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How To Tease A Girl And WIN Her Over Like A Pro

How To Tease A Girl And WIN Her Over Like A Pro

If you want to win over a particular girl and make her want you BADLY, the only thing you need is to learn how to tease a girl like a pro!

Now you’re probably thinking: But how can you be so sure about this? Here’s my answer: I’m 100% sure it works because I’m a girl myself, and I know how a girl’s mind operates!

Before you allow me to proceed convincingly, I have a few questions for you to answer:

• Do you think girls only fall for (extremely) good looking guys?

• Do you think girls only fall for cash-rich guys?

If your answer is yes, you have no idea how wrong you are! The truth is, some girls do prefer such guys, but the majority of them DON’T.

If you need someone to blame for this perception, the main culprit is the media.

Of course, they will tell you that only guys with expensive cars get all the girls out there. How else would they be able to sell those cars?

Of course, they will tell you that only good looking guys are capable of getting a girl because how else would they be able to sell all those (useless) products?

They tell you: If you buy THIS, you will get any girl you want! And this is how a regular and decent guy in every aspect convinces himself that he stands no chance of ever winning over the girl they like.

I’ll tell you this: Learn how to tease a girl, and you’ll be able to seduce any girl you want!

How? Simple. More than anything in the world, girls LOVE guys who are fun and self-confident. By teasing a girl, you will show her how confident, charming, witty, and funny you are!

Learning how to tease a woman is a true art in itself that any man can master! Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the art of teasing and the best ways to tease a girl you like!

The Psychology Behind Teasing

Yes, there is a wide array of psychological reasons behind teasing and why girls fall for it. Here are the three most important ones:

Teasing requires self-confidence.

Here’s the thing with enigmatic creatures known as men (no offense), when you see a beautiful girl, do you have a tendency to think to yourself: OMG, she’s way out of my league. I will never grab her attention, no matter how hard I try.

By doing that, you’re unwittingly putting her on a pedestal like the majority of men do. Women don’t like that! In fact, they are bored to death of men treating them that way.

But, if you tease her, you will let her know that the two of you are equals. If you do that, she might start thinking that SHE is the one who’s out of your league and not you. And that’s how she’ll find herself deeply attracted to you. That’s how you’ll get a girlfriend.

Teasing requires social skills.

A man who knows how to tease a woman without offending her has mastered the art of social skills.

Truly, teasing takes skill because there are so many things you need to pay attention to in order to do it the right way. You need to be witty/intelligent to come up with a great teasing idea.

Also, you need to read her body language and pay attention to her reactions. If you’re capable of doing all this, you are a master at social skills, making you competent in many other scenarios.

In other words, it makes you more attractive in the eyes of females.

Teasing elicits positive chemical reactions.

Teasing basically means making a girl laugh! When a girl (or anyone else) is laughing, she experiences positive chemical reactions in her brain and body.

That is when her brain starts telling her: Hey, this guy is so much fun to be around. I enjoy spending time with him, and I would like to laugh some more.

Literally, the more you make her laugh, the more she’ll fall for you (without being aware of it). Gotta love psychology and its brilliant explanations for every single phenomenon in dating and life in general!

Why Teasing Is Essential For Attraction

Imagine that you’re having a conversation with a girl, and you’re asking her the following questions (not necessarily in this order):

Hey, what’s up? What you’ve been up to? How are you? What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

Do you think that something’s wrong with the above sentences? I certainly think so!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally okay to ask a girl those questions from time to time, but if your entire conversation with a girl revolves around those BORING questions, she will not be interested in talking to you.

So, how can you get her attention and keep her entertained during the conversation? By TEASING her!

Teasing keeps her entertained, and it tells her that you’re BOLD and DIFFERENT from the rest of the guys!

And that is why teasing is essential for attraction. Truth be told, not every guy has the guts to contradict a woman in a playful manner, mimic her, or roleplay with her.

Your status means NOTHING to a girl if you don’t know how to entertain her with your sense of humor and interesting conversation patterns.

I cannot emphasize how boring it is to talk to a man who only nods at your every single word.

Women, more than anything, want to be challenged and contradicted.

We want to see that you have your own opinion on certain topics, that you’re not afraid to say what you really mean, and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Women want something DIFFERENT, and teasing is one of those things.

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12 Fun Ways To Tease A Girl (With Examples)

Mimic or playfully mock her

Whenever a guy mimics or playfully mocks me, I pretend that I’m mad and offended, but in reality, I actually find it so cute and interesting.

Of course, I would never tell that to the guy because it would no longer be interesting to play that “game.”

So, don’t be afraid to mimic or mock her when she gets really mad at you. Here are some ideas: You can mimic her accent or repeat her words back to her.

The best of all is that by doing it, you will instantly make her feel better. She will no longer be mad at you no matter how hard she pretends to be. That’s the real beauty of teasing!

Give her a funny nickname

Girls LOVE nicknames! One of the reasons why we love when a guy gives us a nickname is because it’s something personal.

Knowing that they made an effort to come up with a unique nickname makes us feel special.

When it comes to the teasing department, the best bet is to choose a funny nickname like shortie, kiddo, smarty, weirdo, and so on.

But, it’s also good to have some cute nicknames for girls up your sleeve as well.

Stereotype her in a playful way

Stereotyping someone is often found offensive, but not if you do it in a playful way! There are so many things and topics that can be used for stereotyping purposes.

For example, you can stereotype her origins, occupation, perhaps driving skills (even though this is a risky one). You can tell her something like this:

Oh, you’re a writer. Could you perhaps write an article on X reasons why I like you? Well, first, you will have to consult with me regarding the topic.

Or this: I didn’t know you were a lawyer. From now on, I’ll certainly be more careful about what I say around you.

By humorously stereotyping her, you will make her laugh and impress her with your intelligence and creativity.

Contradict her

Believe it or not, contradicting is also flirting! Here’s a recipe for successful dating: learn how to flirt with a girl, and you’ll win her!

Women are so sick of guys being afraid to contradict them. Do you really think that the only way to get a girlfriend is by accepting everything she says to you without ever disagreeing?

That girl you like would be more than happy if you contradicted her!

The next time she says something, tell her that you don’t agree with her. Show her that you have your own opinion and you’re not afraid to express it!

Tell her another band is better than the one she’s listening to (even if that’s not the truth).

By contradicting her, you’ll make the conversation more interesting, and she’ll be more than excited about what you’re going to say next to her!

And don’t forget to maintain eye contact while doing so! (Every dating coach will tell you that).

Use the power of reverse psychology

Oh, the power of reverse psychology! Is there anything more powerful than that? I bet there isn’t.

In case you’re not familiar with this conversation pattern, reverse psychology means saying the opposite of what you think to motivate the other person to do as you please.

The definition sounds a little bit complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple.

For example, if you tell her something like: We wouldn’t get along, you will instantly trigger her curiosity and make her want to be with you only to prove to you that you will get along.

Here’s another brilliant example: You’re too nice, girl. I’m afraid I would corrupt you. I think there’s nothing hotter than that sentence.

You’re basically telling her that she’s too nice for you because you’re a bad guy who would corrupt her.

If any guy ever says this to me, I know I would think to myself: Yes, please, corrupt me NOW! Of course, I wouldn’t say it out loud, but you get the idea.

Challenge her

Yes, that beautiful woman you like is craving for a guy to challenge her! Just like contradicting, challenging is another powerful teasing method.

You can initiate a thumb-wrestle match, challenge her to show off her dancing skills, and to do something she normally wouldn’t do.

If you’ve seen the amazing series Dash & Lily, then you know what I’m talking about.

Challenging someone basically means telling them: You can’t do that, or I dare you to do that.

If she proves to you that she’s perfectly capable of accepting your challenges and accomplishing your tasks like a boss, she will feel proud of herself and happy to surprise you.

This feeling will get her addicted to you, and she will crave more challenges from you!

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Accuse her of flirting with you

This one is my favorite. As a matter of fact, I recently used it when I was texting with one guy. In the middle of our convo, I told him:

Are you hitting on me? He said: Well, maybe (and sent me a winking face emoji).

I already knew that he was hitting on me, but I just decided to tease him a little bit to make things more interesting. Try this with a girl and see how she reacts. I bet she will be surprised and flattered at the same time!

A few examples to start with:

I saw you checking me out from head to toe. I’m not a piece of meat! (Something no man has said ever).

Will you please stop checking out my butt?

• Stop thinking all those dirty thoughts. Girl, we just met!

Treat her like a little child

When a guy treats me like a child, I can’t help myself but laugh out loud and be “mad” at him at the same time. It’s so cute and hot at the same time.

I just can’t find the right words to describe that feeling, so I hope you will forgive me.

If you treat her like a little child, she will definitely feel special (but don’t expect her to tell you that). You will notice it in the way she giggles when you tell her some of the following things:

• I think someone deserves a spanking!

• Young lady, you better behave!

• Are you sure you’re old enough to be drinking that?

Call her out

Teasing women is all about showing that you have a great sense of humor. You can express that quality by calling her out in a lighthearted way.

You certainly don’t need to be a bad guy to attract women. Nice guys have an equal chance at that endeavor! Point out something weird, nerdy, or embarrassing about her.

It could simply be anything from her makeup to her weird facial expressions.

For example, if she accidentally breaks something, tell her that that’s the reason why you can’t have expensive things in her vicinity.

If she’s acting all nerdy, ask her: I’m wondering which nerdy school you attended, miss?

Tell her that you’re in love with her freckles. Accentuate her personality traits and pay attention to her habits, and I’m sure you’ll have more teasing material than needed.

Roleplay with her

I love this one! Not many guys feel confident roleplaying, but once you build core confidence, you’ll definitely be more successful at dating. Or should I say, once you learn how to tease a girl, you’ll learn how to win her!

If you know that she’s watching a series, pretend to be her favorite character, change your voice and mimic him.

Here’s another great idea: You can pretend that you just got married and now you’re thinking about where to go on your honeymoon. Ask her about her opinion on that one.

Maybe you’ll find this helpful, too: I have this one teddy bear that I call Tedo, and I use him for my teasing endeavors. I change my voice and pretend that I’m a real bear asking silly questions.

It’s truly hilarious, especially because I’m free to say whatever I want without feeling embarrassed because I’m not saying it directly but through an inanimate object. Guys find this really cute and hilarious, so I think girls will like it too.

Create a game

Who doesn’t love games? Games are the best way to get to know someone better in an indirect way.

It would be awkward if you asked her certain questions for no apparent reason, but if you do it through games, then you are free to express yourself however you want (as long as you’re not being rude).

However, if you’re talking to her for the first time, you might want to postpone playing games for some other time because you don’t want to make her feel like she’s on a job interview.

The 21 questions game is a nice game to start with. You ask her a question, and then you switch roles. You take turns asking each other 21 questions.

You can also pose some follow-up questions as well. Make sure that the questions are playful and funny enough to make her laugh out loud!

Spice it up with pick up lines

Unlike cheesy pick-up lines, dirty pick-up lines are a true innovation in the dating world. Here are some great examples:

• Guess what? You’re on my list of things to do tonight.

• Call me ‘fireman’ because, girl, you are on fire, and I am here to save you.

• Your clothes are making me uncomfortable; would you be so kind as to take them off?

You can never go wrong with flirty jokes, funny pick-up lines, and witty one-liners. They work EVERY SINGLE TIME. But, the only thing you need to pay attention to is not to overdo it.

If you throw dirty pick-up lines like there’s no tomorrow even though you see that the girl is feeling annoyed, then you’re not doing it right. Be modest when it comes to teasing because that’s the recipe for success.

How To Tease A Girl Over Text

Be creative

Wondering how to tease a girl over text or how to make a move on a girl? Wonder no more, BUT be creative!

There are tons of interesting conversation starters for texting, so make sure to choose a topic that is neither too serious nor too kinky (if you catch my drift).

You can tease her for replying too fast to your text messages or for needing too much time to respond. Send her flirty GIFs, and you’ll definitely capture her attention!

Remember that creativity will bring your conversation to the next level (one of the most valuable pieces of dating advice you’ll ever receive).

Less is more

Do you think that sending multiple texts or emojis will catch her attention? Think again. When it comes to flirty texting and sexting messages for her, less is definitely more!

After sending that one creative text, wait patiently for her reply. Don’t become the victim of double texting. Knowing when to text back is also a part of the teasing game.

Use flirty Emojis

I’ve noticed that guys don’t really like using emojis when texting, so when I get one, I instantly feel like I’m on cloud nine!

There’s nothing more powerful than spicing up your texts with some flirty emojis.

This will also help her understand that you’re just being humorous, so you won’t need to worry about her getting offended.

Be playful with words

Pick some flirty questions to ask a girl you want to impress. Play with words!

Don’t worry much about grammar (unless she’s a grammar nazi, of course). Learning how to tease a girl is about learning how to make a girl laugh without much effort.

Don’t try too hard

If you don’t want her to friendzone you, then don’t take things too seriously and don’t overdo it. Don’t try too hard, and you’ll win her over on a first date!

Do yourself a favor and stop putting women on pedestals (sorry, ladies) but use the teasing game to your advantage.

How to tease a girl over text examples:

If you miss me, type “Y” for yes.

• Whenever I see your name popping up on my phone screen, I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

• Which emoji makes you think of me?

• Why are you so beautiful?

• I just wanted to say that I like you. So, what are you going to do about it?

• I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep, and for that, I blame you.

• The truth is, I’ve got nothing interesting to tell you, but I just wanted to talk to you.

• Girl, you’ve been on my mind a LOT today. And it’s only 8:00 am.

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6 Extra Tips To Help You Become A Master At Teasing

Use expressive body language

When it comes to teasing, many guys make the mistake of not paying much attention to their body language.

If you want to learn to tease like a pro, you need to use expressive body language (use your hands, make funny facial gestures, and so on).

Create teasing vibes with your body, words, and energy, and she’ll stick to you like glue!

Start things slowly

Avoid bombarding her with tons of pickup lines and flirty jokes. As with everything else, your best bet is to start things slowly and then gradually add more teasing elements into the conversation.

You certainly don’t want to scare her off or make her think that you’re trying too hard, right?

Then do as I say. (That sounds really bossy, I know).

Focus on making fun of her and not yourself

Wondering how to get a girls’ attention? Then focus on making fun of her instead of yourself. Self-deprecation will only make her think that you have low self-confidence.

But, don’t be rude or cruel when teasing her. Do it in a lighthearted way. Always think twice before saying or texting something that’s supposed to be funny to her.

If you think that it won’t be, then DON’T say it/send it.

Make fun of her weird habits (the way she’s eating her favorite treat, or the way she’s annoyed by the rush hour).

There are so many things you can choose from that won’t make you look like you’re desperately trying to be offensive.

Mix it up with meaningful talk

Imagine that you spend the entire conversation teasing a girl without ever saying something meaningful or initiating a serious conversation (or at least partially serious).

This happened to me with one guy, and I can’t describe to you how annoyed I was.

He was constantly making jokes and teasing me without ever thinking of saying something meaningful. Of course, we never went on a second date.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, then be sure to mix it up with meaningful talk as well. For example, you can ask her a common question and then spice things up with some teasing. Balance is the key!

Stay away from sensitive subjects

Keep in mind that if you tease her in the wrong way, you might insult her. You don’t want to be the kind of person she never wants to run into again.

So, stay away from sensitive subjects. For example, if she’s gained weight recently, you don’t want to make fun of that.

Or if she has some type of congenital anomaly, you definitely don’t want to tease her about that either.

Sensitive subjects are off-limits. I’m pretty sure you can come up with plenty of other creative teasing ideas that don’t involve insulting or hurting a girl’s feelings.

Get in the habit of flirting with everyone

Flirting with everyone will help you master your teasing game. You know what they say: Practice makes perfect.

HOWEVER, don’t flirt with her best friends! The last thing you need is a jealous girl coming after you.

Just like sensitive subjects, flirting with her best friends is off-limits as well. You don’t want her to find out that you sent the same flirty text messages to her bestie.

If you really like that girl, then be a gentleman and have manners (even when it comes to flirting).

And Remember To Enjoy The Teasing Journey!

Try not to overthink when it comes to learning how to tease a girl. Instead, focus on enjoying the process because if you enjoy it, she will too!

Also, remember to be yourself. I think that’s one of the most valuable pieces of dating advice for anyone. Out of fear that we must be perfect, we often forget to be who we truly are.

Make her laugh, but also show her your sensitive side. Be a charming gentleman with a great sense of humor, and a girl who knows how to appreciate those qualities will certainly notice it!