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8 Not So Obvious Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

8 Not So Obvious Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get

Despite all of your dating experience, sometimes you cross paths with a girl whose mixed signals you simply can’t decode, as much as you try.

You are very much aware that most girls like to be chased and enjoy having a man fight for their affection but sometimes all of these games confuse you and you don’t know if a girl likes you but is playing hard to get or she just wants you to leave her alone.

If this is the case with you, you’ve come to the right place because what you are about to read is 8 signs you have a chance with this girl, if you don’t mind trying a little bit harder.

When you ask her out, she tells you “maybe”

woman holding phone outside

One of the signs a girl likes you but is playing hard to get is her reaction to you inviting her out on a date or just to hang out.

She doesn’t want to say yes right away to everything you propose and agree every time you want to hang out because she is scared that this way she’ll show her eagerness to see you and to spend time with you.

Of course, she won’t tell you “no” every time you ask her out, because that would be a clear sign that she is not interested in having anything to do with you.

Instead, this girl will probably give you a vague response—she will tell you that she’ll call you with her answer, that she might be busy on that day and that she is not sure if she has plans.

Besides, it is possible for her not to agree on going out with you on the specific date or time you proposed just to show you that things can’t always go your way.

But if she likes you, she’ll simply tell you to meet her some other day, just to show you that she has a busy schedule and that she is not ready to move anything for you.

This girl won’t reschedule your date because she doesn’t want to see you—the truth is that she’ll do it to appear as more busy and popular than she actually is.

Her friends know all about you

three smiling female friends sitting on the table
When a girl likes a guy, it is possible for her not to tell him or show him that, despite the chemistry between them.

But one thing is for sure—she will tell her friends all about you and all about her feelings.

Therefore, if there is a girl who tries hard to ignore you and doesn’t give you the attention you want but her friends know all about you, it is clear that she is only playing hard to get.

Her friends call you by your name even if they meet you for the first time and before you’ve introduced yourself officially, they tell you some details about you which they couldn’t know unless she had told them and they are indirectly asking you about your love life.

Besides, they tease the two of you and act as if you are a happy couple.

What you need to understand is that this girl is playing tough in front of you but she likes you so much and she simply has the need to talk about you to the people close to her.

She never texts or calls you first

woman looks down and typing on her phone

Let’s face it—the process of modern dating is mostly based on text messages.

So this is one of the first fields in which any girl who is playing hard to get will want to show her dominance in this relationship and the power she has over you.

You need to accept one thing—this girl will probably never be the first one to text you or to call you.

The only time she might do this is when she really needs to ask you something or to tell you something important.

It means that she will never call or text you just to see what you’ve been up to or to see how your day was and she definitely won’t be sending you the sweet and flirty texts that you might expect. Besides, she will never respond to your texts right away.

I know you think this is a clear sign she doesn’t give a damn about you but there is a difference between her behavior and the behavior of a girl who wants you to leave her alone for real.

Yes, this girl is never the one to initiate any kind of communication but when you are the one to initiate some kind of communication, she continues replying to you.

When you come to think of it, this girl has never actually ignored your texts or phone calls and you see that she is not being polite only—she really enjoys talking to you.

She just doesn’t want to seem too desperate so she is always letting you make the first move.

Her behavior on social media

young girl typing on her phone outside
If you’ve been asking yourself whether a girl really doesn’t want to be with you or if she is just playing hard to get, you need to pay close attention to her behavior on social media.

First of all, she will never be the first one to send you a friend request.

And even when you make this move, she will probably leave you hanging for a couple of days.

But eventually, she will accept your friend request and she will follow you on social media as well.

Although this girl will never tell you her feelings out loud, she might post status updates and songs that remind her of you and which are clearly dedicated to you.

One of the reasons why she is doing this is because she wants to send you some signals and because she wants you to know that she likes you without her being the one to tell you that.

Also, this girl is the first one to look at your Instagram or Snapchat stories and sometimes she talks to you about some of the things you’ve posted on your pages. But she will rarely like your posts and photos.

This only shows you that this girl is obviously way interested in your life but she doesn’t want for this to be known and displayed.

You keep running into her

man touches smiling woman shoulder

When you ask this girl out on a first date, to a concert or to any kind of event, it is possible that she will say “no”.

But somehow, when you go there, she is the first person you run into.

And the same thing keeps happening to you. You keep running into this girl wherever you go.

And you never see her looking bad—you see that she is always doing her best to look great, as if she knows she will see you.

Well, the truth is that she couldn’t know for sure that she would run into you but she definitely hopes that this will happen.

This girl doesn’t want to go out with you because that would be a clear sign she likes you but at the same time, she can’t resist the urge to see you and she wants to be seen by you.

So she makes sure to go to the places she could run into you accidentally.

This way, she is spending time with you without ever agreeing to go out on a date with you or something similar.

She never gives you a direct response

woman looks thoughtful while talking on phone at cafe

Even if you tell this girl that you like her and that you want to be more than friends and even if you ask her if she has some feelings for you, she never gives you a clear answer.

This type of behavior is one of the clearest signs a girl likes you but is playing hard to get.

If this girl didn’t have any feelings for you, this would be the perfect time for her to make this clear.

She would tell you that she didn’t like you and she would advise you to move on.

But it is clear that this is not the case with this girl. She is giving you these vague answers because she is still not ready to admit her feelings but at the same time, the last thing she wants is for you to walk away from her.

She intentionally makes you jealous

man looking at phone unhappy

Another sign that a girl likes you but is playing hard to get is the way she talks to other guys in your presence.

This girl will do everything possible to intentionally make you jealous, at least a little bit.

She wants to show you that others are also interested in her and that you are not the only option she has.

This notion boosts her self-confidence and makes her looks less pathetic in your eyes.

Also, it represents her safety net, if it is the case that you are seeing other girls.

If she finds out that she hasn’t been your priority, she will feel better about herself knowing that you thought she was interested in other guys as well.

But this girl will never cross the line—she won’t tell you that she has a boyfriend or that she is in a committed, long-term relationship because that would probably chase you away or make her look bad.

Instead, it is possible for her to flirt with other guys when she knows you are looking at her or to accidentally show you the texts from some guy who is crazy about her has been sending her.

It is possible for her to post social media photos which make it unclear whether she is sitting next to a friend or next to a boyfriend.

She is doing this because she simply wants you to know that she has other options and that she won’t settle for you treating her badly because she has nowhere to go.

Instead, she is showing you that you should be lucky she gives you any of her attention or time.

Also, she is hoping for you to be jealous and for you to react to her behavior because she needs approval that you like her enough and that you want her for yourself only.

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She prolongs real physical contact

couple talking in office

When a girl is playing hard to get, she will never have some concrete physical contact with you right away.

This means that she probably won’t kiss you and she definitely won’t sleep with you immediately.

But this girl’s body language will show you her desire to do all of this.

She will touch you accidentally or will hug you or hold your hand for a bit longer every time you see each other.

Whenever she talks to you, she will be close to your face and she will even whisper in your ear.

She will use every opportunity to casually touch your hand, knee or shoulder whenever she’s around you, without giving any importance to any of this, which will make you wonder if you are actually imagining everything.

Well, the answer is “no” because these are things a girl would never do to a man she didn’t like.

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8 Not So Obvious Signs She Likes You But Is Playing Hard To Get