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How To Love A Broken Girl & How She’ll Love You Back

How To Love A Broken Girl & How She’ll Love You Back

Loving a broken girl will be hard. I don’t want to lie to you.

Loving her, in fact, will be the hardest thing there is. It will require a lot of effort and many times you’ll wonder if it’s even worth it.

The beautiful part about loving a broken-hearted girl is that only those who think it’s worth it get to see a butterfly born from the cocoon.

Only those who stick around long enough, get to see the beauty behind loving a broken girl.

Loving a broken girl will be filled with insecurities and doubts, as well, but not only from your side.

She’ll have a hard time believing you’ll stay.

She’ll have a hard time trusting you because her past made her insecure; because her past made her doubt every single thing there is.

She has a fragile heart, the heart of a little girl, insecure and innocent like a delicate flower.

The easiest thing you could do right now is break her. She’d snap like a twig, aching silently…in peace…all alone.

Even if you say you’ll stay, even when you promise you’ll be different, even though you do your best to hug and kiss out each and every doubt she has from her bones, there will always be a small dose of fear that you might turn out to be the same as the person that broke her.

Once a beautiful display of a strong woman, she has now turned into a frightened, shy girl.

Pain changes people , and it has most certainly changed her to the core.

Doubt will be haunting her, and she’ll fight it, but there will be days when she won’t be able to be brave anymore, and even though you do make her happy, she’ll end up lying on her bedroom floor, crying her soul out because of the fear she feels.

No one might ever understand this, but her world is a cruel and cold world to live in.

Few are those who could find the courage to live with and survive the emotional pain she’s feeling every minute of every hour of every day.

Sometimes, when you’re with her, she won’t be able to give you all she has. Sometimes, she’ll fail to be the best version of herself.

Sometimes she won’t be able to take it anymore . Sometimes, she’ll forget to smile. Sometimes, she will want to be alone. And then you’ll know what’s she thinking about.

You’ll try to fix her. But how to fix a broken girl? Is it even possible?

You’ll try to make her do things that she isn’t sure she wants, thinking you’re helping.

You’ll try to make her be another version of herself, and you’ll do your best to fix what broke her.

Don’t. That won’t help. You’ll only push her away. You can’t fix her—only she can do that.

She is the only one who can take her fragile life and build it up from the ashes to become stronger than ever.

Instead of wasting your energy on fixing her, why don’t you try and love her? Use your words to make her believe you’re staying.

Then turn your words into actions, and actually show her you’re staying.

Show her you love her. Give her more than words. Give her hope. Give her hope in tomorrow. Give her hope that one day, she’ll be complete again.

Make her believe that her scars will fade away. And when you do all this,   don’t let her go.

Make her a part of the story of your life—a story with a happy ending for the both of you, especially her.

If you show her that you trust her and if you give her space to trust you back, she will love you like no one has loved you before. She will love you differently.

She knows what she deserves.

Despite everything she’s been through, she is still a romantic girl deep down.

And although she’s still a bit scared to sail on the sea of love, she will try once again because she’s not a quitter.

Only this time, her eyes will be wide open, and all her senses will be ready to feel the danger.

At the first sign of possible heartbreak, she will be out! This time, this lucky broken girl knows how much she’s worth.

This time, she’s aware of how strong she is.

She won’t allow tears of pain to touch her face anymore. She won’t cry because she’s helpless, alone, and hurt!

She can only cry of happiness and pride. She has managed to stand up, pick up the pieces of her shattered life, and move on. She never knew she had it in herself.

If you want her to love her, you’ll have to respect her strength and her stubbornness. She was once burnt because she trusted someone.

She has lost her strength because she gave herself to someone else. Don’t expect her to do the same this time, too.

She is guarded.

Her shields are up all the time because she’s not quite sure what to feel. She can hold you up one moment and move you away from her the other.

She only does this because she’s scared you’ll hurt her, so she tries to jump ahead of you by ‘removing’ you from her life before something bad happens to her.

She’s not lying about why she does it. She is very honest when it comes to her feelings and her reasons.

She is keeping her guard up for one simple reason—she’s been hurt like hell before and she’s not hiding it.

She fights her own battles.

Honestly, it’s pretty challenging to keep up with her. It’s challenging to understand her all of the time. But, it’s all worth her love.

She isn’t needy, and she’s not annoying.

On the contrary, she will never bother you with her problems because she fights her battles all by herself.

Sometimes her independence will bother you because she will keep everything to herself. You’ll have to drag everything out of her because she won’t say it to you all by herself.

When she’s hurting, she backs down.

Maybe her hurting has nothing to do with you, so don’t make a big deal out of it.

Don’t pressure her into confessing what is wrong with her, never get her in that situation because you’re only going to make things worse.

When she turns dark and retreats, you have to be careful. In these situations, patience is the key .

Leave her be. Leave her to cry those tears that are forcing themselves to come out.

Don’t let her keep her pain inside her, and don’t force her to open up to you. She will do that all by herself. There is no need for you to pressure her into doing anything.

She will never let you go.

She has found love in you after a devastating heartbreak. Do you really think she’s going to give up on you at the first sign of trouble?

She would never do that because you already know she’s a fighter, and she doesn’t give up.

She will do everything possible to keep you, but you may read her intentions the wrong way.

She is different from anyone who loved you so far. She does things differently, and she loves differently.

Maybe you won’t recognize her fighting for you in the beginning, but believe me, she is.

She will never give up on love.

She will always have faith in love. Whether she’s left with just a few pieces of her broken heart, she will use them to love someone again.

She will be scared, she will be terrified to the bone, but she will go for it anyway. It’s because she has faith and she believes. She will never stop believing.

Stay long enough to see the cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly. Stay long enough to see the beauty behind loving a broken girl.

Because every woman has tremendous beauty, but broken ones hide their beauty.