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I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

In today’s world, everywhere you look, you hear girls saying: I don’t want a boyfriend. You see girls enjoying their single life, without planning to change it for the sake of some man.

However, you’re different. You’re tired of being alone and you think it’s time to find someone to share your life with.

As one of the most famous I want a boyfriend quotes says: you’re not desperate, you just want a boyfriend because you’re sick of sitting back and watching everybody else fall in love.

You want someone to wake up next to every morning, someone to text you on a regular basis, someone to understand you, someone to kiss you… You want someone you will love and someone to love you back.

Well, if this is something you can relate to, you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to help you find a boyfriend the easiest way possible. Just follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have your dream guy in no time.

1. Figure out what you want

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

Before you do anything, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Do I want a boyfriend? 

If the answer is no, why don’t I want a boyfriend? Am I scared of rejection or am I really good on my own?

However, if the answer is yes, then why do I want a boyfriend so badly?

Do I just want a boyfriend for the sake of having one or am I ready to share my life with another person? Am I trying to make someone from my past jealous?

Do I want my ex boyfriend back or am I ready to meet someone new?

Once you answer all of these questions, it’s time to set your standards. I’m not advising you to be extra picky, but it is crucial to know what you want and what you’re looking for before trying to get it.

If you have trouble realizing what qualities you look for in a man, write your deal breakers and desires on a piece of paper.

This doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll find exact perfect man, but at least you’ll have some kind of framework to help you with your search.

Another option is to stand in front of the mirror and repeat the following:

I want a boyfriend who will love me, respect me, and treat me the way I deserve. I really want a boyfriend who will understand me and accept me for who I am. What I want in a boyfriend is a lover and a friend, all in one.

Of course, you can always add some other qualities that are important for you personally. Either way, what’s crucial is to verbalize the characteristics you’re searching for and stick with it, no matter what.

2. And don’t settle for less

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

As already stated, being too picky when it comes to men and having high standards are two different things.

No matter how much you want to improve your love life, find your prince charming, and engage in a serious relationship, the last thing you should think of doing is settling for less than you deserve.

Sadly, when they start to feel like their time is running out, many single women have a habit of getting themselves involved with the first guy who comes around, out of fear of solitude.

Please, don’t make that mistake – you’ll only worsen things. Just because your love life is on pause right now, it doesn’t mean that you should be with someone who doesn’t meet your needs or isn’t compatible with you.

Don’t forget that it’s always better to remain single until the right guy comes along.

3. Be realistic

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

Another important thing you need to remember while looking for the right person is to be realistic about your own qualities and expectations as well.

Be aware of your own worth – don’t underestimate yourself, but don’t try going out of your league either.

All of us have an idea of our prince charming and you’re no exception. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily find this man in all of his perfection.

What is important is to find the right person for you: someone whose imperfections will get along with yours.

4. Boost your confidence

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

I won’t lie to you, physical appearance is the first thing every man notices about a girl. That said, if you don’t have charisma or some kind of X factor, all of your looks are in vain.

Before going out on a first date with a new guy you’ve met, you have to feel confident in your skin (and your body language should show it) if you want things to work out.

This might sound clichéd, but you really have to learn how to love yourself before you try to find love elsewhere.

I’m not advising you to become cocky or egocentric, but this guy has to see that you’re a woman who feels good about herself and is certain in her qualities. That you are perfectly fine on your own and not desperate to find a life partner.

This man has to realize that you know exactly what you want, that he can’t diminish your worth, and that he can’t ruin your confidence, even if he tries.

He has to see that you’re not here looking for his approval. That you like him, but will never allow him to treat you poorly, and that you will never be with someone who doesn’t match your standards.

5. Improve your social skills

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

One of the proven ways to get a boyfriend and boost your confidence is through improving your social skills and widening your social circle. This way, you have a chance to meet new people, which might lead to meeting a suited boyfriend too.

Just be careful not to burden yourself with the idea of finding the right man, despite this being your end goal. Instead of allowing this to be the only thing on your mind, be as relaxed as possible and go with the flow.

Allow new people to enter your life, without any expectations and obligations. This will help you practice for the dating world.

You’ll have a chance to get to know someone new, talk to strangers, and practice your communication skills, all of which will come in handy in your love life, as well.

Don’t be scared of exiting your comfort zone. Go to a new gym, find a new hobby, or start taking a foreign language class.  

6. Become girlfriend material

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

This might sound harsh, but the truth is that you ought to observe the dating scene as a kind of business. After all, you’re looking for something in particular, but in return, you also have to offer something valuable.

Actually, it’s pretty simple: if you look for a man who is cut out for a serious relationship, firstly you need to become a woman this kind of guy would want.

I’m not saying that you should compare yourself to anyone, but you have to understand that there are a lot of single women out there who are looking for the same thing you are, and that the competition is huge.

Therefore, you need to become girlfriend material. Be all that men want and more.

In order to accomplish this, you need to invest in your mind and body. For starters, try looking your best at all times, improve your social media image, and work on your personality.

Work on the little things: your sense of humor, your communication skills. Expand your horizons, stay updated on interesting world topics, learn how to flirt.

This way you’ll attract some interesting people in your life and your potential boyfriend might be one of them.

7. Put yourself on the dating market

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

A well-known I want a boyfriend meme goes like this:

Me: I want a boyfriend

Also me: Doesn’t go out, doesn’t put myself out there…

Well, real life is not a fairy tale and your dream guy won’t magically arrive on a white horse knocking on your door, asking you to be his. Instead, you have to actively search for him.

So, the next step in finding your soulmate is to put yourself in the dating pool.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advise you to hit the street, asking every man who passes by if he needs a girlfriend, or to Google single men in your area.

In the old days, the only way of finding a romantic partner was to go out or to ask a mutual friend if they have someone they can recommend to you.

However, if you’re not into clubbing and if you want to get to know a guy better through texting before going out on a first date, there is a solution for you too.

Luckily, in modern dating, there are many other options to find a suitable match, such as online dating (you can use both social media and numerous dating apps on Google).

It’s your job to use these tools to your advantage. One of these dating apps is Tinder, a dating site that’s helped many find love.  

8. Show initiative

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

I bet you’re used to a guy always making the first move. A guy being the one to approach you first in person or on dating sites.

However, times have changed. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a woman hitting on a man. This way, you’ll show him that you’re a modern girl who has no trouble taking life into her own hands.

After all, men also need to be reassured that they are doing the right thing. They need a green light that you’re interested in them.

I’m not saying for you to be pushy or stalk a guy you like. However, there is nothing wrong in asking him on a second date after you two had a great time on the first one.

9. But don’t rush things

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

Nevertheless, it’s important not to appear desperate to find a boyfriend.

Even when you meet someone you’re interested in, let things go slowly and at their own pace.

Don’t act as if your only goal in life is to find a man and don’t push him over his boundaries.

For example, if you like a guy you’ve already been on a date with, but you’re too shy to ask him out again directly, you can indirectly imply that you would be thrilled for a second date to happen soon and that you can’t wait to see him again.

10. Ask for help

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

If you’re not into dating apps such as Tinder and online dating in general, but have trouble finding a boyfriend on your own, there is no shame in asking your social circle for help.

Tell your best friends,I want a boyfriend, and listen to their advice when it comes to finding a romantic partner.

Also, it’s not shameful to find a boyfriend through a mutual friend. Just ask your best friends to set you up with some guy he or she knows would suit you the best.

Of course, you don’t have to go out with this man on a blind date right away. You can flirt with this guy through texting or even ask a friend to set up a meetup for the three of you before seeing this guy in private.  

Another possibility is asking for help from dating coaches who arrange meetups for people who have trouble finding their other halves.

These experts can give you effective advice and help you find your match according to your qualities.

11. Present a challenge

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

Most men like the chase, at least in the beginning of a relationship. When they’re getting to know you, they want to feel that they have competition and need to win you over from all those other guys trying to have your attention.

That’s why you have to tweak your strategy and present a challenge for a guy in order for him to run after you.

I’m not saying to act like a bitch or never send him a signal that you like him back, but playing a little hard-to-get can bring you much more guys than you think.

Don’t play with men, but don’t act as if they can have you whenever they feel like it either.

Send them body language signals you’re into them, but don’t act as if your only purpose in life is to win their affection.

Flirt with them, but don’t be all desperate for their attention. Show them that you have your options open and that you’ll never beg them to be yours.

12.  Be clear about what you want

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

Meeting a guy who will ask you out is a piece of cake. Having a random hookup is even easier.

However, what is more difficult in today’s world is finding someone who is willing to commit. And this is exactly what you want.

Tweak your game plan. Be clear about what you’re looking for right from the outset. Don’t hesitate to tell your potential boyfriend that you’re not interested in almost relationships, in casual flings, or in no-strings-attached types of arrangements.

This way, you’ll give him the chance to back out in the beginning and you’ll avoid wasting time on someone who doesn’t want to get serious.

Besides, men will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you have your relationship goals all sorted out.

13. Don’t be too needy

No matter how crazy he is for you, every guy needs his space – this is especially important in the beginning of a relationship.

You might be head over heels for this dude and it’s understandable that you want to spend every second of your free time hanging out with him, but trust me, being too needy will only make him grow tired of you.

It is one thing if you insist on putting a label on your relationship (which is something you should definitely do without hesitation), but it’s another thing entirely if you start acting like the two of you have been together for ages after only a few dates.

One of the worst things you could do in the initial stages of your relationship is to text your boyfriend I want a baby or I want to get married, these are surefire ways to chase him away.

Yes, there are a lot of women saying I want my boyfriend to propose, but this is not the way to get him to put a ring on it.

14. Show him your feminine side

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

You’ve often heard women saying, I want my boyfriend to be more dominant. I want to feel protected and safe next to him. Well, if you’re one of these women and you want a real man, it’s time to show guys your gentle, delicate side.

Act like a lady, even when you flirt with a guy. Pay attention to the little things regarding your appearance and behavior.

Let him feel like a macho man – allow him to spoil you, but don’t ask for too much.

Let him protect you, but don’t make him think you’re an immature brat who can’t handle life on her own.

15. Wait before you have sex

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy

Let’s face it, sex is a crucial part of every healthy relationship. Besides being a physical pleasure, it also makes a couple more connected on all levels.

When you first meet a man you’re attracted to, it is natural that you two can’t keep your hands off each other. He’ll probably ask you to come over for some Netflix and chill as soon as you two get a little more comfortable.

However, it’s at this moment where you need to set some boundaries.

Sleeping with a guy right away can give him a wrong impression and can lead your potential relationship to a disaster before it’s even started.

So, if you want a man to take you seriously, the best thing you can do is wait before you have sex. Wait until you’re ready; wait until you two make things exclusive

This way, every man will respect you more because he’ll see that you’re a woman who appreciates her body and her feelings.

He’ll see that he can’t get just parts of you – that he has to be in for the entire package if he wants to have you.

I Want A Boyfriend: 15 Proven Ways To Find The Right Guy