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Is He Interested In Me? 15 Telltale Signs He Is Into You

Is He Interested In Me? 15 Telltale Signs He Is Into You

There is this cute guy you are uncertain about. The truth is that there are some clues that he might be catching feelings for you.

But you can’t help but second-guess yourself because to be honest, he’s never made a concrete move on you.

He has never talked to you about his feelings, he has never tried to kiss you and he has never even asked you out.

So what is the truth? Is he just being nice and friendly? Or is he interested in you?

Don’t worry because you are about to get the answers to these questions because we are here to present you with 15 telltale signs a guy likes you, without any doubt.

Even though each of these great signs standing alone doesn’t have to mean anything, if you notice some or all of them combined, one thing is clear—this guy is crazy about you.

He calls and texts you all the time

When a man falls in love with you, he initiates communication. He is the one who calls and texts you all the time—to ask you something or just to chit-chat.

You get a goodnight and a good morning text and talking to him becomes your daily routine.

And not only that—he is also the one who puts an effort into maintaining the conversation, even if it happens that you are not prone to talking.

This guy doesn’t just engage in small talk with you. Instead, he always tries to engage in deep, meaningful conversations.

He cares about the way he looks

When you like someone, you want to do everything in your power to be more appealing to him.

And even though your character is what keeps a man around, you are very well aware that your looks are the first thing that makes you attractive to him.

And even though you might think otherwise, the truth is that men are no different from us.

If this guy likes you, he’ll do his best to draw you in with his looks. That means that he’ll pay special attention to his appearance whenever he is with you and when he expects to run into you.

He is interested in your life

When a man only wants sex from you, he will show no interest whatsoever in you as a person. But this guy is different because he is interested in the whole package.

He wants to know all about your hobbies, your job, your family and friends. And not only that—he is especially interested in your love life as well.

What is the type of man you are usually attracted to? How did your love life look up to now?

Are you looking for something serious or just a fling? Or maybe you are not interested in having a relationship at all at this point in your life?

He listens to what you have to say

When you talk to this guy, he really listens to everything you have to say and he is obviously making an effort to get to know you better.

This guy always wants to know how your day has been but he also tries his best to explore your mind. He wants to know your deepest fears, hopes and ambitions.

He wants to know where you see yourself in the future as well as all about your attitudes toward life.

This man will never ignore you when he sees that you are feeling down and he’ll always be there to hear you out, if nothing else.

He notices little details about you

Another sure-fire sign that he is interested in you is the fact that this guy notices every little thing connected with you.

And most importantly—he notices things men usually don’t tend to notice. He is the first one to see that you’ve cut or dyed your hair or that you are wearing a new dress.

This is the man who’ll remember the date of your birthday but also the man who will see when something’s going on with you, even if the two of you don’t know one another so well.

It is more than clear that this man has been thinking about you and that he’s been analyzing your every move.

He looks at you

Have you ever heard someone tell you that the eyes are the window to the soul? Well, that is nothing but the truth.

When a man likes you but is too shy to admit it, he’ll do his best to hide his feelings for you. He may not show you that he is into you in most ways.

But he’ll never be able to hide the sparkle in his eyes when he sees you entering the room.

He won’t be able to control staring at you or even looking away when you look back at him, simply because he is worried that you’ll see right through him.

Therefore, if you are wondering if he is interested in you, just pay attention to his eyes and they will tell you everything you need to know.

He is nervous around you

Another non-verbal sign of a man’s feelings for you is the way he becomes extra nervous whenever he is around you.

Remember how shy guys acted around girls they liked back in high school? Well, that is exactly how this guy behaves around you.

He is so crazy about you that he can’t control his mind, words or moves whenever you are next to him.

His nervous behavior can be mirrored in many things; he might be talking nonsense or he might become completely quiet. His leg might shake uncontrollably or he might bite his nails.

Either way, it is more than clear that this guy can’t remain calm when he is near you and there is only one possible reason for that being so.

His body language changes

You know how a person’s eyes can’t hide their true feelings? Well, it’s the same with their body language.

If a guy is always faced toward you when the two of you are talking, there is a good chance he is into you. When the two of you are with a group of people, he’ll always find a way to sit or stand next to you.

Besides, you know how this guy is constantly trying to find an excuse to touch you (but not in a creepy way)?

How he accidentally touches your shoulder when he is laughing, how he puts his arm around you when he is trying to make a point and how he brushes away a hair from your forehead?

Well, let me tell you that none of these things happen by accident, even though he might not be aware of doing any of it.

The truth is that this man likes you so much that he has an uncontrollable urge to be near you and to touch you whenever he has the chance. The truth is that your body attracts him like a magnet and he just can’t help himself.

He is trying to find excuses to be around you

When you come to think of it, this man is usually looking for ways to talk to you or to see you.

He is the first one to offer you help when you are in trouble and he often asks you for help with some silly things he could do without you.

He is hanging out with your friends and he has started going to the places you frequent. And not only that—you keep seeing him everywhere you look.

This doesn’t mean that he is stalking you and it doesn’t make him a creep. He is probably just afraid to ask you out but he wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

He stalks your social media

Another way to tell if a guy is interested in you is his activity on social media.

He is the first one to check out your Instagram and Snapchat stories and he likes and comments on every single picture of you.

These are some of his ways to keep himself up to date with what is going on in your life. Besides, he is so fascinated with you that he can’t help but stalk your social media accounts.

He is flirty

When someone likes you, they will flirt with you without even being aware of it. And this guy is no different.

You’ve noticed that he compliments you and tries to maintain eye contact.

You’ve seen that he does his best to make you laugh or that he is always looking at your lips.

If this is the case, then you shouldn’t have any doubts—this man is interested in you for sure.

He includes you in his life

This man doesn’t’ see you only as his prey. Instead, he sees you as his potential girlfriend or even his life partner.

And this is why he wants you to be included in all parts of his life. He wants you to know all about his childhood, his habits and career. He often invites you out with his friends or even to family gatherings.

Your opinion obviously matters to him and he wants to hear what you think about certain things that are important to him.

Besides, he would love it if you could get along with the people he loves.

He treats you differently

When you compare the way this man acts toward you and the way he treats all the other girls in his surroundings, you’ll see that there is a significant difference.

You can’t explain it but everyone notices that you stand out in his eyes and that for him, you are special.

When he is telling a joke, he is only looking at you, trying to see your reaction.

When he is smiling, it appears as if he is smiling at you. And when he asks for advice from everyone, your opinion is what he takes into consideration the most.

He takes care of you

Another certain sign that a man is interested in you is the fact that he goes out of his way to meet your needs and the fact that he takes care of you, even though you’ve never shown him that something like that is necessary.

When you are sick, he is right there to take you to the doctors or to bring you everything you need.

When you are going through difficult times, he is the first one to give you a hand and to help you resolve things.

When you are in a financial crisis, he offers to help you out and to lend you some money. When you are feeling down, he is more than willing to be your shoulder to cry on.

This is the man who will help you take your car to the repair shop and who will give you a lift when you need it.

A man who will help you with literally everything you need, starting from small errands and up to serious life challenges.

And this is something you should never take advantage of. Instead, you need to understand that he feels good when he is helping you.

He is doing all of this because he wants to show you that he is a real man you can always count on.

He wants you to know that he’ll always have your back and he wants you to always feel comfortable around him.

You see, most men have this urge to protect the ones they love. And this can especially be seen in regards to their relationships with the women they are into.

And this is exactly what this guy is trying to do—he is trying to protect you, even though you might not need it.

He wants you to see him as reliable and trustworthy and he hopes that this might help him have a chance with you.

Your gut is telling you that he likes you

When someone has feelings for you, you will get a special kind of vibe from this person, without them having to actually make a move or do anything concrete. You simply feel that they look at you as more than a friend.

And that is exactly what is going on with this guy. You might wonder if you are blowing everything out of proportion or if you are imagining things.

Well, let me tell you that you aren’t. If your gut and intuition are telling you that someone is into you, trust them, because they are rarely wrong.