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15 Clear Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You A LOT

15 Clear Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You A LOT

Dear guys, do you ever have a problem noticing when a girl likes you? Let me rephrase. Do you ever have a problem noticing the signs a girl is jealous and likes you?

I’m sure some of you do because if this weren’t so, you wouldn’t be here, right? ?

In defense of the male species, I wholeheartedly admit that we, women, can be complicated sometimes. But I’ve also noticed that you men can be tricky too.

No, I’m not trying to remind you of that corny phrase Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. I’m just indicating that both men and women can have difficulty expressing their affection and noticing when someone actually likes them.

Yes, this is exactly what makes modern dating so stressful at times. Hopefully, today we’ll change that.

Today, we’ll focus on you, men, to teach you how you can know for sure when a girl is crazy about you but for some reason hasn’t told you yet. One surefire way to know if she likes you is if she acts jealous.

NOTE: Not every girl will act jealous, but this doesn’t mean she’s not into you.

If you’re happy to stumble upon a girl who has a jealous nature, then these signs a girl is jealous and likes you will be your salvation. ?

15 Signs A Girl Is Jealous And Likes You More Than You Think

Learning how to tell if a girl is jealous is not as complicated as you may think. If the majority of these signs resonate with your girl, then you know she likes you more than a friend.

Perhaps she’s a shy girl or is waiting for you to make the first move. Whatever it is, know that she likes you a lot and is expressing it through her jealous nature.

1. She sees other girls around you as potential threats

Here’s the thing. When a girl is jealous, she will see every single female in a 1-mile radius around you as a threat. Period.

When that happens, she will change her behavior immediately. Let’s say that a group of female friends come to say “hi” to you while you’re talking to her.

If she’s jealous, she will immediately become overprotective of you. This includes subtly touching you, coming close to you, laughing too loudly at your jokes (even those that aren’t funny at all), etc.

These are all clear signs she’s developing feelings for you, so she can’t risk other girls stealing your attention, let alone your heart. ?

2. Posting hot selfies has become a thing

Yes, attention-seeking is one of the main characteristics of female jealousy. I know this because I’m female myself.

When we really like you, and things get complicated, we resort to the good old method of posting HOT selfies. Yes, we want you to be jealous that other guys will see our hot picture, comment on it, and catch our attention.

Another reason we do this is to let you know how hot we actually are. If you don’t notice us, we will post more selfies until something changes.

And yes, we’re jealous as well, and we want to compete with other girls on your friends list who are posting hot pictures. So, the question is: Can you handle this much heat? ?

3. She asks TOO MANY questions

Oh yes, when I really like a guy, and he’s acting mysterious, I usually bombard him with a lot of questions about anything and everything. The same thing applies when a girl is jealous and into you.

Her asking too many questions is an obvious sign of interest. She will want to know how you spend your free time, who you’re spending it with, your future plans, and so on.

And right when you start suspecting that she might be into you, she starts calling you “bro.” Why? Because she’s not ready to reveal her true intentions until she’s sure of yours.

So, asking lots of questions seems like the safest method to her for the time being. Also, if she notices that another girl might be interested in you, she won’t hesitate to ask you about her as well. Beware!

4. She tries to make you jealous

If a woman is trying to make you jealous, she will flirt with other men, talk about other men, and yes, you get the point. If you notice that she starts spending more time with your best friend, know that this could be linked with her trying to get your attention.

You have two options here. You can pretend that this doesn’t bother or you can learn how to make a girl jealous. Oh wait, you’re already making her jealous, and if you pretend that it doesn’t bother you, it will make her even more jealous.

I guess you’re settled when it comes to the jealousy department. What you can do is try to get some answers from her. If you ask the right questions, I’m sure she will start opening herself up to you and admit her feelings.

5. Mentioning other girls to her causes mood swings

One of the biggest signs of jealousy is a sudden change in her behavior when you mention other girls. It doesn’t matter whether these girls are your female friends or colleagues; the jealousy will be the same.

So, let’s say that you’re talking about your upcoming summer vacation or a concert. You’re both engaged in conversation, and you see in her eyes how happy she is to be there in your presence.

Suddenly, you shift the topic to some girl you recently met. She immediately pulls away from the conversation, starts fidgeting, and becomes evidently nervous.

You can feel the change in her energy because she’s no longer as calm as she was a few minutes earlier. Now, she feels uncomfortable, and her jealousy is killing her.

If this happens every time you mention other girls, then you know she truly likes you. So, don’t play with her. Thank you. ?

6. She asks her friend to stalk on you

Asking her friend to stalk you? Well, that’s what jealous people do. I realize that this sounds kind of creepy, but when I think of my jealousy endeavors, I actually can understand why some people resort to such methods.

It’s normal for a girl to ask her good friends to help her out. After all, she wants to make sure that you’re still single and aren’t dating anyone.

She also wants to know everything about you (especially the things you don’t tell her). Yes, that’s why she asks her friends to stalk you.

She does it because she likes you and is jealous of all the potential threats, aka other women in your presence.

If you notice some of her friends stalking you, don’t be alarmed because she’s not a creep or a psycho. She’s just into you.

7. She plays detective

Sometimes, a girl will not ask her friend to stalk you but do the job herself. If she plays detective, it’s one of the telltale signs a girl is jealous and likes you.

She might start questioning others about girls you spend time with, asking you some weird questions about your whereabouts, or even your neighbors (okay, maybe I went too far).

Hmm…if you leave your cell phone unattended, she might try to collect some data from there too. I’m not trying to scare you, but these things happen.

If she isn’t sure of your feelings, she’ll feel the urge to play detective so she can eliminate all the potential threats.

8. She pulls away suddenly

When a woman is silent, it’s usually one of two things:

• She decided to move on.

• She wants to make you jealous.

How will you know the difference between the two? Easily. If she no longer sends you those long text messages (on Whatsapp or other apps) and no longer asks to hang out, she’s trying to make you jealous.

Note that she will not ignore you completely. If you ask her about what’s going on with her, she will pretend that everything’s fine.

If she’s decided to move on, you would know because she would most assuredly delete you from her social networks and her life. She wouldn’t bother texting you whatsoever.

That’s the main difference between a woman who’s decided to move on and one who’s trying to get your attention.

9. She shows interest in your previous relationships

Yup, we women can also be jealous of your previous relationships if we really like you. When that happens, we will make sure to ask you a lot of questions about your ex-girlfriend, the reason for your breakup, and similar.

Your past relationship will become her main interest because she will also want to know whether you still have feelings for her. This is called retroactive jealousy.

We also want to see whether we have things in common with your ex. That way, we’ll know your type, and we’ll also know whether we’re compatible.

If she starts talking negatively about your ex-girlfriend and defending you, then you know she’s jealous of her even though it’s a thing of the past.

10. She closely observes your interactions with other girls

If a girl likes you, be assured she will observe you as much as she can. Oh, she will especially make sure to observe your interactions with other women.

By doing so, she hopes to find out whether one of these girls secretly likes you or vice versa. She’ll pay attention to your body language, your topics of conversation, and generally the way you treat these girls.

If she’s an overthinker, she might create a few unrealistic scenarios in her head as well, which will definitely make things worse (in her head).

What you can do is pay attention to body language signs she likes you. One of those signs is breaking eye contact and looking away. If she does that, then you know she’s smitten with you but is afraid to admit it.

11. She finds excuses to spend time with you

One of the common signs a girl is jealous and likes you is her finding excuses to spend as much time with you as possible. This is especially true if she becomes clingy when you have other plans.

You can expect her to ask you for help even when it is not needed or pretend that her friend canceled going to the movies, and now she has an extra ticket, for you, of course. ?‍♀️

I must say that I’m also creative when it comes to these things. Finding excuses to spend time with someone I like is a piece of cake. I daresay that this is our innate gift.

Well, things get complicated when a guy realizes what’s going on and refuses to spend time with us. When that happens, we often choose to retreat and wait for the right moment to show our true feelings.

12. She’s pretending to be busy

Did she stop answering your phone calls and start giving you short answers or sending one-word texts? So, when you ask her why she acts that way all of a sudden, she tells you that she’s busy living the high life or something like that.

Trust me, if a girl says that she’s too busy to hang out with you, it’s one of the following:

• She doesn’t like you.

• She wants to make you jealous.

In this case, I’d say she wants you to notice her because she likes you. Pretending to be busy doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about you, but that she’s trying to get your attention.

She’s playing hard to get because she’s jealous of all the women in your life, and she doesn’t want to be one of your girls. She wants to be YOUR girl.

13. She never misses the chance to like or comment on your posts on social media

Whether you post memes, selfies, or something else, she will never miss the opportunity to like or comment on your posts. Why?

Because she’s competing for you in the virtual world. She wants other girls to see that she’s an important person in your life.

When she sees another girl commenting on your photo, she immediately thinks of new ways to capture your attention. She starts thinking of a smarter or funnier comment to impress you and others.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text, just pay attention to the length of her texts and her emoji usage. If the majority of the time she sends you long texts filled with emojis, then you can be sure she likes you A LOT.

14. She talks negatively about other girls

The green-eyed monster, aka jealousy, can be really frustrating sometimes. It can force us to do things we usually wouldn’t. One of those things is talking negatively of other people, in this case, other women.

If a woman starts suspecting that you like another girl or that a girl is into you, she might start talking negatively about her only to keep you to herself.

I agree that it’s ten times easier to tell a man how you feel than to play these games, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t trust her; she’s just having a hard time confessing her feelings and dealing with her jealousy.

DISCLAIMER: Talking negatively about other girls doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. She just likes you a lot.

15. She never runs out of sarcastic remarks

I don’t know about other women, but when I’m jealous, I tend to cover it with sarcastic remarks. I’m not sure if we can call it covering because it actually reveals my true feelings for that person.

If she never runs out of sarcastic remarks in certain moments, these are legit signs she likes you and is fighting with her jealousy.

She might sarcastically tease you about other girls only to determine whether you like them. Sarcasm will be her way of trying to hide her jealousy, probably unsuccessfully.

Do You Recognize Any Of These Signs?

There are many signs a girl is jealous and likes you, but the above ones are definitely the most common. If you recognize most of these signs, you can be sure a girl likes you.

If you like her back, here are a few pieces of advice for you:

Don’t be a dry texter

• Don’t play mind games

• Tell her how you feel about her

Ask her if she likes you

• Instead of judging her, try to understand where her jealousy is coming from.

If you don’t like her, then let her know you’re not interested in anything serious with her and suggest you stay friends. If she doesn’t agree, then allow her to move on. Good luck!