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How To Get A Girlfriend: The Most Extensive Guide Out There

How To Get A Girlfriend: The Most Extensive Guide Out There

Not so long ago, I remember my introverted male friends having a discussion on how to get a girlfriend in GTA 5. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, it is a video game.

So, basically, to get a girlfriend in this video game, you need to find a strip club, choose a stripper, pay for her private dances (to increase her love interest), keep flirting with her, and keep forking out cash. Then, eventually, she’ll agree to be your girlfriend.


Worry not… things are not that simple in real life (for the majority of regular guys, of course).

From going on a first date, making a few mistakes, and escaping the friendzone like a boss, to improving your flirting game… the process of getting a girlfriend requires a special set of skills.

Or, at least, that’s what you’ve been taught.

So, today is the day when everything changes. We are gathered here today to debunk the myth of getting a girlfriend by going through all 4 stages of it (approaching girls, dating, making a move, and making it official). In addition, we’ll also talk about meeting girls online.

If this is something that might interest you, I encourage you to keep reading because I’m sure we’ll have plenty of FUN together!

How Can I Make A Girl Fall In Love With Me?

Here’s the uncensored truth: Every single guy is capable of getting a girlfriend if they are willing to make an effort. Now, let me elaborate.

This means that you don’t have to look like Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, or Liam Hemsworth in order to seduce a girl you like.

Also, you don’t need to have a six-figure salary (in most cases) in order to win a girl. I hope you noticed my sarcastic attempts in the previous sentence.

What do you need to do to make a girl fall in love with you?

Ask her out. Go on a date. Keep the conversation going. Make a move on her. CLICHE ALERT: Make her feel special. And, the most important of all… be the best version of yourself.

Basically, winning a girl is not about pretending to be something you’re not, or reaching perfection. It’s about using all your potential and redirecting it into becoming the best version of yourself.

Reevaluating Your Perspective Might Be Necessary

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a cute or a hot girl with some ordinary guy? I bet it’s the following: This dude must be either rich or extremely talented at seducing girls.

Seriously? Why do we have to make everything about money or some superhuman seducing skills? Why can’t a regular guy attract a good-looking female just because he CAN?

If you’re one of those guys wondering how to get a girlfriend with minimum effort, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you’re in the wrong place.

Here’s the truth.

If you can catch a girl’s attention and impress her, there’s no doubt that you can win her. Getting girls is not quantum physics, even though many guys perceive it as such. I daresay that this is closely connected with their insecurities.

From high school crushes to dating as an adult, some guys never get rid of this assumption that they are not good enough for any girl out there.

So, they give up on pursuing a girl before they even try. Beautiful women are human beings, too, so there’s no need to over idolize them.

Before deciding to approach a girl, you need to reevaluate your perspective, boost your confidence, and trust in your dating skills. All these things will help you approach girls without the fear of rejection.

How To Get A Girlfriend: 4 Stages To Becoming Her Boyfriend

Getting a girlfriend is often easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Following the right tips and boosting your dating skills is a must. Below, you’ll find four stages on how to get a girlfriend that consist of simple steps and lots of dating tips.

STAGE 1 – Approaching girls (the right way)

Approaching and attracting the opposite sex is all about the ATTITUDE. However, remember that if you fake it, you won’t make it. Focus on accentuating your trademarks, personality, self-esteem, and other things that differentiate you from the rest.

Don’t try too hard. If you want to attract women like a boss, then be playful and thoughtful. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

1. Stop trying TOO hard.

Seriously. This is the biggest mistake that almost every guy is guilty of when it comes to making a move on a girl. When they really like a girl or when they’re determined to get a girlfriend, they turn into a guy-who-is-ready-to-do-ANYTHING-for-a-girl-he-likes.

I’m not saying that you should generally reduce your efforts or stop using deodorant. Instead, stop trying TOO hard (read: constantly going out of your way for a girl) because that’s neither hot nor healthy.

If a girl told you to do something extremely stupid for her, would you do it? Chances are you would because you like her!

Well, keep in mind that this screams low self-confidence, which is a huge turn-off and not an impressive trait to have (Believe me on this one).

Stop trying too hard, but also don’t be a careless douchebag. Instead, be classy, stand up straight, show some style, and let her know that you know what you’re doing (even if you have no idea).

2. Rock your own style (with the addition of a few trademarks).

Okay. So, if you want to get a girlfriend, you need to make sure that women notice you, right? What is the best way to catch anyone’s attention? Let me help you with this one.

If your style and overall appearance give off the vibe that you’re not taking good care of yourself, or not even trying to match colors (even though this is less important), you won’t intrigue anyone.

I’m not saying that you should wear only suits 24/7 or have the perfect hairstyle even when you sleep, but you should definitely work on presenting yourself in an interesting and appealing way.

Remember that the goal is to be more inviting to girls in malls, gyms, coffee shops, or wherever you go. Your appearance is the first thing that other potential girlfriends notice about you, so making a good impression is the key when it comes to learning how to get a girl.

And, don’t forget the importance of trademarks. This is something that differentiates you from the rest. It could be a unique piece of jewelry, a tailor-made leather jacket, you name it. The more original, the better.

3. Approach her like a boss.

Before approaching a girl, I suggest repeating the following sentences a few times:

“She won’t reject talking to me. She won’t make fun of me. She’s not out of my league.”

I cannot accentuate enough the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, and being confident in your thoughts and actions. Why?

Because everything starts from your mindset. If you’re wired negatively, chances are you’ll be more nervous than you usually are, and you’ll attract more negativity into your life.

Approaching girls with a positive vibe and confident body language is a surefire way to impress them. Most importantly, you’ll impress the universe to reward you with more positivity.

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits one can have, and everything stems from that. You could be the hottest guy on the planet, but without confidence, you’ve got nothing. Ask any girl out there, and they’ll confirm the mentioned.

And, please do yourself a favor and avoid cliche approaches that start with an attraction killer known as “Excuse me”.

Instead, try to be more original. Start with a simple “Hi…” and accompany it with a thoughtful question in accordance with the situation you’re in.

And, yes, don’t forget to use your second strongest weapon after confidence, which is maintaining deep eye contact. Actually, confidence and eye contact are almost the same thing, if you ask me.

Pro tip: Be careful when using cheesy pickup lines. Not every girl likes them.

4. Be genuine.

Wondering how to get a girl or how to make a girl attracted to you?

Repeat this after me: Don’t be generic. Be genuine. Congratulations, you’ve just learned the most valuable lesson of your life (I mean dating life).

Do not ask her generic questions straight away because if you do, you’ll be classified as an ordinary, boring guy. (A lot of girls consider this as one of the biggest dating sins.)

You, yourself, know that you can do better than that! You can say something like:

“Hey, I know this is totally random, but I couldn’t resist approaching you. I hope you’ll forgive me for that.”

I swear to you, with this sentence, you can catch the attention of any girl you want. Why? Because this approach is witty, playful, and thoughtful. Who wouldn’t want to be with a guy like that, right?

This will both make her smile and intrigue her, which is exactly your intention. For bonus points, give her a genuine compliment on her cute smile, hairstyle, eyes, or something else.

I suggest being on the safe side and sticking to light but effective compliments on her eyes, overall style, and vibe. The next step will be the art of teasing.

5. Tease her the right way.

Anyone can tease a girl, but not everyone knows how to tease a girl the right way. Most guys overdo it and achieve a counter-effect instead. The most important thing is that you have to do it in a subtle way.

Don’t be too direct or arrogant. Be witty in a playful and cute way. If you notice that she’s a little bit confused, then you can add that famous “Just kidding”.

So, how will you know that you’re doing it the right way?

Watch how she reacts to your teasing. Does she look amused or like she regrets meeting you? It’s not that hard to differentiate between the two; I can tell you that.

If a shy girl likes you, she’ll laugh at all of your jokes (including the corny ones) and teasing endeavors.

Also, teasing is a great stress relief and prevention of dreaded awkward silence. It will help you relax and connect in the most natural way. I suggest teasing girls on a regular basis so that you can become a pro at it.

6. The focus should be on her.

I know that you’re overly concerned with presenting yourself in the best possible light, but you shouldn’t make this only about yourself.

The focus should be on her because she’s the one whom you want to impress, right? Also, when a girl really likes you, she wants you to notice her.

So, what if I tell you that the less you do, the more you’ll impress her. How? By simply LISTENING to her.

A lot of guys don’t understand that this is a gift from God, and the easiest way to impress her is by simply doing nothing.

Look at it this way. When you pay attention to her, you have less room for making mistakes. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should only listen to her the whole time.

Talk, but talk in a wise, interesting, and entertaining way. And, add some teasing to the equation as well. And, yes, don’t forget to get her phone number or follow her on social media so that you can ask her on a date in the near future.

STAGE 2 – The dating game

Now that you have successfully approached a girl, it’s time to focus on the dating game and boost your knowledge on how to get a girl (and keep her). Of course, before going on a date, you need to ask a girl out.

Learning how to get a girlfriend is all about giving her enough reasons to desire your presence. Here’s how you’ll ask her out on a date and impress her:

1. Ask her out on a date (at the right time).

Okay, so now, you have her number or you follow her on social media. Do not (ever) come to the temptation to ask her to go out on a date when it’s too soon.

So, what is too soon, anyway? Definitely, the first time you text her or call her. Asking a girl out on a date shouldn’t feel like a chore. As a matter of fact, the more you rush it, the chances are you’ll ruin it.

Girls don’t like to feel pressured to date anyone (the same thing applies to men). This should happen naturally; preferably after a few days of texting, teasing, and getting to know each other better in the virtual world.

Or, until you see that the girl is totally relaxed and she enjoys your virtual company. Making her laugh will surely help you with that. So, when that happens, it’s the right time to ask her out on a date.

I suggest doing it in the following three ways (or any other way that you might find interesting):

• Ask her out in person

• Ask her out via text

• Ask her out through a letter

I know. You’re probably not that fascinated with my vintage suggestion of sending her a letter to ask her out. However, if you’re anxious about doing it in person, and texting her is too basic for you, then sending her a letter is a brilliant idea.

Whichever option you choose, don’t overcomplicate it. Make it as simple as you can: “Would you like to go on a date with me? Yes or no?”

2. Creative date ideas should be a priority.

Hooray! Let’s assume that she agreed to go on a date with you. Well, if you followed all of the steps above, why wouldn’t she, right?

So, now we have other “problems” to deal with. One of them is date ideas. Are you a fan of late-night dates or do you prefer daytime dating? Wait, what does she prefer?

You’ll have to find out, so make sure to ask her a few questions about her dating preferences because you don’t want to disappoint her. You want her to enjoy spending time with you.

To help you out, here are a few first date ideas you can suggest:

• Cook together (or cook for her)

• Go hiking

• Take a walk

• Go bowling

• See a drive-in movie

• Go to the beach

• A bike ride

If you’re both indecisive, you can write a few date ideas on a piece of paper and choose one. That would be really fun.

3. Boost your ‘gentleman skills’.

Girls love feeling special (I mean, who doesn’t, right?). So, that is why you need to be a true gentleman. That’s one of the most important pieces of first-date advice for guys, so don’t forget it.

I understand that meeting a girl for the first time can make you feel anxious because you want everything to run as smoothly as possible.

Still, there’s no need to hyperventilate too soon. Instead, focus on boosting your gentleman skills. What does this mean?

It means that you should be caring, thoughtful, and protective of her, not only on the first date, but always. And, yes, don’t forget to compliment her because Lord knows she probably spent a few hours choosing her outfit and putting on make-up for that date.

You have no idea how much it means to us when someone praises our efforts (Every dating coach will tell you that).

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being a gentleman is not only about complimenting. It’s about listening to her, opening doors for her, making her laugh to help her relax, and being thoughtful. Basically, it’s about caring about how she feels when she’s with you.

And, trust me, if you genuinely care about her, she’ll notice it.

4. Choose conversation topics wisely.

First-date conversations are probably the second most important thing on first dates (after your confidence) because they are the main indicator of compatibility. Everything stems from your vibe and the way you connect (or don’t connect) with one another.

So, what are the best topics to talk about on a first date? You can talk about your common interests, your lifestyle, preferences, future plans, etc. Also, make sure to spice it all up with a sense of humor.

The accent should be on expressing yourself in an interesting way, which will help you never run out of conversation topics. This includes asking interesting first-date questions instead of boring ones that will make her jawn.

With that said, here are a few questions that will both intrigue her and help you keep the conversation flowing:

What is something interesting that I should know about you?

If money was not a concern, what would you do every day?

What is your top relationship deal-breaker?

If you could pick one year of your life to do over, which would it be, and why?

Do you usually follow your head or your heart when making decisions?

There are also some topics you should definitely avoid on a first date:

• Bragging about your financial status

• Complaining about your job

• Politics

• Money

• Religion

• Your exes

Remember to keep things light, and don’t reveal too much information about yourself. Keep some things for another date as well. Besides, women are crazy about men who have this mysterious vibe that hovers around them.

5. Flirt with her in an effective and subtle way.

Don’t make the mistake of being too pushy or too direct when it comes to flirting. The art of seducing girls should be treated as such, which means you shouldn’t rush things.

Focus on verbal flirting first. Tease her, choose playful words, make her smile. Repeat this a few times and then slowly level up to the next flirting phase, which is physical flirting.

When it comes to this type of flirting, you need to be as subtle as you can (at least in the beginning). Subtle touches are your best friend because women love the kind of guy who is somewhere in between a bad boy and a good boy.

So, you can touch her shoulder when explaining something to her, brush something out of her hair and accidentally touch her neck while doing so, or you can lightly push her away from you when she teases you.

There are multiple moments in which you can use the power of a subtle touch, so do it wisely. If you notice that she’s reciprocating, then you know you’re doing it right. Then, you know she’s comfortable with physical contact.

However, if her response is negative, then you should pull away and perhaps try again later. Maybe she’s just shy or needs more time to relax around you.

One thing is for sure, her enjoying your company is one of the biggest signs that you nailed your first date.

STAGE 3 – Making a move

After asking her out on a date to subtly flirting with her on a date, we’ve come to the main fun part, which is making a move on a girl, a.k.a., closing the deal.

At this stage, you either go all in or you go home. Okay, there’s also something in between, and it’s called being stuck in the friendzone. So, let’s see.

1. Escaping the friendzone (if necessary).

Here’s some of the most valuable humble advice by a female species (me): If she calls you, bro, then think twice before making a move. If you don’t trust me, you can ask your female friends about this.

Have you already been on a few dates with her and you still haven’t kissed? Do you keep texting her, but she seems hesitant to text back sometimes?

Then, I can surely confirm to you that you’ve been stuck in the most dreaded place of one-sided romance, known as the friendzone. It’s when you’re going out of your way to impress her, help her with things, and be there for her, but sadly, she sees you only as a friend.

I’ll be honest with you. Once a girl starts seeing you as her friend instead of a potential lover, chances are really low that this will change anytime soon.

Still, not all hope is lost! Getting out of the friendzone is still possible, but it requires lots of patience. If you want her to start seeing you as a potential lover, you need to become challenging and mysterious.

Most importantly, you need to stop over-calling and texting her. Focus on your own life, step out of your comfort zone, and become the best you can be.

In other words, you need to give her the opportunity to miss you. Once you do that, she’ll reconsider her decision of seeing you only as a friend.

2. Kiss her like you really mean it.

But, before you decide to kiss her, you must make sure that she indeed wants to be kissed by you. How will you know that?

Does she keep looking at your lips or playing with her hair while giving you that “kiss me” look?

Is it evident that she’s having the time of her life with you (okay, maybe I over exaggerated it a bit, but you get the idea).

Does she lean in when you speak to her?

If your answer is yes, then these are some of the main signs that a girl wants you to kiss her. Still, don’t force it. Wait for that special moment of comfortable silence when you’re both looking deeply into each other’s eyes and slowly leaning toward one another.

When that happens, kiss her like you really mean it (and, I really mean it). Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. Express your ultimate affection in that first kiss and every single one after it.

3. Don’t force another date.

Are you one of those guys who have this uncontrollable urge to repeat after every first date the following: “I want to see you again.” What’s actually wrong with this sentence?

It’s undertone. It’s like saying to a girl: “Hey, I want to see you again. I don’t ask you whether you want to see me.”

A better alternative would be something more neutral like: “I really enjoyed the time spent with you, and I think we should do this again sometime.”

After that, you wait for her to say something like: “Yeah, I really enjoyed it, too, and I can’t wait to make more memories with you.”

Remember that there’s a fine line between a nice guy who is trying to get another date and a guy who is indirectly forcing a girl to go on another date with him.

Be the former type of guy and you’ll keep her interested. Actually, do you know what’s the best of all? It’s the last part of your sentence; “we should do this again sometime”. This indicates that you’re not quite sure when this will happen, and also you’re casual about it.

This is exactly what every girl needs to hear because it will make you look like a challenge. It will preserve the thrill of the chase and her interest in going on a second date or any other date with you.

This is called reverse psychology, and it works every single time.

4. Keep things exciting between dates.

By keeping things exciting between dates, I don’t mean texting her every second to send her funny memes or corny jokes. Instead, you should choose a more subtle method that is always more effective.

Don’t share every single second of your life with her, but make her curious. Don’t text her all the time, but allow her to miss you first. Be busy sometimes, but don’t forget to text her back later.

Find the balance between playing hard to get and being there for her. I know it’s easier said than done, but I’m sure you can do it. I believe in you, so there’s no need to doubt yourself.

Here’s another worthy piece of dating advice: Don’t rush with dirty questions and other “spicy tools”. Wait for the right moment to jump into sexting mode. The best bet is to allow it to happen naturally.

You don’t want to be one of those guys who are only interested in hooking up with her. You’re here to learn how to get a girlfriend, so there’s no need to ruin your future meet-ups with impulsive decisions.

Just listen to your intuition and you’ll definitely know when the right time to do certain things is because our guts never lie.

STAGE 4 – Making it official

So, you’ve been dating for some time now, and you’re finally ready to make things official. You want to call her your girlfriend, and you want to be her boyfriend.

Perhaps you already introduced her to your friends, but you still haven’t had the talk about your relationship status. Here are a few things to pay attention to at this stage.

1. Don’t force a relationship.

Don’t make the same mistake as half of your fellow male species have. Don’t force a relationship with the girl of your dreams only for the sake of reassuring yourself that she’s yours. Don’t rush with those adorable nicknames for a girlfriend because you might push her away.

First, you need to make sure that you’re on the same page. Does she want to be in a relationship? Have you ever talked about it in the first place?

If yes, then you can slowly start making things official and feel free to act as a legit couple. You’re free to Netflix and chill with your new girlfriend for the rest of your life without feeling guilty about it.

Just kidding! This is something you should pay special attention to. Avoid the trap of falling into a rut because if you do, it will take some time for you to get out of it.

2. Let it flow (and keep winning her).

Don’t overthink things… give her space, be independent, be available (but not too available)… and the list goes on and on. No, you won’t need to memorize all those dating rules and relationship advice by heart in order to get a girl and keep her. I say: Let it flow.

Keep going on fun dates, and keep winning her. Just because you’re a couple now, this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to impress her.

That’s another mistake many guys make. If you want to keep her, then keep fighting for her. The part of learning how to get a girlfriend is also learning how to keep her.

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How Can You Find A Girlfriend?

Basically, you can find a girlfriend anywhere in real life, of course. From grocery stores, coffee shops, and museums, to parks… every place is an opportunity to meet someone new.

For example, if you’re going to the gym, you’ll meet girls who also value physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Sharing similar interests is always a plus when it comes to compatibility.

Furthermore, you can always meet girls online, and below, you’ll find valuable tips on how to get a girl in the virtual world.

How To Get A Girlfriend Online

Wondering how to get a girl online, e.g., on Tinder or other dating apps and sites? Of course, you are because meeting people online is the easiest way for you to FIND a girl.

Still, this doesn’t mean that it’s the easiest way to WIN a girl (but, you can always try). Here’s how you can meet girls online, and a few things you need to pay attention to:

1. Join online dating sites, special interest sites, or online gaming sites.

I bet there are more types of dating sites, so make sure to do your research. Still, the most popular way to meet potential partners online is via online dating sites like Tinder, OkCupid, and similar.

Special interest sites are also a great way to meet people who are interested in the same things as you (hobbies, sports, TV series, music) and so on. If you’re looking for a girl who shares your passions, then this is the best way to meet her.

If you’re a gamer, online gaming sites are your savior. Talk to other players, ask them if you could add them on social media, and voilà, you have a potential date.

And, yes, you can always find girls on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

2. Make your dating (or social media) profile stand out from the rest.

In the online dating world (and on social media), the first thing people notice is your profile. So, your first impression greatly depends on how you present yourself on your profile.

Of course, you want to accentuate the positive things about your lifestyle and personality. You want your profile to be authentic, INTERESTING, and amusing.

A sense of humor is more than welcome because a girl needs to know that she’ll have plenty of fun texting you. Don’t forget to highlight one thing; that you’re looking for a relationship.

That way, the girls will take you seriously, and they will know your dating intentions. Also, make sure to use the best pictures of yourself.

If you have photos of yourself where you’re doing fun things (visiting interesting places), then stick to those. Great selfies are also a must if you want to impress girls.

Your profile should resemble the gist of your personality, which you can express through the way you dress yourself, your activities, hobbies, and similar.

3. Read a girl’s profile before sliding into her DMs.

So, once you find a girl whom you would want to approach online, make sure to “get to know her first”. There are so many things you can learn simply by observing her profile.

Pay attention to her likes/dislikes, the way she expresses herself, her lifestyle, and other things that summarize her overall personality. It may sound hilarious, but this will help you devise a strategy before texting her.

If she has visited the same place as you, this is the perfect conversation topic for the two of you. Or, if you notice that she’s a shy girl, you shouldn’t be too direct. Instead, give her a few days to accept you as her new online friend (and potentially something more).

As you’re reading her profile, don’t forget to compliment her picture, but please don’t write something like: “Beautiful”. Instead, be more authentic and pay attention to details.

4. Impress her with your original approach.

Don’t be one of those guys who can’t think of anything more original than saying “Hi”. If you ask me, this is the biggest online crime you can commit in online dating.

Be more specific and unique when it comes to conversation starters. You can always make a witty comment on something related to her, or ask her a thoughtful question that will make her think.

Focus on impressing her with your unique approach and sense of humor. Don’t type the first thing that comes to your mind, but make an effort to make it sound fun and inviting.

No one wants to hang out with a person who isn’t even trying to make things interesting in the texting world. Also, don’t forget to spice it all up with flirty emojis because girls LOVE them!

They give this homey feeling to every conversation, and they also have the power to boost the flirtiness of your texts. It all depends on which context you are using them in.

5. Evaluate her texting signs.

I strongly suggest evaluating a girl’s texting signs before asking her out. Why? Because girls will literally let you know if they’re interested via their first text.

They won’t tell you directly, but there will be some texting signs she likes you, such as the following:

• Replying immediately

• Sending you novel-length texts

• Sending lots of emojis

• Expressing herself in an interesting way

If you notice some or all of these texting signs in her texting patterns, then you have the green light to take things to another level.

And, worry not… asking a girl out over text is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you know that she truly likes you and will want to get to know you better in person.

Here’s one cute and fun way to ask a girl out over text: “I’ve been gathering courage for some time to ask you on a date, so I’d be grateful if you could be so kind as to put me out of my misery.”

6. Keep up the effort and don’t give up.

I know. The virtual world can be cruel at times, and success in dating is not guaranteed. However, this doesn’t mean you should pull away instantly after a bad experience.

Keep in mind that the right girl (your potential soulmate) out there is looking for you as well. So, all you have to do is continue looking for her.

“Only the absolutely determined people succeed.” – Audrey Hepburn

Sometimes, you’ll meet a girl who will seem unrealistically awesome on dating profiles and online conversations, but when meeting her, you might go home disappointed. That is why you need to lower your expectations when you start dating.

You can never know the outcome of meeting someone online, but you can always give them a chance. Determination and patience are more than desired when it comes to all this.

How Do You Make A Girlfriend Happy?

Being a good boyfriend is all about wanting to make her happy. If you want to make her smile, you’ll find a way to do it. If you want her to trust you, you’ll never make her doubt your words or actions.

Relationships are not about some imposed rules where couples blindly follow them and live happily ever after. You’re bound to experience constant ups and downs, but what matters is your willingness to fight for your relationship.

So, let it flow and enjoy every second of your new life chapter with your girlfriend. Enjoy all those romantic moments of holding hands, sending her romantic bedtime stories, doing things for the first time together, and lots of laughing.

Always be on the lookout for new ways to make her feel special and strengthen your bond. Also, don’t forget to ask her to join your group of friends and close people. If you want to make your girlfriend happy, then make her a part of your life.

So, How Do You Get A Girlfriend?

Is the question, “How to get a girlfriend?” still on your mind? Then, I advise you to read it all one more time. Okay, that was a lame joke.

Here’s what I wanted to say, actually: Don’t wonder, but start doing. Don’t overthink, but think positively.

Don’t be overly self-critical when it comes to meeting new girls. Your vibe greatly depends on how you feel about yourself. The truth is, you don’t even have to say anything to a girl because your vibe is the biggest indicator of your personality.

Well, when it comes to the virtual world, your profile resembles your vibe, so make sure to present yourself in the best possible light.

And, remember: “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Marilyn Monroe