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10 Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore

10 Signs She’s Not Into You Anymore

Relationships are totally unpredictable. They can bring you vast blissfulness or they can force you to go through the most confusing feelings in the world. The latter is by far the worst, of course.

When things are fine in a relationship, you simply don’t give a shit about what could go wrong (because there’s no point in invoking evil forces).

But when you feel like things are not like they used to be, in 90% of cases you’re right.

Now the question is, why is this so? And the answer is that our mind becomes used to a certain pattern of behaviors by our partner and when that cycle breaks, our intuition becomes like a warning sign telling us that something’s not right.

So, if you’re feeling like she’s been behaving differently lately and she seems like a totally different person (she no longer gives a shit about certain things), chances are that she’s not into you anymore.

Also, that is the main reason why you’re here in the first place reading this article.

But before coming to any conclusions, you need to know that there are many factors that trigger a woman’s behavior.

Not every sign means that she’s not into you. You see, women are by far the most complex beings on earth (and this is not even an exaggeration).

So, when a woman chooses to do something or, rather, to not do, there are hundreds of reasons for that and these reasons are constantly being processed and upgraded in her mind.

For example, if all of a sudden she finds your habits annoying, she will not tell you this immediately (there is not a valid explanation for this unfortunately).

Instead, she will secretly hold grudges against you and her actions will show you that something’s wrong.

Also, if she’s having some other issues unrelated to you or your relationship, this might also be a trigger to exhibit certain behavior, like ignoring your calls, not looking you in the eye or similar.

How can you differentiate between the two? How can you know that the signs she’s exhibiting mean that she’s not into you anymore or that she’s just pissed off for some other reason?

You see, if one or two signs coincide with the hypothesis that she’s not interested in you anymore, this doesn’t have to be the case.

But if the whole sequence of signs is indicating that she no longer gives a shit about you, then dude, I’m sorry to say but it’s probably the damn truth.

Pay attention to the signs below and I’m sure you’ll get an answer. But before doing that, remember that even if everything goes in favor of her losing affection for you, do not stress about it!

There’s a reason why this is so and I promise you that sooner or later you’ll find out that things are just as they’re supposed to be.

10 signs she’s not into you anymore

Your sexual activity has changed

Radical changes in your sexual activity is a sure indicator that something’s wrong in a relationship and it is one of the first signs she’s not into you anymore.

Firstly, if she always all of a sudden has a headache just before the two of you are about to have sex, know that it’s a lie.

These headaches women are usually complaining about have nothing to do with a real health condition.

They are invented as excuses for when they are not in the mood to have sex with you. It’s as simple as that.

Secondly, if the two of you are still having sex but she’s just lying there like a sack of potatoes, something’s not right.

It means that she’s either bored as fuck or she’s not interested in having intercourse with you. Honestly, what’s the difference?

If a woman is not present during the action, it means she’s somewhere deep in her thoughts where having sex with you is just a small barrier that she needs to deal with in order to continue being absent.

Another indicator screaming of her indifference is that she no longer bothers buying any sexy lingerie like she used to do before.

Obviously, she no longer gives a damn about whether you’re going to have a hard-on or not.

On the contrary, she is probably praying to God that you don’t, so that she doesn’t have to fake her headache or sleep with you only to tick you off of her daily agenda.

She never bothers to call you back

Before, she used to call you ten times a day just to hear your voice. And now she never, ever bothers calling you back even when you call her like one hundred times.

She either pretends that she somehow didn’t see you calling or that the battery hd somehow magically emptied, which prevented her from calling you back.

Also, she never thinks of calling you when she’s at a concert, with her friends or when something hilarious is going on.

She’s not doing this because she doesn’t feel like sharing anything with you.

She literally doesn’t care if her voice or something funny is going to make your day because that is not something she has time to bother with.

Summarized, she never bothers to call you back because she’s not into you anymore. Period.

She has different priorities

You used to be her number one priority but now staring at the ceiling has become somehow more important than spending time with you.

Obviously, her priorities have changed and she is no longer bothered about spending quality time with you.

When one of her friends calls her, she jumps up the same second, dresses in record time, does her make-up and goes out, leaving you wondering how the hell she managed to dress that fast and leave the premises at the speed of light.

She no longer makes excuses to her boss that she’s sick or something to get a day off because that would mean she would have to spend it with you.

Her job has become a sanctuary where she goes to carry out her holy duty and if you say a word about it, you will instantly be punished for your sins.

She doesn’t give a shit about how she looks in front of you

Bedsheet-sized T-shirts, baggy pants, grandma’s panties, messy hair, no make-up at all and the list goes on… If a woman doesn’t invest in her looks while being with you, it means that there’s something seriously wrong going on.

Before, she used to act like a model around the house in all of those silky shirts, sexy panties, her hair done and with perfectly shaved legs and now you find it hard to recognize this woman.

She no longer gives a damn about shaving and not shaving is the second biggest indicator that she doesn’t care if you’ll notice it, aka not giving a fuck about what you’ll think of her.

But when she’s going to some fancy dinner with her colleagues or friends, she makes sure to transform herself into a model again.

But not for your eyes evidently and that’s the biggest difference when it comes to this.

You lack physical touch

Physical touch was an inevitable part of your relationship (which is characteristic of every healthy relationship but now you seem to avoid each other a lot.

I mean, she seems to avoid physical touch because it doesn’t feel the same.

You no longer hold hands, kiss each other when you go to work, have cuddle sessions in front of the TV, etc. and when you think of doing it, it just seems wrong because you’re afraid of her reaction or that she’ll even get offended by it.

You’ve literally become strangers whose only physical touch occurs when you unintentionally touch each other, instantly saying sorry as you do it.

You don’t even look like a couple anymore, instead like some flatmates.

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She avoids eye contact

Eye contact is the soul and foundation of every healthy relationship, so if your woman is avoiding it at all costs, know that it’s no good.

People who avoid eye contact are hiding something that is bothering them.

If she’s constantly avoiding eye contact, it means she’s probably no longer interested in you romantically or physically but she just can’t admit it yet.

And this the biggest sign of a lack of passion in a relationship.

When passion fades away, it is extremely hard to ignite the fire again.

The only way to fix things is to make enormous efforts and sometimes do things that you don’t feel comfortable doing at the moment (such as looking your partner in the eye).

There are many couples who seem to lack passion in a relationship at one time but they survive it because they are ultimately still interested in each other.

And if she doesn’t bother looking you in the eye at all, it definitely means she’s not interested in saving your relationship from breaking.

It means she feels more comfortable ignoring you (your eyes) than facing the problem, looking you in the eye and saying exactly what she means.

She claims that she’s not ready for something serious

When you two started dating, every single thing seemed to go in the direction of a serious relationship.

You behaved like every other couple, madly in love with each other and feeling that nothing would ever part you.

But now she claims that she’s all of a sudden not ready for something serious.

Now she claims that she’s not satisfied with how things are going and she wants to abort the relationship and put another label on it.

She wants to friendzone you even though you’re simply unable to be friends with someone with whom you’ve gone through a lot and built a whole empire. She wants to lure you into the spell of being friendzoned.

But, of course, you won’t let her do that. You will either cut the crap and leave her or demand that she express herself and be honest with you. But there will be no friendzone for sure.

She no longer shares her problems with you

You used to be familiar with every single colleague of hers from work and their habits, as well as the habits of her boss, her family and even their pets.

You used to know all of her problems in alphabetical order but now you hear none of it.

She no longer bombards you with her every single thought about everything, complaining how that makes her feel shitty.

I mean, it’s not like you miss any of it but still, it is a huge change after all.

It makes you wonder if she’s telling all of her problems to someone else now, to her friends or family.

Whomever it may be, it’s a fact that you’re no longer eligible to be the listener to her problems, which is really concerning.

She no longer shares her fears and thoughts with you because she doesn’t feel a connection or because she doesn’t give a shit about your opinion on things happening in her life. I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s the only truth.

She is no longer interested in your life

Not only is she not interested in you being a participant in her life, she’s also no longer interested in your life either.

She used to play video games with you, ask you about your job, preferences, and the meals you would like her to prepare and so on but now she no longer seems to be interested in any of it.

She no longer complains about your constant going out with your friends or neglecting her needs, she no longer complains about your socks left under the bed, she no longer worries if you’ll miss the sale of your favorite game.

And if a woman doesn’t complain, you can be sure that something’s wrong.

You can be sure that she’s not interested in any single thing going on in your life because she no longer wants to be a part of it.

You could moonwalk in your pajamas in the middle of night, she wouldn’t give a damn.

That’s how women work. If they decide they won’t give a damn about something, they’ll make sure to do it right.

She avoids speaking about future plans

What future plans? Future plans have become like a taboo in your relationship and you simply no longer mention anything because you’re afraid of her reaction.

She avoids speaking about future plans with you because she obviously is not seeing herself with you in the future.

When a woman is really into you, she will make sure to arrange plans three years in advance so that everything goes smoothly.

So, if you see that she’s feeling uneasy at the mention of a Christmas party with your parents or similar, you can be sure that she doesn’t want to spend time with YOU. Period.

And why would you waste your time trying hard to understand her?

Instead of killing yourself trying to find the signs that she’s no longer into you, enjoy your life and focus on yourself because the only truth is that you only live once and there’s no point in trying to fix something that is obviously not meant to last.