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Leo And Virgo Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Leo And Virgo Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Leo and Virgo are a very interesting zodiac combination. As it usually happens at the beginning of almost every relationship, only the defects and bad sides come to light.

And, unfortunately, that makes this zodiac match have a low compatibility ranking. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t function or build a healthy and lasting relationship together.

And, if you think it does, this exciting horoscope pairing is there to prove you wrong. Despite all of the odds (well, most of them) being against them, this match simply knows how to turn them all in their favor.

Still, they’ll need to work hard to prove that their love or partnerships are worth taking that risk of being on their side. Sometimes, you simply have to go through hell to reach heaven. Yet, it’s worth it. It’s worth it every single time.

The Overall Compatibility Of Leo And Virgo

By some of the basic zodiac rules, the earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) have the best compatibility with the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), while the fire signs (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) vibe best with the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).

And, we have here two zodiac signs of totally opposing elements, and that, unfortunately, deeply affects their zodiac compatibility.

Leo is a fixed sign, and it’s the only zodiac sign ruled by the Sun. It really explains why Leo is the most self-involved sign because the Sun represents our true self; the way we truly are.

They’re also a fire sign, and that adds creativity, passion, and spontaneity to their personality traits list. It also makes them extremely competitive. These peeps live by their own rules, and they never allow others to control them.

The lion Tarot card is the 8th card of the Major Arcana, which represents their emotional and physical strength. And, Leo is indeed one of the strongest zodiac signs.

Their fellow neighbor, Virgo, is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is a planet of communication and intellect. Virgo is also a mutable sign, and that makes them diplomatic and very good with people.

However, it also makes them a bit unreliable and inconsistent. In fact, the most common misconception about Virgos is that they’re unable to commit, which is something I really can’t agree with.

Love is unpredictable, and while some people may swoon over it, that fact actually scares the hell out of a Virgo. They don’t like to get involved in something if they aren’t sure about its outcome. That’s why they need a longer time to commit to someone than Leos do.

These zodiac signs are ruled by two widely different elements, and they have opposing modalities. That’s why Leo and Virgo have so many uncompromising differences, which will create some huge (and almost impossible to overcome) obstacles in their partnerships.

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Leo And Virgo Compatibility In Love

The Leo-Virgo compatibility in love is, let’s just say, a very complicated one. They’re a demanding love match that will have to try hard in order to keep their love strong and alive.

Leo has a fiery and passionate approach to everything, which completely mismatches Virgo’s practical and down-to-earth approach.

Their relationship will be based on differences, and finding a common ground will be a true challenge for them. Even if they manage to overcome that challenge, they still won’t be truly happy because one of them will always feel like something is missing.

People born under the sign of Leo love to feel wanted, especially those with the Venus in Leo. Actually, they’re attention seekers who need to feel desired in order to feel loved. Leo is a huge drama lover, and they enjoy being in the spotlight.

And, all that people who are born under the earth sign of Virgo want in a relationship is practicality and stability. They need someone with a strong work ethic. Someone who has ambition and very high and clear goals for the future.

The best aspect of the Leo-Virgo relationship is regular and open communication. Both of them are great at communicating their needs, and this will help them understand each other better.

Also, they can teach each other some valuable things. For example, the compassionate Virgo can teach the egocentric Leo how to be less self-centered and how to focus on other people’s needs more.

And, the spontaneous Leo will teach the uptight Virgo how to relax and enjoy life more. As you can see, there is truly a special balance in this earth-fire zodiac love match.

When it comes to love compatibility, the moon sign compatibility really does hold more weight. So, take a look at your birth charts and find out what your moon signs are in order to get the full picture of how truly compatible you and your partner are on the emotional level.

Can Leo And Virgo Get Married?

Don’t get me wrong. The Virgo-Leo compatibility in love isn’t a very good one, but it doesn’t mean these two astrological signs can’t combine well in a romantic relationship.

They’ll definitely have a turbulent beginning, but if they manage to go through it and overcome those challenges, it’ll result in a very successful and long-lasting relationship.

So, the answer is pretty clear here; YES. Even though they aren’t true soulmates, they can get married, and if they come to this huge step, they’ll most likely stay together forever.

The best aspect of their marriage will be their loyalty and their incredibly exciting and passionate sex life. That means they’ll trust each other completely and never allow the spark to disappear. I think that is what a good marriage is all about.

8 Effective Leo-Virgo Relationship Tips

We have already established that the Leo-Virgo love match doesn’t have a high compatibility ranking. That means they’ll have to put a lot of effort into making their relationship work.

Here are some tips and relationship advice that might help them. However, the first and most important thing they’ll have to work on is accepting and embracing their differences.

1. Keep in touch emotionally.

2. Appreciate each other’s good qualities.

3. Take care, but don’t try to control one another.

4. Be willing to step out of your comfort zones more often.

5. Encourage one another to pursue your dreams.

6. Remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable.

7. Tip for Virgo: Stop using criticism as a form of self-protection.

8. Tip for Leo: Be more understanding with your sensitive Virgo partner.

Leo Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

This Leo-Virgo pairing is definitely not the most compatible match of the zodiac. They simply have different characters and opposing natures that will make it too damn difficult for them to get along and find a common ground.

A woman with the Virgo personality traits (or, even worse, the one with the Leo-Virgo cusp traits) is extremely analytical and intelligent, but also a bit shy and introverted. Her need for overanalyzing things, and her practicality, don’t allow her to jump into a relationship too soon.

That can be considered both her good and her bad side. For example, in this case, it definitely has a bad impact on her relationship. Her impatient Leo partner won’t be willing to wait long enough for her to make up her mind.

He’ll interpret her overthinking as a sign that she isn’t interested in dating him, and that will be a good reason for him to walk away.

Besides being impatient, the Leo man is also passionate, charming, and very protective of his loved ones. Once he falls for a girl, he’ll try his best to make her feel happy, respected, and special. However, it really won’t take him long to give up on his prey if he sees that it doesn’t want to be caught.

On the first impression, a Virgo woman may seem like an emotionally distant and reserved gal, or the one playing hard to get. But, once you get to know her, you’ll see the true, sensible, and warm side of her.

Unfortunately, the Leo man won’t probably stick around long enough to see the real nature of a Virgo woman.

Leo Woman And Virgo Man Horoscope Compatibility

I think this is probably the most complicated horoscope combo. Leo woman and Virgo man don’t have problems with connecting on the intellectual level because both of them are highly intellectual and like-minded.

However, when it comes to forming an emotional bond, that’s where the real problems start. They both have different emotional needs and long for different (I think it’s even better to say opposing) things from their romantic partners.

The Leo woman is fiery, strong, ambitious, and persistent. She’s always on the move, trying to achieve her life goals and dreams.

She needs someone who is able to keep up with her, which is probably the reason why she set such high standards and expectations of her romantic partner… so high that her Virgo partner will never be able to fulfill them no matter how much he genuinely loves her.

On the flip side, the Virgo man is more easygoing, and he doesn’t have a clearly defined perspective of his own future. He likes to try and discover new things… that’s why he’s always traveling somewhere and exploring different places, cultures, and people.

The only thing a Virgo man wants is to find a woman who’ll understand and accept his way of living. He doesn’t want to change nor will he ever allow his partner to control him in any way.

If this horoscope love match wants to make any kind of successful partnership, constant hard work, sacrifice, and compromise will be needed from both sides. Otherwise, their relationship is almost definitely doomed to failure.

Are Leo And Virgo Compatible In Bed?

When it comes to the sexual zodiac compatibility of these two horoscope signs, one thing is certain; the lion and the virgin make a dream match in the bedroom.

Actually, most astrologers agree that these two zodiac signs function the best as lovers. They both have a high sexual drive, and they’re pretty much up for anything in bed.

Well, as a matter of fact, that shouldn’t surprise us. The fact is that Leo and Virgo are considered to be among the best lovers in the entire zodiac.

People born under the Leo sun sign purr at the idea of being the dominating partner in bed. On the other hand, those with the Virgo astrological sign enjoy allowing their partner to take the lead. In fact, Virgo is known as the most submissive sign of the zodiac.

Another plus side of the Leo-Virgo match in bed is that both of them pay great attention to foreplay. For them, it’s not just the introduction part to the main act; it’s the vital part from which the whole experience depends.

Leo And Virgo As Friends

These two zodiac signs don’t have a lot in common, but surprisingly, it actually brings them closer together. So, the friendship compatibility of this astrological match is definitely a positive one.

Even though they have huge differences, somehow, they’ll find a way to understand each other on a deeper level. Those differences may be an obstacle at the beginning of their friendship, but they’ll overcome them once they build a stronger and more genuine connection.

Of course, a lot of patience and effort will be needed from both sides in order to establish a deeper bond.

Both of these sun signs are incredibly intelligent and very creative. They’ll share some similar interests because both Leo and Virgo are inclined more towards intellectual activities while both of them pretty much hate the physical ones.

They’re into reading, writing, acting, cosplay, video games… those similar interests and passions will definitely help them click faster as friends.

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In Closing

The bottom (and pretty obvious) line is that Leo and Virgo don’t get very great zodiac compatibility rankings. However, one thing we should all keep in mind is that no relationship is perfect no matter how compatible the couple is.

A relationship is always a two-way street. It’s a partnership consisting of two people who contribute to it equally, and get the same benefits out of it, too.

Thanks to their perfectionist nature and positive spirit, these two sun signs have the potential to become a great couple and build a very strong and successful relationship.

They just need to put more effort in it, communicate regularly, and work through their differences. They need to make their differences work in favor of their relationship.

Instead of letting those little things separate them, they should embrace them, and it’ll bring them closer together because indeed, each part of those small diversities makes up what true love truly is.