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12 Clear Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

12 Clear Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

You’ve mastered the art of manifestation techniques. But what you don’t know is if you’re approaching your goal or not.

Are your manifestation methods working, or is it time to call it quits? What are the signs your manifestation is close, and how can you know if you’re on the right path?

Well, luckily, I’m here to clear all of your dilemmas and give you the answers to each one of your questions.

12 Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

If some or all of these signs sound familiar, congratulations because you’re about to get what you wanted all along:

1. Seeing it in meditation or a dream

You might think that the law of attraction works in a way that you immediately get what you want. Well, before that happens, you get what you want but in a dream or while meditating.

Dreaming about it

When you’re dreaming about something or someone you’ve manifested, you assume it has no deeper meaning. Maybe you want it so badly that it appears in your dreams. However, I assure you that there is more to it.

Dreams play a huge role in spirituality. When you’re dreaming, the line between the spiritual and the real world is the thinnest.

This is the time of the day when you disregard your ego and your conscious self. You forget about your limiting beliefs, and your conscious mind shuts down.

Therefore, everything you see in a dream is some kind of sign. If you dream of a specific person, it’s no coincidence, and it’s not happening just because you think of them.

Instead, it means that they’re either thinking of you or that you’re about to see them soon. The same goes for your dream job and everything else you’ve been manifesting.


What about meditation? Well, even though you’re just a beginner when it comes to spiritual things, you already know that meditation brings you closest to your spiritual self.

It is one of the most important steps on your manifestation journey. Therefore, if you see someone or something you manifested while practicing positive affirmation, it’s the universe’s way of telling you that you’re about to get what you want.

When you meditate, your subconscious mind takes the lead. You feel a sense of calm, you’re overflowing with positive energy, and you clear your mind from negative thoughts. If you succeed in doing this, you’ll get the needed visualization, and you’ll be able to see the end of your manifestation process.

2. Receiving signs from the Universe

One of the sure signs your manifestation is close is the different signals the Universe keeps on sending you. Your spirit guides are here to make your waiting game a bit easier. They’re sending you a strong message: they’re there for you and have your back.

These signs can be sent to you in the form of rainbows, butterflies, or ladybugs. But that’s not all: you can also run into the things you want to have.

Let’s say you’ve manifested your dream car. All of a sudden, wherever you look, you keep running into that same car. Pay attention to these signals because they’re appearing in front of your nose for a reason!

Angel numbers

The most common sign from the Universe is angel numbers. Angel numbers are repeating numbers and sequences of digits you see wherever you go.

For example, you look at the time, and it’s 2:22. You look at the date, and you also see the same numbers. And that’s not the end of it. Wherever you turn, it’s like angel number 2 is haunting you.

Of course, it can be the same with the angel numbers 444, 333, 9696, 555, or any other sequence of numbers. The bottom line is that you’re not seeing any of these repeating numbers by accident – it’s a specific sign of successful manifestation.

All you have to do is keep an open mind and have faith that the Universe will grant your wishes. Trust me, whatever you were praying for is coming your way!

3. Excitement overwhelms you

How do you feel when you look at your vision board, scripting, or think about your manifestation coming true? How do you feel when you think about living your dream life?

If panic, fear, and stress overwhelm you, you still have some time before your manifestation methods bring you any results.

Deep down, you’re aware that the realization of your wishes is nowhere near. And there is nothing wrong with that – it just means that you have to keep on trying.

However, one of the signs your manifestation is close is the excitement you feel every time you think about your wishes coming true. It’s even nearer if you feel this excitement overflowing your entire being every day, without your manifestation even crossing your mind.

Something big is about to happen, and even though your conscious self is not aware of that, your intuition is. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have physical evidence for this.

Nothing in your real life has to be different – this excitement is more than enough proof.

4. Living your best life

Here’s some truth hardly anyone will tell you: for your manifestation techniques to work, you must focus on other things besides that. Do you know when you will meet your soulmate or get your dream job? When you’re ready!

But it’s not enough for you to think that you’re ready – you really have to mature, grow spiritually and get to the point where you know how to appreciate what you’re getting.

If you’re living your best life, staying away from bad things and people, and focusing on yourself, it’s one of the signs of manifestation. You’re reaching spiritual enlightenment, and you’re on the right path to getting what you want.

The Universe is about to reward you because you’re not just sitting patiently and waiting for a miracle to strike. Instead, you’re working for it.

You believe that your spirit guides will lead you to your goal, but you also know you have to put effort into getting what you want. And that’s why you’ll be rewarded.

5. Strange synchronicities

Don’t forget that every synchronicity you run into has a deeper meaning; it’s not a coincidence – it’s a sign of manifestation.

If you run into the person you were dreaming about last night, or if you see someone who looks just like them, your manifestation is nearing.

These synchronicities also include hearing the same phrase over and over again, smelling the same perfume, things happening with perfect timing, spotting your spirit animal, thinking about a specific thing, and then having it happen…

It’s enough for these things to happen twice or more for it to be a synchronicity. These are all signs that the law of attraction is working.

But what is the difference between coincidence and synchronicity? Well, it all depends on your faith. If you believe it to be a good sign that your manifestation techniques are working, and if you keep an open mind, it’s no coincidence.

6. Happier than ever

Have you caught yourself thinking: “I am happier than ever” lately? If your energy and high vibes are at their peak, it’s one of the sure signs your manifestation is close.

It’s similar to living your best life – it means that you’re ready for what’s coming next. There is no more sadness and grief, and you’ve gotten rid of all the negative thoughts and people who were putting you down.

Even when something bad happens, you’ve reached a point where you know it is for your own good and for a reason. You’re no longer trapped in the past, and you don’t care about other people’s expectations.

Finally, you’ve reached the inner peace you were craving, and your happiness only depends on you and the Universe.

But please, don’t leave it in your thoughts only. Instead, say it out loud. Say how happy you are and thank the Universe for the state of your mind and spirit.

Your spirits will recognize this inspired action as a positive affirmation, and your goals will be even closer.

7. Becoming one with the Universe

Your life has reached a balance after all the turmoil you’ve been through. But most importantly, you’ve reached a spiritual balance: your body, mind, and soul are in perfect harmony.

What does this mean, and why is it important for your manifestation? First of all, it is a sign that your energy reached its highest levels.

Most importantly, it means that you’ve finally become one with the Universe. You’ve reached your purpose.

You’re connected to your spirit guides and guardian angels. Let’s not forget that you’re connected to your subconscious as well. Your faith is stronger than ever, and nothing that happens can destroy it.

You’re being your true self, and you’re content with the person you’ve become. You feel confident and self-aware.

You’re clearly on the path of spiritual awakening, and I promise you one thing: the Universe will reward this!

8. No more self-doubt

When you first started manifesting, deep down, you thought that your desires would never come true. Even though they were quite realistic, you were concerned with how things might go wrong.

You were an overthinker, and you were easily distracted by every little bump in the road. If you didn’t get what you wanted exactly when you wanted, you immediately started assuming that you’d never reach your manifestation goals.

Eventually, you’d give up on them because you were too scared of the worst possible scenario. Well, all of that happened for one reason only: it wasn’t because you doubted the Universe— it was because you doubted yourself.

Luckily, you no longer struggle with these self-doubts. You know that you’re enough, and you believe that you deserve

9. You’re no longer obsessed with your manifestation

Many beginners in the spiritual world think that the law of attraction works as long as they keep thinking about their manifestation goals. However, the truth is quite different – things start to turn up when you stop being obsessed with them.

One of the signs your manifestation is close is that you’ve reached a state of calm. You still apply different manifestation techniques every day: you still have your vision board, you’re doing scripting, and you practice positive affirmation.

Nevertheless, it’s not the only thing you think about all day. You’re focused on your life in reality, and you work on your spiritual enlightenment while your manifestation goals are somewhere in the back of your head.

You’ve stopped hysterically wanting your goal to come true. It no longer consumes you, and it’s not the only thing you’re preoccupied with.

Why? Well, because you know that it will happen, and there is no need for you to worry about it. After all, it’s all in the Universe’s hands, and you trust it more than ever.

10. Hard times are behind you

Bad times are almost always followed by good ones – it’s simply how life works. Luckily for you, your hard times are over. The clouds are finally gone, and it’s time for the sun to shine.

These hard times weren’t there for no reason. Even though you suffered through them, they served as a cleansing point.

All those heartbreaks and troubles were given to help you become stronger.

The Universe was actually testing you to see if you have what it takes to get out of this more powerful than ever. What is even more important is that it was testing your faith – will these hardships strengthen it or weaken it?

Luckily, you passed the test. You’ve clearly learned your lesson. You realize that every time the Universe nudges you, it’s because something better is coming.

11. Major life changes

When you look at your life from a year ago and compare it to the life you’re living now, you’ll see that much has changed. If you come to think about it, it’s like you exist in a totally different reality.

Well, these major life changes you’ve been through were also preparation for your manifestation process. Now is the time for the final pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

And when that happens, you’ll understand why everything so far went the way it did. All of a sudden, every little change in your life will start making sense.

Sadly, I’m not only talking about good changes here. Maybe you went through some things you wish you could’ve avoided, but trust me – it’s better this way, and soon, you’ll realize why.

All of this is helping you mature and grow spiritually.

12. Your gut feeling tells you so

Finally, one of the signs your manifestation is close is that your gut feeling tells you so. Please, pay attention to what your intuition is whispering to you because it never speaks in vain.

Disregard your hopes and desires. But also forget about self-doubts and overthinking. Don’t let other people’s opinions and judgments affect you either.

Dig deep inside yourself and listen carefully to what your gut feeling has to say. If it’s telling you that you’re on the right path and that you will reach your goals— that is exactly what will happen.

How Do I Know If My Manifestation Is Working?

You’ll feel an incredibly high vibe if your manifestation is working. Your angel numbers will send you hints, your intuition will convince you that better times are coming, and you’ll be overflowing with positive energy.

If you can relate to all of this, it’s a sign of successful manifestation.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Manifesting You?

If someone is manifesting you, they start appearing in your dreams, or you can’t stop thinking about them all of a sudden.

But that’s not all: if your life takes an expected turn, and you make a decision to go somewhere or do something that’s not typical of you and outside of your usual plans, the Universe brought you to that exact place at that exact time because it was granting someone’s wishes.

If you’re still not certain whether a specific person is manifesting you or not, I suggest asking the Universe for a sign. If you run into that person, dream about them, hear their name, or see or hear something that is connected to them, your question has been answered.

How Do You Feel Before Manifesting?

Just before your manifestation goals come true, you feel this strange combination of excitement and a sense of calm. On the one hand, you’re excited because great things are about to happen. But at the same time, you’re peaceful because there is nothing more to worry about – everything will be in perfect order.

Also, your gut feeling will tell you that your manifestation is close. Deep down, you feel what’s about to happen, and you know that things will go on exactly how they should.

To Wrap Up:

Is seeing the signs your manifestation is close a sign that you should stop with your manifestation methods? After all, you’re about to get what you wanted, and it’s safe to ditch it all and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Well, let me tell you that this is probably the worst thing you can do. It will show the Universe that you’re ungrateful and that you were “manipulating” it to reach your goals.

Keep in mind that these manifestations are only part of your spiritual journey. They’re one piece of the puzzle and, among other things, have the purpose of connecting you with the Universe and your spiritual self.