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It’s His Fault For Leading You On But It’s Your Fault For Letting Him

It’s His Fault For Leading You On But It’s Your Fault For Letting Him

The truth is that this guy has been treating you like shit for ages.

That he is nowhere near the man you deserve and that he never treated you the way he should.

When you come to think of it, from day one, you haven’t known where you stand with this man.

Are you his friend with benefits, are you nothing more than a casual fling or are you his girlfriend?

Despite all of your efforts to make things official and to define your relationship, he never wanted to actually label it.

He’s never been fully committed to you and that has been eating you alive.

There is no doubt about one thing—all of this is exclusively his fault.

You are not to blame for the fact that this asshole can’t make up his mind and get his shit together.

However, I assume you can’t help but wonder why can’t you be enough for this man.

What is it you don’t have and why can’t he love you enough?

Are you the one who has been doing something wrong all of this time?

Why can’t this man have the decency to choose you?

Well, let me tell you one thing—you shouldn’t blame yourself for this asshole’s actions and for his mistreatment.

Trust me, there is nothing you could do to make him change his ways or to make him commit to you.

After all, you need to be aware that you can never make a guy love you until he decides to do so himself.

Nevertheless, what you should blame yourself for is letting him play with you all of this time.

For allowing him to waste years of your life, for letting him treat you the way you don’t deserve and for settling for someone who doesn’t give a damn about you.

You are the only one responsible for giving this man the green light to continue hurting you and breaking your heart.

The only one to blame for him still having a place in your heart, after everything he’s done.

Let’s be honest—you are a smart girl and there doesn’t exist the possibility that you don’t see who this guy really is.

I know you think that he needs just one more opportunity and that one of these days, things will fall into place.

I know you want to believe in his empty promises and that you think you’ll regret turning your back on him without giving it another shot now that you’ve come so close to having him completely.

But let’s face it—deep down, you know very well that he will never change and that he’ll never grow up into the man you need by your side.

You are pretty much aware that he’ll keep leading you on as long as you let him do so.

However, despite all of this, despite all the pain he’s been causing you, you are the one who keeps giving him endless second chances.

The one who keeps forgiving him and the one who patiently waits to take him back every time he walks away from you.

You are the one who keeps on justifying him and making excuses for his shitty behavior, the one who keeps on lying to herself that things will eventually get better and the one who keeps running away from the truth.

The one who keeps on hoping for this guy to make you happy even though deep down, you are very well aware that something like that won’t happen in a million years.

The one who deepens her own emotional wounds and scars.

The one who keeps holding on to him, knowing that she needs to let go.

I hate to be cruel but the truth is that this guy keeps on breaking your heart but you are the one who keeps on allowing him to do so.

Yes, you are a victim of his actions but you are also the victim of your own weakness to look the truth in the eye and to finally accept it.

The victim of your weakness to make a difference in your life and to walk away from someone who can never give you the love you deserve.

So please, instead of waiting for this man to come to his senses, understand that you are the one who needs to get her shit together.

Instead of waiting for him to finally pick you, choose yourself over his almost love.

Instead of waiting for him to appreciate everything you’ve done for him, respect yourself enough to leave his sorry ass.

Instead of waiting for him to start valuing you, see your own worth and realize that you deserve more than someone who isn’t sure about you.

Instead of waiting for him to love you for real, love yourself enough to tell him your final goodbye.