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How To Talk To A Guy You Like And Make Him Chase You

How To Talk To A Guy You Like And Make Him Chase You

Wondering how to talk to a guy you like and capture his attention? Worry no more because today you’ll learn how to talk to him in a way that will make him CHASE you.

“Appearance is what attracts people, but personality is what makes them stay.” – Unknown

Yes, appearance matters, but knowing how to talk to a guy is your most powerful tool when it comes to attracting him.

You could be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you don’t know how to get a guy’s attention and keep a conversation going, your romance will be doomed before it even starts.

I used to have a hard time implementing this one into my love life, but once I did, everything changed. I’m no longer that girl sitting in the corner who seldom gets any attention from guys. They now stick to me like glue.

If you want to be that girl too, it’s time to step up your game and learn how to talk to men and make them do what you want them to do.

It’s time to show them what a beautiful and inspiring girl you are inside and out, and here’s how you’ll do it.

Be positive and smile

If you want to learn how to be irresistible to men and how to get a guy to talk to you, I have one word for you: smile.

Every guy is a sucker for a girl’s smile and positive attitude. Instead of worrying about conversation starters, the most important thing is to ooze positive vibes.

A great conversation is all about that. It’s about sharing your inspiring energy with the guy you like and inspiring him to reciprocate and make an effort to make you smile more.

I know that all those butterflies in your stomach can be really distracting, so take a few deep breaths before starting a conversation with him. Relax and just go with the flow.

Compliment him

If there’s one thing that works in all social situations, it is compliments. Society teaches us that only girls love to be complimented, but this is not true.

Guys also love to hear something nice about themselves, too. They like to be complimented on their appearance, personality, and skills (ESPECIALLY skills).

If your guy does something for you (helps you lift something heavy), don’t forget to commend his strength. Trust me, he will feel like the most powerful guy in the world just because of that simple gesture.

Here are some ideas on how to compliment a guy on his personality:

You’re such a great listener.

You have such a caring personality.

I’m impressed by your taste in music.

Besides complimenting a guy, asking questions is also an important aspect of your conversation. Make sure that you stick to meaningful, open-ended questions that will help you keep the conversation going.

Touch him (subtly)

Surely, your smile will knock him off his feet, but do you know what also will? Your subtle touch. Yes, men love to be unexpectedly touched by a woman during a conversation – it sparks their imagination.

They start imagining how it would feel if your elusive touches turned into something more direct. Also, they help you connect with a guy.

You see, having a conversation is not so much about saying the right words. It’s all about your body language and gestures.

These are the things that influence him on a subconscious level and tell him what your words cannot.

Seek protection

Oh, yes! In case you didn’t know, guys love girls who seek protection. By this, I don’t mean seeking protection in a desperate way, but elegantly playing damsel in distress.

This will rekindle his primal instinct to protect you. If there is a guy you’re into, ask him to defend or shelter you from some danger.

There are so many ways in which you can ask for his help and protection and he will be more than happy to do that for you.

If you can evoke his masculinity and make him feel special by helping you, you will most definitely win his heart too.

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Be mysterious

Mystery. One of the greatest things since sliced bread. If you know how to be mysterious, girl, you’ll make him not only like you, but he will fall in love with you.

Guys don’t like girls who tell them everything about themselves on the first date. Don’t be one of those girls. Instead, be one who gives it to him bit by bit and never the whole piece.

Don’t quench his thirst and he’ll want to drink more!

When texting, don’t reply the same second. Let him think that you’re busy doing something important or texting with another guy. Make him compete for your attention and wonder what’s happening in your life.

Think of yourself as a box of chocolate. If you let him eat the whole box at once, he’ll be over it real quick, but if you surprise him from time to time with something new, he will keep coming back for more.

It is one of the same attractive tricks women use to make men miss them.

Impress him with your sense of humor

We often forget that guys love to laugh, too. It is somehow expected of men to always be the ones making girls laugh, so much so that women have given up on using their own sense of humor.

And now it’s time to change that. You don’t need to be a comedian to make a guy laugh.

You can retell him something funny that happened to you recently or a childhood memory, send him a funny meme, crack a joke, etc.

But, make sure to avoid becoming a girl who tries too hard to make him laugh all the time. Remember that it’s his job too (and he better be doing it well!)

Be flirty

A flirty body language and the correct choice of words are real gems. In order to learn how to be flirty, you need to think of your conversation with a guy as a game.

Combine a husky tone of voice, subtle touch when he least expects it, teasing with your words, and making him fight hard to win your attention.

Be flirty with every fiber of your being and he will ENJOY it. This is what adds excitement and fun to the whole conversation. So, the more you act coy, the more he’ll fall for you.

Get the conversation going with common interests

If there’s one thing I’ve learned when it comes to mastering the art of how to talk to a guy, it’s to find a common ground.

You can’t expect a guy to talk to you about latest fashion shows, makeup, or similar. The best bet is to pick some gender-neutral topics like music, TV shows, or video games.

Topics to talk about with a guy should be interesting, entertaining, and engaging. Also, the more shared interests you have, the easier you’ll connect with each other.

Don’t be afraid to contradict him

Wondering how to keep a guy interested? Here’s a solution: If you really want to win his attention, you need to show him that you have an opinion and aren’t afraid to contradict him.

That’s the essence of every interesting conversation. Because good conversation isn’t only about nodding and exchanging words. It’s about having your own opinions and passionately expressing yourself.

Inevitably there’ll be something you won’t agree with him on. This doesn’t mean you should pretend that you do even when you don’t.

Instead, use this situation to playfully contradict him and give him a new perspective on things. Trust me, unless he has mental health issues, he’ll be more than amazed by it!

Be polite and confident

Make sure to be polite toward everyone around you and not only a guy you’re talking to. He’ll notice all that. Also, be confident!

One of my best friends once said: If a girl is confident, she can win any man in a second.

You show your confidence with the way you walk, talk, and smile – in other words, not only your words, but also your body language.

And if you’re not feeling extra confident because you’re usually anxious when it comes to talking to guys, then fake it till you make it! I myself faked it many times and every single time it worked.

Show him that you’re a woman who is confident in herself, who knows what she wants and how to get it. That’s the true recipe to winning any man’s heart.

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Don’t gossip or use foul language

I think there’s no need to explain this one. Gossiping and foul language are a huge turn-off for guys because such behavior is neither feminine or sophisticated.

Be yourself

And remember to be yourself! Mass media often forces us to behave in certain ways and we start detaching from our true self. Don’t let that happen.

Be yourself in real life and on social media as well. Don’t pretend you’re something you’re not because you’ll turn him into a confused man.

Don’t live a fake life. Be unique and every guy will love that part of you more than anything else.

And here’s a simple trick I’ve used with great success when I’m overly anxious about talking to a guy for the first time: Pretend that he’s a family member or your guy friend.

It makes it that much easier when it comes to talking to a guy you don’t know (yet), both in person and over text.

Make him work hard to win you

How to talk to a guy you like in a way that will impress him? Well, basically all you need to do is make him work hard to win you.

Don’t be too available. Maintain mystery, but don’t overdo a game of playing hard to get either. The secret lies in finding a balance between the two.

Make him work hard to win you and he will make an effort to show you that he’s the right man for you.

If a man sees you as a challenge, he will do everything in his power to pursue you and show you that he’s the one who deserves to be with you.

And in case things get naughty, here are some extra tips.

How To Talk Dirty To A Guy Without Embarrassing Yourself

Tell him all the things you want him to do to you

Dirty talk is a true artform in itself. If you want to impress your guy with how skilful you are at it, you need to tell him all the things you want him to do to you.

I know you have that imaginary list of kinky questions to ask your partner, so now’s the time to use it.

As you’re telling him all your fantasies, make sure to establish deep eye contact – that screams confidence. You want him to see that you’re serious about it, that you really mean it.

You could say something like: “I want you to start kissing me slowly all over my body…”

Tell him what you want to do to him

Another great way to spice things up is by telling your guy what you want to do to him. This will drive him insane and he won’t be able to control himself (especially if you whisper it to his ear when you’re in public).

Also, you can choose to be naughty over text messages as well. If you’re wondering how to do it over the phone, here are some examples to get you started:

“When you get here, I’m going to slowly undress… but there’ll be one rule you need to obey: You can’t touch me until I tell you.”

“Tonight you’ll be my slave and I plan on doing terribly naughty things to you.”

“I want you to take your clothes off, lie down, and shut up.”

“You’re so hot. I want to taste all of you right now.”

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Tell him about that naughty dream you had

I’m sure you had a couple of naughty dreams so far and now is the right time to share them with your guy. And even if you haven’t had one, you have every right to pretend you did.

You can start the conversation with something like: “I had the dirtiest dream last night… You were there with me and we were…”

Once you start talking about it, he will look at you as a goddess. Guys love dirty stories and especially if they had the main role in it. The more details you give him, the better.

Remember to mention that hot outfit you were wearing in your dream because men are visual creatures.

Once your guy gets a vivid picture of your dream, he will be more than excited about what will happen next, but this time in reality.

Share your secret fantasies with him

A lot of times, people have difficulty sharing their fantasies with others because they are afraid of being judged for it.

But, trust me, there’s nothing you should be ashamed of, no matter how crazy you think your fantasies are.

Get out of your comfort zone and get naughty with your man (verbally naughty) by sharing all your secret fantasies with him. Okay, you don’t need to share all of them, but perhaps only your favorite.

Here are some common fantasies to help trigger your memory:

Power & control

Doing something kinky

Doing something new (wild positions and places)


Sharing your fantasies is a great way to spice up things in the bedroom and your relationship. Since it’s not something easily shared with others, when it is, it has the power to strengthen your trust bond.

Let him know you want to be in control

If you ask any guy out there, he will tell you that there’s nothing hotter than a girl who is in control. In order to be dominant, you need to be self-confident and know what you’re doing.

If you let him know that you’re capable of all that, he will be smitten by you. All you have to do is establish rules so that he knows what he can and cannot do to you.

You can say something like: “Tonight I’m in charge. If you try to do something you’re not supposed to, I’ll have to punish you.”

And Remember To Enjoy!

Instead of overly worrying about how to talk to a guy that you like, what you need to focus on is enjoying the moment. Just relax and be yourself, and trust me, everything will go smoothly.

Regarding dirty talk, you don’t need to force things if you don’t feel ready for it. You can start with some, let’s say, lighter dirty phrases and then switch to the heavy stuff.

What matters is that you both enjoy the time spent together and everything else will fall into place! Good luck and rock on girl!