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If You Miss Someone, Can They Feel It? Yes, And Here’s Why

If You Miss Someone, Can They Feel It? Yes, And Here’s Why

Being separated from someone you love happens to everyone. It’s an unfortunate yet inevitable part of life. People move, things change, or you simply can’t find the time for each other in your busy schedules.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’re apart for reasons that aren’t easy to deal with, but there’s one feeling every separation has in common: longing. The degree of how strongly you feel can change, but missing people is a natural reaction to being apart. Often it goes both ways, so it’s not out of place to ask, “If you miss someone, can they feel it?”

Does your best friend who lives across the country feel how much you miss them, so they miss you right back? Is your ex aware that you’re longing for them, so they like your Insta post? Do you really miss your mom sometimes, just to have her call you the next day?

Let’s see what power lies in feelings and how they can change the people you feel them for.

If You Miss Someone, Can They Feel It?

Moving on and focusing on your well-being when you lose someone is important. Your mental health at that point is especially dependent on self-care and giving yourself time to deal with it. The loss might sometimes not even seem that dramatic: your best friend got a new job and moved to another state, and you can call anytime.

Even when it’s not as bad as a breakup, it’s still a huge change. Someone who was part of your life won’t play the same role anymore. Busying yourself and making new connections or forming new relationships is useful, but no new hobby can stop you from missing the person who’s gone.

When it gets bad, you wonder, no, hope: “If you miss someone, can they feel it?” I’m here to tell you that yes, they absolutely can, and on a much deeper level than you think.

Is it possible to feel when someone is missing you?

It would be impossible not to feel when someone is missing you. The interesting thing about the mind and consciousness is that we don’t fully understand them. Still, we know that they affect the world around us.

Focusing on something makes it more visible to you. The energy you invest into thinking about something returns when what you wanted manifests. You can attract anything as long as you want it enough.

It’s no wonder, then, that when you feel strongly about someone and miss them fiercely when they’re not around, they can feel it. Perhaps they can’t tell what it is that they’re feeling, but your energy and focus make them think of you.

When you miss someone, do they miss you too?

When you miss someone, they can feel it, even if they might not understand that that’s what’s happening. Your energy reaches them, and it’s impossible to ignore. But even if they feel your longing, whether or not they miss you back depends on your relationship.

There are many situations in which you end up missing someone. For example, after a breakup, it can be so hard to let go – you can accept that it’s the end and still miss them. Having a hard time dealing with how you feel after a loved one moves away is common.

It takes time to get used to having a long-distance relationship if your significant other had to move without you. Finding an old friend on social media can make you miss them even though you haven’t thought of them for years.

Your feelings in each of these cases are different, as well as the other person’s feelings. Unfortunately, sometimes, those feelings don’t match, so even if they can sense your energy, it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily miss you.

For example, an ex who has moved on might think about your time together when they feel that you miss them, but because they’re happy with their current life, they wouldn’t miss it. However, an ex who’s still stuck on you will probably miss you as much as you miss them.

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25 signs that someone is missing you and vice versa

Now that you know it’s possible, and even probable, that when you miss someone, they can feel it, how do you know they do? It’s hard to tell what another person is experiencing, especially someone who’s not nearby, so you can only find out when they tell you.

The person you miss will experience many clear signs to tell them so. They might encounter some of the emotional signs, spiritual signs, and even psychic signs of your feelings, but they might not even be aware of what it is that has them thinking of you in the middle of a conversation with someone else.

Until they tell you about the things they’ve been seeing, you won’t know how they can tell that you’re missing them, but guess what? You’ll experience these same signs when they’re missing you. The same signs you see, they’ll see, and it will make them think of you.

Here are the signs your soulmate, family member, or close friend might see when you’re missing them – but they’re also signs that they’re missing you.

1. You’re in each other’s dreams

Dreaming of someone you think about often isn’t unusual. Dreaming about them often when you haven’t thought about them, on the other hand, means that you should know something about them.

If you’re always in their dreams, even if you’re far away, they might feel that you miss them enough to visit them in their dreams.

2. And daydreams

While doing chores, your mind wanders, and suddenly, you think of someone and what they might be doing, and slowly, you see them going about their day.

You might think of daydreams as fantasies or stories you tell yourself, but there’s always a reason your mind always drifts to certain things. One of them could be that you can feel when someone is missing you. It’s the same for someone you miss.

3. Everything reminds you of them

Everywhere you go, you stumble upon someone dressed like them, you see their favorite food on the menu, or someone recommends you a book you know they love reading. You might be talking to someone and suddenly think they look like the person who’s missing you, although they don’t.

When someone misses you, the amount of energy they’re sending out is huge and enters your environment, reflecting in everything around you. This goes the other way too.

4. Hearing their voice

When you miss someone, they feel it, but they might not realize that’s what’s happening. All they know is that they think of you a lot, and it seems like you’re everywhere.

The same way they see your face in other people’s, they also hear your voice – other people’s voices sound like yours. They watch TV and could swear they heard you or think it’s you on the phone when they talk to someone. You experience the same thing when someone misses you.

5. You hear them calling you

In addition to hearing their voice, it starts calling your name. You’re always turning around to see if they’re behind you and trying to get your attention because you could swear you heard them calling you.

The thing is, they are calling. Their heart is reaching out and calling for you, and only you can hear it. The same thing happens when you miss someone: they hear you calling.

6. You accidentally call other people by one another’s names

Calling people by the wrong name is rude when it happens because you forgot it. But calling people by their name doesn’t happen for that reason – it happens because they’re on your mind, and you feel like they’re right there.

This is because when someone misses you, they want to be near you, so their energy finds a way to reach you, if only through what might seem to you like an accident.

7. You unexpectedly run into each other

You haven’t seen someone in a while, and you miss them badly. Then one day, they show up in front of you as you’re walking down the street. What are the odds when they don’t live anywhere nearby?

Encounters like this can be awkward. If it’s an ex you miss and haven’t gotten over that you’ve drawn to you with your feelings, you might get hurt more. On the other hand, if it’s someone you just weren’t able to reach, this can be a chance to reconnect.

8. Random memories pop up

When fond memories of spending time with someone pop up out of nowhere, it might be a sign they’re thinking of you. Maybe they’re reliving those same memories, or you’re simply on their mind, but whichever it is, they’re likely the one sending you these memories.

When you miss someone, they might feel like this too – like you’re sharing memories with them.

9. You suddenly need each other

A good sign that someone misses you is when a sudden intense feeling of needing them washes over you. This is what they’re feeling at the moment, and the need is so strong that it reaches you.

You might not get it at first if it’s your own or their feelings reflected in you, but if you observe the other signs, you’ll know. If you miss someone, they can feel it in this way too.

10. A sense that something is missing

Someone you miss will feel the same sense of emptiness you’re feeling. Something is missing from your life, and that void is reaching out to the only person who can make it better. This feeling can be unclear to them and make them ask themselves questions they can’t answer, but somehow, they’ll be aware that it all has something to do with you.

11. Mercurial moods

Having mood swings can be a sign that someone is missing you. The strong feelings a person carries with their everyday moods can multiply the intensity of those moods and send their energy to the person related to those strong feelings.

So if your mood changes at random unrelated to your environment, you might be feeling the moods of someone who misses you so strongly that you can feel what they feel.

12. Distracting thoughts about the other person

It’s not unusual to think of someone out of the blue. Even if you’re doing something that requires your full attention and someone popping into your head is an everyday occurrence. But if you can’t stop thinking about them, and if those thoughts are distracting and intrusive, you might be sensing that they miss you.

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13. Smiling just because

When you miss someone, and you’re happy because they exist, they can feel it. They find a smile on their face while they’re doing the most mundane things or not thinking of anything in particular.

Sudden, inexplicable positive feelings that bring a smile to your face can tell you that someone, somewhere, is in a good mood because of you, and you can feel it.

14. The power of intuition

If you suddenly feel like someone misses you, they probably do. You can sense their yearning from far away, and you just know, even if you’re unaware, that this is where your knowledge is coming from. Everything in the universe is connected – you just have to open your eyes, see those connections, and believe in them.

15. Feeling a phantom touch

You feel a soft touch on your arm, but there’s no one there. There was a caress on the back of your neck, but you know no one touched you. If you’re feeling touches that aren’t really there, it might be a manifestation of someone’s desire to touch you.

16. Getting goosebumps

Suddenly, they shiver, feeling like their hair is standing on end. They get chills and can tell that something is going on. The reason this happens is the same as all other signs that show someone you’re missing them: because your feelings influence the world around you.

This is similar to the spiritual chills some people feel when their guardian angel is near – a sign that you’re not alone.

17. Waking up in the middle of the night

Feeling like someone woke you up can be confusing, even more so if you were dreaming about a specific person. What’s going on? The person you miss might be waking up at the same time every night because your feelings for them are the most intense when you sleep.

It’s especially common if they were dreaming about you. They wake up feeling like you’re there and wonder why you aren’t

18. There’s a sense of being watched

You turn around, feeling that someone’s eyes are on you, and there’s no one. You might even become worried, but it happens even when you’re home alone, so it’s impossible that someone is actually watching you. This could be a sign that someone wants to see you so badly that they’re sending out those feelings in your direction, and you feel like they are.

Someone you miss will feel the same way.

19. You experience synchronicity

Synchronicity is a term used to describe what we’d usually call lucky coincidences. An example would be singing a song in your head, and it comes on your playlist. Angel numbers and seeing certain animals and objects, such as butterflies or feathers, are also included in this term.

Experiencing many instances of synchronicity is a sign that something is happening. If, at this time, you need and miss one another, it might show in this way.

20. Angel numbers appear

Angel numbers are repeating digits that you suddenly start noticing everywhere. They can be numbers like 1111, 3333, 888, and so on. You might find them in phone numbers, on bills, on products, or anywhere else. They’re said to be messages from guardian angels who have come to guide you and help you.

When someone you miss feels it, angel numbers might start appearing to them to remind them of you. They’re always good omens, so if the person you miss believes in them, it might inspire them to get in touch.

21. You find a white feather

There are lots of interpretations of feather symbolism, but ultimately it all comes down to what it means for you to find one. Beliefs have undeniable power on actions and feelings and, therefore, on their effects.

They say that when a white feather crosses your path, your guardian angel has come to give you a message. It can also mean that good luck is coming your way or that love is near. All of these interpretations can mean that someone is missing you, but the most important way to understand it is yours.

You can find out what it means to you in a very simple way: by answering the question, “What was I thinking about when I found this feather?”

22. You know things you’ve never told each other

Do you know the name of their childhood dog or where they want to go on vacation this year even though they never told you? It might be because they miss you.

If for some reason, you’re aware of facts about someone without ever being told, it might be because they’re missing you. It happens because specific information can even pass through your connection, so it makes you feel like you have a sixth sense about them.

23. You can guess where they are and what they’re doing

Even though you’re apart, somehow, you’re always able to guess what the other person is up to. If you were to check, you might be surprised how often you’re right. When someone misses you, it’s like there’s a bridge between you that lets your thoughts and feelings pass through.

And if you try, you can look across that bridge and see the person who’s longing for you so intensely.

24. You seem to be telepathically connected

You might not believe it at first, but when someone is missing you, you feel like you could swear that you can read their mind. They’re far away, but you’re sure that you know what they’re thinking. And why should it be impossible?

Your telepathic connection is strong, so it’s no wonder they might be able to reach you with their yearning. Don’t underestimate the power of spiritual bonds.

25. You can feel each other’s energy

The feeling of missing someone is powerful. Their absence leaves a void that can only be filled once you’re reunited. These feelings of longing generate energy that can be felt across distance, reaching the one who’s being missed to draw them to the one who needs their presence.

If you would describe what you’re experiencing as feeling someone, it’s the sensation of them missing you.

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Wrapping Up

Missing someone so strongly that you feel a physical need to have them close can feel like there should be more you can do than just sit and feel that way. You start wondering, “If you miss someone can they feel it?”

Your logical mind is telling you that such a thing is impossible, but your gut is telling you the opposite – such intense feelings can’t exist without being felt. And you’re right. When you’re missing someone, they have numerous experiences all centered around one thing: you.

Even if you haven’t seen or talked to each other in a while, they’ll be reminded of you wherever they go. The reason behind this is the connection between you created by the strength of your feelings, and that’s a power that can’t be denied.