lot (probably more than you think).

Unlike boys and players, he’s not making excuses to avoid something, but to be closer to you which is a huge, important difference when it comes to dating and your love life!

Patience is a virtue, but encouragement is helpful, too!

If your guy exhibits the majority of the above signs, then you know you’re on the right track to move to the next level! 

Now, if he doesn’t ask you out anytime soon and you notice all these signs, this might mean that he’s too shy or for some reason too anxious to do it.

In that case, I suggest you go ahead and tell him how you feel. Why?

Because this might encourage him to express his feelings for you as well and because in the end you only regret the things you didn’t do and not the ones you did.

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