If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years on this earth, it’s that every single kiss carries a specific meaning.

No matter what you think or what you’ve been told, trust me, a cheek kiss (along with many more I’ll discuss here) conveys a few different meanings, some of which you’ll be pleased with and some will be a reality check.

And honestly, there’s so much that goes into cheek kissing that they could dedicate a whole year of classes about it at colleges.

It means one thing if it happens after a date and a totally different thing between close friends.

Who keeps track anymore? How can there be so much fuss around a simple kiss on the cheek?

Not to mention that the meanings are vastly different from one country to another.

In Switzerland, Belgium, and Montenegro, the kiss greeting consists of three exchanges, while in Latin America (such as Argentina and Paraguay) and the Middle East, a kiss on the cheek is a widely-encouraged form of a kiss greeting between people of the opposite sex, as well as two women.

Additionally, in Québec, cheek kissing is talked about in the vernacular (Québécois) as un bec (donner un bec) or la bise (faire la bise).

In both the French and the English-speaking parts, people of the opposite sex tend to give one peck on the right cheek and one on the left cheek as a common greeting.

Kissing is meant to evoke a reaction from the recipient and depending on who it is, there are many different ways to interpret it.

couple kissing each other outside

Think about it this way. When it comes to your family members, you’re not going to give them a smooch but rather a kiss on the cheek, as it signifies the family bond you share.

But when it comes to your first kiss with a guy you really like, you’re not exactly going to shake hands at the end of the date but try and go for a sweet kiss on the lips!

One kiss can be a total deal-breaker. 

This is all about body language and the message you’re trying to convey.

Don’t blow an air kiss to a guy you’re trying to win over and if you want to be known as a good kisser, give it some thought first, as opposed to just rushing into it and devouring their face.

Firstly, I’m going to discuss all there is to know about a kiss on the cheek and all the possible meanings behind it.

And after you’ve mastered that, you’ll be ready for part two, which consists of different kinds of kisses and what each one signifies.

If this is your first time dealing with these questions, here you’ll find everything you need to know not just about a kiss on the cheek but also about various kisses that could make or break your future relationships!

A Kiss On The Cheek – What Does It Mean?

Cute couple in the park on a sunny day

One kiss can mean a whole array of things. It’s necessary that you’re fully informed before you engage in kissing expeditions so as not to give the other person the wrong idea by accident.

If you implement in your daily life what you learn here, I guarantee you a stronger bond with your loved ones and a much better understanding of the kind of kiss you wish to give.

A juicy smooch on the lips with full-on tongue is a completely different ball game from an innocent, meaningful kiss on the cheek. 

This is why it’s a great idea to keep reading and decide what kind of kiss you should give your man (or your girl) and what kind of message you want to relay to them with each one.

Sometimes, whispering sweet nothings into your (wo)man’s ear is exactly what the situation calls for and other times, a kiss on a person’s cheek is the right move.

How will you know when to choose which? By listening to your gut feeling and following your instincts.

Right cheek or left cheek, it really doesn’t matter. It’s all about the thought that goes into it.

Cheek kissing isn’t all that complex. Here’s everything you need to know on how to do it right and what message you’re conveying.

1. A kiss on the cheek as a form of support

Graduates in academic regalia smiling, happy guy kissing girlfriend on cheek

This type of cheek kiss is far from sexual. It’s all about unity, love and support.

When your loved one is going through something and you want to show them they can count on you, this is what you’ll go for.

It’s important to be able to convey emotions with kisses but in a way that isn’t too invasive or out there.

A kiss on the cheek in order to show support should be followed by a long, warm hug and a soft tap on the shoulder, which means you love them and care about their situation.

Also, the kiss shouldn’t last long. Give it one or two seconds, immediately accompanied by said hug.

This way, you’re showing solidarity, your presence and your willingness to listen to them vent until they feel better, even in situations when it’s not all that bad.

What better way to show your love and support in times when things are looking up for your loved one?

Just be sure to get a read on them. Don’t go for a juicy smooch if your person is clearly having a rough time. Read between the lines and be the rock they need you to be.

That’s what a cheek kiss is for. It’s not sexual but it’s perfect for a partner who’s struggling and needs to be shown support in a meaningful, respectful way.

2. A kiss on the cheek as a sign of adoration and affection

Cute couple kissing in the park on a sunny day

Hear me out. You really don’t have to immediately shoot for their lips if you want to show them affection. Cheek kissing can do the trick as well!

It can be with family members and romantic partners, as well as with friends! As long as you follow that kiss with a hug, you’re not going to raise any eyebrows.

Now, depending on who the person you’re kissing is, you want to be mindful of the duration of the kiss.

If this is your lover, hold on for a bit longer and provide them with a long, warm, affectionate hug and hold them firmly.

You want to show them you’re there in whichever way they need you. Make sure they feel what you’re relaying.

If this is your friend, the same thing is suggested, but a kiss on the cheek should be quicker than when you’re kissing your lover. You don’t want them to get the wrong idea, right?

Now, if you’re a guy who wants to show his male friend friendly affection, I would advise against a cheek on the kiss merely because it’s widely considered a bit feminine and might be wrongly interpreted.

You can go for a brotherly hug and a tap on the shoulder, which is what most men decide on anyway!

You know what they say—practice makes perfect! Give it a shot and you’ll see what feels best and who responds to what.

3. A kiss on the cheek as a sign of accordance

man and woman kissing on cheek

I’m sure you’ve seen at least one or two mobster movies in your life where you noticed a somewhat peculiar occurrence where the dons kiss on the cheek before the meeting starts or right before the start of an execution.

This is all because, apparently, a kiss on the cheek in this instance is a sign of accordance, or complicity, if you will.

But it’s also worth mentioning that in such movies, a kiss on the cheek also stands for agreeing to carry a mutual secret to the grave and cheek kissing is a final form of accord on the matter. In real life though, this is a milder version of the same thing.

You’ve agreed with the other person and by kissing their cheek, you’re complicit in a matter that is known to both of you.

You’re in happy accordance and for as long as you keep it that way, you’re going to be all right. But beware!

If the movies are any indication, you’re in for a wild ride if you decide to break protocol and sway from the agreement.

Who knows what might happen, especially if you’re dealing with shady individuals…

Some people take a cheek kiss extremely seriously and in those situations, one must be careful and in complete accordance, no matter what!

I’m just joking, of course! (Or am I?)

12 Different Types Of Kisses (With Meanings)

Man kissing woman on cheeks while having coffee at home

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about a kiss on the cheek, you’re ready to soak in some more knowledge on many different types of kisses!

A kiss is a special form of communication that says it all without the need for words.

Knowing what type of kiss your loved one needs, especially if it’s the first time kissing them, is extremely important, so you know what you’re doing.

Here are the 12 types of kisses that exist all over the world and what each of them really means.

You’ll be surprised at how many variations there are, so buckle up and prepare to be wowed.

1. Eskimo kiss

couple eskimo kiss

An Eskimo kiss is the type of kiss that mostly happens between a parent and a child.

It’s meant to be a sign of deep love and devotion from parent to child and you administer it by gently rubbing their nose with your nose from side to side.

If you’re a couple who’s into this, then you’re likely to end it on a more romantic note, such as a meaningful kiss on the lips afterward.

This kiss originates from Canada and the reason behind the whole nose thing is that Inuit lived there in freezing conditions where only their eyes and noses weren’t covered and every time they went in for a kiss, they rubbed their noses together.

2. Forehead kiss

White man kissing girlfriend in forehead. Close-up portrait of loving husband expressing tenderness to wife.

A forehead kiss is perhaps the most meaningful of them all. It doesn’t require to be reciprocated, nor does it need any follow-up actions. It’s a deep sign of pure love and trust.

Depending on the person giving it, it’s either a sign of respect or a sign of protection. In any case, it’s reassuring, genuine and with no strings attached.

It’s a selfless kiss that is meant to provide comfort and safety to the person receiving it. One should be so lucky to be given a forehead kiss.

3. French kiss

lovely pair of lovers kissing touching neck

We’re all familiar with this one, right? The French kiss is for all the lovers out there!

Never engage in this type of kiss in front of a family member as it’s a bit too sexually provocative.

It’s best to French kiss your lover in the privacy of your own home or wherever you two are with no interruptions. The most alluring feature of this type of kiss is the use of the tongue!

Reaching out your tongue and slowly touching your partner’s begins a playful game of pleasing each other using all of your senses with the help of your tongues in action.

I know you all know this kiss all too well, so I’m just going to let you experiment and play with your lover in a way that I’m sure only you two know how.

4. Butterfly kiss

couple hugging and kissing while being in car.

A butterfly kiss is a special type of connection. It doesn’t involve a tongue, nor does it need to.

You must move your face very close to your partner and almost be able to feel their eyes.

Then you blink and flutter your eyelids, which will feel like they’re being kissed by a butterfly, hence the name!

When being given this kiss, the best idea is to close your eyes and simply enjoy the sensation.

It’s important to note that one must be very careful during a butterfly kiss, so as not to hurt your eyes!

5. Kiss on the hand

Man kissing his wife's hand before dinner

This kiss is a sign of respect, admiration and courtesy. You may have seen it in movies where a gentleman kindly kisses the hand of a lady and she gladly gives out her hand and accepts the kiss.

Why? Because it’s flattering and respectful. It gives the other person a respectful distance to consider how they will proceed and it shows the gentlemanly side of the person giving the kiss.

This kiss is a rarity today but it used to be the highest form of flattery and respect.

6. Earlobe kiss

Sensual young couple Portrait. Flirting and kissing

You’re usually in a romantic relationship with the person you’re giving this kiss to. It’s a twist on the French kiss, with the earlobe replacing the lips.

It works like this: your partner gently pulls on your earlobes and takes them between their lips while going up and down to your satisfaction.

It’s done between two trusting partners and you should never do this to someone you just met, as would be inappropriate, to say the least.

After giving your partner an earlobe kiss, you’re very likely to end up with a more passionate kiss on the lips, which ultimately leads to the bedroom.

7. Spider-Man kiss

Couple kissing in bed

This originates from the movie Spider-Man, which I’m sure you’ve seen.

You know the scene where Mary Jane kisses Spider-Man while he’s hanging upside down? That’s the one.

Now, with this kiss, you need to exert complete caution because one partner is going to be in an upside-down position.

If that person is your partner, then your upper lip will be kissing their lower lip and the other way around.

If you want to see the original kiss, go watch the clip on YouTube and all will be clear.

The best home version would be one partner sitting on a couch, tilting their head back, while the other one is kissing them standing up.

8. Air kiss

Young blond beauty blowing a kiss by pool

This kiss mimics an actual kiss on the lips, with the exception of being done from a distance!

You press your lips together and send a kiss to a person far from you, accompanied with a mwah sound!

When a person sends you an air kiss, it should be taken as a cute sign of affection and a likely crush, depending on the person sending it.

Only your family members and friends will send you this kiss without romantic inclinations.

9. Single-lip kiss

Couple in love kissing with passion outdoors

This kiss is a kind, gentle romantic gesture that shows your partner that you want them.

Their lips should be intertwined with yours and you should be gently sucking their upper or lower lip that is positioned between your lips.

It signifies that you want them or like them and you love the closeness that the kiss requires.

If your partner is into this, he will let you know with a satisfied sigh and body language.

10. Hickeyhandsome young man kissing beautiful young girlfriend in her neck

No, this isn’t an actual kiss but it is a direct result of a juicy smooch on your neck!

If you’ve sucked your partner’s skin hard enough (but carefully and without hurting them) you’ve likely left a red mark on their skin that is called a hickey.

A hickey means that two partners are into playful games but not all people are into this, so one must be careful before giving their partner a hickey.

Test their boundaries and see what your partner thinks about it.

If you notice them enjoying your antics on their neck, then by all means proceed and go the extra mile. Some people really like it a bit rough and naughty.

11. Vampire kiss

Kissing couple on the vintage interior background.

This one also requires permission from your partner because it’s risky and unorthodox.

Start the action by smelling their mouth, followed by smelling their entire skin and their hair.

While you’re moving to their neck, carefully observe your partner’s reaction and their breathing.

Are they enjoying it? Do you feel that they’re uncomfortable? Pay attention to what their body is telling you and proceed in accordance with that.

After smelling their body and breathing enthusiastically all over them, kiss their lips before moving to their neck.

A vampire kiss isn’t the romantic kind and if your partner isn’t into it, it’s best to respect their wishes. 

12. Teaser kiss

The portrait of sensuality couple kissing in bedroom

A teaser is just that—a tease. You can choose how to proceed with this all on your own.

My advice is to start with the forehead and playfully switching from one cheek to the other and then kissing their nose and neck.

Tease them and don’t kiss their lips until you see them desperately wanting you to.

And then you may give them a peck on the lips but it must be the last thing you do.

The point of this kiss is to make your partner scream in anticipation and desire! Give it to them once they can’t take it anymore and make it count!

Final Thoughts

romantic man kisses woman forehead

A kiss on the cheek is a romantic, sweet and affectionate notion that carries a few different meanings.

You may want to check what each of them means so as not to confuse your loved one and give them the wrong idea.

After having mastered a kiss on the cheek, you may want to expand your horizons with various types of kisses and let your imagination run wild!

Is your partner into playful anticipation? Do you like being naughty and taking risks? 

There’s something for all types of lovers here. The main thing you should take away from this is that not all people are into the same types of kisses.

For as long as you’re with your trusted partner, feel free to test it all out.

But if you’re in a new relationship, it’s best to wait an appropriate amount of time before engaging in some risky moves that require trust and love.

A kiss on the cheek is the best start and you’ll never go wrong with that.

As your relationship progresses, so will your kissing expeditions and you’ll be well-prepared for when that moment finally comes.

A Kiss On The Cheek - Meanings And 12 Different Types Of Kisses