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25 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You (+ Their Secret Meanings)

25 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You (+ Their Secret Meanings)

I used to think my love life was complicated enough, but since the arrival of social media and emojis (yes, I’m that old), things got even more challenging.

Ladies, I’m sure you no longer overthink only the words that come out of their mouths, but you’re doing all of the following:

• reading between the lines in texting conversations (thinking there’s a secret meaning to their every word) ?

• analyzing their texting patterns ?

• pretending it’s totally okay every time they ignore your texts when, in reality, you’re dying inside ?

• trying to ignore that painful feeling that comes with one-word texts ?

• analyzing their emojis see if they like you or love you ?

Today we’ll focus on the last one. Specifically, we’ll focus on what type of emojis guys use when they love you so that you can always be one step ahead of them!

25 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

From ? to ?, let’s see the real meanings behind these emojis that guys use when they fall HARD for you:

1. ? meaning from a guy

Hail to the famous winking face! Without a doubt, the winky face is one of the most mysteriously intriguing emojis and the cause of lots of overthinking (at least in my case).

Guys use the winking emoji primarily to flirt with you, but they also continue using this famous emoji even when their feelings for you become deeper.

Obviously, they don’t want to reveal too much, but they kind of want to keep you guessing about their true feelings for you.

This emoji enables them to express their love in an intriguing and mysterious way because they know that girls are suckers for it (and it works every single time).

2. ? meaning from a guy

Contrary to the previous emoticon, the kiss emoji has a slightly different meaning in terms of its subtleness. Guys use kissy-face emojis to directly flirt with you and express their love and affection in a warm and cool way.

If you’ve ever received this emoji in text messages (and you certainly have), then you know what I’m talking about.

At first, your heart rate increases, and a warm fuzzy feeling overwhelms you. You think to yourself:Yup, this is it. He totally loves me.”

But then again, you can’t help yourself but Google emojis guys use when they love you, just to make sure that you’re not imagining things.

Well, it’s good that you did.

3. ? meaning from a guy

The emoji with three hearts and a smiling face? I think there’s no need to analyze this one because it screams LOVE, AFFECTION, CARE.

Trust me, guys don’t send facial expressions with three hearts for shits and giggles. They send them to girls who have a special place in their hearts, so consider yourself lucky!

4. ? meaning from a guy

The smiling face with smiling eyes emoji is specifically used by guys to indicate one thing: That they feel comfortable in your real life and virtual company.

So, if a guy sends you this emoji, know that he’s slowly but surely falling in love with you. He loves being in your presence, and his heart pounds every time he receives a text message from you.

He can’t hide his excitement from you, so he feels obliged to let you know how much your existence means to him. (So, you better believe him.)

5. ? meaning from a guy

Whenever I see the heart eyes emoji, it instantly reminds me of a child’s eyes when they are excited about something (be it their favorite toy or ice cream). I’m sure you see where I’m going with all this.

Just replace the words favorite toy and ice cream with yourself, and there is your answer.

By sending you this emoji, a guy wants you to know the following:

• You’re the object of his deep affection.

• You’re the first thing he thinks of in the morning and when he goes to sleep.

• He’s excited every time he sees you and texts you.

• He’s telling you “ I love you” in a subtle way.

6. ? meaning from a guy

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that guys who are head over heels in love with you can’t stop laughing when around you.

You don’t even have to crack jokes because everything you say somehow magically makes them laugh. ?

Don’t be fooled.

They’re not laughing at anything you say, but they’re laughing because YOU and your vibe make them feel that way.

They’re expressing affection and gratitude for making them feel good about themselves. The same applies to the virtual world.

You’re the one who brightens their day because you always say the right words to inspire them. That’s exactly what this emoji means.

7. ? meaning from a guy

A hugging face emoji sent by a guy screams the following:

• Vulnerability

• Feeling comfy

• Feeling emotional

• Deep affection

Seriously, if a guy wants to “virtually” hug and kiss you, this is a good sign that he’s totally smitten by you.

And yes, when guys reach this level of falling-head-over-heels-for-you, they use emojis that accompany their warm feelings, such as this one.

8. ? meaning from a guy

I’ve never really understood this one emoji because it falls somewhere in between a heart and a smile. After I did my research, I finally found the real meaning of it.

The star-eyed emoji is equivalent to the heart eyes emoji. It expresses the guy’s ultimate amazement. It means he’s stunned by the way you express yourself, well, basically the way you do anything. ?

9. ? meaning from a guy

If you’ve ever received a text with an upside-down smiling face, you probably couldn’t stop yourself from wondering: Is he only flirting with me, or is there something more?

Well, the upside-down smiley face is widely used in flirty texts by guys, BUT it’s also used when they’re catching strong feelings for you (and they’re not ready to be open about it).

I agree that this emoji should be banned because it can mean lots of things, and who has time to decipher them all? Wait, we have a solution for that problem too.

If he combines this emoji with heart eyes emojis or hug emojis, these are all emojis guys use when they love you, so there’s no need to overthink it.

10. ❤️ meaning from a guy

The heart emoji is considered a classic way of expressing deeper feelings. Even though it seems simple at first glance, the red heart emoji is used by guys in various situations such as:

• When you make them laugh.

• When they are acknowledging how special you are to them.

• When they can’t wait to see you.

Receiving a heart is always a good thing and a surefire sign that he likes you more than a friend and wants you to know it.

11. ? meaning from a guy

Yes, the angel face emoji is definitely a type of flirty emoji, but guys also use it when they’re subtly letting you know how much you mean to them.

In most cases, it is interpreted as an innocent response to a text, but it also indicates a growing emotional attraction. This emoji is equivalent to secret blushing.

Well, if a guy blushes, then you know something is definitely going on in his mind and heart (something stronger than himself).

12. ? meaning from a guy

Receiving a kiss emoji from a guy is always a good thing. Well, not really always. Players can also send you virtual kisses to lure you into their game.

But if you’ve already crossed all the red flags and know your guy has pure intentions with you, you should definitely enjoy the moment of epiphany that comes with receiving a virtual kiss. Why?

Because this means he has DEEP feelings for you, girl!

13. ? meaning from a guy

This is one of my favorite ones. A blushing emoji is both cute and hot at the same time for two simple reasons:

• It shows that a guy is kind of overwhelmed by his emotions.

• It shows that he’s probably scared of the fact that he’s totally into you.

You stole his heart, and now he has to find a way to acknowledge this to the world (and himself). Sending a blushing emoji is definitely a start.

14. ? meaning from a guy

What’s better than receiving a heart from a guy? Well, receiving the two hearts emoji, of course!

It’s like he’s telling you: Woman, I double love you! Don’t you dare question my feelings for you.

JOKE ALERT: Indeed, if you receive two hearts from a guy, you can be sure that his two heads have turned into two hearts. ?

15. ? meaning from a guy

This is a cute kissing emoji guys usually send to you to wish you good night, good morning, or when they feel cute and romantic.

He enjoys your texting vibes and can’t wait to shift your virtual conversations to real-life convos. And yes, his levels of deep affection for you are growing exponentially.

16. ? meaning from a guy

We all know how much guys enjoy teasing you whenever they have an opportunity to do so. Now, the question is: Why do they do it? Because they’re into you, of course!

A guy will send you a tongue-out emoji after his attempts at teasing (specifically after he made you laugh).

If a guy makes an effort to entertain you with his sense of humor, then you know he’s smitten by you.

17. ? meaning from a guy

Do you know that feeling when you’ve been hiding something for so long, and when you finally share it with someone, you instantly feel a great relief.

That’s what this relieved smile emoji represents. If a guy sends it to you, it means he’s had some internal battles for some time now, and finally, he’s ready to admit his deep affection for you!

18. ? meaning from a guy

Yes, smirk emojis are primarily reserved for flirting, but they can also have romantic connotations. Flirting can be romantic, too, right?

Overall, receiving a smirk face from a guy is witty, playful, and extremely fun (at least to us overthinkers). It implies that they’re trying to play hard to get when, in reality, they couldn’t be more into you.

19. ?‍❤️‍? meaning from a guy

Couple emoji! Is there a more obvious virtual expression of love from a guy? I don’t think so.

By sending you this, he’s letting you know that you belong to one another.

You are his, and he is yours.

He’s proud to give you his heart and take care of yours.

He’s your Romeo, and you are his Juliet.

Should I continue? Okay.

20. ? meaning from a guy

The smiley face emoji with sunglasses also belongs to the category of flirty emojis that guys also use when they want to express deep romantic feelings for you.

He wants you to think of him as a cool guy trying his best to pursue you and worship your gentle heart.

Sometimes, he may have difficulty expressing those feelings to you, but you know they are there, and this emoji accompanied with romantically cool words is legit proof of that.

21. ? meaning from a guy

The monkey emoji depicts shyness, and it’s definitely one of the most popular emojis guys use when they love you.

It’s like they’re hiding their true feelings from themselves and are embarrassed by revealing too much to you.

If your guy is shy, I bet you receive lots of monkey see-no-evil emojis. Well, you’ll receive them even if he’s not shy. The most important thing is that he’s crazy about you!

22. ? meaning from a guy

I’m sure you know the joy of receiving a rose from your favorite person. When a guy gives you a rose, it means he respects you, appreciates you, and sees you as a special person in his life.

Well, the same thing applies if he gives you a virtual rose. He wants you to know how madly he is in love with you and that you are his woman! ?

23. ? meaning from a guy

Happy face with smiling eyes! If a guy sends you this emoji, then you know you make him feel LOVED and HAPPY.

He enjoys texting you, and more than that, he enjoys spending time with you. You are the yin to his yang, and you can brighten his day within seconds (and without much trying).

All he needs is to receive a text from you, and he’ll have ? for the rest of the day.

24. ? meaning from a guy

Similar to the previous one, grin emojis are sent by guys to let you know that they’re absolutely crazy about you, your sense of humor, and your unique personality.

I bet he can’t stop grinning even after you’ve finished the conversation. Well, that’s the ultimate proof of his strong affection for you.

25. ? meaning from a guy

The face with a hand over mouth emoji is becoming more and more popular among guys particularly because it’s cute, sentimental, and doesn’t reveal too much.

This emoji shows their vulnerable and affectionate side. If a guy feels free to send you one of these emojis, then you know he can be himself around you.

You also know that he appreciates the way you make him feel. Consider this emoji a romantic gesture and proof of his devotion to you.

Closing Thoughts ?

Of all the emojis guys use when they love you ?, ?, and ?‍❤️‍? are the most obvious virtual expressions of love.

Other emojis on the list above can also be considered romantic expressions of their deeper feelings for you, only in different contexts.

After all, if you learn to decipher all the signs that indicate a guy loves you, the psychology of emojis will only be secondary proof of their deep affection (as it should be). ?