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How To Know If An Aries Woman Is Playing You: 12 Signs

How To Know If An Aries Woman Is Playing You: 12 Signs

If you’ve been wondering how to know if an Aries woman is playing you, look no further. You’re right where you should be.

Aries women may be a force to be reckoned with, as you may have experienced if you’ve ever been in their company. The Aries woman’s game-playing tendencies, though, might be challenging to spot.

As they are extremely passionate, determined, and fiery, it makes it extremely difficult to distinguish whether they’re interested in you or just playing games.

But your worries have come to an end because this article will reveal the surefire signs an Aries woman is playing you.

12 Signs An Aries Woman Is Playing You

If it’s your first time dating an Aries woman, you should definitely be aware of the signs she’s playing you.

To avoid any potential heartbreak, we’ve prepared a list of signs an Aries woman is playing you. So, let’s dive in!

1. She rarely returns your calls or texts

It’s true that Aries women are famous for having fiery personalities, and this can extend to their tendency to be mysterious in romantic relationships.

Your Aries woman is probably playing hard-to-get if she doesn’t answer your calls or texts. The same tactic is used by many other zodiac signs, including Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

However, if not returning your calls and texts is coupled with the other signs we’ll mention throughout the article, your Aries woman is definitely playing you.

2. She’s always busy

If you’ve dated an Aries woman at least once in your life, you know how ambitious and hardworking they can be.

So, it would be normal to expect she won’t be around all the time. The same goes for the Capricorn man and Virgos.

However, if she’s constantly busy and never has time for you, even for a 2-minute call, you’re probably aware she’s playing you.

This often means your Aries woman is done with you and has lost interest in you but still wants you around to have someone to be with when she’s bored.

3. She flirts with other people

If your Aries woman flirts with other people in front of you, it’s not just a sign she’s playing with you but also a huge red flag.

Aries women are known for being fiery and passionate, so it’s not surprising they might be a little flirty when they’re in a relationship.

But if she’s flirting with someone else in your presence, it’s a surefire sign she’s not into you anymore.

This behavior can be especially hurtful if you’re a Taurus man because you rely on loyalty and trust in relationships.

4. She cancels plans

When an Aries woman falls in love with you, she’ll try to make time for you even when she’s at her busiest.

On the contrary, if she’s playing you, she’ll always cancel plans and make lousy excuses about why she can’t meet tonight.

Even if you’re an Aries man and you have strong Aries and Aries compatibility, if she decides she just wants a casual relationship with you, she’ll continue playing games.

Aries women are known for their bold personalities, and they’re not afraid to play games if they feel like it. If she’s canceling plans out of the blue, you better end the relationship!

5. She avoids physical intimacy

When an Aries woman is in a relationship, she’ll usually be the one to initiate physical contact, whether it’s cuddling or sexual activity.

However, if she’s suddenly avoiding physical contact, it could be a sign she’s not as committed to the relationship as she was before and is playing you.

She no longer cares about you and is just taking advantage of you. She can be keeping you on a tight leash by making up future plans while secretly hoping that you’ll break things off so she can go on.

Those of you who are dating a Scorpio woman, be careful, as they use the same manipulation tactic!

6. She’s overly critical of you

Being overly critical can be a sign she’s just trying to look out for you, but if this becomes a routine, it’s definitely a sign your Aries woman is playing you.

As we’ve mentioned, Aries women have fiery, passionate personalities, and that’s one of the reasons why a Leo man is attracted to an Aries woman.

They have no problem speaking their minds, but if she becomes overly critical of you – yes, she’s playing you.

She’s trying to manipulate the situation to make it easier for her to get what she wants and make you feel guilty for not doing things her way.

7. She ignores you in public

So, how to know if an Aries woman is playing you? The answer is simple: she ignores you in public.

If she’s ignoring you in public, it’s a sign she’s either ashamed of you, found someone else, or just isn’t interested in you.

Either way, when your Aries woman, who’s normally a social butterfly, starts ignoring you in public, it’s a sign you should start packing your things.

She’ll avoid any possible contact with you. She won’t say ‘‘Hello’’ to you or even look you in the eyes. She’ll act like a totally different person in public and on social media apps. That’s when you’ll know she’s definitely playing you.

8. She becomes distant

While it’s possible that your Aries partner is having a hard time dealing with her problems and is being her usual independent self, it’s also possible she’s just playing with you.

When an Aries woman becomes distant, you’ll notice that she doesn’t make plans with you anymore.

She won’t text you on social media, and she’ll have a straight face even when you buy her the best gifts. This is a sign your Aries woman wants you to break up with her before she does.

Overall, you’ll see that she’s not invested in the relationship, and an Aries woman who once was passionate and happy about you two will suddenly become the complete opposite.

9. She doesn’t respect you

Women from the sign of Aries are independent and self-assured, so they love to surround themselves with people with the same qualities.

She may not be taking your relationship seriously if she doesn’t treat you with the same degree of respect she demands from you.

If you’re a Libra, you might be particularly susceptible to being played by an Aries woman. Libras are known for their ability to see both sides of an argument and their tendency to be peacemakers.

This can make Libra people more forgiving and understanding when it comes to relationships, which makes them a target for people like Aries who want to take advantage of their good natures.

10. She gets angry all of a sudden

One thing is sure: when an Aries woman is playing with you, you’ll become the target of sudden angry outbursts.

She’ll start to fight over every single little thing to the point where you won’t be able to handle the pressure, especially if you’re a Libra.

This will be your sign she doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with you. She’ll start an argument all of a sudden even though you did nothing wrong.

This is her way of forcing you to break up with her because she obviously doesn’t have the guts.

11. She doesn’t speak about her feelings

One of the tell-tale signs of an Aries woman playing you is her unwillingness to express her feelings.

An Aries woman does this because she has, in fact, no feelings for you anymore. She’ll stop being open with you and won’t show her vulnerable side to you.

If you’re an Aquarius, you may be especially sensitive to an Aries woman’s refusal to express her feelings.

Aquarius men and women are known for being emotionally open and communicative, so it can be difficult for them to understand why an Aries woman won’t talk about her feelings.

12. You catch her cheating

The ultimate sign an Aries woman is playing you is if you catch her cheating.

Women in Aries are passionate and daring and thrive on challenges, and they frequently look for pleasure elsewhere when they feel trapped in a rut, even if it means cheating.

Of course, cheating isn’t the only sign that an Aries woman is playing you, but it’s definitely the only one you’ll need.

Don’t fall for her narcissistic gaslighting and excuses that will occur afterward. Instead, pack your things because now’s definitely the time to leave!


How do you know if Aries is serious about you?

The sign of Aries is known for its fiery passion and can-do attitude. If they’re interested in you, they’ll let you know.

They’ll want to spend a lot of time with you and lavish you with compliments.

Your Aries partner will be open and honest in expressing their emotions. If Aries is truly interested in you, you won’t have to guess their thoughts and intentions.

Their willingness to commit is one of the most telling signs an Aries is serious about you. They’ll want to make future plans and be open to discussing topics such as marriage and children.

How do you know when an Aries woman is cheating?

If she’s become increasingly distant, it could be a sign that she’s cheating.

When it comes to communication, Aries women are quite direct and open, so if she suddenly avoids you or becomes evasive when asked questions, it could mean she’s been unfaithful.

Another sign is if she suddenly becomes more protective of her phone. If she’s never kept her phone locked and is now doing so more frequently, she is hiding something!

If she’s avoiding public displays of affection or making excuses for why she can’t spend time with you, it means she’s been seeing someone else.

Aries women are passionate and loyal lovers, so if she’s acting differently in the bedroom, it could be a red flag.

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for advice on how to know if an Aries woman is playing you, the key takeaway is to keep an eye out for any signs of her trying to control you or manipulate the situation.

From ignoring your texts and openly flirting with other people to being distant and not respecting you…All those are signs an Aries woman is playing you.

If you’re still unsure of how to know if an Aries woman is playing you, simply remember one thing: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. All signs point to it, and astrology is no exception.