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A Letter To The Guy Who Stopped Caring About A Girl He Once Loved

A Letter To The Guy Who Stopped Caring About A Girl He Once Loved

I bet you didn’t see this one coming. I bet you never thought you’d lose her. I bet you never thought someone better is going to come along—someone who will cherish her and appreciate her.

You took her for granted and now this is the price you’ll have to pay. You’ll have to see me taking care of her, loving her. Doing all the things you had the chance to do, but didn’t.

You know what? You’re an idiot!

This is a girl who deserved to be taken to nice places, to be spoiled. This is a girl who taught you how to love. This is a girl who sacrificed her time and her needs only to humor yours. How can you not be ashamed of yourself for toying with her heart and her genuine love for you?

Did you even love her? Or did you just like the idea of love, so you gave it a try? I bet all your friends were in happy relationships. They had all changed from the times you wandered the streets in the middle of the night, lurching on the sidewalk after a night of heavy liquor. They all grew beyond that—the only one who was left stuck in the past was you, and you didn’t want to be all alone there.

So, you decided you needed someone to make your time pass more quickly, someone to amuse you. You liked this idea of love but you were still too immature to actually love someone. You had to run into her—the most innocent and pure girl we both met.

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You had to destroy her. You had to crush her. You pretended to love her, maybe you even convinced yourself you loved her—and she bought it.

I know, she told me. You had some happy times together. Times that she still cherishes because that’s the way she is—good person who is unable to hold a grudge—unable to get angry, even when she has every right to do so.

How could you not know somewhere deep in your heart that you’ll never find someone like her? No one will ever love you better than she did. Maybe you didn’t even notice she loved you. Man, she would have moved mountains for you. The two of you could have been ever-lasting. If only you knew how to appreciate her.

I feel sorry for you and your pitiful soul.

I feel sorry that no one ever taught you how to treat the ones you love. I feel sorry that you are still probably unaware of what you’ve had and lost. I feel sorry that you didn’t shower her with romance and courtship as men who are in love do.

But, you are not a man. You are a boy. A boy who still thinks being cool and acting like no one can touch him is ok. Get over that. We were acting like that when we were young and stupid. A real man knows how to love his woman, and he knows how to make her queen of his realm. Let’s face it—if she is the right one, she is the queen of his realm, and he is her king.

So, please, until you become a man, do not to try to love anyone. You’ll just hurt them like you’ve hurt her. Like you’ve hurt my love.



But, you know what, I’m done with the anger towards you. There is nothing that I can do—I can’t undo what’s been done. I can only make sure she never goes through that s**it again. And I promise you and everyone else that she won’t. She’s done with pain for her lifetime.

What I actually wanted to give you is one big, honest ‘thank you’.

Because if you weren’t such an idiot, I wouldn’t be the luckiest man alive.

Thank you for forcing her into the arms of another man. Me. Thank you for giving me the chance to nurture her and to give shelter to her wounded heart. Thank you for giving me a girl whom I’ve lost my breath over. A girl for whom I would go to the moon and back—to whom I would give my heart entirely.

Thank you for giving me the girl whom I’m proud to walk the streets with and whom I’ve brought home to meet my parents.

Thank you for not understanding what real love is. Thank you for not showing her what real love is—thank you for letting me show her that.

Thank you for letting me console her whenever she has a bad day. I was never happier then when I turned those heavy tears rolling down her cheeks into a blissful and hopeful smile with belief that everything would be ok. If it weren’t for you, I would never know what that would feel like—what would loving someone deeply feels like.

Although I can’t stress how stupid you are, what you missed out on, and how many mistakes you’ve made, you did do one good thing.

You’ve lost her.

Thank you.


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