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Leo And Aquarius: Love, Sex, And Life Compatibility

Leo And Aquarius: Love, Sex, And Life Compatibility

If you’ve been interested in Leo and Aquarius compatibility, then you have come to the right place.

Aquarius and Leo make a very interesting love match, perhaps even the most interesting in the entire horoscope precisely because of their clashing personalities.

Lead by the saying: “Opposites attract”, here is all you need to know about this interesting zodiac sign combination.

What it’s all about?

Leo and Aquarius personality traits in a nutshell


The fire sign Leo is a pretty strong character on their own. It’s hard to compete with them, and it’s even harder to win.

They are strong-headed, borderline egoistic.

On the other hand, these people are outgoing and amusing to be around. Although they like to be in the spotlight, for as long as you don’t threaten to steal it, you’re going to be just fine.

Leos are born to be leaders, and they excel in it without even trying. People are prone to listening to what have to say and go along with their plans because they make a good point most of the time.

Putting love on the line, Leo changes its colors. They are not selfish when love is at stake. Falling for someone changes them to the core.

Imagine, they are more than willing to share the spotlight with the right person. Besides that fact, they are extremely protective of the ones they love.


The water bearer Aquarius is famous for their intellect. People born in this zodiac sign are focused and determined.

Nothing can throw them off track, no matter the circumstances. Aquarians are not interested in casually spending time in pointless conversations.

Instead, they are more interested in academic discussions.

They are very driven to rise to an academic level and accomplish everything life can give them. Luckily, they have the capacity to accomplish what they set their minds to.

Leo’s point of view of the Leo and Aquarius compatibility

In this comparison of Leo compatibility, the traits which are written apply to both Leo man and Leo woman. There is no difference between the genders.

A Leo relationship can be anything but boring. At first sight, this romantic relationship should be a complete failure, taking into consideration all the traits of both zodiac signs.

Almost everyone will have a hard time believing that somehow this union works.

Truth be told, the statement above is only partially true. Aquarius and Leo have one thing in common after all, and that’s a strong sexual attraction.

Because of their sexual compatibility, their relationship works like a charm. Aquarius is one heck of a lover, and Leo knows it.

The surprising thing is that Aquarius is very prone to criticizing people in their presence, while Leo hates being criticized.

Somehow, this bold Aquarius move is precisely what Leo finds attractive and impressive.

Communication-wise, it’s almost impossible to establish a steady relationship with an Aquarius. The compatibility score shows your communication is close to zero.

It’s hard to believe that two people such as Leo and Aquarius could be soulmates, but astrologers claim otherwise.

Arguments and fierce fights are not uncommon for this strange couple, all thanks to their stubbornness. They are both used to being right all the time.

As far as you, Leo are concerned, the biggest resentment you have (which is at the same time the most probable reason you’re going to split) is the fact that Aquarius doesn’t give you enough attention (according to your standards).

Even the contrary—due to their critical mind, they are constantly all over you, complaining about your behavior and telling you what you might have done differently.

Since you are two different worlds, it a miracle that only this little fact bothers you.

Nevertheless, even if Leo is ruled by their heart and Aquarius by their mind, the Leo-Aquarius relationship somehow works.

Aquarius’s point of view of the Leo and Aquarius compatibility

It’s possible that you feel a bit restrained in your relationship. Because of Leo’s big ego and the need to be in the spotlight all the time, you’re feeling left out.

The truth is, Leo is not stealing your spotlight on purpose. It’s what their personalities are like.

On the other hand, despite the fact they are used to being in the spotlight which implies they are right all the time, they don’t want you to keep the truth hidden from them.

Despite the fact that they don’t want to hear they are wrong, they want you to tell them if they are. Basically, you’d like the same thing.

You’d always prefer hearing the truth over made-up, consoling stories.

Fear not! This problem has a very easy fix. Instead of ignoring your Leo for them ignoring you, give them a few compliments and words of praise every now and then.

It will mean the world to them, and on the plus side, it will make their conscience feel guilty which will make them take you into account more. They hopefully won’t be that self-absorbed anymore.

As written from Leo’s point of view on this zodiac compatibility, you have so little in common, but the sexual connection is out of this world.

That is what keeps you so magnetically close to each other.

You’re both prone to fighting, and you hold on to your points no matter what, which makes it very difficult for your fights to end. Arguments can go on for hours without stopping.

The positive side of the Leo Aquarius relationship is that Leo can calm you down. They are playful and self-confident which can easily draw your attention away from work or any other issues bothering you.

On the negative side and the only thing that can ruin your relationship is Leo’s ego. If you learn to control their ego and bring it down a notch, you’ll control your Leo and enjoy a wonderful relationship with him or her

Leo and Aquarius love compatibility

There is never a dull moment for this magical duo. Despite the differences written earlier, these two zodiac signs have some things in common, as well.

They both are thrill-seekers and are highly motivated in accomplishing their goals. That is something even the two of them help each other because they are aware of how frustrating it is to fail.

One of the most important reasons why Leo and Aquarius manage to maintain a great love relationship is because they respect each other’s differences.

On the one hand, Leo is too dramatic for Aquarius to deal with, but on the other hand, Aquarius is too unsteady for Leo’s taste.

When they focus on different values in a relationship, you have a winning combination.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is responsible for Aquarius’s creativity in making their visions come true.

As a fire sign, Leo is fierce, and they never stop. They are all over the place 24/7.

As an air sign, Aquarius cannot keep up with Leo’s energy, but it can add a special something which makes Leo and their relationship even more interesting.

Leo and Aquarius are both Fixed Signs. Fixed Fire and Fixed Air are perfect together. When one of them gets an idea, they know exactly how to plan it and put it into motion.

This is what makes them so unique. When they are together, they create amazing energy that cannot be easily ignored.

Leo and Aquarius Sex Compatibility

It is not ridiculous to say that the opposites attract. Leo acts like the ruler of the Zodiac while Aquarius tries to put them down and become more independent in their presence.

So, naturally, the fight for the spotlight is always present.

Having sex with Leo—and for that matter having sex with Aquarius—is a special experience. You can only imagine what happens when you put the two of them together.

Their sexual experience is tense, passionate, and sweet at the same time.

In the bedroom, they give each other egos the boost they need, only, in the end, Aquarius ends up respecting the sexual energy and the power of a Leo.

Aquarius man & Leo woman

The biggest problem in this combination can be born because of the sarcasm of the Aquarius man.

The Leo woman is most probably not going to recognize the man’s sarcastic jokes, and therefore, she may be hurt.

Her inability to understand sarcasm can push the Aquarius man into feeling their relationship is boring and too ordinary, which is definitely not his cup of tea.

For the success of their relationship as any other, both partners need to set their egos aside and take each other into consideration more.

Aquarius woman & Leo man

All an Aquarius woman needs is respect and her space. If a Leo man agrees to those terms, he will never be neglected.

On the contrary, he will get just the right amount of attention he needs to be happy.

Both of these signs are pretty unique, and they are aware of it. That’s why they respect each other and make a great union.

Although, there is always danger luring—- Leo can become too self-centered, and Aquarius can drift off into intellectual discussions concerning society and thus ignore their private lives.

You can never be too careful. One wrong move and any relationship start facing challenges.

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