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Left Foot Itching Female Superstition: Is It Good Or Bad Luck?

Left Foot Itching Female Superstition: Is It Good Or Bad Luck?

Do you believe in the left foot itching female superstition? Actually, I’ll ask you later about that. ?

I personally have never been a fan of superstitions, angel numbers, you name it. Well, guess what? Things have changed drastically throughout time as I evolved and as I listened to the experiences of my close people.

It’s true that the universe, God, and your angel numbers have numerous ways of letting you know what exactly awaits you. Sadly, we often decide to neglect these signs and focus on being realistic instead of “superstitious”.

Left foot itching female superstition is one of those things we shouldn’t take for granted. If you have an itchy left foot, there are a few different meanings for that:

• Medical conditions

• Spiritual meaning

• Psychological meaning

• Biblical meaning

• Meanings in different cultures

First, we’ll go through the general meaning of left foot itching when it comes to females. Also, we’ll go through all the above-mentioned meanings in order to unravel the mysteries around left foot itching female superstition. Hope you’re ready! ?

Left Foot Itching Female Superstition: 5 Things To Expect

Ladies, if your left foot is itching you, it means good luck is right around the corner! From love life to financial situation, you will be blessed with abundance and happiness in every aspect:

1. Improvement in financial situation

Itchy palms are one of the most common superstitions. If your left palm itches, it means you’re about to gain money. If your right palm itches, it could mean that you are about to lose money.

Well, the same thing applies to your feet. If your left foot itches, you’re about to gain money, get a new (better paid) job, get a raise on your current job, and similar. This is especially true if your left leg itches right before you’re about to start working on a new job or during working on a project.

Improvement in financial situation is one of the best news for everyone these days because life has become really expensive. By that, I mean the most essential things have become luxuries to many people.

Knowing that your financial situation will improve in the near future will certainly give you very much needed relief. You can sleep peacefully because money will become your best friend! ?

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2. Your love life will flourish

Left foot itching superstition is also linked with your love life. Are you single? Are you in an unhappy relationship? Do you think about reconnecting with your ex?

No matter what you’re experiencing at the moment regarding your love life, know that things will become better! By better I mean that you’re about to meet someone special (if you’re single) and you’ll no longer be in a toxic relationship.

Trust me, you will no longer waste your time watching romantic comedies such as Bridget Jones’s Diary so that you feel better about your own love life situation. Finally, you will experience that grand LOVE every happy couple is bragging about.

When that happens, you will know that left foot itching is one of the best things that could happen to you. As a matter of fact, you will gladly wait for more itching. ?

Additionally, if you used some manifestation techniques in order to attract a certain person in your life, here are some legit signs your manifestation is about to happen.

3. Positive energy boost

We all know that ladybugs bring good luck but do you know what else brings good luck? Left foot itching!

If your left foot itches for the first time, you might be confused but there’s no need for that because things are actually simple. When it comes to females, left foot itching means positive energy and good luck await you.

Here’s an interesting explanation on the psychology of superstition by Medical News Today: Sometimes superstitions can have a soothing effect, relieving anxiety about the unknown and giving people a sense of control over their lives. This may also be the reason why superstitions have survived for so long — people have passed them on from generation to generation.

This means that simply by reading all this, you will get an energy boost because you know that your life is about to change for the better. Isn’t that brilliant?

4. Stronger relationships with your friends and family

If you have a long-distance friend or not-so-good relationship with some of your friends and family, this is about to change too. You will establish stronger bonds with your bestie and other close people in your life.

You will have more adventures with your friends and you will strengthen your trust. Well, the more time you spend together, the more connected you become. The same thing applies to romantic relationships.

So, no matter what prevented you so far from creating strong relationships with your close people, this is about to change in the near future.

Perhaps you’re about to move to another city where you’ll be closer to your bestie or vice versa. There are multiple scenarios which can bring you closer to your loved ones.

5. Self-improvement and growth

Have you neglected your lifestyle and well-being lately? Do you agree with me that you should work more on yourself?

If your left foot itches, know that your transformation is about to happen. You will start living a healthier lifestyle, you will find a new hobby, and perhaps learn a new language as well.

You will grow as a person in every aspect of its meaning. You will become more independent, confident, and you will acquire some positive personality traits.

This transformation will reflect on every other aspect of your life (your work and love life). You see, everything is interconnected. So, believe me when I say that your time is coming!

What Does It Mean When Your Left Foot Itches? 5 Different Meanings

Left foot itching has many potential meanings. If we exclude medical conditions, there are also spiritual meaning, psychological meaning, Biblical meaning and meanings in different cultures.

1. Medical conditions

Left foot itching female superstition can sometimes be linked with medical conditions such as eczema, athlete’s foot, dry skin, psoriasis.

Itchy skin on different parts of the body can also be an indicator of an allergic reaction (especially if sneezing is involved). All these medical conditions can be treated with creams, home remedies, and medications.

I remember when one of my friends had to deal with itching of her right foot. At first, the thought that this is an indicator of bad luck and bad things that await her. Well, it turned out that it was only excessive dryness which caused itching.

So, before reading the following signs, first make sure that left foot itching is not related to some medical conditions.

2. Spiritual meaning

What does itchy feet mean spiritually? In the past, left-handed people were considered to have the devil’s hand. The same thing applies to our left side of the body.

They say that the left side of our body is weaker than the right side, which means it’s linked with negative energy and outcomes. Itchy hands and itchy feet are no exception!

On the contrary, right foot itching superstition is on a different spectrum. If you have an itchy right foot or if your right hand itches, this is connected with happiness and positive outcomes. You’ll find balance on your spiritual journey.

If itching is on your left toe, it means that you’ll experience some kind of loss on your journey called Life. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because tough times will be only temporary.

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3. Psychological meaning

The psychological meaning behind left foot itching female superstition revolves around positivity. However, in a general sense of meaning, it can also connote negativity.

Basically, an itchy left foot means that bad luck is coming your way. Itching foot on your left side of the body means that you should mentally and physically prepare for the upcoming changes in your life that will not be so enjoyable.

But you know what they say: Change is the only constant in life. This means that, even if we’re talking about negative changes, they can turn out to be positive ones.

For example, losing your job doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Why? Because this might be your opportunity to find another, better job. When we look at it from a psychological meaning, there are so many interpretations that cannot be simply categorized as good or bad.

You will experience changes in life and these changes will lead you into a different direction. Only time will show whether that direction will lead you exactly where you’re supposed to be or not.

4. Biblical meaning

Yup, there is also a Biblical meaning of itchy feet on the left side of your body. It signifies a journey with no particular destination or outcome.

I believe that this journey is about trusting God to be your guide in all aspects of your life. Foot itch superstition is not only a superstition but it’s so much more than that.

In a Biblical sense of meaning, it symbolizes that God will reveal the one to you. But before He’s ready to do that, you need to go through a certain transformation.

Therefore, left foot itching means He is preparing you for a new relationship. To be more exact, in the following period, you can expect lots of changes that will promote your growth.

There’s also another interpretation of this. They say that whenever you have an itchy foot as a Christian, God is actually sending you a message to preach the gospel. Foot itching is a sign of soul winning.

5. Meanings in different cultures

In some places, left foot itching is seen as old wives’ tales. Itchy foot superstition is present in almost every part of the world, so here are a few interpretations according to different cultures:

• People in Turkey

The meaning of foot itching in Turkey revolves around a bad omen. It means that you’re about to enter a period of tough situations and inconveniences regarding your finances, love life, and your job. Perhaps you’ll get fired, or end a long-term relationship which will cause you a heartbreak. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because sometimes such and similar interpretations are only old wives tales.

• India, Nepal And Other Asian Countries

In India and other Asian countries, left foot itching is considered as a sign of bad luck. If you think of traveling in the near future, starting a new business, or entering a new relationship, luck probably won’t be on your side. Many communities with Hindu cultures believe that this is a sign you should keep moving in your life. Keep moving in your relationships, job, and everything else.


Do you now believe in left foot itching female superstition? I bet you do. After all, everything happens for a reason. In a general sense, left foot itching when it comes to females is a sign of good luck!

So, now is the right time to start a new job, relationship or to move to another country. It’s the right time to allow the universe to guide you.

Dear ladies, there’s nothing you should worry about because left foot itching means God and the universe work in your favor! It means you will be busy catching blessings!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Sometimes, left foot itching can be linked with negative things that are about to happen to you. This applies to a low percentage of women and high percentage of men. If your left foot itching is not linked with a medical condition, chances are that it’s related to other meanings that we listed above.