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I Need A Hug: 25 Things To Do To Start Feeling Better Right Away

I Need A Hug:  25 Things To Do To Start Feeling Better Right Away

Whenever I’m lonely or disappointed, I instantly feel like I need a hug.

If you’re feeling the same way now, I’m sending you a virtual hug, and I promise you that I will do my best to give you great tips and help you start feeling better right away.

First of all, know that it is totally okay not to be happy all the time because no one is.

We all have times when we feel like we don’t know who we are, when someone pisses us off or when we just feel lonely, wishing only that someone hugs us tightly and that we could stay forever inside their arms.

Sometimes only one hug is everything you need to start feeling better immediately, and sometimes it’s exactly the only thing you can’t have at that moment.

In our modern, rushed times, it is really hard to always have someone to hug unless you hire yourself a 24/7 professional, cuddler assistant (but still it won’t be the same feeling like when you receive hugs from your close and loved ones).

And sometimes you feel uncomfortable to seek solace and advice from your people to start feeling better because you think that it will pass, and there’s no point in ‘bothering’ them—even though you know they would do anything for you no matter what.

I need a hug – 25 things to do to start feeling better right away

So, at times like this you’re pretty much on your own, and the only person who can help you feel better is you.

I know that in moments like this it’s hard to think of anything productive or cheerful, but the worst thing you could do is to do nothing at all.

Whenever the sentence ‘I need a hug’ occupies your mind and you don’t know what to do, first take a deep breath.

Tell yourself that this feeling will pass, and you will feel awesome again (because you will, I can promise you that).

And then choose to do one of the following 25 things to start feeling better right away!

Go for a walk

Whenever you’re feeling down, just go outside for a walk, get some fresh air, and observe your surroundings.

This is especially recommended if you’re living close to nature because there’s nothing in the world that nature can’t heal.

Just by observing its beautiful shapes and colors, nature will instantly lift your spirits, and you will feel like new.


I usually go to the gym three times a week, but whenever I feel down and feel like I need a hug, I just start exercising at home to increase the levels of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin (the happy chemicals in our blood) which instantly boost my mood.

Simply do some squats, jumping-jacks, etc. to shake all emotional baggage off of your body.

And if you’re not quite sure about it, there are millions of exercises on the internet, so you can pick your favorite ones.

Talk to someone

Talking is one of the best mood-boosters out there.

When you talk to someone, you share your experiences, emotions, and you create a cloud of positive atmosphere.

If you’re not that into talking to someone in person, just pick up your phone.

Start dialing your favorite people, and you’ll feel their presence las if they were there next to you.

Watch a funny movie or funny videos

Don’t ever underestimate the benefits of a good comedy because they are invented for making people laugh their asses off and make them feel better.

If you’re not the comedy type, you can watch funny videos on YouTube instead (funny cat and dog compilations work for me every time).

Listen to your favorite songs

I’m sure you have plenty of your favorite songs that you probably haven’t heard in a while.

Well, now is the time to look for them, and enjoy the beauty of your favorite melodies.

Music is, without a doubt, one of the best mood-boosters ever, and you can never ‘overdose’ on it.

Write something

Sometimes, all we need is a ‘friend’ in the shape of a diary.

Write about your feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper or you can consider writing a diary (if you haven’t done it yet).

Seeing your thoughts in written form will help you understand better what you’re going through, and it will have the same effect as if you have talked to someone.

Draw something

Similar to writing, drawing is another great way to express yourself, and you don’t have to be good at it for it to have effect.

Just simply drawing abstract lines, shapes, and being creative with colors will do it.

The moment you start doing it, you will forget about everything else around you. In a nutshell, you will feel rejuvenated.

Cry (if you need to)

Whatever you do and however you feel, never suppress your feelings.

If you feel like crying, feel free to do it because after it, you will feel definitely feel better.

Look at tears like rain that is here to wash away everything that bothers you from the inside, and to remind you that you’re only human and it is okay to feel down sometimes.

Sing karaoke

I bet there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t like to sing karaoke.

When it comes to replenishing yourself with plenty of positive energy, singing is just the right thing for you.

It will help you convert all of your emotions into music, and it is an inexhaustible source of fun (especially if you’re singing with friends).

Dress up nicely

Sometimes our interior just needs a little help from our exterior.

Sometimes all we have to do is dress nicely to start feeling the same way from the inside. Or you can turn it into fun.

If you’re a woman, you can apply your favorite lipstick, play with colors and patterns or choose to wear something really crazy just to see how it looks on you.

If you’re a man, you can try wearing a suit, crazy-colorful tie, and pretend that you’re a gangsta or whatever fits you.

Eat something you like

Consider ordering your favorite food or, even better, cooking it by yourself!

Eating something you like will immediately boost the taste receptors in your mouth which will boost your overall mood as well.

It is because your brain remembers how you felt the last time you ate it and automatically connects this food with being content and happy.

Look into the mirror and smile

I know it sounds a little bit weird, but it actually works (I’ve tried it myself many times).

Just look into the mirror and smile to yourself. For some weird, unknown reason, you will feel better.

I guess our bodies and minds like to mirror behaviors from other people, in this case yourself.

Re-read your favorite book

Think of a book that you really enjoyed reading and when you finished, couldn’t stop recommending it to others.

If you have your favorite book, start re-reading it again, and you’ll feel awesome like you felt the first time you read it.

The only difference is that this time, you will know everything that happens in the book (but your brain will still experience it the same way).

Do something nice for someone else

Do you know that feeling when you help someone with something, and you see how happy and grateful they are for it?

We could say that our happiness is a reflection of other people’s happiness, and that is why you feel good every time you do something good for someone else.

Remember that to you your efforts might mean nothing, but for someone else they probably mean the world.

Eat mood-boosting foods

Othere than eating your favorite food, you should also try eating mood-boosting foods that will—as the name says—boost your mood in no time!

Some of these ‘special’ foods are: bananas, chicken, turkey, nuts, seeds, salmon, eggs, cheese, etc. And no, I didn’t forget about chocolate.

Cuddle with pets

If you have a pet, take your pet into your lap, and spend some time cuddling.

You will instantly feel a close connection with them which will make you smile.

If you have cats, you should especially do this more often because there’s actual scientific proof that cats are healers.

Also, cuddling is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your pets and remind them how much they mean to you.

Go out with friends

Even if you feel like staying home, it is always better to force yourself (if needed) to go out and have some chill time with your friends.

There is nothing more healthy and inspiring than spending time with your favorite people and forgetting about everything else for the time being.

Think back to the good times

You know what they say: ‘You are what you think’.

Actually, your thoughts are the most powerful thing you have in your possession, so use them to your advantage.

Rewind all of your past happy moments, and imagine that you’re experiencing them again.

Think about how you felt when something good happened to you, and you will bring this feeling to the present.

Clean and re-organize things in your apartment

When I feel a little bit off, I start cleaning around, and it always helps me feel better afterwards.

If you’re not a cleaning freak like me, you can simply try re-organizing things in your apartment which will automatically change your perspective and re-organize your thoughts as well.

Go to the cinema

Is there any movie that you would like to see, but somehow you didn’t yet? Well, now is the time to do it!

Pick a movie, and go to the cinema alone or with friends.

Buy popcorn, and relax while watching the big, colorful screen and beautiful scenes in front of you.

Pick some flowers

Flowers are said to be instant mood lifters because they are nice to look at.

They are colorful and they refresh your room immediately.

So, whenever you’re feeling down, pick or buy some flowers, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Get creative

Use everything you see around you, and turn it into something new.

Get creative with your hair, food, or whatever comes to mind—just remember to keep your mind occupied with different things that will force you to brainstorm new ideas.

Take a nap

If you’re feeling a little bit tired, it is always a good idea to take a nap. After you wake up, you will feel replenished, and your positive energy levels will increase.


Or you can daydream about your favorite place on Earth, about what your future will look like, about everything and anything.

Daydreaming will boost your imagination, and you will focus on other, interesting things.

The adrenaline generated by daydreaming will make you feel as if you’ve actually experienced them for real.

Get a hug

Or you can just ask your favorite person to give you a big, warm hug—if they are available.

That’s exactly what I do when I feel like I need a hug, and it helps every time.

But, sometimes you don’t have the privilege of being in the arms of someone else, so you rather focus on the rest of this list which will surely help you start feeling better right away!