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After Too Many Bad Relationships, I’ve Learned No Man Is Worth My Sanity

I used to think that toxic relationships are just passionate relationships.

Back then I didn’t know what a toxic relationship was, but I assumed that obsession, worry, fights, and over-the-top expressions of love are what make a passionate relationship.

Boy was I wrong. Not only was I wrong but it cost me my time, my health, and everything else I put into those relationships.

In some of them, I even questioned my sanity. After being blamed for things I didn’t do, criticized for my choices, and lied to regularly, it’s safe to say I started feeling like I was going crazy.

Luckily, I decided to make a full stop.

Once I realized how badly I was treating myself, I resolved to change things up.

No man is worth my sanity.

This made me decide to write my very own list of things I will practice in my life from now on:

I will enjoy life fully.

woman carrying balloons of different colors jumping with happiness in the fields

Life’s too short for unnecessary drama. I want to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

A bad relationship consumes your life. You don’t see anything else besides your partner and your relationship. The rest of the world ceases to exist and that’s just sad because life is beautiful.

That’s exactly why I remind myself to focus on all the good things in my life.

I will stay drama-free.

a woman laughing wearing brown trench coat

Sometimes I just can’t believe that some random guy clouded my vision so much. The whole drama I was involved in seems so stupid right now.

I lost so much of my energy trying to fix what couldn’t be fixed, I’ve had enough.

I won’t try to help people who don’t want to be helped.

rear view of a woman facing the rainbow over the city wearing red dress

The truth is you can’t change anyone who doesn’t want the same. The only thing that will do is drive you crazy.

Don’t stress over things you can’t control. That includes other people.

If someone genuinely wants to be with you, they won’t play games. They’ll be straight to the point.

I won’t tolerate someone else’s immaturity.

woman sitting in the shore wearing denim jeans and white top

Are you familiar with that situation when he purposely does things to make you lose your cool or just blatantly disrespects you?

I can’t even recall how many times I was left hanging while he went around having fun and acting like nothing happened.

Which leads me to my next decision:

I won’t let anyone make me feel crazy again.

man arguing to the woman keeping silent leaning to the wall

If you’re still not aware of this, hear me out. It’s not normal to constantly fight with someone. It’s not passion – it’s just stupid and hurtful. That’s not a healthy relationship.

It’s not normal to tolerate things you wouldn’t tolerate from your friends.

Oh, and friends! They’ve heard so much of my BS instead of just enjoying my company and having a good time, that’s why I’ve decided:

I will treasure my friends and enjoy our relationship fully.

four happy women sitting outdoors smiling and laughing

Men come and go, but true friends are for life. Until you’re sure that you’ve met the one, make sure to care for your friends who’ve been there for you through the tough times.

I won’t lose my energy on unimportant things.

curly haired woman with a hat smiling and standing near a body of water near the city

Worrying and stressing about the relationship has cost me so much. It wreaked havoc on my mental health and I had to walk a long road to heal myself.

I lost so much energy on unnecessary drama and feelings of anger and hurt when I could’ve just removed myself from the whole situation.

Bad relationships are what caused me so much pain, but in the end, it made me appreciate the good things in life more.

What’s important is to always keep moving forward and not lose hope that better things are coming.

We learn by making mistakes. And with learning, we grow.

After Too Many Bad Relationships, I've Learned No Man Is Worth My Sanity