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Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy: 9 Traits To Look For

Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy: 9 Traits To Look For

People always talk about finding the right person; finding their soulmate. But, the truth is we don’t even know if soulmates really exist. That’s why the most important thing is to find and be with someone who makes you happy.

That’s your soulmate: a person who would do everything just to make you happy. That’s true love and that’s what we all should be striving for.

Love isn’t about finding the person who will complete you because God has made you whole already.

The real point of love is finding the person who’ll laugh with you in good times, and who’ll stick by your side and do their best to make you smile when bad times come. That’s why you should…

Find And Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy

You’re probably wondering how to recognize that special someone who’ll make you happy, right?

I’ll give you a few tips on how to recognize that person, and if your significant other already does most of these things for you, then it’s a good sign you’ve already found your special someone.

1. That person will provide emotional safety.

One thing is for sure; partners who feel emotionally unsafe feel like they’re a burden to their significant other, and they spend most of the time wondering if they aren’t good enough… if they aren’t worthy of love.

If you haven’t experienced it, trust me… it’s the most awful feeling in the world. The first time you sense that you can’t connect with your partner emotionally or that you aren’t able to speak with them about your emotional well-being, you should end that relationship.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to trust your partner and feel safe with them. You need to feel free to communicate freely and directly with them. Healthy and open communication is a highly important component of a healthy partnership.

In addition to that, a recent study by Match showed that emotional maturity and support is what all single peeps long for the most when it comes to finding the right person.

2. They’ll inspire your personal growth.

My uncle has been married three times. The first two marriages didn’t last for too long, while he has been married for over ten years with his 3rd wife.

I asked him how he knew that she was the one, and I still remember his answer perfectly; “Because she was the only one who made me a better person and inspired me to become the person I am today”.

That made me think… and I came to the conclusion that I should never settle for a person who doesn’t let me grow. And, neither should you. Why?

Well, the fact is if you don’t grow individually, your relationship won’t grow nor improve either. Most relationship experts agree that individual growth strengthens the relationship and deepens the bond between partners.

3. You’ll share many common values…

You’ll be two like-minded people who will share many common values. That would be one of many reference points in creating a stable, healthy, and happy relationship.

It is a fact that couples who share common values lead a happy life, and are pleased and happy with their relationship. And, even if you don’t agree about some things, they’ll never judge you, but rather try to understand and accept your perspectives and beliefs.

4. And, have even more similar interests.

Every time you start a new relationship, you feel those butterflies in your stomach and everything seems perfect. That feeling stays until you get to know each other better and realize that you don’t have many things in common.

Soon, you become bored and drained by that relationship and both of you agree that breaking up is for the best. Well, that won’t be the case once you find the right one.

You’ll have many similar interests, and they’ll even show interest in things you like… all because they’ll want to make you feel happy and pleased in the relationship.

If The Notebook is your favorite movie, and they aren’t particularly into those lovey-dovey kinds of movies, they’ll be up even for a chick flick marathon night with you only because they know it’s an enjoyable thing for you. They’ll want to make you happy no matter what.

5. They’ll understand you.

They’ll always be there for you. Whether you need advice or you just need them to be there, to share your silence without asking any questions, they’ll be there for you.

They’ll never try to control you because they’ll know that both of you have lives outside of your relationship. They’ll be there for you whenever you need them, and they’ll only interfere in your decisions and in your life in general when you ask them to.

This person will try to be a better listener for you. They’ll encourage you to share your feelings, and they will work on establishing a deep emotional connection with you.

They’ll never put much pressure on you or your relationship because they know it would negatively affect your happiness. And, that is something they would never do… disturb your peace or happiness.

6. They’ll stick by your side both on good and bad days.

My mother would always say, you can meet people, a bunch of them, have a lot of money, loads of it, but if you don’t have that one friend, that one person who stays beside you even when all the other ones go, you have absolutely nothing.

The last time I talked with her, I told her that I finally understood what she meant by this. It is because for the first time in my life, I’m completely sure that I have that person by my side. That person is of much value to me because my own life got a purpose and a sense when he came into it.

You should really appreciate those people who stay beside you when everyone else goes. Those people genuinely care for you and want to make you happy.

7. They’ll accept ALL of you.

Think of a person who loves you in your sweats and with your messy bun as much as they love you all dressed up and with the most perfect makeup.

Yes, that person exists, and don’t lose hope because one day, you’ll meet them. And, they will love you in every shape and under every possible circumstance.

They’ll know your virtues and fall in love with each and every one of them. They’ll know your flaws and keep loving you despite all of them.

In great addition to that, they’ll make you feel good and happy in your own skin. And that, my dear friend, is a very important benefit of dating a person like this.

8. They’ll never stop putting effort into making your relationship work.

Did you have your share of rough relationships? I think we all did. We stayed in those toxic relationships, hoping that our partner would change, and that they’d finally realize our worth and fight for maintaining the relationship. But, of course, that never happened.

Well, it didn’t happen because they obviously didn’t care for us. They were putting their own happiness above ours, and didn’t care about how it would make us feel.

However, once you meet the right person, you’ll never feel unworthy again. You’ll never have to fight for the relationship alone because they’ll gladly do their share of the work. It’ll be a healthy partnership, and they’ll put immense effort into maintaining your relationship that way… healthy and happy.

9. They’ll simply enjoy making you happy.

This person will bring a huge amount of happiness into your life. Making you happy will have a positive effect on their happiness, too, which means that both of you will live a much happier life.

Nightly phone calls, sweet good-morning text messages, romantic date nights, cute surprises and romantic gestures on a daily basis… all of these will become a part of your relationship routine.

You’ll be on cloud nine every time you two are together. You’ll never get sick of them, neither will they of you. You’ll be each other’s best friend, and they’ll devote their life to making you feel happy and loved.

Should Your Partner Make You Happy?

Of course, they should. It’s their primary task in the relationship, just as it is yours to make them happy. If you want to be in a healthy relationship, each other’s happiness should be your main priority.

Fights and disagreements are a part of every normal relationship, but it’s up to you how you’ll deal with them. If you let them stand between you two, if you act on angry impulses… you’ll never feel happy in the relationship, and it will never be a healthy partnership.

When you indulge in a relationship, you accept to share your life with someone. That means sharing both good and bad times. However, you also make a vow that you’ll make that other person feel respected, appreciated, loved, and above everything else, happy.

Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy Quotes

I also compiled this short list of the most endearing quotes about being with someone who makes you happy. I hope they’ll inspire you to change your perspective of true love and finally appreciate the real values of a healthy and happy relationship.

1. “Surround yourself with the people and things that make you happy, forget the bad, and focus on the good. Life is too short to be anything but happy.” – Anurag Prakash Ray

2. “Not everyone makes us happy, but we could choose to just be with the people who make us happy.” – Unknown

3. “Finding that special someone that genuinely cares about you and makes you happy is the most precious gift ever.” – Unknown

4. “Life’s too short to pick fights with people you love; it isn’t worth it. Be happy and be with who makes you happy. You can never know what tomorrow will bring.” – Unknown

5. “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

6. “You are my blessing. Not because you make me smile, but because you made my heart happy.” – Gigi Areola

7. “If you are not with someone who makes you happy, you need to work on fixing that.” – Unknown

8. “The true meaning of love is being with someone who makes you happy and loves you for who you are. Someday, you’ll find that someone, just don’t give up.” – Unknown

9. “I don’t care where I came from or who you are. I can make you happy, and you make me happy. We could have a happily ever after.” – Amanda Hocking

10. “Love someone who makes you happy and who can’t be happy without you.” – Unknown

Final Words

To wrap this all up, be with someone who makes you HAPPY. Why? Simply because you deserve it! You deserve to feel loved, appreciated, and respected. You also deserve for your love and efforts to be reciprocated.

You deserve all or nothing, and don’t ever settle for anything in between.

I want to wish you good luck with finding the right person. And, trust me… it won’t be difficult to recognize them once you meet them because that person will do everything just to make and keep you happy.