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How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss? 20 Common Types Of Kisses

How To Tell He Loves You By His Kiss? 20 Common Types Of Kisses

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, don’t they?

And, anyone who has experienced the charm of a man’s kiss can certainly attest to that. But, do men express their feelings by word of mouth?

How to tell he loves you by his kiss.

Keep reading because I’m about to make you an expert on what his kisses mean!

Can A Kiss Determine Love?

Yes, it can. Kissing can reveal a lot more about a partner than you might think. It includes feelings, gestures, and touches to which you must pay attention.

Kissing can teach you much more than whether your guy needs a breath freshener or not. In fact, it all begins with the first kiss, which is crucial.

So, if you understand what his kiss implies, you will be able to determine whether or not he is your true love.

How Do You Tell He Loves You By His Kiss?

It all depends on how he kisses you.

Some kisses can be so passionate and flirtatious that you can tell he is falling for you right away.

Others will even be a little confusing for you, and with some, you will immediately know that this relationship has no future.

I personally believe that there are three main types of kisses:

  • The friend-zone kiss
  • The “I-like-you kiss”
  • The “I-want-you kiss”

But, this doesn’t have to be true, of course.

However, men are not so hard to read. Although they often hide their feelings, there’s nothing in the world that we women cannot bring to light, right?

So, let’s get to the most important part, the types of kisses and their meaning, where you will find out if this guy loves you or… LOVES YOU, of course!

20 Types Of Kisses And Their Meaning

There are different types of kisses, and each has its special meaning.

So, does his kiss tell you much about his feelings? How do you tell he loves you by his kiss?

Read on and find out the different types of kisses, and all the secrets hidden behind them!

1. A forehead kiss

Has he ever kissed you on the forehead?

If so, know that you have a man by your side who truly loves you!

It may seem that a forehead kiss is meaningless or merely friendly, but it carries much deeper meaning than you actually think.

With this kiss, he wants to say how much he actually loves your whole being, not just your body.

It is a kiss of protection, trust, and love.

When a man kisses you on the forehead, you know his feelings are real.

2. A kiss on top of your head

It is in a man’s nature to feel protective over a woman.

A kiss on the head is a sweet and nurturing gesture, which shows that your partner cares about you.

This kiss stands for love, protection, and a strong emotional bond between you.

It is also a symbol of comfort.

If he notices that you are feeling a bit down, he may give you this kiss because it also means “Don’t worry, everything will be okay” and “I’m here for you and I’ll always be.”

3. A kiss on the nose

If you ask me, this is the sweetest kiss a man can give you. Would you agree?

A kiss on the nose signifies that your man wants to make you smile.

Sometimes, he can even bite your nose. This means that he finds you irresistible, that he likes you, and that he wants to prove it to you.

4. A closed mouth kiss

He is testing the waters.

A quick, shy, and usually dry closed mouth kiss means that you are not yet that open and close to each other. This quick-peck kiss usually marks the beginning of a romantic relationship.

A closed-mouth kiss is not very emotional, but it will certainly make the butterflies in your stomach go crazy.

Although he likes you, he is not sure if the feelings are mutual, so he uses a closed-mouth kiss to “check out the situation”.

If he’s too shy to take the next step, don’t hesitate to be the first one to show your true feelings.

5. A shoulder kiss

He wants to be devoted to you.

A kiss on the shoulder is a sign that he trusts you completely. It is a way of showing affection and respect. He wants to devote himself to you and give you his whole soul, thoughts, and body.

A shoulder kiss means that he wants you to be comfortable in his company, just as he is in yours.

6. A neck kiss

He wants to turn you on.

How do you get goosebumps in no time? Just let the man kiss you on your neck!

A kiss on the neck is extremely sensual and lustful, and it means that your man feels a strong physical attraction to you. This type of kiss will make any woman go crazy.

The neck is a particularly sensitive area, and this kiss can really turn a woman on. The same goes for kisses on the collarbone.

7. A hand kiss

Some people may have forgotten about old customs, but true gentlemen have not.

If this guy kisses you on the hand tenderly, it implies he respects you and is willing to go to great lengths for you.

A kiss on the hand can be flirtatious, but if you’re already in a relationship and you often receive such a kiss, you know you’ve got a true gentleman by your side.

8. An earlobe kiss

The earlobe kiss is a great way to spice up your kissing style.

It has a reputation for being one of the most sensual kisses between partners.

The earlobe is considered an erogenous zone because it contains many nerve endings which make a partner extremely sensitive.

This kiss is so much more than just an “I love you.A kiss on the earlobe represents a strong physical and emotional connection between a man and a woman.

9. A Spiderman kiss

Now, if the scene of Spiderman and Mary Jane’s kiss has come to your mind, you surely know what this kiss means.

The Spiderman kiss is when a man kisses you upside down. Don’t ignore this gesture for it shows his true feelings for you.

If he is willing to find the strangest way to kiss you, just to make you laugh, then you know this man loves you.

10. A slow kiss

This is a very passionate kiss.

It indicates that your partner is completely relaxed and at ease around you. This kiss denotes a strong emotional and physical connection between partners.

It is usually accompanied by touching a partner’s hair, legs, and other parts of the body, and thus, may indicate foreplay.

If you often enjoy long and deep romantic kisses with him, know that this man adores you!

11. A stomach kiss

If a man kisses you on the stomach, it indicates that he is completely at ease in your company and he believes you are as well.

Has he ever kissed you on the stomach?

If your man often kisses your belly, it means that he enjoys every millimeter of your body.

Gentle stomach kisses evoke a strong bond between partners as it is the place where all life begins.

So, if he kisses you often or touches your belly, it can also mean that he sees a future with you.

12. A wrist kiss

The wrist kiss is very similar to a kiss on the cheek.

At first glance, such kisses do not seem so intimate, but believe me, they are.

It may begin with the wrist, but these kisses will certainly last longer, and take place on other parts of the body.

A kiss on the wrist serves only as a prelude to what follows.

13. The French kiss

When a man kisses you like this, especially if he touches your face with his hands, he is showing how much he is in love with you.

If you are already sexually active, then this kiss is great foreplay. It provokes passion, and awakens all the intimacy that hides under your skin.

Also, French kissing is a great option for those who have just embarked on a romantic journey.

So, if you have just started a new relationship, but you already enjoy French kissing with your partner, you know that he is attracted to you.

14. Lip-biting kiss

By using this passionate gesture, he wants to show how good a kisser he actually is.

If he pulls on your lips and bites them passionately, it means that this guy wants more of it. Lip biting triggers complete arousal in partners, and it usually indicates that your partner is ready to have sex with you.

If you feel the same way about him, do not hesitate to show him what you can do with your mouth.

The intensity of the bite can also tell a lot about him. For example, if he bites your lips softly, it means that he is a well experienced kisser.

15. A kiss on the cheek

Well, this could be a tricky one!

In many cultures, a kiss on the cheek is a simple gesture of friendship and greeting. But, what does it mean when it comes to love?

This is what I call a “friend-zone” kiss. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

If you have just started a relationship, this kiss means he is interested in you, but he still doesn’t dare to give you a real French kiss.

But, don’t worry… all things take time. If he truly loves you, he will kiss you; perhaps not immediately, but eventually he will.

16. A blown kiss

A kiss, prolonged eye contact, a wave… these are all little things upon which a relationship is built.

Although this is not a physical kiss, it is also considered a type of kiss because of the great effect it has on partners.

A blown kiss is a flirty air message to show you that your guy likes you. So, if you feel the same way about him, don’t forget to kiss him in return.

17. A “shut up” kiss

This type of kiss indicates the end of an argument or a monolog. He probably wants to avoid quarrels over unimportant things, so he kisses you passionately.

Well, smart move! Who could resist it?

It also implies that you are the most important person in his life, and he doesn’t want stupid things to ruin your happiness.

18. A butterfly kiss

This kiss doesn’t require lips.

It’s the kind of kiss where your eyelashes are fluttering against your partner’s. A butterfly kiss is a cute way to express passion, love, and affection.

This type of kiss can serve your man to spice up things in a relationship and to make it even better.

19. A kiss on the eyelid

This type of smooch is also known as an “angel kiss”.

This form of kiss is an intimate gesture intended to give the other person a feeling of security and comfort.

If he kisses you on the eyelid occasionally, take it as a sign that he cares about you. He wants you to know that you can always count on him.

20. Octopus kiss

The octopus kiss, unlike most other kisses, is intensely sexual.

It includes kissing with both the lips and the tongue. Your man basically can’t get his lips and his hands off of you.

This kiss isn’t always pleasant, but it’s undoubtedly the most passionate one.

How To Tell If A Guy Enjoys Kissing You? 6 Obvious Signs

You know a guy enjoys kissing you if he’s literally glued to your lips, touches your waist, and makes similar gestures that imply he’s totally smitten with you (and your kissing session).

Also, you need to pay attention to the length of your kiss, and you’ll know for sure whether he’s enjoying your lips the first time you kiss him. The longer he kisses you, the more at ease he becomes.

However, there are also other signs to confirm this:

1. His body language tells you all

When the mouth is silent, body language speaks. Men are notorious for not talking about their feelings, and they can be difficult to read at times.

Their kisses and body language, on the other hand, tell a lot. Body gestures are key to knowing if he really enjoys kissing you.

Do you find that his hands are suddenly all around you? Or, maybe he wants to hold your hands while kissing you?

These all are indicators that he really enjoys your lips.

2. His eyes are closed while kissing you

Closing his eyes means that he doesn’t want to think about anything in the world but you.

He is totally involved, and he enjoys every second of the kiss.

A person who doesn’t enjoy the kiss has wide-opened eyes and desperately waits for it to end.

3. He is glued to your lips

When impressed by your kiss, he will put his whole heart in it. If you notice that your kiss has been going on for a while, it is a sure sign that he is thoroughly enjoying it and he can’t get enough of it.

So, if you can’t easily separate him from yourself, but you also don’t want to, know that you both enjoy sharing kisses.

Kisses that last longer tend to become much more intimate and serve as foreplay.

4. He calls you “a good kisser”

Men typically find it hard to express their feelings. So, if he admits that you are a good kisser, know that he really means that.

This is not just a compliment to your kissing techniques, but another clear-cut sign that he enjoys your lips.

5. There’s some hand action

You two are not just kissing. There is much more going on.

If he enjoys kissing you, he will probably pull your face closer to his, rub your cheeks, touch your waist, etc.

All these gestures indicate that he is very attracted to you, and doesn’t want to stop kissing you.

6. He wants more than a kiss

It all started with innocent kisses, and now you two are completely out of control. French kisses, heavier breathing, touching…

It can only mean one thing: He wants so much more of it.

Of course, you will decide whether or not to go any further, but this is a clear indication that this man enjoys each kiss you give him.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that I have helped you answer your question, “How to tell he loves you by his kiss?”

Kisses can often be louder than words, and that is why it is important to pay attention to their meaning.

A kiss can determine love and tell you how a guy feels toward you, but bear in mind that the relationship is way more than just locking lips with someone. You need to look for more than just kisses to make it work.

In any case, if you feel that he is the right one, don’t hesitate to share your life and your kisses with him.

The more you kiss, the closer you get!