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When An Aries Woman Becomes Distant: 7 Reasons Why And What To Do

When An Aries Woman Becomes Distant: 7 Reasons Why And What To Do

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that people pulling away has been trending recently. Hmm…but what happens when an Aries woman becomes distant?

Is this some kind of test, or is she subtly letting you know that she’s done with you?

As you can assume, things aren’t that simple with these fiery women (I’m referring to them being fire signs in the zodiac ). When an Aries woman becomes distant, there are plenty of reasons for her doing so.

Some of them are her not being satisfied with how she’s been treated or her being no longer interested in you. Now, why would an Aries female lose interest in you all of a sudden?

Hmm…what if she’s actually testing you to see how much you actually care about her? There are many possible answers, and we certainly won’t play the guessing game!

Below, you’ll find all you need to know about an Aries woman becoming distant, including the most common reasons and what to do about it.

What Happens When An Aries Woman Becomes Distant?

I know many Aries women, and one of them is my best friend. When she becomes distant, she doesn’t do it just for shits and giggles. Usually, there’s something huge going on in the background that has motivated her to become distant.

What I’m trying to say is that when an Aries woman goes silent, it doesn’t happen AS SUDDENLY as many of you think. The truth is that she’s actually tired of giving you second chances and waiting for something to change.

When she becomes distant, it’s usually because of one of these two reasons:

• She’s teaching you a lesson (and waiting for you to apologize).

• She’s done with you.

Aries women are stubborn, persistent, and fighters by nature. When they care about something or someone, they don’t give up easily. Also, they don’t like playing games because, to them, this is a waste of time.

When an Aries woman ignores you, it is usually an indicator of a serious upcoming change. Addressing the situation ASAP is more than recommended. To help you understand all the reasons why Aries females become distant, I’ll explain them in detail below.

Why Do Aries Women Become Distant?

Why does an Aries woman pull away all of a sudden? Is it because you become too needy and clingy or because you no longer make as much of an effort as you used to? Here are the most common reasons an Aries woman would become distant:

1. You require constant attention

an imaginary woman sitting at a table

If there’s one thing Aries women and the Aries zodiac sign can’t tolerate in general, it is seeking constant attention.

That is one of the reasons their compatibility with fire signs ( Leo man , Sagittarius man, and Aries man ) and with fellow air signs (fellow air signs Gemini man, Libra man , and Aquarius man) is extremely high.

Aries females and males need space to breathe, especially in a relationship, and to be who they are (fiery, passionate, and curious). If you’re one of those guys who need constant female attention , they immediately start suffocating.

Also, they get annoyed by this behavior because, to them, it screams weakness and dependency. Given that Aries women celebrate their independence and are really sensitive about it, attention-seekers pose a problem for them.

If you know that you’re guilty of attention-seeking behavior, then there’s no need to think twice about why she’s become distant. She’s done it to protect her own independence and teach you a lesson: Never be too demanding with an Aries woman .

2. You made her upset (and I mean really upset)

If you made an Aries woman upset, then you must be one of the water zodiac signs (Cancer man, Scorpio man , Pisces man) or earth signs. Just kidding (or maybe not) ?.

There are many reasons and scenarios in which an Aries female would become upset. Here are a few ideas to help you figure out what exactly the reason is for her being upset:

• Did you fail to keep your promise(s)?

• Did you make her wait (multiple times)?

• Did you talk behind her back?

• Did you try to impose something on her (like your opinion)?

• Did you try to dominate her?

• Did you lie to her?

And the list of questions goes on and on. I’ve stopped myself before making this list too long to read in a single day. So, my suggestion is to think about recent events and your behavior.

Rewind every possible moment where you could have done something that made her upset. If you can’t think of anything, then the problem is not you making her upset.

It’s something else on this list of signs (or a combination of more than one).

3. You try to control her life and choices

Oh, no! If you tried to control an Aries woman ’s choices and life in general, you’ve committed a serious crime. That is why she’s decided to pull away and let you think about what you’ve done.

When she decided to become distant, she hasn’t actually decided to break up with you but to let you know that she won’t tolerate this behavior.

The personality traits of an Aries woman don’t allow her to let anyone control her life. If you don’t acknowledge her dislikes , opinions, and choices, she will start suffocating. The same thing applies to Taurus women , Virgo women , and Libra women .

If you try to control them, they’ll “excommunicado” you from their lives. You lose privileges and the right to spend time with them. Don’t worry, in most cases, this isn’t permanent.

After being distant for a while, an Aries woman will come back only to see if anything has changed (assuming she has feelings for you). If nothing changes, then she’ll continue being distant for good or until you convince her that you’ll never try to control her again.

4. Cheating and dishonesty

an imaginary woman sitting on a pier

Just like Scorpio women , an Aries woman loves transparency. They can’t stand any type of cheating (be it emotional infidelity , physical infidelity, or cheating over the phone ).

Also, they don’t forgive those who have been dishonest with them. Once you lie to an Aries woman, it will take a long time to regain her trust.

Cheating and dishonesty are crimes in their world (and I totally agree with them). That is why they need to spend some time alone to distance themselves from you (usually for the time being).

Another reason she’ll pull away is to see whether you’re sorry for your actions. She’ll wait to see if you’ll apologize to her for being dishonest or for choosing infidelity over her.

If you don’t apologize, you can expect her to stay distant for a longer time (and probably for good). My humble advice: Think twice before lying to or cheating on an Aries woman !

5. Lack of effort on your part

If you want to keep an Aries woman , then you need to make a constant effort. The math is simple here. If you don’t, your lack of effort will make her pull away.

Lack of effort = lack of affection.

Think about what makes a relationship or dating fun and meaningful. There, you’ll find an answer on how to keep such a woman.

Lack of curiosity, inspiration, and elements of fun are the main reasons Aries aren’t compatible with stable, grounded, and practical earth signs : the Taurus man , Virgo man, and Capricorn man. It’s little things that matter!

An Aries woman doesn’t expect someone to treat her like a queen, but a healthy dose of newness is much appreciated. Stagnant relationships and boredom are on the list of huge turn-offs for these women.

Why? Because they scream lack of effort and excitement. Yes, excitement is the keyword here. If you can’t excite her, over time, she’ll become distant.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t happen all of a sudden. Before becoming distant, she’ll give you multiple chances to prove her wrong. If you don’t, then she’ll have no other option than to distance herself from you.

6. Putting her down

Let’s get one thing straight. Not one single astrological sign will put up with this behavior, especially Aries females . Some of them will tell you to your face what’s bothering them, while others will become distant.

So, when an Aries woman becomes distant, it could be because you’ve put her down once or multiple times. Criticizing them in front of others is a huge no-no. As a matter of fact, criticizing them without being in other people’s presence is also a big mistake.

These women have sworn to themselves that they won’t allow ANYONE to ever make them question their worth. If your mission is to make them feel like they’re not good enough, becoming distant is their answer to that.

However, if you’ve done this unintentionally, then you still have a chance to make things right. Well, you won’t make it right if you don’t let her know that you’re sorry for your behavior.

Apart from that, you’ll also have to promise her that you won’t do it again because if you do, her being distant will become permanent.

7. Lack of gratitude and appreciation

How many times have you expressed appreciation or shown her gratitude? If you can’t remember, then therein lies the core issue.

Making your loved one feel unappreciated is a surefire way to make them ignore you. To be more exact, making your Aries woman feel unappreciated will most certainly result in her becoming distant.

These women know that gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions in the universe. When you’re grateful for the person in your life (or something they did), you are telling them that they matter to you.

An Aries female will see a lack of gratitude and appreciation as the ultimate sign of disrespect. If you don’t respect her, she won’t respect you either.

That is why she won’t return your calls or text you back for some time. Again, her main goal is to teach you a lesson and to let you know that she knows her worth.

What To Do If An Aries Woman Ignores You

a man talking to a woman

First of all, you need to understand why she’s ignoring you, then show understanding and acknowledge her feelings. If an Aries woman is not done with you yet but only teaching you a lesson, then compromise will be necessary.

Here’s exactly what you need to do if an Aries woman ignores you:

1. Understand why she’s ignoring you

When an Aries woman becomes physically and emotionally distant , you must first understand why she might be ignoring you.

The list of reasons why Aries women become distant (see above) will definitely help you figure out the real reason for her ignoring you.

Remember that everything happens for a reason . She didn’t just wake up in the morning and decide to ignore you on purpose for the next two months or year.

Her behavior was triggered by your behavior (assuming she’s not playing you). If she’s playing mind games, then there’s no need to try to understand why she’s being distant with you.

It’s because she doesn’t want to be part of your life, and she’ll only get back to you when it’s convenient for her. Make sure to separate these two things so that you can find the right approach.

Make sure to check the signs an Aries woman is playing you, which you’ll find below.

2. Show understanding and acknowledge her feelings

So, once you find the real reason she’s ignoring you, show understanding regarding the situation. (If she’s playing you, then skip this step and the next steps as well.)

Instead of entering judging mode, put yourself in her shoes and think about how you would react in her situation. Acknowledge her feelings and don’t send her 33,840 texts to tell her how much she’s overreacting or acting childish.

The mature approach is always the best because immature men are their biggest nightmare. Best of all is that she will recognize if you’re being emotionally mature or trying to accuse her of ignoring you.

When she sees that you’re acting perfectly responsible and mature in this situation, she will be more than happy to welcome you back into her life.

3. Apologize (if needed)

Depending on why she became distant, think about whether you owe her an apology. Of course, if you did something that hurt her feelings one way or another, then apologizing is a must.

It takes two seconds to apologize, and if you aren’t ready to do that, then she’ll continue being distant. If your behavior influenced her to distance herself, then apologizing is a step you shouldn’t skip.

She knows that we all make mistakes, and only those who care about others choose to apologize for their actions. In other words, what an Aries woman is waiting for you to do is to show her whether you genuinely care about her or not.

If you don’t, then you won’t bother apologizing. If you do, then you’ll do it without even thinking twice.

4. Compromise is recommended

Let’s say that she’s accepted your apology, and now you’ve earned a second chance. Well, things aren’t that simple with an Aries woman . After apologizing, compromising follows.

If your opinions clash on certain matters, then let her know that you’re ready to compromise with her.

That’s the only way for things to work out because, otherwise, she might become distant again. In that case, you’ll have to go through the entire process of “getting her to speak to you” again.

Think about what would be most beneficial for both sides (you and her), and I’m sure you’ll do the right thing.

5. Re-evaluating the situation

If you think that dating or being in a relationship with an Aries woman will be challenging and that you’re not really compatible, then it’s time to re-evaluate the situation.

Sometimes, we choose to create something meaningful with people we aren’t compatible with and have no common goals with. If that is the case, then think about going your separate ways for her and your sake.

Re-evaluate the situation, put all pros and cons on a sheet of paper if needed, and make a decision. To be together or not to be? That is the question.

What Not To Do If An Aries Woman Ignores You

an imaginary man sitting at a table

Apart from things you should do if an Aries woman ignores you, here is a list of things you SHOULDN’T do. I’m sure it will be more than helpful to you:

1. Don’t be pushy

Do you think being pushy with an Aries female will make her come back to you? If yes, then think again. The truth is, if you’re pushy, you’ll push her away even further.

So, do yourself a favor and don’t send her one of those texts:

• I’m your soulmate. Why can’t you see that?

• I demand that you tell me why you’re ignoring me!

• You better tell me what’s going on, or I might do something stupid.


Don’t do that. Don’t send her texts like this if you still care about her because if you do, you’ll definitely lose her for good.

One of the most valuable pieces of relationship advice when it comes to Aries women is don’t be pushy but instead give her some time and space.

2. Don’t blackmail her

Another HUGE mistake would be blackmailing her to get her to speak to you or text you back. If you do that, then you’ve already lost her permanently.

No one enjoys being blackmailed, and it is a sign of immature behavior. To avoid that, be reasonable and patient. Believe that everything will happen as it should at its own pace.

3. Don’t resort to desperate solutions

They say that modern problems require modern solutions. Make sure not to replace modern solutions with desperate solutions.

You don’t want her to think that she’s the center of your life and that without her, your life is a mess. Instead, let her know that you have dignity and self-respect and that you’re a fully responsible adult.

Apologize if needed, and then wait for her to get in touch with you. If she doesn’t reach out immediately, don’t panic. Stay cool.

4. Don’t be clingy or needy

And for God’s sake, don’t become overly clingy or needy if you don’t want her to run away for good. Have your own life and hobbies and go out with friends.

You can use this opportunity to post a few pictures on social media of you having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. That will certainly be attractive to her and probably accelerate her decision to contact you sooner than expected.

How To Know If An Aries Woman Is Playing You

an imaginary woman talking to a man

Wait, is an Aries woman actually playing you? How do you know for sure?

Of course, her becoming distant is not enough evidence to tell that she’s 100% playing games with you. Instead, you need to pay attention to lots of other things as well, such as the following

Blowing hot and cold

It’s clear that she doesn’t want a serious relationship with you, which is why she chooses an on-and-off approach. One second she’s there, and the next, she’s gone.

• Avoiding confrontation

When an Aries woman cares about you, she’ll argue with you. When she’s playing games with you, she’ll avoid any type of confrontation.

• Mood swings

One moment she’s all inspiring and sweet, and the next, she’s passive-aggressive. Mood swings are a typical sign of her playing you.

• Frequent disappearing acts

Sometimes she disappears for an entire week or a month without saying anything because she doesn’t really care about you.

• No feelings involved

Catch feelings, not flights , is her motto. That is why commitment is the last thing on her list of priorities.

How Do You Know If An Aries Woman Is Not Interested?

an imaginary woman sitting at a table and pressing a phone

If an Aries woman is not interested, she won’t bother being part of your life. Also, she will ignore your texts for a long time (or won’t reply), and she’ll act busy. If the following signs resonate with her, then you know she’s not interested:

• She doesn’t play an active role in your life

She doesn’t ask you questions. She doesn’t care about your hobbies, friends, or your job.

• She takes an eternity to respond to your texts or calls

No explanation needed.

• She sends you one-word texts (or short replies)

By sending you one-word texts, she’s subtly trying to let you know that she’s not interested. She hopes that you’ll read between the lines.

• Or she completely ignores your texts and calls

By ignoring your texts and calls, she’s letting you know that she has more important things to do in her life, and texting you is (sadly) not one of them.

• She tells you she’s not interested

If she tells you openly that she’s not interested, then believe she’s telling the truth.

When An Aries Woman Is Done With You, You’ll Know!

When an Aries woman becomes distant, there’s no need to overthink it. Think about all the possible reasons she would pull away all of a sudden.

Worry not, in most cases, it doesn’t mean that she’s done with you but that she’s just pressing the pause button (waiting for you to apologize?) and thinking about what to do next.

When an Aries woman is done with you , you’ll definitely know because she won’t bother contacting you ever again. Or she’ll openly and honestly tell you that she’s decided to move on.