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How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back: 13 Signs They’re Into You

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back: 13 Signs They’re Into You

Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to figure out how to tell if your crush likes you back? You can’t be certain whether you’re imagining things or their emotions are real. 

You dissect their behavior but can’t determine whether they’re just being friendly or want something more. Are you seeing something that’s not there or is this person really into you?

Well, if you’re wondering how to tell if your crush likes you back, here are 13 surefire signs that they’re crazy about you

1. They’re interested in your love life

The first surefire way for you to know that your crush likes you back is their interest in your relationship status.

This person clearly has the intention of making a move on you, so they have to know whether you’re single or taken. 

They probably want to see where they stand from the outset. Will they back out right away if you’re in a long term relationship or can they get their hopes up if you’re single?

They won’t necessarily ask you this directly. However, they’ll use every opportunity they get to know more about whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Not only that – they’ll also be interested in whether you’re emotionally available or not. 

Is there someone you like but can’t be with? Are you dating someone but still haven’t become exclusive?

Is there someone from your past you still love? Do you have any unresolved issues with one of your exes? 

Your crush wants to know answers to lots of questions regarding your romantic past and they won’t stop until they get them.

Another thing they’ll be especially interested in is your love life history and previous relationship status. They want to know more about the people you used to date. 

First of all, they consider all of your exes to be their competition. So, naturally, they want to know who they’re up against.

Also, your crush wants to know more about the type of people you usually fall in love with. Are they your type and do they stand a chance with you, based on your previous relationships?

2. They remember little things about you

Another surefire sign that your crush is into you is the fact that they remember everything about you. It’s like this person has known you for your whole life. 

This is the person who never forgets your birthday or other important dates for you.

They know the name of your childhood best friend or what your first pet looked like, even though you mentioned it casually once last year

Not only that – your crush is into you if they notice your mood swings as well. The truth is that despite this person not being a part of your life for so long, they seem to know the core of your personality. 

They’re the first to ask if there’s something wrong when you’re feeling down. You don’t even have to tell them that you’re in a bad mood because they’ll notice that you’re off by themselves. 

This especially goes if you’re trying to figure out whether a guy likes you back or not. It is a well known fact that men are not much fond of the details and little things.

Therefore, if a guy notices that you’re wearing a new skirt or that you’ve changed the shade of your lipstick, there’s no doubt that he is head over heels for you. 

3. Their body language changes

In most cases, when a girl or guy likes you but isn’t sure of your emotions, they’ll do everything they can to hide their feelings for you. After all, your crush probably has no clue that you’re into them. 

Instead, they assume that they’re the ones chasing you. Consequently, they remain silent about their feelings and intentions.

First and foremost, it is possible that they don’t want to ruin the friendship you two have.

Maybe they’re scared that you’d run away if they admit how they feel, so they prefer having you in their life this way rather than not at all. 

Also, there is a possibility of them being a shy person. They’re scared of rejection and afraid that you’ll ridicule them. 

Or maybe they’re running away from their feelings too. Perhaps they don’t want to end up heartbroken, so they think it’s better to keep their feelings to themselves and patiently wait for them to go away. 

In this case, when you’re wondering how to tell if your crush likes you, you shouldn’t pay much attention to what this person is telling you. Instead, focus on the things they’re trying to hide. 

When I say this, I’m referring to non-verbal signals they send you and the way their body language changes whenever they’re around you.

You see, as much as your crush tries to control their words and behavior, this becomes impossible when it comes to their body language, which will always reveal the real truth. 

Eye contact

They say that eyes are the windows of the soul and that can’t be more true. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to here are your crush’s eyes. 

When someone likes you, they can’t help but look at you. As soon as you enter the room, they try to maintain deep eye contact, sometimes without even being aware they’re doing so. 

Even when you two are with a bunch of people or in a crowded place, they’ll subconsciously look for your eyes to meet with theirs.

This way, your crush is trying to reach to your soul and see whether you like them back or not. 

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged if this person looks away when you try to maintain deep eye contact with them either. It is clear that they’re scared you’ll see right through them. 

They’re looking away because they’re nervous. Nevertheless, if they truly like you, that will change over the course of time and they’ll try their best not to be this shy person. 

They become nervous

Whenever your crush is around you, they become extremely nervous. They blush, their palms are sweaty, they play with something they’re holding in their hands, or they become clumsy. 

Some people start talking too much in an attempt to cover their nervousness. They even sound silly and it is apparent that they are talking nonsense just to avoid the awkward silence. 

On the other hand, others get tongue-tied when they’re in front of the object of their affection. Their anxiety hits them so hard that they forget everything they wanted to say. 

Either way, if any of these scenarios occur, be sure that your crush is crazy over you. Instead of laughing at them, show them that you see their nervousness as cute. 

Physical contact

Another body language sign that someone is into you is the fact that they use every opportunity they get to have some kind of physical contact with you.

Of course, they’re not creepy while they do it and they always respect your personal boundaries. 

Instead, they’re trying to touch you in a flirty way. They’re teasing you and are waiting for your feedback. 

When this person talks to you, they’ll hold your hand. When they’re laughing or making a point, they might put their hand on your knee or waist. 

They’re the first to remove the strand of hair from your face or jokingly grab you by the nose when you say something funny.

Their behavior seems childish at first, but is actually nothing but a sign of their deep affection towards you. 

In most cases, your crush isn’t even aware of what they’re doing. However, their body feels the urge to be in contact with yours and there is nothing they can do to control it. 

Being near you

When someone likes you, they’ll use every chance they get to be as close as possible to you. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the room, somehow your crush will always stand or sit next to you. 

Their eyebrows lift

Also, it has been scientifically proven that the person who likes you will raise their eyebrows in a flirty way when they’re talking to you or when they see you.

It’s like they want to take a closer look at you – yet another thing they do completely subconsciously. 


As much as they try, your crush can’t help but smile whenever they lay their eyes on you. The mere fact that you’re near them brightens their day and boosts their mood. 

4. They take care of you during hard times

When someone likes you, your well-being will be crucial for them. They will do everything they can for you to be safe and sound.

This person can’t be happy unless you feel the same way. Therefore, if your crush likes you back, they will take care of you in more than one way.

This person will do small favors for you. It’s not that they’ll act like your servant, but they won’t mind helping you out when you need them to.

This is the first person who will show up at your disposal whenever you’re going through some hard times. They will do small errands for you and give you some advice when you ask for it.

They will show an incredible amount of empathy towards you. Your problems become theirs as well. 

Not only that, they will also act like your parents from time to time, but in a cute way. This is the person who will worry whether you’re eating healthy, whether you’ve arrived home safe, and whether you’ve had enough sleep.

They will be your inspiration and the wind to your wings. Instead of holding you back, they will always do their best to push you forward.

When someone likes you, they compliment you and boost your ego. They want you to feel good about yourself, since they care about your emotional and mental well-being too. 

5. They initiate contact

If you’re wondering how to tell if your crush likes you, another thing you should pay attention to is the contact you two have. 

I’m sure you’ve already been in a situation where you have to drag the words out of the person you’re talking to, where you are always the one who is texting them first, when you’re the only one who asks them to hang out, and so on. 

Well, when someone likes you, all of this is different. This person keeps on texting you all the time and they never fail to respond to your text messages as soon as possible. 

In fact, in most situations, they’re the ones initiating contact with you. They use every opportunity to reach out to you, ask you how your day was, or invite you out.

It doesn’t have to necessarily mean that they’re asking you on a first date. Instead, they just want to spend time with you and it’s enough for you two to grab a cup of coffee, go out for a walk, or just talk over the phone.

This is the person who breaks the communication barrier. They initiate conversations and even use some pick-up lines while talking to you. 

In most cases, you can’t help but notice that they are actually using different excuses to reach out to you.

They make up reasons, ask you for help or advice even when they don’t need it, or just show up in places where they expect to run into you. 

The thing you should pay attention to here is the time and the circumstances in which your crush calls you.

There is a difference between late night text messages (which you can interpret as nothing more than a booty call) and an invitation for Sunday brunch.

The person who is using you just to get into your pants will only call you in the middle of the night. They will ask you to come over or suggest they see you at your place. 

However, if they plan on having something more serious with you, they’ll call you in a reasonable hour.

They will be more than happy to be seen with you in public and your entire contact won’t consist of driving around in the car or watching movies at home.

Also, it is one thing if they only call when there is no one around. In that case, it is more than obvious that you’re their safety net and last resort. 

However, if this person is ready to cancel their plans (even though that’s something you should never ask them to do) just to see you, it means this is the real deal.

You’re their priority and the person they want to spend all of their free time with. 

6. They share their darkest secrets with you

Another good sign that your crush likes you back is the trust they have for you. You two might not be good friends, but despite that, you’re the one they share all of their darkest secrets with. 

First and foremost, this person appreciates you. They hope that one day you’ll become their romantic partner – someone they’ll share their life with – and in order for that dream to turn into reality, they know they should trust you with their life. 

They have no trouble exposing their vulnerable side to you and this is something you ought to appreciate. They’re putting their heart on their sleeve for you and that is sign enough how special you are to them. 

Also, they want you to get to know them. They want you to see what an amazing person they are and that they have nothing to hide. 

Besides, they see this as a way for you to open up to them. They think that you’ll tell them more secrets and details about your life once you see that there’s trust between you. 

7. They value your opinion

If you’re wondering how to know if your crush likes you back, a sign that they might be into you is the fact that they keep on asking for your opinion.

It’s not that this person doesn’t have any of their own: they just appreciate your advice too.

This shows that they see you as much more than a physical object. 

Yes, they are without doubt drawn to you and think of you as attractive. Let’s be honest here: They would also sleep with you gladly.

However, that is not the focus of their interest. This girl or a guy likes you as a person and wants the whole package.

It means that they value your opinion, attitudes, and worldviews. They consider you smart and wise, which is a great compliment, even though they don’t necessarily tell you that directly. 

Also, they ask for your advice because they want to get to the bottom of your thoughts on life. They want to see whether the two of you are compatible enough to be in a relationship. 

Do you agree on important matters in the future? Or do you have completely opposite opinions regarding some significant matters?

8. They’re jealous

Let’s get one thing straight: As much as this person is into you, you two are still not in a relationship. You might be flirting or somewhere in between good friends and significant others, but you two are not a couple.

Therefore, both of you are allowed to see other people, go out on dates, sleep with whoever you want, and text and flirt with others. 

However, if your crush likes you, they will be extremely bothered with this. That said, they know that they don’t have a defined status in your life so they don’t have the right to call you out on your actions. 

On the other hand, they can’t control their jealousy, as hard as they try.

It’s not that they’re dangerously possessive, but it is more than clear that they are hurt by the fact that you are in touch with other people of the opposite sex.

Naturally, they will never tell you this straightforwardly. They’re scared that you might think of them as crazy or that their behavior might chase you away even further.

Therefore, you have to be a master in reading between the lines and dissecting the hidden signs your crush has been sending you.

Do they become nervous whenever you talk about the mere possibility of dating someone else? Are they bothered with the topic of your potential romantic relationships?

Another good sign of their jealousy is the fact that they have nothing good to say about any of your potential partners.

Whenever you talk about someone you like, your crush names dozens of their flaws and points out the reasons why you shouldn’t even give them a chance, let alone be with them. 

The same goes with your relationship history. They have something bad to say about all of your exes and the way they acted towards you.

This way, your crush is actually sending you a message. They’re indirectly trying to convince you that you’ll never find someone like them

They’re trying to tell you that they’re the best option for you – that they’d treat you much better than all of your exes and potential partners combined.

On the other hand, they’ll do everything they can to make you jealous. They don’t have to necessarily find a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they will throw hints at you for you to see there’s someone in their life. 

This way, they’re trying to present themselves as desirable. They want you to make a move on them as soon as possible with this made-up competition.

Besides, you have to be aware that this person is trying to get to the bottom of your feelings as well. They want to know whether you like them and will be jealous if they’re seeing someone else. 

9. They mirror your behavior

There is another scientifically proven fact: When you like someone, you subconsciously start to behave similarly to them in order to make a good impression. Well, your crush is no exception.

When they start becoming fond of you, they also begin to mirror your behavior. They adopt  your way of talking, your facial expressions, your way of communication, and so on. 

Also, they will probably start pretending that they like the things you do. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make them a psychopath. 

It only means that they’re trying to become as familiar to you as possible. They want you to think that they are your match made in heaven and your soulmate.

Your crush knows that it takes more than physical attraction between two people in order for a romantic relationship to work out.

So, they want you to see that you have similar interests and taste in music, movies and sports. 

10. They try to make you laugh

As it was already stated, one of the most surefire ways for you to tell that a girl or a guy likes you is the fact that they are ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

That means that they will try hard to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. 

For them, it’s important that you think that they’re funny and enjoy their sense of humor.

They feel proud when they’re the one who can make you laugh, and especially the one who can cheer you up and wipe the tears off your face. 

This can especially be seen when the two of you are not alone. Whenever you two are surrounded by a bunch of people, your crush will put an extra effort into becoming the life of the party. 

They want to be the center of attention and impress you with their social skills. However, whenever they’re telling a joke, they will be only looking at you. 

This person doesn’t care if everyone else is laughing at what they said. Instead, they’re only concerned about whether they succeeded in making you laugh. 

11. They stalk your social media activity

In modern dating, social media is a huge part of every relationship, including romantic ones. Therefore, your crush will definitely stalk your profiles on social media if they’re into you.

This is especially the case if the two of you aren’t friends. Your social media activity is the only way for them to find out more about you.

This is the only way for them to know where you usually spend your free time, who your friends are, whether you’re single or taken, what your hobbies and interest are, and what your taste in music and movies is. 

In fact, if they dig deep enough, they could even find more about your romantic history as well. 

Your crush is always the first one to watch your Instagram and Snapchat stories, the one who doesn’t miss the opportunity to like any of your status updates or comment on any of your photos. 

In fact, it’s like they’re waiting for you to post something just so they can use it as an excuse to contact you and keep the conversation going.

Besides, this person obviously uses their social media profiles to convey an indirect message to you.

If you look closely, you’ll see that all the songs and quotes they post are probably dedicated to you, even though they of course never actually tag you. 

12. They’re interested in your life

A person in love is always a good listener.

They may be considered egocentric and selfish by others around them, but when it comes to the object of their affection, they always have enough time and energy to hear them out. 

The same goes for your crush. This person listens to everything you have to say and shows an incredible amount of interest in your life. 

It’s not like they’re stalking you or snooping around. They just want to know more about you.

When you two are having a conversation, it’s never small talk only. In fact, they want to know more about the essence of you.

This person is putting extra effort in getting to know you on a deeper level. They often ask you lots of questions, which will reveal to them all about your worst fears, wildest fantasies, and biggest ambitions. 

However, the most important part here is that they’re doing everything they can to understand you. They won’t judge you and will do everything in their power to win your trust. 

They don’t want to become your lover only; they hope that you two can become friends as well.

13. Your crush’s friends act like you two are a couple

You know how back in middle school your crush’s bff would start to giggle every time you passed by? Well, things don’t change much in adulthood.

In fact, people just become a little more subtle. However, if you’re wondering how to tell if your crush likes you, the answer is to observe their best friends’ behavior.

These people probably know that this special person is into you. In fact, your crush might even ask them to serve them as wingmen. 

Therefore, if your crush’s best friend is trying to put you two together, it’s all plainly obvious. 

And even if they didn’t confess their feelings to their bffs, these friends have seen right through your crush’s intentions and figured everything out.

So, if your crush’s friends act like you two are a couple, there is no doubt that this person likes you.

They use every opportunity to leave you two alone, and they joke about how the two of you would look like together. 

They will only talk good things about their friend in front of you and even when your crush isn’t there, they will respect you as if you were this person’s boyfriend or girlfriend.