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13 Surefire And Most Obvious Signs A Leo Man Likes You

13 Surefire And Most Obvious Signs A Leo Man Likes You

Falling for a Leo guy, but you’re trying to suss out whether he has the same interest in you before you fall head over heels for him? That’s a smart move. Below is a list of the most obvious signs a Leo man likes you that will surely be of great help.

This fire sign is represented by the lion, the king of the jungle. That’s exactly why men born under this fixed sign are ambitious, persistent, confident, loyal, and fiercely protective of their loved ones.

You’ll never have to wonder where exactly you stand in the relationship with a Leo guy because they tend to be very straightforward with others. It’s truly one of their most significant traits.

Taking that into consideration, it’s actually pretty logical to conclude that you won’t have to wonder about his feelings for too long. The moment he addresses how he really feels, he’ll immediately address his feelings to you, too.

13 Most Definite Signs A Leo Man Likes You

A Leo man will come clean about his feelings for you for sure. However, it’ll surely take a while, and if you’re too excited to wait for his confession, here’s a list of obvious signs a Leo man likes you that will help you realize what he’s feeling for you.

He’ll be showing his romantic side through and through

romantic couple toasting with champagne at dinner on the beach

Leo males love being in love and that’s a pure fact. When a woman grabs their attention, they’ll go out of their way and do whatever they can to win her over.

They’re real gentlemen and hopeless romantics. It’s no wonder they earned the epithet of the most loving and caring male of the zodiac.

How can you tell if a Leo guy likes you? Well, it won’t be too hard to figure out if your Leo guy shares any romantic feelings for you because if he does, he’ll simply show it to you.

He’ll constantly be trying to shower you with love through romantic gestures.

• Don’t underestimate the significance of little things

If Leo likes you, he’ll constantly shower you with gifts and romantic surprises. However, those aren’t the only signs of affection he’ll be giving you.

You should pay attention to the simple, little things because those things matter the most for your man. Warm touches, sweet cuddles, lovely compliments, carrying out kind acts…

Those are all some little things that your Leo man will try to express affection to a woman he likes.

However, you’ll also be introduced to his jealous side

jealous man looking at smartphone of his girlfriend while she use it

This fire sign is pretty confident, and they’re never jealous of other people’s success and accomplishments. Still, they aren’t so relaxed with their romantic partner.

If a Leo guy is interested in you, it won’t take long to meet his possessive side if you devote your energy to another man. They’re true lions when it comes to their loved ones.

They’ll protect what’s theirs and stay loyal to the one they love no matter what.

• No need to panic; it’s only that healthy jealousy that screams ‘I don’t want to lose you’

Still, you don’t have to panic immediately about this because it’s not like he’s one of those possessive maniacs who is jealous of every man who approaches his woman.

It’s actually that normal, healthy jealousy we all sometimes feel when we don’t want to lose the person we love. BUT, don’t even think about trying to make him jealous because it definitely won’t end up well.

He’ll motivate you to express your true self

smiling man embracing his girlfriend and talking on the bench

Leos appreciate people who are authentic and loyal to themselves. People who are never afraid to tell their own truth and to voice their deepest and most honest emotions.

You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with him because he has no problem with expressing his authentic inner self or his thoughts and feelings.

If he likes you, he’ll earn your trust first and then motivate you to communicate and address your feelings in the healthiest way possible.

• Self-expression is one of the most important relationship-building bricks for Leos

If they want to be with someone in a serious relationship, they’ll set the boundaries regarding personal space and privacy at the very beginning.

They’re always working on their self-relationship because they’re aware that it sets the tone for all the other relationships in their lives. That’s why self-expressions means so much to them.

Even in a room full of other women, he’ll only have eyes for you

happy couple talking at cocktail party and having fun

Their loyalty is definitely one of the best traits Leo males have. When they commit to a woman, they’ll stay loyal to them no matter what.

Cheating and betraying the woman they love is simply unacceptable to them.

They can be surrounded by gorgeous women, yet still, their heart and their mind will be with the woman they love (I’m not saying they don’t appreciate the company of gorgeous women, though.)

• Loyalty is the quality Leos appreciate the most

Leos are too cheap with giving their forgiveness to other people. They simply have the values of loyal people, and that’s why they don’t tolerate betrayals.

For this reason, you shouldn’t even think about winning him by making him jealous. It could only drive him away from you and completely change the picture he already has about you.

If Leo likes you, you’ll get his utmost attention

smiling man listening to his girlfriend while sitting in the cafe near the window

If you feel like your Leo guy is the best listener in the entire world, then it’s a very good thing. If he listens carefully and tries to absorb every word that comes out of your mouth, that only means that he’s already interested in you.

The woman he likes or loves is always the top priority for this fixed sign. He’ll dedicate his time and energy into trying to prove his feelings to you.

The bottom line is that if he likes you, you’ll get his full attention and his main focus will be on making you feel good. That’s why it’s not really that hard to realize when a Leo man is starting to catch feelings for a woman.

• But, they’ll want all that attention to be reciprocated

The fact is that he’ll stick around as long as you’re showering him with attention. Constantly being in the centre of attention simply makes him feel valued and important.

If he notices that you aren’t reciprocating all the kindness and attention he’s giving you, it’ll be a red flag for him that you aren’t interested in him and that he should stop making efforts with you.

His adventurous spirit will show you why he’s the king of the jungle

a happy couple carrying surfing boards and walking on the beach

Along with Aquarians, Leos are also known as thrill-seekers. They simply enjoy doing some unusual activities that can get their adrenaline running.

He will probably want to amaze you through some interesting adventurous date activities.

Whether it’s scuba diving or bungee jumping, you should go with it and trust your Leo man completely because he would never allow anything bad to happen to you.

• Show him you can keep up with him

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone from time to time because that’s exactly where the best fun begins. Also, a key to winning over your lion man is through showing him that you’re able to keep up with his adventurous spirit.

It would be a great idea to plan a little adventure for you two and show him that you can be a thrill-loving maniac, too. A little time for just the two of you will allow you to get to know him better.

He’ll frequently go out of his way to surprise you

smiling woman hugging her boyfriend while holding white roses

How do you know if a Leo likes you? The most obvious sign that a Leo guy is falling for you is when he starts showering you with affection, lovely gifts, and dramatic surprises.

He’ll simply go out of his way to prove to you that he wants you in his life. The thoughtfulness of Leos is taken to a very high level because they’re very affectionate and caring towards their emotional partners.

• For Leos, it’s more important to express love with actions than with words

They don’t actually believe in words when it comes to expressing their feelings. That’s why they’ll drop some hints that they’re interested in you before they actually say it to you.

Surprising fact: This fixed sign acts pretty spontaneous when they like someone

smiling couple talking in the cafe at the street on a date

If he behaves like he really doesn’t know what he’s doing in your presence, it’s a very good sign that he likes you.

Even though Leos are fixed signs, they can be very spontaneous around a person they like. They have very high self-esteem, but still, it doesn’t really help them around a woman they’re interested in.

• That only means more fun for you

The truth is that the real fun lies in spontaneity. That condition simply allows people to be natural; to be who they truly are.

You’ll see how your Leo is the most relaxed, go-with-the-flow person you’ve ever met. You’ll be excited every time you agree to hang out because truly, every new date with a Leo brings more fun.

This showman will be trying to win you over with his great sense of humor

a laughing couple sitting in the cafe and enjoying conversation

You’re dealing with a true showman here who’s always all about drama. He’s aware of his great sense of humor, and that’s his most powerful weapon in seducing women.

If he has romantic feelings for you, he’ll tease you very often, and he’ll really be trying very hard to make you smile. Hanging out with a Leo will definitely never get boring.

• However, be aware that you’re dealing with a real drama king

Leos like drama and being in the center of attention all the time. It’s simply a fact that you should know before you get into a deeper relationship with your Leo.

You should learn how to respond to all that drama or else you’ll be sucked into it sooner or later. Set your own boundaries and limits. Be very clear with the behaviors you won’t tolerate.

He’ll be comfortable enough around you to take off his mask

a loving couple hugging while sitting on the rooftop

You must understand one thing about Leo males. They tend to show themselves as strong, emotionally stable men who always have control of their own lives.

However, the truth is that it’s all a mask they wear because they don’t want other people to see how fragile, gentle, and weak they truly are.

They simply don’t allow other people to see their weaknesses because they think others will use them to hurt them.

It’s like they have that rule to keep their lion mask in front of other people. But, that rule doesn’t apply to their loved ones.

When they fall in love with someone and when that person earns their trust, they’ll feel comfortable enough to show their true face around that person.

• He might exude aloof vibes; don’t let it intimidate you

That mask of a brave, fierce lion may make him a little bit distant and aloof to you in the beginning. He might even appear to you as an emotionally unavailable man.

However, the truth is far from that, and you shouldn’t allow that first impression of him to scare you. You’ll meet his true face once he starts falling in love with you and you’ll see how loving and gentle a man he truly is.

The truth is that we all wear masks, especially in the early stages of a relationship. We simply don’t want to show our weaknesses and flaws to someone we’ve just met or started dating because we think that it might drive that person away.

He’ll want to take interests in each other’s interests

a couple cooking together in the kitchen

A Leo man would never want you to have the same interests as he does because it simply wouldn’t be interesting for him.

However, he’ll pay attention to things you’re interested in and he’ll want you to do the same about his interests.

He’s a very ambitious man who’ll always motivate and support the woman he loves because he’ll want her to build an empire with him. Your Leo man also does this because he wants you to feel valued, respected, and important.

• You’ll be at the very top of his interests, though

When a Leo man likes a woman, she becomes his main interest. It simply feels like he’s focused on that mission to win her over, and he definitely won’t stop until he succeeds in it.

He’ll try to spend more and more time with you, and you’ll simply feel that he’s enjoying your company and getting to know you.

He’ll most definitely blurt it out to his group of friends

a group of friends having fun while sitting at the table at the party on the rooftop

If he’s falling for you, a man born under the Leo zodiac sign won’t be able to keep it to himself for too long. He’s simply that kind of man who thinks that those things should immediately be shared with his friends.

So, how do you know a Leo guy is interested in you? Simply, pay attention to how his friends behave in your presence.

If they tease and mess with him whenever you’re around, it’s the most definite sign that they’ve already gotten his confession.

• His inability to keep his own secrets works in your favor

We all know that Pisces are the best zodiac signs when it comes to keeping secrets; however, Leos aren’t bad at it also. Strangely, they’re good at it only when it comes to keeping other people’s secrets.

They’re lousy when it comes to keeping their own secrets. They simply go around telling all of their friends things that they should really keep only to themselves.

However, the good thing is that this works in your favor.

If your Leo guy admits to his group of friends that he has some romantic feelings for you, it won’t take long for that news to come to you because we all know how gossip travels faster than the speed of light.

You’re dealing with a man who simply doesn’t know how to hide his feelings

happy couple dancing on a sidewalk and looking at each other

Hiding their feelings is something that Leo males simply suck at. When they start falling in love with someone, they simply can’t wait too long to confess their emotions to that person.

It’s probably because Leos are a little bit impatient and hasty in general. They simply can’t wait to achieve or get something that has grabbed their attention.

Even if the Leo guy manages to keep quiet about his emotions, he’ll be dropping some pretty obvious signs that he’s into you.

You just have to pay close attention to the way he behaves around you and learn to recognize the signs a Leo man likes you.

• Soon after he gets a positive reaction from your side, you’ll get the big confession

You should be prepared for the big reveal because it’ll definitely happen as soon as he understands that you’re sending him positive signals that you like him, too.

Even though he’s known as a straightforward guy, he’ll never admit his feelings to you until he’s completely sure that you feel the same for him. It’s simply a way he wants to protect himself from getting his feelings hurt.

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More About A Leo Man In Love

a couple facing each other at snowy weather

When it comes to the love life and compatibility of men born under this fire sign, Leos are most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius zodiac signs. However, the true soulmate of a Leo man is a Libra woman.

Zodiac signs that Leos are least compatible with are Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to maintain a relationship between a Leo and these signs of the zodiac; it simply means that it’ll be a little bit more challenging to make things work.

A man born under the Leo zodiac sign is simply that kind of man who knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it. He’s very ambitious and pretty strong-willed.

They work on achieving and fulfilling their dreams and goals all the time. Even when they aren’t actually working on them, they’re thinking of the best possible way to achieve their aims.

Therefore, a Leo male will have pretty high expectations from the woman he’s dating. He’ll want her to be as ambitious and excited for her plans for the future as he is, so that they can work on achieving them together.

Leo males got the epithet of being the warmest and most loving men of the horoscope and they truly earned it fairly. A Leo man wants and will try to prove to his lioness every day how much he honestly loves her through some little things.

The only downside to dating a Leo guy is their obsession about always being in the center of attention. He’s truly the king of drama, and that’s something you need to be prepared for if you want to date him exclusively.

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In A Nutshell

a smiling man embracing his smiling girlfriend while standing outside covered with blanket

This zodiac sign is actually pretty direct. When Leos like someone, they don’t like to beat around the bush… They’ll come clean about their emotions as soon as they process them in peace.

However, we can never know how long that might take, so I compiled this list of some clear signs a Leo man likes you to help you find out whether they like you or not, even before you have the talk.

If you recognize any of the behavior patterns from above in your Leo man, you’re truly one lucky girl. You’ve got the warmest, and truly, the most loving man of the entire zodiac.

I’m not just saying this because it sounds good. It’s a well-known fact that every Leo man wants and will do everything to make his lioness feel like a true queen.

Maybe you’ll need to give your Leo guy a little bit of time, and you’ll probably have to be patient, but trust me, every second of your waiting will pay off in the end.

You’ll become the queen of the jungle and the first (and only) lady of his heart.