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When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You (17 Sure Signs)

When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You (17 Sure Signs)

You were sure you’d found your soulmate… your Aquarian lady. Are your hopes now crushed because she broke up with you and told you to leave her alone? All you want to know right now is how to tell for sure when an Aquarius woman is done with you forever, right?

Do you want to know whether there is still some hope that you can fight and get your ex back? Well, I’m truly rooting for your love, and I hope you’ll manage to save it, but if you recognize these signs below, it would be better for you to give up because it’s clear that there is no future there.

Don’t waste your time on someone who has decided to remove you from their life. Focus on your future and keep believing that one day, true love will come and stay in your life forever.

17 Obvious Signs That Say When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You

If you start noticing some of these red flags, and if most of these signs come true, you should know that it’s true… Your Aquarian lady is done with you for good, and there is no going back.

1. She stops confiding in you

When an Aquarius woman stops sharing her secrets with you, it’s a surefire sign you’ve lost her. She doesn’t want to have any connection with you, and that’s why she doesn’t want you to know her secrets anymore.

She’s trying to cut all ties with you, and this is the first step she’s taking to do that.

2. Spending time with you becomes limited

I hope we all know how important spending quality time is for a healthy relationship. Aquarius females definitely do know this, and it’s one of their top priorities in their relationships.

The moment she stops caring about spending time with her man or starts avoiding him, on the other hand, is the moment she stops loving him. That’s a fact and one of the best signs that say when an Aquarius woman is done with you.

3. She starts suppressing her feelings

It’s not a big deal for an Aquarius woman to open up emotionally to someone, but it needs to be someone she trusts and loves. She’ll never share her emotions with a complete stranger or someone she doesn’t feel an emotional connection with.

If your Aquarius lady stops sharing her feelings with you and starts burying them deep inside herself, it’s probably because she feels that connection between you has gone.

Or, on the flip side, it could also be because her feelings have changed completely, and she can’t share them with you because she’s afraid that it might hurt you.

4. You stop being her best friend

If she doesn’t share her secrets with you, it means she no longer sees you as a friend. Either she has lost trust, or she simply doesn’t want you in her life anymore as either a boyfriend or a friend.

The truth is, an Aquarian female will never be with a man she doesn’t consider her best friend first. So, if you’ve noticed that she no longer sees you as her best friend, it’s a surefire sign that she no longer wants you to be a part of her life either.

5. Affection is completely gone

We all know how important romance and affection are for Aquarius women. They thrive on making their significant others happy and feel loved through little acts of affection.

If she has become cold, if that affection she once showered you with has completely gone, I’m afraid I have bad news for you. Your Aquarius girl doesn’t love you anymore and definitely doesn’t want to continue your relationship.

6. Her social media clearly shows you’re no longer in a relationship

Have you checked her social media? If you haven’t, I advise you do it ASAP because there are many clues you can find there that can help you know whether your Aquarius woman is done with you for good or not.

If her relationship status has changed back to single again, if she’s partying like she’s single again, and if you notice some suspicious comments, likes, and new friends, it’s obvious that she has already moved on and left you in the past.

At least, that’s what her social media is telling you, right?

7. You and your relationship bore her

Your friends have noticed it, and you have noticed it too… your relationship has started boring her to death. She may even admit to you that she feels like the spark has gone.

No matter what you do, you just can’t spark her interest again. And you shouldn’t even be trying anymore because she won’t allow you to grab her attention again and reignite the spark in your relationship.

8. It’s obvious she doesn’t trust you anymore

If she doesn’t consider you a friend anymore and stops confiding in you, what does that tell you? Of course, she doesn’t believe you anymore.

Can you think of a reason that may explain why that trust has been shattered? Did you do something that made her doubt your trustworthiness?

If she doesn’t trust you anymore, the truth is, she can’t be in a relationship with you either. Trust is the most important thing for her, and without it, she’ll never be able to maintain a healthy relationship with a man.

9. She starts picking fights for no reason

And I know how bothersome it is. You feel like you won’t be able to put up with that kind of behavior for too long, nor should you.

After all, her goal is to make you break up with her through those constant fights and stupid reasons. And don’t think it’ll get better with time because she’ll only start picking more and more fights, all with the aim to drive you crazy and make you give up on your relationship.

10. She starts demanding too much alone time

It’s clear to everyone that women born under this air sign have a bit of a free spirit, and that’s why they demand personal space. However, spending time alone will never surpass spending time with their romantic partner.

Of course, that is for as long as they have strong romantic feelings for their partner. If those feelings change in a moment, she’ll start prioritizing spending alone time over spending quality time with her SO.

11. She stops being fascinated by you

There is one interesting fact about Aquarius females: once they fall in love with a man, they instantly become fascinated and obsessed with him. This is especially true with the Venus Aquarius women.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your woman looks at you like you’re her idol. And if that has stopped, if she doesn’t look at you the same anymore, it’s because she no longer loves you.

12. She starts ghosting you all of a sudden

This is definitely not a common behavior of an Aquarius lady. Yes, they have a bit of an unpredictable nature, just like Virgo females, but unlike them, they’ll never go silent on someone without a proper reason.

If your Aquarius woman starts ghosting you, either you’ve made a huge mistake, or she’s done with you for good. If it’s the first thing, you’ll find a way to fix it, but if it’s the second option, you won’t be able to get her back, no matter how hard you try.

13. She stops caring for your well-being

I’m sure you’ve noticed how caring your Aquarius partner is. And that truly is a part of the Aquarius personality. However, they’re like that only with people they genuinely love and care for.

They don’t care about people who aren’t part of their lives. They might be empathetic towards them, but they’re only caring towards those they truly love.

That’s why you need to be really worried if your Aquarius woman stops paying attention and taking care of your well-being.

14. She is never up for compromising

It’s clear that you want to keep her in your life, and that’s why you try to fix your fights and issues by compromising, right? But no matter what you do, she blocks all those attempts and simply refuses to compromise.

You know why that is? It’s because she doesn’t care about your relationship. She wants to let you go, and she knows that compromising with you to solve your issues won’t help her with that.

15. She refuses to build future plans with you

Aquarius females, just like Taurus and Capricorn women, are known for always having their entire futures planned ahead. Even though spontaneity is one of the most significant personality traits of Aquarian ladies, they’re never that spontaneous when it comes to the future.

When women born under the Aquarius zodiac sign fall in love and decide to commit to someone, they immediately include that man in their future. They start making plans with them and work to achieve those short and long-term plans together.

The moment you notice she has started making her own plans for the future and has removed you from them is the moment you should know she’s done with you now and for good.

16. She flirts openly with other men

If it’s a small, innocent flirt, it doesn’t have to mean that your Aquarius lady is over you. It could also be a red flag that she is trying to make you jealous or seek revenge.

However, if you see that her flirtation is crossing the line, it’s obvious that your Aquarian lady is looking for a new potential romantic partner.

It’ll hurt you, but you need to let it go… Let her go because you don’t deserve to hang onto someone who is behaving that way and showing that they don’t care at all about you anymore.

17. She engages in an affair with another guy

The last and most definite sign that shows when an Aquarius woman is done with you is when you see her in a new relationship. It’s a sign she has definitely decided to move on and welcomed a new man into her love life.

Commitment is definitely the most important thing for an Aquarius lady. She’ll never cheat on someone she loves and is committed to. If she does, if she really gives another man a chance to win her over, it’s a sign her feelings for you have disappeared.

Anyway, she won’t do it while she’s still in a relationship with you. She’ll first end things with you and make sure it’s clear you know it’s over, and then she’ll start dating another guy.

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Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Leo and Taurus men are by far the most compatible men of the zodiac for an Aquarian lady. Along with them, Sagittarius and Libra men also make great matches for a female born under the water bearer zodiac sign.

Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius men often find common ground with an Aquarius woman. However, they will rarely pass the friendship stage and maintain a stable romantic relationship.

The emotional and overly sensitive Pisces and Cancer men don’t get along with an Aquarius woman because she simply can’t handle their emotional and moody natures.

A Capricorn man may also find it hard to establish a healthy relationship with an Aquarius woman because they’re both too stubborn and ambitious, which may make them become competitive sooner or later.

Together with them, a Scorpio man may also struggle to find a common language with the Aquarius girl because of their completely different personalities.

How Do You Get An Aquarius Woman Back After A Breakup?

Well, frankly, we should be asking, “Is it even possible?” Is it possible to get a woman like that back once she firmly decides to move on?

It actually depends on the strength and depth of the feelings she has for you. If her feelings have totally disappeared, you shouldn’t even try because you most definitely don’t have any chance of getting your ex back.

However, if she still loves you and has decided to break up with you because of something you did to her, you should focus on fixing those mistakes.

Aquarius women appreciate loyalty and commitment above anything else, so if you want to get your girl back, you need to show her you share those same values.

Go slow and work on becoming her best friend first. You need to regain her trust, and then you can start working on winning her back too.

How Do You Know If An Aquarius Woman Doesn’t Like You?

The fact is, Uranus-ruled Aquarius women are known as the most indecisive females in the horoscope. They’re pretty wishy-washy, even when it comes to making huge decisions.

That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly starts acting hot and cold. One day she might behave as if she has fallen head over heels in love with you, and the next, she might behave as if she doesn’t, or it’s better to say, has never even liked you.

However, if she truly doesn’t like you, she would never stay in a relationship with you. She simply can’t date a man she doesn’t have any feelings for, and she most definitely will never lie with someone she doesn’t like.

If you notice she has gone no contact and that she has completely distanced herself from you, it’s the most surefire sign she isn’t into you anymore.

How Do You Make An Aquarius Woman Miss You?

One thing you should never do if you want to make your Aquarian lady miss you is to start chasing her. That way, you’ll only bore her to death and drive her even further away.

You need to flirt with her and try to win her over through little, romantic gestures. At the same time, you need to let her take the lead and play it the way she wants.

Once she sees the effort you’re making, she won’t just miss you, but she’ll also become obsessed with you.

When looking for a romantic partner, an Aquarius woman will never fall for a man who lacks a romantic side. Shower her with the most wonderful compliments, take care of her well-being, let her have her space, and you’ll know what happens next… Your Aquarius girl will go crazy for you.

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How Do You Keep An Aquarius Woman?

To be honest, it is a bit difficult, not to say impossible, to keep an Aquarius lady who is already determined to move on from you. If she’s decided to break up with you, it’s probably because she has a good reason.

So, the first thing you should do is find out what her reasons are. Then, you should focus on dealing with those things and fixing the issues that can be fixed.

You need to be patient with an Aquarian woman. You shouldn’t try to make her settle down because this is a woman who is in love with freedom. You need to allow her to keep her independence if you really want to keep her in your life.

In Conclusion

When an Aquarius woman is done with you for good, she won’t let you wonder for too long. She might give you some hints in the beginning, but she’ll eventually come to you and admit everything to you directly.

She might be many things, but a woman born under this zodiac sign is no coward. As a matter of fact, cowards and people who are afraid to stand behind their actions are what she absolutely hates the most.

An Aquarius female is also the type of woman who moves on pretty fast. She doesn’t hold on to a breakup or her ex for too long.

She simply focuses on making up a strategy to heal and move on as fast as possible. And once she decides to leave something or someone in the past, you should know that her decision is definitely final.