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Let Him Go: 7 Effective Ways To Leave Your Ex In The Past

Let Him Go: 7 Effective Ways To Leave Your Ex In The Past

The moment you feared has come. Your relationship has reached rock bottom and whether you like it or not, you have to say your final goodbye to your ex.

As much as it breaks your heart, you have to let him go and leave him in the past, where he belongs.

However, even though you’re aware it’s the only option you have, you don’t know how to do it.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are 7 expert tips to help you let him go in the easiest way possible.

1. Cut all ties

You know how they say: out of sight, out of mind? Well, this couldn’t be more true.

It is impossible for you to let go of someone who is still a part of your life unless you want to cause yourself more heartbreak.

Therefore, the first step in the process of letting someone go is removing yourself physically from them.

After all, you still have strong feelings for this man so you can’t stay friends if you want to forget him.

There is no point in following each other on social media or texting one another occasionally either.

The best thing for you to do is to cut all possible ties with this man.

This means not having any sort of communication with him and if that’s not possible, reducing it to the bare minimum.

There is no need for you to stalk him online or to show up in the places you expect to encounter him.

You’ll make no progress if you ask your mutual friends about his life, or if you try to find out whether he’s moved on.

2. Accept the truth

If you’re wondering how to let him go, the next thing you have to do is accept that your relationship is over.

You’ll never let him go if you keep on hoping that he’ll come back to you and become a part of your life once again.

Stop waiting for him to show up on your doorstep asking for an apology. Stop expecting for things to go back to the way they used to be.

Stop putting your life on hold waiting for a miracle to happen. As much as it hurts, admit to yourself that this man is just a part of your past now.

This is not a phase and it’s not a test every relationship has to go through. It’s the final goodbye and the end.

I won’t lie to you – extinguishing all hope is difficult and accepting the end sometimes means putting yourself through more heartbreak.

However, it has to be done since it’s one of the first steps toward your recovery.

You have to accept that some things and some people are simply not meant to be.

It was nice while it lasted but history won’t repeat itself, so you don’t have any other option besides letting go of it.

3. Forget about closure

Most girls make the same mistake when it comes to moving on. They hold on to the past because they feel like they didn’t manage to close that chapter of their life.

If you’re one of them, you’re probably looking for answers. You want to know if this guy stopped loving you or if he still has feelings for you.

You would like for him to tell you when things started going downhill. Why did everything have to turn out the way it did?

How could he break your heart? Why didn’t he keep his promises?

Does he even remember that he told you he was going to love you forever? Did he think of the consequences of his actions before he hurt you?

Why did things end? Was it something you did or he just fall out of love with you?

It’s perfectly understandable that you need an explanation. However, these doubts aren’t making it easier for you to let him go.

I have to break your bubble and tell you that you won’t get your closure.

In fact, you shouldn’t waste any more of your energy trying to find it and you must do your best to move on.

4. Stop holding on to potential

Another thing that is keeping you from letting go is all the ‘what ifs’. You’re holding onto the potential of your relationship, which prevents you from seeing the reality.

You think of everything you and your ex could have accomplished as a couple.

You can’t seem to let go of all of your plans for the future and everything you two could have become.

Well, the truth is that there is absolutely no point in thinking about what could have, should have, or might have happened.

None of these things went the way you imagined and they never will.

5. Find the strength to forgive

Even when you stop loving your ex, somehow you still have trouble letting him go. Why is that?

Well, the truth is that you still have feelings for him even though you don’t feel love anymore.

Your emotions mutated and turned into hatred, anger, and resentment.

However, it doesn’t really matter what you feel for this guy. The point is that you’re not indifferent and he is still present in your mind and heart.

That is exactly why you have to find the strength to forgive him, no matter what he did. Don’t look for a reason for his behavior and stop hoping for an apology.

Just accept that he didn’t know better and forget about revenge. It’s the only way to free yourself from this man’s toxic impact.

Also, please find the strength to forgive yourself. You’re not a fool for trusting a man like this and you’re definitely not stupid.

You were just a girl in love who did her best to preserve her relationship. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Give yourself time to grieve

I’ll have to be honest with you here: the process of letting go is difficult. Making it happen takes a lot of patience, time, effort, and energy.

You might think that it’s possible to fix your broken heart overnight but that is not healthy healing.

In fact, in this case, your demons will wake up to destroy your mental health and emotional well being when you least expect it.

Therefore, if you want to do things right, give yourself time to grieve.

Of course, you shouldn’t allow this pain to define you, nor should you spend the rest of your life suffering. However, don’t push yourself too hard either.

Just because you need a little more time to heal, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

So, at first, do whatever you feel like doing when it comes to grieving. If you want to cry, cry.

If you want to spend a few days eating ice cream and binge watching Netflix, that’s exactly what you should do.

However, after some time, pick yourself back up and end the grieving process.

7. Love yourself

Finally, the final thing you have to do if you want to let him go is focus on yourself and on your own emotional well-being and mental health.

Redirect all the energy you’ve been wasting on this guy towards self-improvement and self-care.

Remember that you’re your number one priority and that your own well-being has to come first.

It’s not anyone’s job to make you happy – that’s something you have to do on your own.

So, just go out there and start doing whatever pleases you. Pamper yourself, find a new hobby, go out with friends, and work on becoming the woman you’re destined to be.

Believe me – as soon as you learn how to love yourself, you’ll forget that this man ever existed in no time.