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Law Of Assumption Examples, Techniques And Affirmations

Law Of Assumption Examples, Techniques And Affirmations

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re always creating your reality using the law of assumption. Whenever you assume that you can’t do something and it turns out to be true, you’re seeing the power of your imagination. Whenever you assume you can, that too becomes real.

You’re always manifesting. Let that thought sink in. The law of assumption states that whatever you assume as true becomes your own reality. You’re always manifesting by thinking thoughts and believing in them.

Why not challenge the assumptions you don’t like and replace them with ones that will let you live your dream life? Keep reading to learn how to do it using law of assumption examples and various tips and tricks.

Law Of Assumption Examples And Techniques

Manifesting your desires using the law of assumption works best when you use the method presented in Neville Goddard’s teachings.

In all law of assumption examples, this is the most efficient way for your wishes to become reality.

Law of assumption manifestation technique

1. Find your desire

pensive woman sitting on the couch

Determine what it is that you truly want. Disregard what you think you should want, what other people would think or what you think is possible. Dig deep and find your heart’s desire.

If it’s a million dollars or true love, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s the thing you always want.

2. Create a scene in your mind in which that desire has been realized

Imagine an event that takes place after your wish has been fulfilled – a short episode from the reality in which your dream has come true.

For example, imagine your friend shaking your hand, congratulating you for making your first million.

3. Experience how it feels to have your wish fulfilled

At this stage, you need to relax and experience how you feel in this situation. It’s best to do it just before you drift off, in the drowsy state akin to sleep. Visualization is easier in this state.

Picture your friend shaking your hand and congratulating you and pay attention to how you feel. Keep imagining this situation until it feels real.

4. Assume your wish is reality

This is the tricky part: change your thinking and assume that it’s true that you have a million dollars. The previous exercise in which you experience the feeling of your wish being reality helps you believe that it is reality.

Now all you need to do is ignore the reality that resulted from your previous assumption that you don’t have a million dollars and change it. This is where faith comes in: you must believe that what you assume is real.

5. Be persistent

Don’t give up before your assumption manifests. Once you’ve manifested one of your dreams, other ones will become easier because you’ll have proof that it works, but the first time, you need to be patient and have faith.

Law of assumption examples

the imaginary woman is lying on the bed

You don’t need a vision board to use the law of assumption techniques, only your own imagination. Here are some examples of techniques and tips to make it easier to invoke the feelings of fulfilled desires.

1. State akin to sleep

Neville Goddard often mentioned ‘state akin to sleep’ in his lectures and writing. It describes falling asleep as you’re imagining an event that implies that your desire has been fulfilled.

This is where your imagination really comes into play. Being in this state of mind isn’t only about picturing a scene, it’s about feeling that you’re really there. It should feel like it’s really happening.

Practice getting drowsy and experiencing a scene. Soon enough, it will come naturally and have a great impact on your assumptions.

2. “You are in Barbados.”

Neville Goddard told the story of experiencing the law of assumption once when his wish was to return home to Barbados from New York City, yet he had no money.

He told his wish to his mentor Abdullah, who replied, “You are in Barbados.” Goddard took this advice to heart and used his imagination to assume he was in Barbados. A few days later, he received an invitation and a ticket to Barbados from his brother.

When he tried to talk to his mentor about this, he refused to listen because why would he talk about going to Barbados when he was already in Barbados? To manifest your desire, you must close your mind to anything that contradicts it.

This is an example of the law of assumption and thinking from the end: assume that you are what you want to be, where you want to be or how you want to be, then live your new reality focusing on nothing but the end result.

3. Revision

Revision is imagining that something happened differently. Imagine that any recent event that you didn’t like happened differently.

This technique can be said to change the past where it matters: in your memories. The relevance of the past is in our memories, so changing those memories makes their psychological impact on you more beneficial.

4. Mental diet

Mental diet is about replacing your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. We’re always thinking about something, and a lot of our thoughts are automatic. Our inner thoughts are what creates our lives.

By controlling your inner conversation, you control your world – change your inner world to change your outer world. You’re consciously using your imagination to channel your inner speech to the physical level.

5. ‘I AM’ mantra

Before you use “I am…” type affirmations, Neville Goddard recommends meditating by repeating just “I AM” as a mantra to become rid of your limitations. In his book At Your Command, he says:

“Dwell upon just being by saying, “I AM,” “I AM,” “I AM,” to yourself. […] You will FEEL yourself expand as though you were actually growing. Don’t be afraid, for courage is necessary. You are not going to die to anything by your former limitations, but they are going to die as you move away from them, for they live only in your consciousness. In this deep or expanded consciousness you will find yourself to be a power that you had never dreamt of before.”

What Is The Law Of Assumption?

a pensive woman stands by the window

The law of assumption states that your assumptions create your external reality. This means that whatever you believe to be true becomes your physical reality. Assume that something is true, and it is.

It’s related to the law of attraction, but instead of using action to get what you want, with the law of assumption, you only need to believe that you already have it.

Manifesting reality using the law of assumption can be conscious and subconscious, meaning that you always hold certain assumptions, regardless of whether they’ve always been around or you decided to believe in something.

If you’re disliked by many people, it’s because, in your subconscious mind, you assume that they dislike you. If you don’t have a soulmate, it’s because you assume you don’t. If you assume that you’re boring, you are. Your reality is the physical manifestation of your internal state.

What this means is that you can create your reality on purpose or accept what was already created by your assumptions. The reason your life might not be as you’d like it to be is because you don’t believe that it’s possible.

For more details, check out our introduction to the law of assumption.

Where did the assumption law come from?

The law of assumption was pioneered by the American philosopher Neville Goddard. He believed that nothing is impossible for human imagination and that it can be used to achieve anything you want.

Goddard wrote numerous books on the law of assumption and delivered lectures on his teachings across the United States. Both his books and the recordings of his lectures are in the public domain and available for free.

How Does The Law Of Assumption Work?

pensive woman stands and looks into the distance

Is the law of assumption real? If you believe in it, yes. Your reality is created by your own consciousness – this is how it works.

If you assume that it’s impossible to use it to manifest what you want and you’re not getting your wish, it’s one of the law of assumption examples proving that what you assume is true.

For the law of assumption to work, you must believe that it works. Faith that your imagination creates your reality is the most important requirement for manifesting using the law of assumption.

There are as many stories of failing to use the law of assumption to create a better life as there are success stories. The difference is in faith and persistence. To manifest your desires in the physical world, you must assume that they’re true and keep going until the end.

What can you manifest using the law of assumption?

Using the universal law of assumption, you can manifest the life you never believed was in store for you. By changing your thinking and assuming you’re worthy of your dream life, you can manifest such desires as:

• Personal improvement.

• A new job.

• Financial abundance.

A specific person.

• Love.

• Health.

• Weight loss.

• Opportunities.

• Mental health.

• Improved relationships.

How Do You Affirm The Law Of Assumption?

pensive woman sits with a cup in her hand

When it comes to the law of assumption affirmations, it’s important to word them in such a way that they reflect your assumption that what you wish for is already true. Use them every day or when you feel your assumptions turning into negative thoughts.

You can personalize your affirmations or use some of the following.

1. I love myself.

2. I am confident.

3. I am healthy.

4. I am happy.

5. I am motivated.

6. I am blessed.

7. I am grateful.

8. I am successful.

9. I am kind.

10. I am persistent.

11. I am lucky.

12. I am beautiful.

13. I am thriving.

14. I deserve everything I desire.

15. I am in control of my life.

16. I am worthy of love.

17. I can achieve my goals.

18. There is nothing I can’t do.

19. I can have everything I want.

20. Only good things happen to me.

21. It’s easy for me to stay focused.

22. I take risks.

23. I keep moving forward.

24. I live in abundance.

25. I enjoy my life.

26. My life is peaceful.

27. I can endure anything.

28. Anxiety and fear have no power over me.

29. I’m true to myself.

30. I’m secure in myself and my loved ones.

31. I’m destined for great accomplishments.

32. I don’t need validation from other people.

33. I’m sincere and authentic.

34. It’s easy to fall in love with me.

35. I have true love in my life.

36. My soulmate is already here.

37. A happy relationship is in my life.

38. I have a harmonious and happy family.

39. I always have enough.

40. I get along with everyone.

41. My friends know me and love me.

42. My family has everything they need.

43. I’m respected at my workplace.

44. My work is valuable and appreciated.

45. I have the job that I want.

46. My work is worthwhile.

47. I attract only what I want.

48. I am worthy of my desires.

49. My desires are valid.

50. I feel respected.

51. I am valuable and valued.

52. I am proud of myself.

53. I’m secure in my partner.

54. I already have what I want.

55. I am becoming my real self.

56. My past doesn’t control me.

57. Everything is possible for me.

58. I have the right to assume the best for myself.

59. I receive what I ask for.

60. I uplift myself and others.

Affirmations can help you re-frame your thinking. They can help you improve your self concept, your relationships with other people and help your desires become reality.

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The Art Of Believing

Using these law of assumption examples, you can easily manifest your desires. Changing your pre-existing beliefs is the most challenging part of it. Assumptions incompatible with your desired reality make it difficult to manifest.

There are numerous techniques that help you get there. Using affirmations is also helpful in changing your beliefs. Once you get practice and experience in replacing your negative beliefs with positive ones, manifesting your desires becomes easier.

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