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I Know We Were Temporary, But You Really Meant The World To Me

I Know We Were Temporary, But You Really Meant The World To Me

Let’s face it—from the beginning, it was more than obvious that you and I weren’t meant to be.

Me, a hopeless romantic who believes in everlasting love, and You, a sarcastic, emotionally unavailable man who is convinced that romance is nothing more than a modern fabrication. A true match made in hell.

From day one, we were both aware that the two of us together had no future and that our relationship was doomed to fail. From day one, our love story had its expiration date.

I guess we simply weren’t cut out for each other. Maybe we were too different or the timing was wrong, but the sad truth is that we weren’t made to last.

Knowing all of this didn’t prevent me from falling for you hard. It didn’t prevent my heart from stopping to listen to reason, and it didn’t stop me from growing to love you more than I had ever loved anyone.

However, this doesn’t mean we never mattered. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t leave a trace in my life and that my heart won’t remember you forever in a way.

You know, no matter how things ended and despite the fact that you are now a part of my past, I have to tell you that I enjoyed every minute I spent next to you.

While we lasted, I tried my best to live in the present and not to be so consumed by the inevitable end, and I know you were doing the same.

Call me a fool, but I just couldn’t control myself around you. Even though I was aware that it would hurt like hell once I lost you, I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for this amount of shattering pain I am going through right now.

Yes, you’ve heard it rightyou broke my heart. Maybe I should be ashamed to admit this to the man who never planned on keeping me in his life permanently, but the truth is that you meant the world to me, even though we were nothing but temporary.

Yes, I miss you like I’ve never missed another man before you. But I know I will survive, and I know that my heart will heal. Don’t get me wrong—this is not me begging you to take me back or me begging you to love me. iIt is just me expressing everything that lays on my soul.

This is me crying over all the things we could and should have become, if we had been destined to be. Me lamenting over all the chances we missed, and me being sorry for the fact that we never stood a chance.

This is me thanking you for being a part of my life. Thanking you for all the things our relationship taught me. You probably don’t know this, but the truth is that if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

You see, you taught me that some people and some things in our lives are not there to last. They are there to teach us valuable but painful lessons we would never have learnt otherwise.

You taught me to accept that sometimes there is a bigger cause and a deeper reason for the fact that someone is not meant to be ours until the end of time.

However, it doesn’t mean that this person doesn’t have a purpose in our life. For example, you were there to teach me that sometimes love isn’t enough to make things right between two people.

That there is no point in waiting for some people to miraculously change just because you desperately want them to be different.

There to teach me that we need to let in many wrong people before the right one comes along. Most importantly, to teach me how strong I can actually be. That I can always make it on my own and that not all love stories have to have a happy ending.