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Libra And Scorpio Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Libra And Scorpio Compatibility In Love And Friendship

The Libra and the Scorpio are neighbors on the zodiac chart. But, does that make them compatible?

A Scorpio is intense and dark, while a Libra does everything to prevent conflict and introduce tranquility and balance instead. At the first sign, they appear to be the ultimate couple from hell.

But hey, don’t forget that things aren’t always the way they look – sometimes, they’re even worse. Nevertheless, you can’t find out whether these two can put their differences aside and reach a healthy union unless you read on.

If you do, you’ll find out everything about the personality traits of both Sun signs as well as all the details about their compatibility in love, sex, and friendship.

Libra And Scorpio In Love

If you’re not so much into astrology, you’ll assume that these two sun signs have practically nothing in common, and therefore, are not a good love match. But, the situation between them is much more complicated than that.

Can these two fall in love? What characterizes their romance? Most importantly – can they remain in love? All of these questions are about to be answered!

For starters, here are some guidelines for their romance.

Scorpio takes the lead

Yes, both partners should be equal in a relationship. But, when it comes to love compatibility between these two astrological signs, the Scorpio tends to be the dominant one regardless of whether they’re male or female.

I’m not talking about the fact that they make all the decisions nor that they necessarily make the first move. I’m referring to the fact that they usually take the emotional lead.

Some might say that the Scorpio is the one who loves more in this relationship. Well, to be honest, nobody can know that for sure.

But, the truth is that they do show more emotions to Libras than the other way around. It’s just what they’re like: passionate and more capable of feeling deep emotions.

A Libra keeps a Scorpio balanced

On the other hand, let’s not forget that the Libra’s symbol is a scale. They’re probably the most balanced people out of all zodiac signs out there – which is something that cannot be said about Scorpios.

The Scorpio is the sign of extremes. They’re “all or nothing” kind of people. I know that this is attractive, but sometimes, it’s not the best way to go through life.

That’s exactly why they could use a Libra in their life – to keep them a bit calmer and to give them balance and tranquility.

Let’s not forget that a Scorpio is passionate about everything. They frequently don’t think things through before acting on them, and they are extremely impulsive without reasoning with all the facts.

On the contrary, a Libra is an objective and fair horoscope sign, which means that they always offer a broader perspective on things. They offer compromise, and they have the amazing ability to calm the storms: just what every Scorpio needs.

The power couple

These two signs have their differences (which you’ll read all about) and there is no doubt about that. They might not be the perfect match made in heaven, but every astrologer will tell you the same: they’re the ultimate power couple.

I’m not talking about romantic involvement here only. These two star signs make a good pair in business as well.

They’re both determined and don’t see giving up as an option. They’re successful charmers, and when their energies collide, everything is possible.

They’re capable of accomplishing whatever they set their mind on. When the two of them are united, nothing is impossible.

Libra And Scorpio Relationship

We’re all aware that loving someone and being in an actual relationship are two different concepts. So, how does their love relationship actually work? What are the pros and the cons of the Libra-Scorpio relationship?

Libra Woman Scorpio Man

For a change, let’s forget about the Scorpio zodiac’s negative qualities. Yes, these men have a dark side: nobody can argue against that.

Nevertheless, once they meet a Libra woman, all of that gets forgotten. This is when a Scorpio guy changes his colors, and here is how it happens.

Libra’s femininity

Keep in mind that a Libra is one of the most sensual zodiac signs. They invest loads of energy, effort, time, and money in their appearance.

But, we’re talking about Libra women now, right? Well, you can only imagine how beautiful creatures they are.

A Libra woman is always well-dressed, with her make-up and hair on point. Of course, they’re naturally attractive on top of that.

Nevertheless, their looks aren’t what makes them so appealing to the opposite sex – it’s their charm and elegance.

A Libra female is a true lady with extraordinary social skills. Her manners and grace knock every man she meets off his feet.

She is a portrayal of all the feminine characteristics that every man is secretly looking for in a woman.

Also, let’s not forget about her amazing listening skills. This woman is an empath who understands everyone who comes to her.

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Scorpio’s masculinity

These two can build strong zodiac compatibility because they complement each other so well. We’ve already talked about the fact that a Libra woman is a delicate flower.

Well, that’s exactly what a Scorpio Alpha man needs (and vice versa).

Scorpio loves the fact that he can lead her through life. He enjoys keeping her safe and sound, and he makes it his mission to make this woman happy.

I know what you must think to yourself: we’re talking about maybe one of the most secretive men of the entire zodiac.

And, that is true. He is mysterious and doesn’t open up so easily. On the contrary, he prefers keeping things to himself.

But hey, have you forgotten about a Libra’s amazing listening skills? Besides, keep in mind that she is an intelligent, sharp-minded woman.

Well, these two things combined make this emotional connection possible. All of a sudden, the Scorpio’s walls get torn down, one by one, and that’s all the Libra’s credit.

Scorpio Woman Libra Man

You know it very well that a Libra man is indecisive and not so fierce, while a Scorpio woman is strong, independent, and a self-sufficient badass. Therefore, they’re not exactly two peas in a pod.

Naturally, your first instinct tells you that they don’t get along much. Let’s check out whether you’re right.

Instant attraction

As soon as these two horoscope signs meet, they’re instantly attracted to each other. And, I’m not talking about “I like you and you like me back” kind of a usual attraction.

I’m talking about the butterflies, fireworks, and rollercoaster kind of attraction. Why?

Well, first of all, a Libra man is a born flirt. Let’s not forget that he is handsome and charismatic, which leaves no woman indifferent.

On the other hand, a Scorpio girl is never afraid to take what she wants. Her passionate nature clicks perfectly with his flirtatious one.

Once they get to know each other, these two find out that they have even more in common, and that the bedroom is not the only place where they make a good match. They realize they’re both loyal and willing to make things work.

Why is a Scorpio and a Libra attracted to each other?

These two signs don’t only fall for each other’s looks. They’re also attracted to one another because of their intelligence and mental capacities.

The first thing that draws a Scorpio to a Libra, and vice versa, is their body language – especially their eye contact. The two have a very similar vibe, but a Scorpio is almost always the first one to show interest.

Their flirting is playful and intense from the very start. It’s full of word games and even sexual innuendos.

Long-lasting commitment?

Sadly, sometimes, this is not enough for a long-lasting relationship. Before they know it, their differences show up in the picture and ruin almost everything.

The biggest problem here is the Scorpio’s independence. She is a woman who doesn’t allow anyone to control her, and that’s exactly what a Libra tries to do.

Also, a Scorpio often feels emotionally neglected in this duo. A Libra is not so fond of sharing his feelings, and that’s why she ends up feeling unloved and unwanted.

At the same time, he’ll probably feel tied down every time she tries to step up their relationship to the next level.

Even though they’re both faithful and devoted to each other, the thing is that they don’t consider commitment to be the same thing.

Nevertheless, none of this means that they’re doomed to fail. These two can succeed and build a strong union – if they work hard enough for it.

But, this won’t happen without a lot of effort. The woman has to understand that she is now part of a union and that she has no need to go through life alone anymore.

On the other hand, the guy has to meet her halfway and give her something to make her feel secure and loved next to him.


Looking from one perspective, these two make an amazing couple. Even though they’re not all seen at first sight, a Scorpio and a Libra have a lot of similarities that help them build a strong spiritual bond.

Here is what makes them almost perfect for each other.

Partnership and intimacy

The number one thing that keeps the relationship between a Libra and a Scorpio sustainable, and makes it possible to begin with, is the fact that they have similar views of partnership and intimacy.

For starters, they both see intimacy as much more than some under-the-sheet activity, even though they’re quite passionate.

Yes, a Libra takes more time to open up and let a Scorpio under their skin. Yes, a Scorpio needs more time to ditch their self-sufficiency and start working as a part of the team.

But, once that happens, they’re unstoppable!

Devotion and loyalty

There is no fooling around with either of these zodiac signs. Even though they express their emotions differently, there is one thing that always connects them: their loyalty and devotion.

Some might not say this, but a Libra appreciates loyalty the same way a Scorpio does. If you’re a Scorpion, you’ll probably doubt your Libra partner’s fidelity all the time because they’re so crazy for their personal space.

However, I assure you that Libras are not the type of people who’ll have an affair. Yes, I’m talking about emotional infidelity, texting, and online dating apps as well.

They’re not behaving like this because they’re afraid of the Scorpio’s revenge. Fidelity is just a part of who they are, and cheating would mean they’re betraying their own principles.

Not only this: they’re both also truly devoted to their relationship – even when it doesn’t look like that. They want things to work out, and neither of them is willing to give up their romance just like that without a fight.

Romantic and attentive

Another thing that keeps these two lovebirds together is their romantic side, which the two of them possess.

Yes, a Scorpio’s view of romantic things could be debatable, but the fact is that they both become extra cheesy once Cupid’s arrow hits them.

This is the couple that brings faith to the rest of the world. They never fail to surprise each other and show to all of us that romance is not dead.

You know those couples that keep throwing such huge romantic gestures to each other that they end up on TV or all over social media? The couples who get engaged in front of a full stadium?

Well, they’re probably Libra and Scorpio.

But, this is not just a show for the public. They really do give each other loads of attention and not just on special occasions. For them, every day is Valentine’s day.

Emotions and intellect

Remember how I told you that these two are a power couple? Well, that means that they have the ability to connect their emotions and brains and make something big.

These people are cut out for great things. They don’t just love each other – they also build each other.

When you have an intelligent partner who works on themselves all the time, you wish to do the same. Well, that’s exactly what’s going on here.

They inspire and challenge each other. They push each other forward, and are constantly on the path of becoming better versions of themselves.

And, that’s what true partnership is all about – being a real team!


Nevertheless, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with these two. Sometimes, they’re a true match made in hell and there are times when they simply can’t overcome their differences. Check out what the downsides of this love story are.

Unreliable vs trust issues

Whether you like to admit it or not, if you’re a Libra, you’re probably not so reliable. I’m not saying that this sign is prone to lying, but sometimes, they’ll twist or hide the truth just to avoid any type of confrontation.

On the other hand, every Scorpio has some deeply rooted trust issues. They don’t necessarily have to be hurt in the past – sometimes, it’s just a part of their nature.

Scorpios have a hard time trusting themselves, let alone anyone else. They’re sharp-minded, and smell lies and deception from a mile away.

Do you understand why it can be a problem for these two personalities to collide? Before you know it, hell breaks loose the moment the Scorpio finds out they really shouldn’t trust their Libran partner.

On the other hand, a Libra can’t stand a Scorpio’s lack of trust. After all, who wants a romantic partner breathing down their neck?

Sadly, sometimes this combination of unreliability and lack of trust becomes the end of them. Of course, this can be avoided if the problem is diagnosed and cured on time.

Open vs secretive

Let’s call things by their real name: Scorpios can be sneaky as hell. And, that’s one thing that a Libra despises.

When you hear the words ‘secret’ or ‘mystery’, a Scorpio is the one who comes to your mind, isn’t that right?

On the opposite side, Libras are amazing communicators. Yes, they have a hard time opening up and talking about their romantic feelings to someone, but their talking and listening skills are above average.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that a Libra will never backstab you while a Scorpio will. You can never know what to expect from them, while Libras keep all of their cards on the table.

Naturally, this becomes a problem sooner or later.

Need for space vs possessiveness

The moment your partner tells you they need more personal space and time, your entire world collapses since you think this is a code word for “I don’t love you anymore”.

Even though it’s quite possible that you’re being too clingy, there is also a chance that he really is trying to cut ties with you.

Nevertheless, anyone who is dating a Libra can sleep peacefully because for them, needing some more space is really what they said it is. It’s not a trailer for a break-up – it’s their personality trait.

But, these desires can hardly go hand in hand with a Scorpio’s possessiveness. Keep in mind that the Scorpio is one of the most jealous zodiac signs.

When they’re in love with someone, they want them all for themself. Despite their independence, if they had a choice, they’d probably spend every moment of their free time with their other half.

Of course, that suffocates a Libra. They consider their Scorpio partner to be overly clingy and that’s something they simply can’t take.

What happens if the couple doesn’t reach a compromise? Well, isn’t it obvious?

A Libra runs for their life while a Scorpio feels emotionally neglected. Basically, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Can Libra And Scorpio Marry?

If they put some effort into making things work, a Libra and a Scorpio can end up getting married.

To be exact, if they manage to build a long-term relationship and surpass their initial differences and difficulties, they’re likely to end up happily ever after.

The best thing about this marriage is that the butterflies never fly away. They can be together for ages, but it will always be as if they’ve just met – passionate and intense.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that their entire relationship is based on their bedroom activities. These two understand each other almost perfectly and bring out the best in one another.

Libra And Scorpio In Bed

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a Scorpio man and a Libra woman or about a Libra man and a Scorpio woman, the bedroom dynamic is almost always the same when it comes to this match: the Scorpion is the dominant one.

But, that doesn’t mean that a Libra is a passive bystander. They don’t sleep with a Scorpio just to please them or something like that.

What’s the upside?

Libras have a very high libido, and that’s exactly what keeps them attracted to the sensual Scorpio.

The best thing about this couple is the fact that they never fall into a rut. There are no fake headaches and no avoiding intimacy in any other way either.

As long as they love each other, the sexual chemistry is there as well. And, the excitement is always the same, even after years of sleeping together.

Another thing that doesn’t change here is creativity and imagination coming from both parties. The two of them really do invest a lot of effort into their sexual life.

Why? It’s not to please the other person – it’s because they enjoy each other so much.

You have to be aware that both a Libra and a Scorpio are amazing lovers. They love pleasing their partner, and they never leave the job unfinished.

They seduce each other all over again every time before making love, and that’s exactly what keeps the spark alive. Things don’t get boring after a few months into the relationship – it’s always a roller coaster.

Most importantly: they enjoy their own sexuality and want to explore it to the max. That’s exactly why these two have no breaks when they’re together.

They are always on a hunt for new sexual positions, always eager to try new things, and always more than happy to experiment.

What’s the downside?

The only problem that could arise here is the fact that sometimes, the duo has different sexual preferences.

A Scorpio’s ultimate fantasy includes some edgier and darker activities, which might come as a shock to a Libra who is all into playfulness.

At first sight, these two differences seem to separate them, but if the love is strong enough, the couple manages to find a compromise.

Successful Libra And Scorpio Couples

  • Nelly and Ashanti
  • Katty Perry and John Mayer
  • Toya and Lil Wayne
  • Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
  • Gretchen Mol and Tod «Kip» Williams

Libra And Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

But, what about a Scorpio and a Libra’s friendship compatibility?

Do they function better as friends or as lovers? Do they have enough in common? When they meet, is it more likely for them to become acquaintances or do they sense their good friendship compatibility right from the very beginning?

Do Libra And Scorpio Get Along?

These two Sun signs get along great as friends – as long as they’re ready to make some compromises for the sake of this relationship.

Yes, they have their share of differences (don’t we all?), but at the end of the day, they share similar core values.

Many don’t realize this since a Scorpio and a Libra don’t share many similar interests. They don’t have that much in common – that’s true.

It’s not that they just party and hang out together – their friendship is actually much deeper than that.

High-value friendship

But, that’s what makes their friendship valuable – their loyalty and trust. Yes, we all know about a Scorpio’s trust issue.

Nevertheless, they disappear the second that the Scorpio realizes that the Libra really means well and has a kind heart.

Maybe, the best thing about this union is the motivation they provide for each other. This friendship is all about pushing one another to be better and to achieve even more.

The downsides

Does all of this make a Libra and a Scorpio’s friendship perfect? I hate to disappoint you, but that’s most certainly not the case.

Let’s not forget that a Libra is a laid-back kind of person. They despise confrontation, and will do everything to avoid arguments and other issues.

On the other side, Scorpios are kings and queens of drama. Sometimes, it seems that they enjoy fighting and will make a big deal out of nothing.

When something doesn’t go their way, they’ll complain about it until the end of time. Of course, they’ll rarely take the blame, and will instead play the victim at all times.

It all pretty much depends on the Libra’s patience. Are they ready to put up with a Scorpio’s drama and conflicts or will they get sick and tired of it all?

General Characteristics

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

  • Ruled by Pluto and Mars
  • Water sign (often mistaken for a fire sign)
  • Fixed sign

Positive personality traits

Even though not everyone sees their good qualities right away, a Scorpio has some amazing personality traits – you just have to get to know them better to find this out. Here are the most important ones:
• Loyal

A Scorpio is one of the most loyal zodiac signs. It doesn’t matter if they’re your friend, family member, or romantic partner – they’ll be there for you.

A Scorpio never leaves their loved ones behind no matter what. When they love you, they do it wholeheartedly, and they wouldn’t betray you even if their life depended on it.

• Trustworthy

The same goes for your trust – they would never violate it. Actually, you two don’t have to be close, but you can be sure that your secrets are safe with them.

Being trustworthy is a part of a Scorpio’s behavior code. Believe me that you can trust them with your life and you won’t regret it.

• Charming

People belonging to this zodiac sign have tons of negative personality traits, but yet, it seems that everyone is crazy about them. How is that possible?

Well, what they have is something called an X factor. Every Scorpio possesses this incredible charm that nobody can stay immune to.

• Faithful

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio, you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you. One thing they despise is infidelity, and that includes emotional affairs as well.

If they’re with you, they’re interested in you and you only. Being faithful to the end is a part of their nature, and they think that cheating tells a lot about a person.

• Brave

Yes, they’re adventurous and are always up to something new. But, why is that? Well, the truth is that a Scorpio is daring.

They’re one of the bravest people you’ll ever meet, and their courage is sometimes borderline crazy. Fear simply doesn’t exist in their dictionary.

Negative personality traits

Scorpios are mean, dark, and mysterious, and you don’t want to mess with them, is that right? They must have tons of flaws; otherwise, they wouldn’t be one of the most infamous horoscope signs.

Let’s check out whether Scorpios are really as bad as everyone thinks. Or, maybe they’re even worse?

• Possessive and jealous

This sign is the impersonation of jealousy. But, they’re not jealous in a cute way – they’re sometimes toxic, controlling, and possessive.

The bad news is that this doesn’t change with time – especially not when it comes to romantic relationships. Jealousy is in their blood and there is no way for them to control it.

• Vengeful

When you think about revenge, which Sun sign goes through your mind? Scorpio, that’s right.

Well, there is a reason for that. These people hold grudges forever, and they’re practically incapable of forgiving.

Even when you think that they’ve forgotten about something you did ages ago, they come up with perfect revenge. They have the urge to get even no matter what, and that’s exactly what they’ll do no matter how much they love you.

• Trust issues

Scorpios keep your secrets, but they don’t trust you that you’ll do the same for them. Silly, I know. But, their deeply rooted trust issues are something they can’t fight against as hard as they try.

Scorpio compatibility with other signs


Compatible with: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Aries

Non-compatible with: Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius

What is the Scorpio’s best match?

Pisces is probably the Scorpio’s best match. They’re both water signs, so it’s natural for them to understand each other well.

Also, they’re both highly emotional and that helps them form an incredibly strong bond. They’re compatible as friends and even more as lovers.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

  • Ruled by Venus
  • Air sign
  • Cardinal sign

Positive personality traits

What makes a Libra so special? What is there to love and cherish about them? Well, the truth is that they possess numerous qualities, and here are the most important ones:
• Fair

A Libra is the king or queen of fairness. After all, that’s what their symbol is all about. They despise injustice, and will always look at things from different perspectives before making a decision or forming an opinion.

• Well-balanced

Another thing that a Libra hates is disbalance. They avoid extremes, and don’t do anything “too much”.

• Artistic

You know how Libras are probably one of the best-looking people in the zodiac? Well, they’re not just beautiful – they also have an eye for aesthetics.

Libras are artistic, especially those people who have Libra in their moon sign. They’re creative and always have a talent – sometimes it’s just hidden.

• Peaceful

A Libra will do everything necessary to acquire peace. They can’t function where there’s a lot of drama and mess.

They don’t pick fights, and they do everything in their power to prevent every possible type of conflict. The best part is that, in most cases, they actually succeed in doing so.

Negative personality traits

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that a Libra is perfect. Trust me – they’re far from that, and here is why:
• Indecisive

You know how we talked about the fact that a Libra takes everything into account before making the final call? Well, as far as this approach might be, sometimes it makes them indecisive.

These people are incapable of making decisions at the moment. They’re always weighing the pros and cons, which is sadly sometimes impossible.

• Unreliable

Unreliability goes hand in hand with indecisiveness. You can easily get the impression that you can’t trust Libras because they change their mind quickly.

But, don’t hold this against them – they’re just trying to please everyone.

• Vain

People belonging to this sign look good and they’re perfectly aware of that. But, the problem arises when this realization turns them into vain assholes.

They’re huge fans of good-quality goods, especially high-end fashion. And, there is nothing wrong with that.
What is wrong is that they have a habit of judging people and things based on their looks only.

Libra Compatibility with other signs

Compatible with: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries

Non-compatible with: Cancer, Capricorn

What is a Libra’s perfect match?

Gemini is considered a Libra’s perfect match. They both crave personal space, start loving each other quickly (and stop even faster), are incredibly charming, and rarely have stable feelings.

Nevertheless, what connects them is their ability to sense deep emotions (despite their careless nature). They’re also skillful communicators, so even when a problem arises, they solve it in no time.

Libra-Scorpio cusp (October 19 to October 26)

People belonging to the Libra-Scorpio cusp are born between Libra season and Scorpio season, so they mostly have traits of both signs.

They’re charming and possess incredible energy that attracts literally everyone in their way. Let’s not forget about their sharp minds and high intelligence.

The thing they lack is patience and understanding of others. They frequently jump to conclusions, and they have a habit of judging people too soon.

Are Libra And Scorpio Compatible?

After everything we’ve learned, one can say that these two signs have relationship potential. Yes, they have a lot of differences on the surface, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see a bunch of similarities between them as well.

Nevertheless, just because there is some serious potential for this Scorpio Libra compatibility doesn’t mean that they’ll end up living happily ever after just like that.

They both have to make some adjustments in character and meet each other half way for things to work out.

If you want to dig a little deeper and find out more about a Libra and a Scorpio’s personality, here are the places to do so:

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